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How To Know What Military Branch Is Right For You


Should I Join The Navy

How to Know What Branch of the Military is Right For You – with former Green Beret, Sean Rogers

It is commonly understood that within the military that the Navy has the best base locations in the US Armed Forces. Although there are minor exceptions, every Navy base is on a coast. So, if you want to serve and the beach life calls to you, consider joining the Navy.

If youre thinking about joining the Navy, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether or not youll be OK spending months at a time on a boat.

While most jobs in the Navy will require some time at-sea, this isnt true for every one. Make sure that you know what to expect before signing up if going out to sea is an issue for you.

to learn how to join the US Navy.

Receiving Week The First Week Of Boot Camp

The first few days are called Receiving week during which recruits will go through in-processing.

In-processing includes receiving the first haircut, going through medical, and filling out a lot of paperwork.

The first Friday at the Recruit Depot, also known as Black Friday, will be the first day recruits meet their Drill Instructors . Heres a glimpse of what Black Friday is like at Marine Corps boot camp.

What Government Jobs Are Available For Someone With A

Well-paying government jobs available for individuals with linguistics degrees! Linguistics is the scientific study of the usage and differences of languages. Linguists are known for the ability to speak multiple languages. However, the linguists’ job can be multi-faceted and require significant skills and knowledge of how different languages interact with one another and the cognitive …

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Cool Jobs In The Coast Guard

As with most other branches of the military, choosing which job in the Coast Guard to pursue will be unique to every individuals interests.

Whats interesting to note is that most of the jobs in the Coast Guard are the same ones you would find in the Navy.

Of course, there will be some major differences between jobs for enlisted personnel and jobs for officers.

With that said, some of the coolest jobs for enlistees in the Coast Guard include:

  • Gunners mate

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The Coast Guard Is For You If:

What U.S. Military branch is best for you?

Those wanting to pursue a career in law enforcement and security will see the Coast Guard has plenty of opportunities for it. The Coast Guard also has one of the most prestigious jobs in the military with search and rescue swimmers. If you are quite a fish in water and want to be a part of tight knit community, search and rescue swimmers are among the elite positions in the military.

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Cool Jobs In The Air Force

The obvious first choice for everyone here is easy: pilot.

However, with only 1,100 pilot slots available every year, competition can be stiff.

You should also keep in mind that 500 550 of those pilot slots are reserved for Air Force Academy graduates, and 350 450 spots are reserved for ROTC members.

As a result, your prospects of landing a pilot slot are very low.

With that said, there are a wide variety of great jobs in the Air Force that dont involve piercing through the sky at Mach 1.

Some of the best jobs in the Air Force include things like:

  • Logistics planner

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If youre 100% set on becoming a pilot, then you should consider going the Air National Guard route.

Air Force National Guard units are essentially the military reserve force, as well as the militia Air Force, of each state.

They fly all of the same aircraft that the regular full-time Air Force does F-16s, F-15s, A-10s, and even large cargo planes like the C5 Galaxy.

The upside is, theres no full-time commitment.

You still have to go to basic training, but youll only serve in a part-time role.

Do You Get Paid During Boot Camp

Once you take your oath at MEPS, youre in the military which means you get paid. But there is a catch you have to go through the intake process of the first couple days of boot camp, and once the military establishes your pay records, youll see money in your checking account. Payday in the military happens on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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What The Recruiter Never Told You About Military Service

The Balance/ILisa Fasol

  • Do you want to serve your country?
  • Are you thinking of making the military a career, or just join for four to five years prior to going to college?
  • Do you want to learn a trade, or get college benefits?
  • Are you interested in traveling the world?

There are many reasons why people join the military. But joining because you cannot find anything else to do is typically not the best reason, though many of those who are uninterested in what the civilian jobs offer to find a home in the military as well.

Which Branch Of The Military Do You Belong In Based On

HPSP Military Medical School Scholarship | which branch is right for you? why I chose Air Force

While each branch of the military is highly skilled, each of them requires a certain mindset and a specific skill set. Many things you need to know to be a member of the military are taught during basic training. But before you go that far, let’s find out which branch would best enhance the skills you already have.

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What Skills Are You Bringing To The Table

If you are already proficient with certain skills, perhaps you would like to hone these skills in the military. Whether it is working with computers, mechanics, or administrative duties, the military can provide you with the best training in a wide variety of areas. See Military Enlisted Jobsfor an overview of the 800-plus enlisted jobs available in the military. If there is an interest, it is likely the military has a job for you. You can be anything in between a weapons expert to a language expert and even a military IT guy. There is literally something for everyone.

Preparing For Basic Training

Army basic training is physically intense. If you are not physically active, youll want to start preparing yourself. Your arms will thank you if you take some time before shipping out to memorize the Army officer and enlisted ranks, phonetic alphabet, Army General Orders, Soldiers Creed, and Army Values.

The typical day in BCT start 0500 hours and lights out at 2100 hours.

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The Marine Corps Isnt For You If:

If a clear career path is more your speed and you want more of the amenities you would find in the other branches, chances are the Marines are not going to be something of interest to you. The Marines also deploy a lot when it comes to combat situations due to the infantry capabilities so keep that in mind when looking for a branch.

What Is Military Linguistics June29com

What Military Branch Is Right For You?

What Languages Do Military Linguists Learn? Arabic, Chinese, Pashto, Farsi, Russian, and Korean are the languages most in-demand, and they are exactly what you would expect. There are different job and language requirements for each intelligence agency and branch of the armed forces, but there is one thing in common: the security screening process.

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Whats A Typical Day Like In The Marines

Depending on the job and where youre stationed, a typical day in the life of a US Marine can vary dramatically.

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For simplicity, well examine the day to day life of one of the most popular MOS in the Marines: Infantryman.

When not involved in an active war , a typical day for an infantryman might look something like this:

0500: Wake up and get dressed for physical training .

0515 0545: Team, squad, and platoon formation. This is the time that everyone essentially forms up to get ready for the mornings events.

0545 0615: Company formation. All platoons in the unit will join up and report to the company commander, company 1st sergeant, and gunnery sergeant.

0615 0815: Physical training. This changes daily, and can be everything from a 10 mile run, practicing hand to hand combat, and stretching and calisthenics.

0815 0900: Break for showers, shaving, and breakfast. As youll see, you dont really have a lot of time for this.

0900 0930: Back in formation with your company. Throughout this time, your company commander will discuss any vital information with the company.

0930 0945: Break out into your individual platoons. Here the platoon commander will essentially discuss the days events.

0945 1200: Work on the days tasks with your squad. This could be everything from cleaning and maintaining weapons, to more PT.

1200 1245: Break for lunch.

1315 1800: Back to work / PT.

Stylistics As A Branch Of Linguistics The

Stylistics is that branch of linguistics, which studies the principles, However mn types of stylistics m exist r spring into and effect of choice and usage of different language elements in existence they will ll consider the same source material for stylistic rendering thought and emotion under different conditions of

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Explore Career Opportunities And Review Enlistment Agreement With A Counselor

At this point in the process, the recruiting counselor will explain career options based on your interests, ASVAB results, and the needs of your military branch. Afterward, you will complete a pre-enlistment interview with a MEPS military processing clerk. If all goes well, this step ends with the Oath of Enlistment Ceremony, where you will sign the service contract.

The National Guard And Reserves

Question 77: Which Military Branch Should You Join?

All of the services have a reserve component, while the Army and Air Force have a related National Guard as well. The primary purpose of the Reserves and National Guard is to provide a reserve force to supplement the active duty forces when needed.

The biggest difference between the Reserves and National Guard is that the Reserves belong to the federal government, while the National Guard belongs to the individual state government. While both the Reserves and the National Guard can be called to active duty by the Federal Government, under the authority of the President, individual state governors can also call out their National Guard units to assist in individual state emergencies.

Following basic training and job training, members of the Reserves and National Guard drill one weekend each month and two weeks every year. However, it’s become more and common to activate Guard and Reserve units to supplement active duty deployments to such locations as Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

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Whats A Typical Day In The Air Force Like

This is actually one of the hardest branches of the military to describe the day-to-day activities of.

Its heavily contingent upon what job you have, and where youre based.

The jobs are so varied, that there isnt really anything typical.

With that said, generally speaking most jobs in the Air Force follow a very civilian-like regiment.

Since were talking about the Air Force, it would make sense to describe what a typical day might look like for one of the most important jobs: Fighter Pilot.

Heres what it might look like:

0430 0600: Wake up, eat breakfast, get showered and dressed

0600 0830: Mission scheduling and planning. Youll go over the flights for the week, the objectives, airspace boundaries, communications, flight routes, and much more.

0830 1000: Flight briefing. Here youll discuss the intricacies of the flight with the other pilots. Everything from the types of weapons youll be carrying, how they should be dropped, and tactical events will be scrutinized and meticulously gone over.

1000 1030: Head to life support. Here youll suit up for the mission, donning your G-suit, harnesses, equipment, and prepare your helmet.

1030 1100: Head to the Aircraft / perform pre flight.

1100 1130: Engine start, weapons armed, flight check in, and taxi.

1130 1300: Sortie takes place. This will vary widely, and could be anything from dog-fighting, to bombing training targets on the ground.

1330 1400: Back to life support to strip down out of your gear.

Officer: Direct Commission Officer Program

If you have previously served as an Officer in the military and would like to affiliate with the Navy Reserve, you should contact a Navy Recruiter to discuss your options. You will not need to complete any prerequisite Officer training.

If you are an Enlisted veteran who is now a college-educated professional in one of the specialty areas sought by the Navy Reserve, you may apply through the Direct Commission Officer Program and will need to complete the 12-day in Newport, RI.

The Direct Commission Officer Program is available to those who qualify in the following fields:

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Quiz: What Branch Of The Military Is Right For Me

When you decide to join the military, you must be particular about your choice that where do you want to go in the military, whether it’s Army, Navy, Air Force, or other. Are you planning on joining the military but dont know which branch is right for you? Well, take this quiz to find out.

  • Are you scared to die?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I’m too young to die.

  • D.& nbsp
  • No, I want to die for my country!

  • 2. How do you want to be recruited?
  • A.& nbsp
  • C.& nbsp
  • The fastest of my age.

  • B.& nbsp

    One of the fastest of my age.

  • C.& nbsp
  • How far do you think you can run?
  • A.& nbsp

    As far as I need to.

  • B.& nbsp

    About 4 or 5 miles.

  • C.& nbsp
  • What color do you want to wear?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What terrain do you want to fight in?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How stealthy are you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What movie would you watch right now?
  • A.& nbsp
    • Sample QuestionIt is important that the military has the right _____________________.People
    • Sample Question 201160
    • Sample QuestionWhat is the greatest quality of a military?Brave

    What Are The Different Jobs In The Military

    How to Determine Which Branch of the Military is Best For ...

    The U.S. military divides its employees into two categories: enlisted personnel and military officers. Enlisted service members represent the vast majority of the military workforce and carry out day-to-day tasks like operating equipment and participating in combat operations. They may also build airfields and bridges or repair buildings and water purification systems.

    Military officers occupy leadership positions within their branches. They manage enlisted personnel, organize operations, and provide advanced medical, legal, and technical services. With the right training and experience, you may become a combat specialty officer. These leaders direct military operations, which can include overseeing artillery systems, infantry units, and armored assault vehicles.

    Not all military careers involve combat or its collaterals. You can find a variety of noncombat occupations, including administrative jobs in accounting and human resources. Support services are another popular field of work those in positions such as military chaplain and dining hall chef play crucial roles in each branch or unit. Other in-demand military careers include:

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    Not So Cool Jobs In The Army

    As I mentioned earlier, your quality of life in the Army will almost completely depend on what MOS you choose.

    Picking the worst job in the Army is very difficult, mainly because its completely subjective and everyone has a bias.

    With that said, some of the more hated jobs in the Army include:

    • Culinary Specialist
    • Plumber

    Keep in mind that, while some of these jobs arent the most fun, they do offer some pretty goo incentives after your service is up.

    For example, retiring from the Army as a chef could have you working for a 4 or 5 star restaurant making upwards of $67K a year.

    Same goes for plumber, which has an average base salary of $55,687 per year.

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    What Is The Military

    The U.S. military includes six branches that are sworn to defend the safety, security and best interests of the country. The militarys primary responsibility is to protect and defend the U.S. during a time of war, but the military also performs other missions. Members of the military may be called upon to serve internationally, known as a deployment, in more than 100 countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Not every deployment serves the purpose of defending the U.S. in combat. Members of the military may be involved in rescue operations, natural disaster relief, medical assistance in impoverished areas, food and humanitarian relief, security at international U.S. embassies, policing in volatile areas, training allied militaries, law enforcement and piracy and drug interdiction.

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    How Long Is Navy Boot Camp

    Navy boot camp consists of ten weeks of training on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The first couple of days are filled with learning the basics of being in the military like standing at attention, reciting your general orders and learning proper military dress. The days are incredibly long, and at times sleep is minimal. Youll get assigned to a division of about 80 men and women and finish the rest of your training with the assigned division.

    During training after you have gone through the initial Navy processing days , each week focuses on a different aspect of what it takes to become a Navy sailor. The first week is the most intensive for physical conditioning. There will be introductions to marching, rank symbolizing and recognition and education on equal opportunity, rape awareness, sexual harassment, and the Navy core values.

    In weeks five and six, youll execute the basics in damage control and firefighting, and youll enter the gas chamber

    At the culmination of these eight weeks, new Sailors return to their training cohort for an additional two weeks of training in a less intense environment aimed specifically at developing life skills and adjusting to their new lives in military service.

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