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How To Pass Military Test


How Long Do Military Drug Test Results Take

How To Pass The ASVAB (tips & tricks) | practice test preview | Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines & CG

In general, it takes a bit longer for military drug tests to come back. Nevertheless, you shouldnt have to wait too long.

Remember that the results will be available on the military web portal for program managers. It usually takes 1 to 3 days for negative tests to be posted.

As for positive drug tests, theyll usually show up on the portal in 3 to 5 days. At the maximum, the military drug test results time frame will last up to 5 days.

Does The Marine Corps Drug Test

The United States Marine Corps is one of the four military branches of the United States Armed Forces under the Department of Defense , including the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.

Established in 1775, the U.S. Marine Corps was formed to provide infantry soldiers capable of fighting on land and sea. Since 1834, the Marine Corps was an integral part of the Navy Department despite being a separate service branch and distinct from the Navy.

With 185,000 active marines and 38,500 reserve Marines, the Marine Corps is the smallest of the military service branches.

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If youre wondering how to fight a positive drug test in the military or if its even possible, stop what youre doing and call the Devil Dog Defender today. At Wilkie Law Firm, we provide aggressive criminal defense for military service members of all branches. Due to his unique background, Aden Wilkie has a special understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding military drug testing. He is well-suited to help members of the military when they need legal support the most.

Failing a drug test doesnt mean your military career has to end. Contact military defense lawyer Aden Wilkie today by calling . You can also visit our website to request your free consultation.

Located in Jacksonville, Wilkie serves the entire state of North Carolina as well as its surrounding states. He is also able to service any military installation located in the United States, but travel fees will apply.If youre located at Fort Bragg, Camp Lejuene, or any other military installation, you need the Devil Dog Defender on your side.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Pass The Asvab Test

General ASVAB Test -Taking Tips

  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Know what a question is asking you to do before looking at the answer choices.
  • Read all of the answer options before selecting one.
  • Skip questions you dont know and then go back to them if you have time.
  • Dont leave any questions blank.
  • Is Air Force Asvab Hard

    How to Pass the Army Aptitude Tests

    The ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The ASVAB can be very daunting for many, as its a test that can determine your entire military career, and can help you to get more money and bonuses for school. Its an extremely important test, and definitely not one to take lightly.

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    Top 15 Tips To Pass Your Aptitude Test

    If you are required to sit an aptitude test as part of a job application, you may find the prospect a little daunting. In a marked difference to the academic exams you have taken before, you cant revise for most aptitude tests, as prior knowledge isnt generally required.

    Instead, you are tested on your natural abilities. Although you cant revise for aptitude tests in a typical way, there are ways you can prepare to give yourself the best chance of passing.

    Our tips are as follows:

    How To Pass The Asvab: 3 Steps To Get A Great Score

    If you are getting ready to enlist in the military, you are likely wondering how to pass the ASVAB test.

    The ASVAB test stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and it is a test that will determine if you are eligible to join the military.

    Also, the ASVAB test serves as a way to determine which jobs you are most suitable for.

    The ASVAB test is critical, so knowing how to pass the ASVAB test is crucial.

    Also, doing well means you have more options when considering which military branch you would like to join.

    The ASVAB test has different sections.

    The ASVAB test has ten sections that measure a persons academic ability.

    Of those ten sections, four of them contribute to the AFQT score.

    The AFQT score is important because it determines if you qualify to serve in any military branch.

    Those four sections are arithmetic, math knowledge, word knowledge, and paragraph comprehension.

    The remaining six subsections cover aptitude.

    Aptitude means the statistical chances of you performing well and enjoying a particular job field.

    Also, the remaining subsections are auto and shop information, general science, automobile knowledge, mechanical comprehension, assembly of objects, and electronics.

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    Interested In Being An Officer In The Air Force

    If so, Air Force officer candidates need a four-year degree from an accredited college/university. Also, youre not required to take the ASVAB.

    The test you will take is called the Air Force Officer Qualification Test or AFOQT, which is like the ACT and SAT.

    This test is used for Air Force ROTC selection and Officer Training School . It takes about 5 hours to complete and consists of 550 questions that tests verbal analogies, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, math knowledge, reading comprehension, situational judgment, self-description inventory, physical science, table reading, instrument comprehension, block counting, and aviation information.

    For more information on the AFOQT, visit the U.S. Air Force ROTC page.

    Bmt Physical Fitness Standards For Men

    How Easy Is It to Pass an Army Fitness Test? | Good Morning Britain

    The BMT fitness test for men consists of:

    • 5 Mile Run
    • Sit-ups
    • Pull-ups

    There are three categories of achievement for those who pass the BMT fitness test. They are, from lowest to highest:

    • Liberator
    • Thunderbolt

    For the timed 1.5 mile run, the following standards apply:

    • Liberator: 11:57

    For the one-minute timed push-ups challenge, the mens standard is:

    • Liberator: 45 push-ups

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    Test Tip 13 Go Back To Missed Questions At The End

    If you get to the end of your test with any remaining time on the clock, return to any questions you left unanswered or werent certain about. Often, you return with a fresh approach and might see things differently. If you managed to complete all the questions, or know there are some you really cant answer, spend the time checking over the other questions.

    Drugs And Testing Cutoffs

    In the military, there are two types of drugs. The first is illegal and the second is controlled. Illegal drugs are substances in which their manufacture, possession, and use have been prohibited. As for controller substances, they are regulated by the DEA.

    Controlled substances might not be illegal all the time, but they can be when theyre taken without a valid prescription.

    As a member of the military, youll process through a 3-level drug testing procedure. The first is the immunoassay screening. If the results are negative, youre considered clean and you wont move to the second or third stage.

    If youve tested positive, youll be tested once again, and the sample will be analyzed using the Olympus AU-800 Automated Chemistry Analyzer.

    When you fail twice, your sample will go through a Gas Chromatography or Mass Spectrometry test. It is done to ensure that false positives are eliminated. Remember that there are certain cutoff levels for specific drugs.

    As for THC, it tends to be cut off at 50 ng/ml. As for cocaine, the limit is 150. The cutoff level changes from the first test to the second.

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    Navy Education Requirements And Entrance Tests

    If youre asking yourself, How do I join the Navy? We have you covered here too.

    To become a Sailor in todays Navy, you must first hold a high school diploma or GED. As far as ASVAB requirements for the Navy, you need to achieve a minimum score of 35.

    Much like the Army, depending on the field youre seeking to enter, youd need to reach specific composite scores.

    The Secrets To Passing Military Fitness Tests

    How to Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test: Tips from an ...

    Do you have what it takes to become a Marine? If you cant do a Pull-Up, guess what? You do not. Each military branch subjects its recruits to a physical test, which they must pass before entering basic training. How do you stack up against the minimum requirements ? Not cutting it? Former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Stew Smith offers tips to help you make the grade.

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    Where Can I Take The Asvab Test

    If you want to take the ASVAB test to apply for the military, you will need to get in touch with a military recruiter.

    To find a recruiter near you, visit this website. When the recruiter determines that you are qualified, they will set up a time for you to take the ASVAB test at the closest Military Entrance Processing Station or a Military Entrance Test site.

    You will have to bring valid identification so that you could be admitted into the ASVAB testing room. Before a recruiter sends you to take the ASVAB test, they will ask about your marital status, health, education, drug use, and arrest record, and it is important for you to answer these questions honestly. You will then be scheduled to take the ASVAB.

    And its super important that you arent late for the examif you are, you will be turned away and will have to reschedule your test.

    Random Drug Testing In The Military

    Members of the military are likely going to be randomly drug tested. Since it is a random test, you never know when it is going to happen.

    It could take place today, tomorrow, or twenty days from now. Your commander can decide to conduct company-wide drug testing. Alternatively, he may drug test a few members. The commander must make sure that the tested individuals were randomly tested.

    Therefore, they cannot target specific members. Military members are frequently subjected to random drug testing. In the United States, it is common for the military to conduct 60,000 or more tests each month.

    Suffice to say, you must be prepared to take random drug tests. The results of those drug tests could be used during court-martials and Articles 15s. They can also have an impact on your discharge. If youve failed a random drug test, youll be at a higher risk of being other than honorably discharged.

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    How To Prepare Yourself In Advance

    Be ready to perform. Heres how to prepare:

    Improve your endurance. Take advantage of your installations MWR programs, fitness centers and swimming pools.

    Have a fitness plan. Put your training plan in place at least six weeks before the test. Track your progress in writing. Note where you need to improve. Have a backup plan for temporary interruptions.

    Train with a buddy. The support and encouragement are priceless.

    Pre-test yourself. Do it weekly. Time yourself on each of the events in the test. Work hard on improving your score.

    Cut down on fast food. Or youll wish you did. Stay hydrated. Get good sleep.

    Confident & Prepared For Combat


    While physical fitness should be an important part of any persons life, it should especially be important to someone in the military. Being physically fit builds confidence and helps relieve the stress that a deployment can cause.

    You should set physical fitness and PT goals that exceed not only your units expectations, but the Armys as well. A physically fit soldier is a well prepared and confident soldier that can complete a mission at anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions.

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    Army Education Requirements And Entrance Tests

    To qualify for enlistment in the Army, you must first hold a high school diploma or GED. The Army allows more people to enlist with a GED more so than any other branch of the military.

    As far as understanding the ASVAB for the Army, you need to achieve a minimum score of 31. For enlistment incentives, 50 is the minimum. Your score is valid for 2 years after taking the exam. And, just like the Air Force, the test may be computerized or in paper form.

    The ASVAB is used to determine which of the Armys 150 Military Occupational Specialties you may qualify for in the Army. For example, an Infantryman or 11B should do well in Arithmetic Reasoning, Auto & Shop Information, while a Military Police or 31B needs to excel at General Science, Math, and Mechanical Comprehension.

    As of this year, the Army began a three-year pilot study under the DoD to administer a new military entrance exam known as the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System .

    This new test is an effort to increase the quality of recruits for the Army and to provide a more holistic evaluation of the potential Soldier.

    Is It Hard To Get A 31 On The Asvab

    The overall ASVAB score is known as the AFQT score, or Armed Forces Qualification Test score. Exceptions may be made, however, for a handful of high school graduates who can score as low as 31. The vast majority, some 70 percent, of those accepted for an Air Force enlistment achieve a score of 50 or above.

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    Can You Join The Military If Youre Hard Of Hearing

    It depends on the level of your hearing.

    The military accepts anyone that is able to pass their hearing exam at a moderate level.

    The current moderate level is 40-60 dB when all the hearing scores get averaged together.

    Those that score severe hearing loss and profound hearing loss do not pass the exam.

    In general, people with severe or profound hearing loss rely on hearing aids, reading lips, and sign language to comprehend language.

    If that is not the case your hard of hearing might mean you have minor hearing damage but not enough to constitute a military disqualification.

    How To Crush Military Fitness Tests

    Could You Pass The Army

    To enter into the military and every six months, members must pass the fitness test. Depending upon the branch of service, the PT tests vary in exercises, timed events, and run distances. Typically, there are three groups of test takers when scoring the test. You will have the following:Failures and Borderline Failures Some people strive for the minimum standards on fitness tests. A borderline PASS / FAIL should not be anyone’s goal. If you have a bad day , you could easily be on the failing end of that fitness test. In some military units after failing, you get to work out with someone else in charge of you passing the next fitness test. Now you are on their time. The 0500 wake up for Remedial PT sessions have begun. The problem is that NO ONE wants to be there. Check out this related article on methods and remedial training to build you and / or your unit back up to speed.

    Ideas on Ways to Train – Running, Pushups, Pullups, Sit-ups Failures and learning HOW to train.

    If injured or severely ill for a significant time, see related training article to help you build back up to passing standards.

    Those Who Strive to Max the Test There is a group of people who train hard several days a week and crush any PT test and take these events as a personal challenge. This attitude is particularly common in military members, highly competitive spirits, and those seeking advanced training programs within the military that require challenging selection programs.

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    Leave It All On The Field

    For the PT test, you should always try and leave it all on the field and be driven to score as high as you can. Dont do just the minimum and get up. The Army uses a soldiers PT score when evaluating them for a lot of opportunities.

    Some of these opportunities include promotion points and being able to attend certain schools. Since some schools require a 270 PT score average on your last 3 tests, you should push yourself to not accept anything less than a 280.

    Sometimes that requires a gradual improvement, but you can get there. When I deployed in 2011 as a squad leader, my squad had an average PT score of 220. When we left the main operating base, the squad had improved it to 260. And, in under 60 days, we improve our average score to 286, the highest in our company.

    In order to make these improvements, I simply had my squad do what I have written. The above suggestions improved their performance and can improve yours as well.

    Army Basic Training Pft

    Check out the updated version of the Army combat fitness test .

    The Army’s basic training physical fitness test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. It measures your physical strengths, abilities and cardio-respiratory fitness.

    You are required to pass the basic training APFT to graduate boot camp and continue on to advance infantry training.

    The three PFT events are two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a timed two-mile run. Your results from each event are assigned a score. Your age, gender and the amount of repetitions or time elapsed for each event determines your score. Unlike other military endurance tests, the APFT is normally performed in normal workout gear. To graduate boot camp, you must score 150 points or higher with at least 50 points in each event.

    Related Video:

    The following chart shows examples of the minimum requirements for the Army Basic Training PFT:

    Age Group

    Related Video:

    How do you prepare for a fitness assessment? Young or old, the ACFT is for everybody. Watch Alabama National Guard soldiers prepare for the Army’s new physical fitness test.

    Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Visit his Fitness eBook store

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