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How To Install A Navien Tankless Water Heater


Typical Installation And How To Configure Vents

DIY Tankless Water Heater Install Navien 240 S

The most typical sizes of tankless vents are 3″ and 4″. The vents are connected to a vent adapter that comes with the unit.

The typical vent installation of the tankless indoor water heater is horizontally through the sidewall or vertically through the roof. When you compare to the standard vent installation of the tank-type water heaters, tankless brings more flexibility and is cheaper, especially with the sidewall installation when remodeling the house.

If you decide to go with the horizontal installation of your non-condensing unit, you would have to slope the vent downward and away from the heater. The vent will exit the tankless unit vertically, then turn using a ninety-degree elbow and then straight, pointing downward and outside. At the end of the exhaust, there will be another ninety-degree elbow. This is the simplest setup.

The vertical installation has an upward slope, and it is equipped with the condensation trap, a rain cap at the end, or an elbow.

These two methods are used to protect the water heater from damages caused by acidic condensate.

If you have a condensing tankless water heater, slope the venting ¼â per foot and toward the heater. The condensate should not drain through a heater but the trap.

Also, it is recommended to install vent screens to prevent foreign objects from entering the terminal.

How Do You Install A Navien Tankless Water Heater

Similarly, you may ask, how do you size a Navien tankless water heater?

How to Select the Right Size Tankless Water Heater

  • Determine the maximum number of devices you want to run and their total flow rate. Then, add up their flow rates .
  • Determine required temperature rise.
  • Sizing Example: An average shower will be between 104106° and uses 2.6 gallons of water.
  • Other Sizing Notes.
  • Similarly, how much does a Navien tankless water heater cost? Navien Tankless Water Heater Installation Factors and CostThe cost to install a tankless water heater ranges from about $575 to $1,500 based on several factors. The scope of your project will help you estimate what installation of your water heater will cost.

    Similarly one may ask, is navien a good tankless water heater?

    Navien is one of the best tankless water heater brands out there. It’s and always has been one of the leading companies in water heating equipment for decades. Now KD Navien manufactures the world’s top efficient, energy saving, and CO2 reducing water heating products.

    What is the best tankless water heater?

    7 Best Tankless Water Heaters Reviewed

    • Rheem RTEX 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater.
    • Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW.
    • Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series, Concentric/Twin Pipe Installation.
    • Atmor AT-D18TP-AZ Instant Tankless Water Heater.
    • Ecosmart ECO 27 Tankless Water Heater.
    • Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater.

    How Navien Water Heaters Compare To Other Tankless Brands

    Navien makes fewer models than the leading competitors like Rinnai, Takagi and Noritz, but the range of sizes provides most homeowners with a model to meet their hot water demand.

    The T-H3 with its ultra-high efficiency and 199K BTU heater produces up to 11.2 GPM, one of the largest-capacity models on the market. The brand is considered a premium tankless water heater brand because all its models are condensing gas heaters with outstanding efficiency.

    Having said that, about 20% of Navien tankless heaters have significant mechanical issues in the first 10 years. Leaks and failed control boards top the list. Naviens heat exchanger warranty is 15 years, among the best, but it is essential that you hire a certified installer for the work. If you dont, the warranty will be voided, and repairs wont be covered from day 1.

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    Comparison Of Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater Prices

    The average Navien tankless water heater prices are between $1,950 to $3,400 installed.

    Navien tankless water heater prices are a little higher than average when comparing the cost of a tankless water heater from other leading brands like Rinnai or Rheem.

    Important: Navien does not sell its current line of water heaters directly to the public. You wont find them for sale on Amazon or eBay or at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Menards.

    You must contact a local Navien water heater dealer to get estimates and decide whether to purchase a package including the water heater and installation. You might find older inventory of discontinued Navien tankless water heaters for sale.

    Navien Tankless Price Ranges for Main Series

    A Navien Tankless Water Heater Will Save You Money

    Navien tankless water heater that I installed last week. : Plumbing

    When you heat and reheat the same water repeatedly with a traditional storage tank heater, you end up paying for it. With a tankless water heater, you pay only for the water that gets used in your day-to-day.

    The cost of installation can also be money-saving. A Navien tankless water heater is cost-effective to install. A traditional tank-style water heater can take several hours to install, and those hours are tallied up in your total labor costs.

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    Navien Tankless Water Heater Not Staying Lit

    The leading causes of the intermittent flame

    • Clogged air vent
    • Faulty wiring
    • Water leaking onto the wiring

    While you may have a general understanding of the listed electrical issue above, you should not attempt to handle any electrical work unless you are a licensed electrician. Therefore, the only task you can attempt on this list is the gasket replacement for the leaking water connection.

    Note: Remember to turn off power to the heater before replacing the gasket.

    Navien Tankless Gas Water Heater

    Navien Condensing 98%Best ValueUltra Condensing Efficiency,

    Ultra Condensing Efficiency

    Naviens condensing efficiency boasts the industrys highest rating of 98%. Customers can take advantage of the low annual operating costs and receive the best value and payback, compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters. Naviens Condensing Tankless offers the highest gallons-per-minute when comparing input BTUs.

    Extended LifecycleNavien utilizes dual stainless steel heat exchangers, providing 3.8 to 4.5 times longer life-expectancy and erosion resistance over the copper heat exchangers used in other brands. Naviens stainless steel heat exchangers operate with relatively low water temperature, minimizing damage from hard water conditions and maintains efficiency levels.

    Endless Hot Water SupplyNavien Condensing tankless heaters offer safety and an unlimited amount of hot water supply. Consumers love the endless supply of hot, soothing water!

    Easily Installed PVC Venting

    The high efficiency of Naviens Condensing Tankless results in lower exhaust temperatures, allowing for the use of 2 PVC.

    • PVC venting offers significant savings in cost and makes installation a breeze.
    • Two-inch PVC venting up to 60ft

    Eco Navien Technology

    Each Navien Unit Installed Equates to 31 Cypress Trees.

    A Navien Condensing water heater reduces up to 964 lbs of CO2 per year compared to a conventional water heater, and up to 324 lbs of CO2 per year compared to a tankless water heater.

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    Navien Tankless Water Heaters Help Save Our Environment

    Navien tankless water heaters produce some of the most environmentally-friendly hot water. Instead of using energy to reheat water when it isnt needed, a Navien tankless heater only uses energy to heat the water you need.

    With Navien tankless water heater, there is no standby heat loss because heated water flows through as needed. This means its more energy efficient than traditional systems and helps reduce energy bills by more than 30 percent.

    Navien Flow Sensor Problems

    Installing a Navien NP210A Tankless Water Heater

    Older Navien heater models are prone to flow sensor issues. This is because the sensors are corroded over time which causes them to shut the heater down. To remedy this, you can take the two clamps off the sensor, pull it out and clean it. However, this is only a temporary fix.

    Using a corrosion-free flow sensor made of stainless steel is a better option. Additionally, you can install a 5-micron filter in the water inlet right before the heater to remove impurities from the water.

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    Navien Water Heater Features Analysis

    These are premium tankless water heaters with impressive features.

    All models have dual stainless steel heat exchangers to combat potential corrosion from their condensing performance. To learn more about condensing heaters and their pros and cons when compared with non-condensing, less efficient models, see that section of our Tankless Water Heater buying guide.

    How To Clean A Navien Tankless Water Heater

    Follow the steps below to clean your Navien water heater

    • Turn the power off the unit.
    • Then turn the water off.
    • Take the cover off the heater.
    • Unplug the power to your Navien water heater.
    • Remove and clean the cold air intake filter.
    • Then re-insert the filter and screw it back in place.
    • Close the cold and hot water inlet valves and then drain the water heater. Next, hook hoses to the valves, then open them to drain the water.
    • Once the tank is thoroughly drained, clean the base of the heater.
    • Then remove the cold water filter off located next to the cold water isolation valve.
    • Place a bucket underneath it to catch any water that drains when you remove the filter.
    • Then clean the filter and replace it.
    • Next, clean the dirt-trap. Start by removing it from the heater so you can clean it properly.
    • Then descale a flush the heater following the steps listed below.
    • Reassemble the heater and turn on the hot and cold water valves.
    • Turn on the water.
    • Then replace the heater cover and turn the gas or power back on.
    • Finally, press the power button.

    Note: If you are unsure of your ability to handle this task, hire a professional to clean the heater.

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    What Do You Need To Know About Tankless Venting

    Power vent vs. direct vent

    Gas tankless water heaters can use indoor or outdoor air for combustion, and the exhaust gases must freely travel to the outside atmosphere, with no obstructions and leaks.

    As mentioned before, there are two types of venting systems used on tankless water heaters: power-vent and direct-vent.

    Power-vent water heaters use indoor air for gas combustion, while direct-vent utilize outside air.

    A power-vent model comprises an exhaust fan and only one pipe, which is exhaust, while a direct-vent model has two, one for air intake and the other for exhaust.

    While both tankless water heaters require sufficient air for gas combustion, power-vented models must be placed in a large room or room connected to another with louvers or have open doors, or the walls have provisions that will always bring the fresh air in.

    If the water heater is installed in a confined space , that space must have two air openings with the specified sizes and distances from the floor and ceiling.

    In a direct-vent setup where the tankless utilizes two pipes, you can either install two separate pipes or a one-pipe system with the concentric setup, also known as a pipe within the pipe.

    The coaxial type consists of an insulated intake pipe with 5 and 4 inches in diameter and exhaust pipes with 2 and 3 inches, which enable the vent to remain cold to the touch, therefore, preventing the risk of burn injuries.

    Indoor or outdoor

    Installation Of Navien Tankless Water Heater

    Navien tankless Water Heater NPE

    Generally, Navien tankless water heater demands 4 hours for a successful installation. If we compare, this time is lower than other units. The PVC exhaust technology has made the installation easier. Plus, the installation instruction is clear and simple to understand for every user. Despite this, the manufacturers suggest managing a professional to ensure a flawless installation.

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    How To Clean The Filter On A Navien Tankless Water Heater

    • Press the Power button on the front panel to turn off the water heater.
    • Disconnect the power supply to the water heater.
    • Remove the front cover of the water heater.
    • Remove the screw that secures the air intake filter and then remove the filter. The filter is located at the top left of the water heater.
    • Pull the filter out of the water heater.
    • Remove the filter from the plastic assembly and clean it with a toothbrush, and clean running water.
    • Allow the filter to dry completely.
    • Reinsert the filter into the plastic assembly.
    • Place the filter assembly back into the water heater and secure it with the screw.
    • Replace the front cover.
    • Reconnect the power supply to the water heater.
    • Press the Power button on the front panel to turn on the water heater.

    Get Your Estimate For Tankless Water Heater Replacement Or Install

    • Our installers are factory trained and highly skilled
    • We will design your new system to heat your home perfectly and efficiently
    • Questions about what tankless water heater would be best? Call us today!

    Gas fired tankless water heaters are more and more popular throughout our service area in Starke County, Indiana. Gas fired tankless water heaters offer several unique features:

    Unlimited Hot Water On Demand: Unlike tank-type water heaters, gas fired tankless water heaters provide hot water as it is needed. When a hot water tap is turned on, a sensor detects the water flow and activates the tankless heater, which quickly raises the water temperature to a preset level. Hot water can then continuously be produced virtually forever.

    Efficiency Choices: With tankless UEF of up to 0.97 compared to UEF ratings of less than 0.60 for common gas fired tanks. This represents a very significant improvement in energy efficiency for tankless water heater owners that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

    Space Saving: Tankless water heaters are wall mounted and they take up virtually no interior floor space. They do not require a traditional mechanical space like a tank type unit.

    Leading Edge Safety: Tankless water heaters are sealed combustion. They draw combustion air from outdoor, and have low temperature sidewall or roof venting.

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    How Long Does A Boiler Last

    There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a boiler, such as how well the unit is maintained, the water quality passing through the unit, and how well the system is designed to work with the boiler. Most Navien boilers have a 10-15 year residential warranty . So a well maintained boiler in a properly designed and installed system could be expected to last up to 20 years or longer in some cases.

    What Does Flow Rate Mean When Choosing The Right Tankless Water Heater

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Installation

    Since tankless units will control the amount of flow to maintain a consistent outlet temperature, they need to be able to provide enough flow for the highest demand the job requires. That demand is based on the flow rate of all fixtures that may be used at the same time. A qualified contractor can help to determine flow rates and demand to properly size a tankless unit.

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    Does Navien Have Field Technicians Available To Service My Unit

    Because our product involves water, electricity, and gas, there is only a limited amount of troubleshooting that can be done with a homeowner/end-user. We recommend contacting your original installer or a Navien Service Specialist to troubleshoot the unit. NOTE: Charges will apply for service calls outside of 1 year labor period and/or non-warranty issues. Please see terms of our labor warranty.

    What Is A Tankless Water Heater

    Simply put, a tankless water heater doesnt have a tank. So how does it heat water?

    On demand!

    When you need hot water, for a shower or for cleaning dishes, for example, cold water is pulled into the Navien system. Once inside the water heater, the previously cold water is heated immediately and delivered to the specific area of need.

    A traditional home water heater keeps hot water in a tank at all times, whether you use it or not. If you dont use any of this precious hot water, it eventually cools off and has to be reheated again before it can be used.

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    Navien Tankless Water Heater

    Tired of running out of hot water? Need more space in the garage? Want to maximize your energy savings? Experience the peace and comfort that tankless technology provides. Our Navien tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water through your entire home, are ultra-high efficiency rated, and save valuable space.

    When it comes to quality, nothing compares to Naviens advanced technology and industry-leading design. Our systems work effectively and efficiently with the standard 1/2 inch gas supply that is common in most homes. Expensive upgrades to your gas supply are not necessary with our advanced burner and dual heat exchanger.

    Schedule Navien Water Heater Installation Today

    Is this tankless venting setup correctly? : Plumbing

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of Navien tankless water heaters, Blind & Sons is ready to assist. Our plumbing team can help you remove your outdated tank-style model and install the tankless unit for you, so you can start enjoying the energy savings and convenience for yourself.

    Schedule a consultation to discuss Navien water heater installation by calling or contacting Blind & Sons online.

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    Benefits Of Navien Tankless Water Heaters

    With a water heater from Naviens NPN or NPE-2 series, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

    • Minimal maintenance requirement
    • Interior or exterior installation locations
    • Lower long-term operating costs than tank models
    • Instant hot water service
    • Less space is taken up in your home

    Do you want to enjoy these benefits? Call Blind & Sons at or contact us online to learn more about our tankless water heater options and why we believe Navien to be an excellent choice.

    Motherboard Or Control Board Failure

    This issue is more common in older heater models. This is because the motherboard or control board is the units brain responsible for receiving and transmitting information in the heater. Therefore, when it malfunctions, it is a sign that the heater has another major underlying issue.

    The main sign of motherboard or control board failure is intermittent switching off and on. Another sign is the error code display. For example, you will see Navien error code 003 on the display screen, which means the igniter is malfunctioning.

    To remedy this issue, turn off the heater for some time and restart it. If the problem does not get resolved, replace the motherboard or control board or hire a professional t do it.

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