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How To Join Army Nurse Corps


How To Join Us

How to join the Navy as a Nurse Corps Officer

The first step is to read the contents of our website and fill in the contact form in the “Contact” section. You can also send us a private message on our Facebook profile: Army Nurse Corps in WWII. In the message you should introduce yourself, tell about your interests and previous experience with historical reenactment. It is also worth mentioning why you want to join our group.

The candidate will then be contacted by a member of the group to discuss any issues. She will be given instructions on where to start and notified of our next event. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, talk, and see what historical reenactment looks like “behind the scenes”. At the beginning we provide assistance with uniforms and equipment, until the recruit purchases the required minimum.

After the first meeting a candidate decides whether she wants to stay in the group. If she likes the form of our activity and wants to continue she receives the status of a recruit. At that point the candidate can start collecting the uniforms, equipment, expanding her knowledge and has the right to participate in all events of the group.

Adaptable And Dedicated Nursing Care Wherever The Army Serves


Army nurses can find themselves working in a variety of settings. These can vary from NHS hospitals within Joint Hospital Group hospital units to ground-based environments such as medical regiments and field hospitals. Nursing personnel deal with a wide range of medical situations, which could involve caring for civilian and military patients in the UK to military casualties of war and conflict.Posting opportunities are diverse and include a variety of clinical roles, instructional positions within clinical and military training establishments and other interesting jobs such as recruiting. You can also choose to join as a Soldier or Officer, depending on your qualifications, experience and the type of career you are looking for.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide general and specialist nursing care to soldiers and civilians
  • Manage daily patient case load on a ward within a Joint Hospital Group
  • On operations you will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, often alongside other multi-national forces
  • You could work in modern UK hospitals or the more austere and challenging conditions of a field hospital abroad
  • Excellent continued professional development up to and beyond MSc level

Training For The Role

Academic Qualifications To Join Nurse Corps

You need to possess the following qualifications in order to join the Army Nurse Corps and qualify as an Army Nurse Corps Officer.

  • A high school diploma
  • A minimum of 920 on your SAT scores
  • A bachelors degree in nursing or a Masters of Science degree in Nursing from an accredited school. Note that taking you cannot qualify just by obtaining the national NCLEX-RN certificate after completing a hospital-based diploma program or an associate degree in nursing. Also, holding a nursing license alone without a BSN will not enable you to qualify you to become an Army Nurse Corps officer.
  • If you have a BSN, its necessary to have a current, unrestricted registered nursing license in the United States in order to qualify for the Army Nurse Corps. If you have a BSN degree but your license has expired, you need to renew your license before you can seek a position in the seeking a position in the Army Nurse Corps.

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Other Conditions To Join Army Nurse Corps

Lets take a look at all the other conditions you might require to join the army nurse corps.

First of all, you should be a U.S. citizen in order to qualify for the active duty nursing Commission. Apart from that, if you are a permanent legal U.S. citizen, you can also become an army nurse through a reserve officer training corps.

You must be between the age of 21 and 42 in order to qualify for army nursing corps positions. Apart from that, adults between the age of 43 and 60 are also eligible, but those adults must apply for a two-year service obligation.

S To Becoming A Military Nurse

Army Nurse Corps celebrates 115th anniversary
  • Earn Your Nursing Degree. In order to become a military nurse, you must earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an advanced nursing degree from an accredited school. . Find BSN programs here.
  • Take and pass the NCLEX. After you earn your BSN or advanced degree, you must pass the National Licensure Examination to earn your certification as a Registered Nurse.
  • Gain civilian experience or decide to enlist. At this time, you can begin working as a Registered Nurse in the United States. You can choose to work and gain experience in the civilian nursing field first, or you can decide to join the military as a new graduate nurse.
  • Talk to a recruiter. When you are ready to enlist, you should speak to a military recruiter of whichever branch you have interest in. Once you decide on a branch, make sure you meet all eligibility requirements determined by your recruiting branch.
  • Complete the application packet. Once youve met all of the eligibility requirements, you can begin to work with your recruiter on your application packet. This process will take about a year from initial onset to final approval from the commissioning board.
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    How Can Eius Military Student Assistance Center Help

    EIUs Military Student Assistance Center helps veterans, military personnel and military family members make the most of education benefits.

    Enlisted service members, for example, can earn their bachelors while they are serving to transition to officer positions, as Todays Military explains. Unlike RNs on active duty, RNs with an ADN can join the Reserves. EIUs Military Student Assistance Center can help Reserve nurses navigate benefit programs and services to earn their BSN and advance their military career.

    Military veterans with medic experience may find an ideal civilian career in nursing. EIUs Military Student Assistance Center can help veterans who may want to re-enlist plan for success by earning a BSN.

    RNs are in demand, with a much faster rate of job growth than most occupations. When RNs factor in the strong outlook for nurses in the military, the sky is the limit. Whether through emergency care in-flight, on a ship, in a combat zone, or at home in a clinic or hospital, military nursing offers a wealth of opportunity.

    RNs who are ready for a change, want help repaying student loans, or simply want to serve their country may find what they are looking for in a military nursing career. Military RNs may serve for a few years, which others stay for a lifetime. Either way, military nursing can prepare RNs for success wherever their careers take them.

    What Is A Military Nurse Called

    Naval Nursing

    It’s similar to providing care in the Army. Being a Naval nurse may mean being stationed on a ship, where you’ll provide care to active-duty members of the Navy. While employing all the standard registered nurse techniques, you’ll also be collaborating with physicians, surgeons, cardiologists, and more.

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    What Will You Experience With Us


    You will become part of an international sisterhood united by a common passion – love for history, American culture and vintage style. Together we will share the hardships of long marches and cold nights spent in a tent. You can always count on our help in searching for historical sources, doing 1940s hairstyles, shopping abroad, getting to our meetings. We also keep in touch in private life.

    Back to the Past

    Sleeping in a tent, eating your meals from a mess kit, washing yourself in a helmet are our daily routine. All this to authentically present the conditions in which nurses often lived during the war. If girls our age dealt with them more than 70 years ago, so can we. It should be remembered that we do not have to worry about our life or health, and after an event, we return to warm homes with a bed and a shower. They did not have such a possibility.


    Our main task as an association is to share the knowledge about Army Nurse Corps with a wide audience. For this purpose, we take part in public reenactment events, organize lectures and exhibitions, and maintain accounts on social media. Talking to visitors is an integral part of our hobby and you will certainly have many opportunities to share stories or talk about uniforms you are wearing. Thanks to this, the memory of these brave women will not be forgotten.

    Trips Abroad

    You Are In The Army Now

    Fun to the Rhythms of Glenn Miller

    Specialties Area Of Concentration


    Public Health Nurse 66B

    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist 66F

    Obstetrics-Gynecological Nurse 66G

    Medical-Surgical Nursing 66H

    Generalist Nurse 66N this is used to designate positions on organizational documents but is not held by the individual.

    Family Nurse Practitioner 66P

    Additional Skill Identifiers these designate additional areas of expertise or experience and are in addition to a basic nursing specialty.

    7T Clinical Nurse Specialist
    8A Critical Care Nurse
    8D Nurse Midwife
    M5 Emergency Nurse
    M8 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    M9 Nurse Case Manager

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    Do Military Nurses Go To Bootcamp

    Since the Nurse Corps is a branch of the military, recruits need to meet some of the basic requirements for military service, including U.S. citizenship, the ability to pass a security clearance and passing a physical exam. You wont attend the Basic Training camp that enlisted soldiers do.

    Join our Business, Advices & Skills Community and share you ideas today !

    Academic Qualifications For United States Army Nurse Corps

    Apart from the physical qualifications, you also require medical qualifications to join the United States Army nurse corps.

    • You must have a high school diploma.
    • You must have U.S. citizenship
    • you must have a high school grade point average of 2.5.
    • You must have a minimum score of 19 on your college ACT and test.
    • Alternatively, you can also score more than 920 on your SAT.

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    What Is It Like To Be A Military Nurse

    Nurses in the military provide nursing care for wounded and ill soldiers wherever they are stationed around the world. During combat, military nurses provide care on the front line overseas.

    In peacetime, military nurses work in a variety of settings providing ambulatory, maternal/child, acute and rehabilitation nursing care.

    Military nurses sign-up for a period of service and can be assigned to any position based on ability and need. They have the opportunity to travel to different countries as well as different states to live, work, and complete assigned training.

    Your clinical skills will be kept sharp, your ability to think critically will develop quickly, and your time-management skills will be tested in such a fast-paced environment. Being a military nurse is one of the highest levels of nursing care one can achieve.

    The Army Nurse Corps In World War Ii

    The Children

    The tremendous manpower needs faced by the United States during WorldWar II created numerous new social and economic opportunities for Americanwomen. Both society as a whole and the United States military found anincreasing number of roles for women. As large numbers of women enteredindustry and many of the professions for the first time, the need for nursesclarified the status of the nursing profession. The Army reflected thischanging attitude in June 1944 when it granted its nurses officers’ commissionsand full retirement privileges, dependents’ allowances, and equal pay.Moreover, the government provided free education to nursing students between1943 and 1948.

    Military service took men and women from small towns and large citiesacross America and transported them around the world. Their wartime experiencesbroadened their lives as well as their expectations. After the war, manyveterans, including nurses, took advantage of the increased educationalopportunities provided for them by the government. World War II changedAmerican society irrevocably and redefined the status and opportunitiesof the professional nurse.

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    An Inside Look Into Life As An Army Nurse

      Have you ever wanted to take your career to the limit? Or, at least try something totally new? As a nurse practitioner, Ive heard of nurses working in the military or NPs stationed overseas through the U.S. Department of State but Ive never gotten an up close look into these types of unique career experiences. Until today.

      Captain Lisa Dukes is a nurse working with the Army Nurse Corps. Today, I chatted with Lisa about her life as an army nurse. She graciously answered my most pressing questions and shared her experiences and thoughts on working as a nurse in the military. Heres what she had to say.

      Tell me about how you decided to become an army nurse.

      When I was a kid my parents worked for the government. My stepfather was an army reservist so I grew up around the military. I didnt become a nurse until later in life, at age 36, when I began working as a civilian nurse in the ER. After I had been a nurse for about three years, I was finishing up my BSN degree and decided to take a look at what options were out there. I wanted to do something a little different so I joined the military.

      One thing many people dont know is that you dont just sign up to join the army as a nurse. Its a long and competitive process to enlist. The military is currently cutting back on missions, operations, and personnel so they are selecting fewer and fewer nurses. The whole process took me ten months.

      What Is The Difference Between Hospital Corpsmen And Military Nurses

      The primary difference is that Hospital Corpsmen are enlisted military personnel and military nurses are officers. Hospital Corpsmen perform various roles within the militarys medical field. Some Corpsmen operate biomedical equipment, some serve as operating room techs, some are trained to perform dental repairs, some deliver emergency care in the field, and some are assigned clerical duties.

      As a Corpsman, you are required to enlist for five years in the military. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and a score of 146 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

      Upon enlisting as a Corpsman, you must complete an initial 7-9 week Boot Camp and then technical training in medical education based on specific curriculum set by the military. As an enlisted member of the military, pay grade starts lower than military nurses with similar opportunities to move up in rank and pay grade based on years of service.

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      Continuing Education And Clinical Specialization

      The Army Nurse Corps strongly encourages nurses to enhance and improve their professional skills by offering a variety of post-graduate educational opportunities. Offered at no expense to the nurse officer, courses include specialization to oncology, intensive care, OR, infection prevention, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife and executive nurse leadership. The Army Nurse Corps also offers opportunities to advance to a M SN or DNP while receiving tuition and pay for learning.

      The Direct Accession Program for Anesthesia Nursing is agraduate program consisting of a year’s instruction. The nurse receives fullpay and free tuition when selected for this specialized program and agrees toserve in active status for 54 months.

      Nine Things To Consider

      Army Nurse Capt. Stoafer Interview

      There are many things to consider before making the choice to become a military nurse.

      There is a huge commitment involved with such a decision. You are not just a nurse, but you are also an active member of the Armed Forces. You will have to be deployed, many times for lengths varying 6 months to a year.

      Other things to consider before joining the military are your future plans. For example:

      • How will the military benefit you?
      • Do you have plans to further your education?
      • Are you able to live a structured life, taking orders from higher-ranking individuals around you?
      • Are you able to be an active member of team and step up to leadership positions?

      All these are great questions to think about and consider in your decision to join the military.

      The field of military nursing is fast-paced and can be emotionally, physically, and intellectually demanding. For the right candidate, it is an excellent opportunity for travel and personal and professional growth.

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      Academic Qualifications To Join Specialty Training

      • You can quality for specialty training as a as a medical-surgical army nurse in the Army Nurse Corps with a Registered Nurse license. However, its important to note that many other Army nursing jobs require at least one year of job experience in a specialty area. Either that, or the candidate is required to have completed a course in a specialty area such as obstetrics, gynecology, emergency room nursing, critical care or psychiatric nursing.
      • Advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners should have a master degree and board certification in order to qualify for specialty training as medical-surgical army nurses.

      What Are The Physical Requirements To Join The Air Force

      You are required to pass the Basic Military Training PFT to graduate boot camp and continue on to advanced individual training. The three PFT events are one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups and a timed 1.5-mile run. The PFT normally is performed in workout gear, and the run is completed in running shoes.

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      Army Nurses And Officer Commission

      Army nurses are commissioned officers and, as such, enjoy the salary and benefits commensurate with their rank and pay grade. As explained by Nurse.org, nurses typically enter the Army with the rank of second lieutenant , which is equivalent to pay grade O-1. In all branches of the Armed Forces, service members are paid according to pay grade rather than job title or rank name, as these can differ from one branch to another.

      The Defense Finance and Accounting Service publishes a chart annually that shows earnings by pay grade and years of service. As an O-1 with less than two years of experience, an Army nurse earned $3,385.80 in basic monthly pay, effective January 2021. That’s about $40,600 per year. A nurse who attains the rank of major and has between 10 and 12 years of service earned $7,684.20 per month in basic pay as of 2021, equaling approximately $92,200 per year. In addition to basic pay, Army nurses receive a housing allowance and health benefits. There may also be opportunities for tuition reimbursement, incentive pay and hazardous duty pay.

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