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How To Know If You Should Join The Military


And After You Leave The Armed Forces

What You Should Know Before You Join The Military !!

Soldiers are often discharged with no money to continue in the civilian world and no transferable job skills. Unemployment lines are filled with veterans who are poorly qualified and lack the useful skills for civilian employment. Many veterans remain jobless for long periods and are a large part of the homeless and prison populations. Even those who are gainfully employed will remain behind their civilian counterparts in income and advancement for the rest of their careers. Once you have been in the military, you cant catch up with the rest of the world.

The military stays with you in other ways as well. Much of the appeal is the idea of proving yourself, developing discipline, being all you can be. Perhaps you want to carry army pride with you all your life. Remember, however, that this is only part of the picture. No one can participate in violence and remain either unscarred or indifferent. You will always be part of the destruction you supported. And if the United States does fight a war, you may never be able to forget the people you killed. For some people the weight of these memories is too heavy to bear. The suicide rate among Vietnam veterans is many times the national average.

Enlisting in the military is a serious commitment. Before you join, know what is in the fine print. Learn all the details and choose whats best for you. Think about it.

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Some Basics About Joining The Military

There are some general rules that apply no matter where you wish to apply Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force or Coast Guard. The first of these is the high school requirement. It is extremely rare for modern-day recruits to be accepted into the uniformed services without either a high school diploma or a GED or other equivalency .

A high school student struggling to decide whether to complete high school or quit school and enlist will soon learn that such a concept is an old-fashioned holdover concept from the mid-20th century and is NOT an option today. For best results, finish your high school program before enlisting. Those who have dropped out should expect to be required to get a GED and possibly attend community college classes as a condition of enlistment.

Those who wish to become officers should know that theres a basic, entry-level requirement for officer candidatesyou need a Bachelors degree to be accepted as an officer. There is also additional training required, but this happens after you are accepted into an officer program.

In order to be considered eligible to join any branch of military service, the following should generally apply:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen. The Army and Air Force official sites include statements that the applicant must be a citizen or a legal permanent resident with a valid Green Card.
  • You must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have a high school diploma .
  • You must pass a physical.

Patriotism Defending Our Nation And A Sense Of Duty

Military service is a time-honored way to serve others first. Walter Reuther is quoted as saying,

There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well. .

This quote sums up what it means to serve. When you join the military, you learn the true meaning of service.

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Women Sex And The Military

The unspoken message that the military continues to convey is that war is for men and women should stay away. Half of all women in the military are assigned to traditional roles such as cooking, nursing, and secretarial duties.

Rape and sexual harassment occur frequently in the armed forces. One report stated that 64 percent of women in the military have experienced sexual harassment. Often men use rank to try to get sexual favors. Women who refused to comply have been labeled lesbians.

Which Military Branch Should I Join

NCC : Things You Should Know Before You Join the Armed Forces

No military branch is better than the other, but certain branches might be better choices for individuals, depending on their interests, goals, and skills. If you are already a skilled pilot, for example, you may consider joining the Air Force, while those with plenty of experience on the water may be a good fit for the Navy. However, you dont need to possess any of these skills to join, as full training will be provided to you as an enlistee.

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Travel Opportunities And Vacation Time

The military has installations all around the world and pays for you and your family to get there and back. Your off duty time is yours and you are free to travel and see the world. The military gives you 30 days of paid leave per year, not including weekends and federal holidays.

The military also has several resorts around the world, including the Hale Koa resort in Hawaii, Shades of Green at Disney World in Florida, and resorts in Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Most major military installations also have base lodging , where you can stay on a space-available basis for less than the cost of an off-base hotel.

To top it off, you may be able to jump on a military hop and fly for free if there are available seats. A military hop is a scheduled military flight that may take on passengers on a space-available basis . These tickets are either free, or a very minimal charge . Its an inexpensive way to see the world!

Keeping Up With Your Airman

Joining the Air Force is a life-changing decision that impacts more than just you as an individual. As you work toward becoming an Airman, dont neglect to take the time necessary to prepare your family and friends for the distance and change inherent to Air Force life.
No matter where youre stationed, you will be able to connect with loved ones by phone, email, video chat or instant messaging. A popular option is to enroll family and friends in the Air Force Friends and Family Instant Messaging service program and access AFIM through the Air Force portal.
While living on base, you may have friends and family come and visit. Guests may use on-base recreations with you as their host and have access to base lodging that allow them to stay much more affordably than they could off-base.
Airmen get 30 days vacation with pay each year and can enjoy complimentary flights that make it easy and affordable to meet family or friends at any home or vacation destination.

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Ten Signs That Prove You Are Ready To Serve In The Military

One of my number one pieces of advice to people often is not to join the military simply because you have completed high school or junior college or completed your college degree. Join when you are ready.

This means that you should not put an arbitrary date in your head to leave. Make sure that date coincides with you being fully prepared to endure whatever challenges lie ahead of you. You may ask, “How will I know that I am ready?”

Here is a top 10 list of signs to know when you are ready:

1. Reducing weaknesses: You first need to find what your weaknesses are physically. Are you a strength athlete who thinks long-distance running is anything more than 100 yards? Are you an endurance athlete who never has lifted weights or cranked out double-digit pull-ups? Here are Common Weaknesses you may not even know you have.

2. Can you crush the entry fitness test? Getting to any training requires you to pass a fitness test. You can be in the zone of barely passing with the minimum standards, or you can be in the group that maximizes the standards. These tests are a decent predictor of success at tactical training programs in our government.

4. No naps: Long workouts and working the rest of the day is a typical training day for all tactical professions. There are no nap times. Many people who have the time in their schedule will work out for a few hours, eat, take a nap, eat, work out again, eat, maybe take another nap and that is their preparation day.

I’m Not Sure Which Service I’d Like Best How Do I Decide

Things you should know before joining the Military

Each of the Services has its own character and spirit. Before choosing, it’s best to talk to people who have had firsthand exposure to the Military. One of the best ways to determine which Service would be the best fit for you is to find friends or relatives who have been in the Military and ask them about their Service’s values, missions and opportunities. If you do not know anyone who has served recently, you may want to look up each branch online.

You should also visit local recruiters who can help match your abilities and interests to current active-duty openings in their Service. It’s fine to schedule an appointment just to learn more visiting a recruiter does not obligate you in any way. Don’t forget to ask about opportunities in the Reserve and National Guard if you’re more interested in serving part time and close to home.

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What Else Do I Need To Know

Well, thats a broad question! The best recommendation I have is to speak with some current or former military members to get an idea of their experiences. Keep in mind that everyone has a unique experience, so it is your job to read between the lines. Also, understand that each branch of the military is different. So an Army veteran from 20 years ago would have an entirely different perspective than someone currently serving in the Navy.

Once you have enough information, set up an appointment with a recruiter. They can walk you through your career options, the available benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

Serving in the military is not for everyone, but it does offer many tangible and intangible benefits.

But Wait Isnt The Military Dangerous

One major reason many people dont consider the military is the perception of a high mortality rate. This is primarily caused by the media. The reality is many military specialties are no more dangerous than their civilian counterparts. Your branch of service and your career field will go along way toward determining the risk you will be exposed to.

Military members may be eligible for VA service-connected disability benefits if they are injured or become ill during their military service. Receiving a VA disability rating makes the veteran eligible for lifetime disability compensation benefits.

In the unlikely event of a service members death, the military or the VA provides a lifetime of benefits for your survivors. The surviving family is given an immediate $100,000 death gratuity benefit, a $400,000 lump sum life insurance benefit , social security and indemnity monthly payments for years, and the transferability of many VA benefits. The military members time served is not taken for granted.

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Your Job Is Up To Them

Regardless of what your recruiter tells you, your job will depend entirely on the needs of your branch at that time. You may join up because you want to be an aircraft technician, or a radio systems operator, but if your branch doesn’t need that particular job, then you’re out of luck. And before you ask, no, not getting the specialty you signed up for does not “void your contract.”

How Do I Tell Family/friends I Am Joining The Military

Things You Should Know Before Joining the Army

I’m a 16 year-old Sophomore in High school who wants to join the Marine Corps. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I was wondering how to tell my friends and family. At first, I joked around with my friends about it, but now I’m serious. I don’t know how to tell my girlfriend of 14 months that I want to join.

I’m scared to tell her cause she might be upset. She and I love each other, but I don’t want that love to go. How do I tell her in a way that she will understand? This may sound stupid, but…Should I get her pregnant? Propose to marry her? Or will that just chase her away?

Also, how do I tell my family? I’m not American, but I live in the U.S. so this might upset them. Any advice s appreciated, thank you.

  • Answer #4

    Yeah…it’s kind of selfish to ask her to wait how many years for you to get out of your term.

    And get her pregnant…so…she can deal with all of that while you’re away, pregnancy, kid and all? No…bad idea.

    You aren’t marrying her to marry her you’re marrying her to keep her. That’s not a great marriage-starter.

    If you want to join the service then you should break up with your girlfriend .

    No offense but friends probably won’t care that much. Not as much as your girlfriend or family will. I wouldn’t really worry about them.

    And also…a lot changes in 2 years. So figure out what you really want, and figure it out soon so you can tell the appropriate parties the new situation.

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    Learn Structure And Discipline

    No matter what your specialty in the military is, your time in the service will instill in you a strong work ethic.

    The military does not believe in quitting, and laziness on the job is never tolerated. It can be hard at times, but always worth it.

    When you get out of the military, employers will see someone who works hard and can be trusted to get the job done.

    To Join As Anofficer Officers In The Caf Hold Positions Of Authority And Respect They Are Responsible For The Safety Well

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are between 16 and 57 years old.

    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You are a Canadian citizen.

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have completed Grade 10 or Secondary IV .

    You have, or are working towards, a Bachelor’s Degree.

    If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible for one of our Paid Education programs.

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    When You Visit The Recruitment Office:

    • Take along a parent or friend as a witness.
    • Read over the entire enlistment agreement very carefully.
    • Get all promises in writing. Spoken promises do not have to be honored.
    • Before you sign anything, take it home and discuss it with your parents, friends, and a trained counselor who understands how recruiters operate. Your recruiter must give you a copy of the agreement if you request it.
    • Get copies of everything you sign.

    Join The Regular Force

    Top 3 Things You Should Know Before You Join the Military

    Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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    Are You Eligible To Join The Marines

    The Marine Corps official site provides fewer details about its entrance requirements but in general for both officer and enlisted you must pass a criminal background check, have no felony convictions, and pass an initial strength test that includes crunches, pushups or pullups, and a run.

    Enlisted members must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a legal U.S. resident
    • Have a high school diploma
    • Be between 17 and 28 years old
    • Score at least 31 on the ASVAB
    • Be a legal U.S. resident
    • Be between 20 and 28 years old
    • Have both a high school diploma and a Bachelors degree
    • Score at least 31 on the ASVAB

    The Marine Corps recruiting official site does not mention the GED in sections listing their requirements, but under the ASVAB section of the official site, the following information is current at press time:

    To pass , aspiring Marines must achieve a score of 31 or higher, and those with nontraditional degrees or a GED must score at least a 50. Discuss your high school diploma issues with a Marine Corps recruiters to learn what current GED policy might be at application time.

    Things To Consider When Deciding To Join The Army

    There are many things to consider prior to meeting with a recruiter and even more once you have that first meeting. From literally hundreds of jobs, places you could live, career/education goals, and training you will endure should be part of the decision-making process compared to your experiences, skill levels, and interests and desires.

    But first and foremost, the consideration to serve your country should be something that you feel a strong desire to do a calling to serve if you will – along with receiving paid education, experience, and leadership/teamwork skills that are highly marketable in the civilian world.

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    Know What You Can Expect

    Once youre an Airman, youll be a part of a unique and close-knit global community. Knowing what you, your family and your friends can expect from Air Force life will help as you take the steps to joining the Air Force and determining the path thats the right fit for your future.


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