DiscountHow To Get Verizon Military Discount

How To Get Verizon Military Discount


Verizon Military Discount: How It Works And How Much You Can Save

VETERANS – Verizon Wireless 15 % Per Month Discount – Very Simple

Verizon Wireless is expensive, there I said it. But thanks to the Verizon military discount it doesnt need to be. People, me included, are cool with paying more for Verizon because of the great features and strong network coverage. Heck, I live out in the countryside and Verizon is the only reliable service in the area thanks to its great coverage map. Heres how their military discount program works so you can start saving today. Thanks for your service to our country.

Best Sites About Verizon Military Discount

Enjoy the discount up to 40% on your order with CouponsDoom! Take advantage of verizon military discount today to save as much as you can. CouponsDoom is a great choice if you want to find a place full of the latest deals and hottest coupon codes, with none of invalid codes like some of the other coupon sites.

Verizon Wireless Plan Access Discounts

Verizon Wireless offers military discounts on “Get More,” “Do More,” “Play More” access or “Start Unlimited “access. Your monthly access savings vary by the number of phone lines:

1 phone line: $10 discount per account each month

2 3 phones lines: $25 discount per account each month

4+ phones lines: $20 discount per account each month

For most other advertised Verizon standard plans, youll get a 15% discount on your monthly access fee, as long as the fee is $34.99 or higher.

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How Long Does The Military Discount Last Do I Have To Renew It Annually

  • Your discount lasts as long as you keep the qualifying home internet services and your status as a military member makes you eligible for the discount.

    We ask you to re-validate your employment or affiliation status about once a year:

  • When you receive a notice to re-validate your employment or affiliation, respond within 30 days.
    • If you don’t respond, your discount may be removed. If the discount is removed, you can validate your employment so we can re-apply your discount.
    • After we process your renewal, you get the currently available discount.

    Is A Discount Available For Gold Star Families

    Verizon Military Discount


    I applaud Verizon for offering a discount to Gold Star spouses and next of kin.

    The coolest part about this discount is the military member who died while serving their country does NOT have to be a Verizon customer for the family to qualify.

    All you will need is a DD Form 2014 to register. Visit this page for all the details.

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    Military And Veterans Discounts Faqs

    We show our commitment to United States military members and veterans by offering discounts on our plans and services.

  • All branches of the United States military are eligible for discounts, including:

  • Commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Commissioned officers of the United States Public Health Service
  • All military reserves and National Guard
  • Veterans of all branches
  • Verizon Military Discount Plans Faq

    How do I get my Verizon military discount?

    The easiest way to get the Verizon military discount is to sign up online. You can verify your service status through Veterans Advantage in a few minutes and add up to a 15% off discount.

    Does Verizon give a military disount?

    Yes, Verizon gives a 15% off military discount on all their standard cell phone plans. On Verizon Unlimited data plans, the military discount is set based on the number of lines you have. For instance, the Verizon Start Unlimited plan military discount is $20 off per month when you have 4 lines.

    Does Verizon offer military discount on unlimited plan?

    Yes, Verizon offers up to $25 off per month on Unlimited data plans for military. It depends on the number of lines you have. If you only have 1 line, it’s a $10 off per month discount or about 14%.

    Which cell phone carrier has the best military discount?

    For unlimited data and 4 lines, the cost per month for military across the big 4 cell phone carriers is: T-Mobile $100 Verizon $120 AT& T $108 U.S. Cellular $119. T-Mobile offers the best military discount but it might not offer the best coverage in your area.

    Does Verizon waive activation fees for military?

    It does not appear that Verizon waives activation fees for military, but it never hurts to ask! The worse thing they can say is no.

    Does Verizon military discount apply to phones?How do I add military discount to Verizon?What does Verizon need for military discount?

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    How Much Money Can I Save By Switching To Verizon Wireless

    Verizon has a lot of savings for military personnel and their families. Like most wireless carriers you serve to get the most savings by adding as many lines as possible.

    The single line does offer $10 per month in savings compared to what civilians pay for the same Unlimited plan.

    However, you stand to save $40 or more per month by adding all of your familys lines as well. The 15 percent monthly savings on all other wireless plans is decent.

    T-Mobile may have the best military plan in terms of savings yet Verizon is not too far behind.

    It also is questionably not as strong as AT& T. The other competing wireless carrier provides a 25 percent discount for military personnel and veterans.

    Meanwhile, Sprint features a 50 percent discount on family lines.

    T-Mobile endorses 20 percent off on one line and 50 percent off for each additional line.

    Other Ways Verizon Supports The Us Military

    Verizon Offers New Military Discounts on Unlimited Plans

    In addition to the various Verizon military discounts the company also supports the U.S. Armed Forces in various other ways.

    Verizon supports the Wounded Warrior Project. The charity offers a variety of programs for veterans as well as services and events. The nonprofit has served over 70,000 veterans.

    It regularly partners with the American Red Cross and Resounding Joy. Its year-long Track program has helped veterans transition from college to the workplace.

    Verizon also is committed to hiring veterans. The company reports that it has over 11,000 individuals employed today that are military vets.

    It has actually been named one of the Top 10 Military Employers by Military Time.

    The company also won the 2018 Military Friendly Award for its dedication to hiring U.S. veterans.

    Verizon also supports partnerships with Hiring Our Heroes, Hirepurpose, and Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

    You can learn more about job opportunities with Verizon by checking out their careers page.

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    How Much Is Military Discount For Verizon

    Service members,veterans and Gold Star familymembers are eligible to save up to $40 a monthon their cellphone plans under a military discount program launched last week by Verizon. The deal offers $15off the regular monthly price of one phone line,$30 off two lines and $40 off three lines under any of Verizons three unlimited plans.

    Best Sites About Verizon Phone Military Discount

    If you plan to shop for multiple products at once and the amount of money can be in a shortage, please take a short visit to CouponsDoom. Our platform updates thousands of available coupons for customers to choose at any time they want. For instance, you can find verizon phone military discount to get a discounted price for it by using our search engine, and enjoy sales OFF up to 50% of your purchase.

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    $30/line For 4 Lines & 15% Off Verizon Plans For Veteran Families

    Verizon Wireless recognizes you and your family member’s eligibility for its military discounts with VetRewards at Verizon Wireless store locations or online at through our private gated access to military discounts page.

    PLUS, as a VetRewards subscriber, you get exclusive discounts from top mobile device manufacturers: Samsung, Apple, Dell, and Lenovo

    Verizon Wireless military savings on the access fees can range from $120 to $500 annually, depending on your plan type, the number of lines and whether you qualify for a straight dollar discount or 15% off your plan fees.

    Family eligibility for Verizon military discounts is exclusively for VetRewards subscribers. If you are enrolled in VetRewards and are an immediate family member of a veteran or active duty serviceperson, you also qualify for this military discount. This is a family benefit if you are the Verizon Wireless’s primary authorized contact and not the active duty or veteran.

    You qualify for the Verizon Wireless military discount as a VetRewards subscriber when you are:

    • the immediate family of a current or former servicemember: the spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter of a current or former servicemember
    • starting a new Verizon Wireless plan or are an existing Verizon Wireless customer
    • the primary account holder with Verizon Wireless Plan that is an immediate family member of a current or former servicemember

    What Happens If I Get Deployed Overseas

    Verizon Military Discount 2021

    Verizon will let you temporarily suspend your service until you come home. Details here.

    The great thing about this feature is that your discount will be waiting for you when you return.

    Ask the Reader: Have you received the military discount from Verizon? Was it an easy process and how much money does it save you every month?

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    Pricing For Service Members

    In addition to promotional offers featured for everyone, Verizon has an extra discount exclusive to U.S. Military.

    The Verizon military discount is available to active duty, cadets, veterans, and eligible family members.

    There are different amounts of savings for Verizon wireless plans based on the number of lines for military personnel.

    These include:

    • $10 monthly discount for one phone line.
    • $25 monthly discount for two or three phone lines.
    • $20 monthly discount for four or more phone lines.

    These savings are only offered on Unlimited phone plans like Go Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited.

    Also note that if you have been with Verizon for awhile you were previously offered a default $15 discount for military. You can earn the additional savings by switching to a mix and match plan.

    to see more on the mix and match plan.

    If you do not wish to have an unlimited plan you can receive a 15 percent discount by enrolling in a new standard plan, as long as the fee is $34.99 or higher.

    to learn more about the shared data plans.

    In addition to savings on plans, military personnel and family members are also treated to 25 percent savings on select phone accessories when you order online 10 percent in store.

    The Verizon Fios military discount is slightly different. If you wish to bundle TV, wireless internet, and home phone you can receive even more savings through Verizon.

    The following deals apply for active duty and veterans:

    Who Qualifies For Verizon Wireless Military Discount

    A military member, veteran, cadet or Gold Star family member is eligible for the Verizon military discount. Military member is defined as active duty, Guard, or Reserve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

    All uniformed services including NOAA and the US Public Health Service are also eligible.

    Military family members and military spouses are eligible for the discount as long as the veteran or servicemember is the primary account holder.

    Military cadets at the service academies such as West Point Military Academy, Annapolis Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs are eligible for the discount. Cadets in ROTC should be eligible as well if they are contracted and have a military ID.

    Military retirees are eligible for the Verizon military discount as they fall under the veteran category.

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    About Verizon Wireless Military Discount

    In September 2021, Military and Veterans can enjoy special offers. You have a chance to save up to 25% OFF by using Verizon Wireless Military Discount. Once you have more promo codes, it may not be allowed use in combination with Military Discount. You can get the use rules of coupons via Verizon Wireless promo codes policy.

    How Much Is Verizon’s Military Discount

    Verizon & AT& T Offer Teacher, Nurse & Physician Discounts

    Service members,veterans and Gold Star familymembers are eligible to save up to $40 a monthon their cellphone plans under a military discount program launched last week by Verizon. The deal offers $15off the regular monthly price of one phone line,$30 off two lines and $40 off three lines under any of Verizons three unlimited plans.

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    Plus Exclusive Discounts On Smartphones Tablets And Computers

    Once enrolled in VetRewards, in addition to your Verizon Wireless military offer, youre also eligible to shop the private stores of the leading mobile phone, tablet and computer brands for additional VetRewards Exclusive savings:

    • Samsung: Up to 40% savings on Galaxy phones, laptops and appliances
    • Apple: Exclusive discounts on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Apple Watch, and accessories
    • Lenovo: Up to 35% off computers and tablets
    • Dell: Up to 30% off plus combined 10% military discount on computers and tablets

    Verizon Military Discount 2021

    Let me show you how to get your first $695 credit card annual fee waived in my Ultimate Military Credit Cards courseThe Platinum Card® from American Express card is annual fee waived for military.

    Military Money Manual has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Military Money Manual and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. Thank you for supporting my independent, veteran owned site.

    The Verizon military discount is 15% for a standard plan or up to $25 off per account on the unlimited plans.

    Saving money in the military is one of the most important steps to achieving financial independence. Reducing your fixed expenses frees up more money to spend on what you want or to invest.

    Buying a cell phone plan with a military discount is a great way to save money while still staying connecting to friends, family, and work.

    In this post:

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    How To Get A Military Discount From Verizon Wireless

    Verizon is partnered with Veterans Advantage for fast service verification using MilVetID:Go to Military Discounts & Career Programs.Scroll down to Verify your eligibility or check on the status of your military discount and click to start the MilVet ID verification process using your Veterans Advantage credentials. …Once validated,you’re automatically sent to the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page. …

    Verizon Military Discount Family Plan

    Verizon Military Discount 2021

    Verizon Military Family Discount – Oct 2021 Verified . $15 off verizon military family discount – Sep 2021 Verified . $15 off Service members, veterans and Gold Star family members are eligible to save up to $40 a month on their cellphone plans under a military discount program launched last week by Verizon. The deal …

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    Best Sites About Verizon Military Discount Faq

    Whether you want to buy several items at once, but you have a limited budget, please make a quick visit to CouponsDoom. Our website constantly publishes thousands of available coupons for consumers to pick through. For example, you can use our search engine to find verizon military discount faq and get a discounted price for it, as well as enjoy sales OFF up to 40% of your order.

    Verizon Do More Unlimited

    Note: to jump right to the details on this.

    The Verizon Go Unlimited plan currently starts at $45 per line for four lines. It features unlimited talk, text, and data on one of the nations most reliable networks.

    The rate is only available when the account is enrolled in AutoPay.

    The rate also does not reflect taxes and additional fees.

    Military personnel receive an additional discount on top of the standard rate .

    The plan features:

    • Verizon Up Rewards
    • 500 GB of Verizon Cloud storage

    In addition to the Verizon Go Unlimited and Verizon Beyond Unlimited options the wireless carrier has three other unlimited plans: Verizon Start Unlimited, Verizon Play More Unlimited, and Verizon Just Kids plans.

    Compare and contrast all of Verizons unlimited wireless plans here.

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    Why Do I Need To Validate My Military Service

    In order to receive the Verizon Wireless military discount the company asks that you submit verification.

    There are a number of acceptable documents that the company will recognize as acceptable forms of ID.

    Furthermore, in order to receive the Verizon veterans military discount your name needs to serve as the primary account holder.

    If someone else, such as your wife, is the primary account holder Verizon will not recognize it for military savings.

    The verification is done to confirm eligibility. You may periodically receive a notice from Verizon requesting that you once again validate military status.

    Verizon Fios Home Internet Military & Veterans

    Best Military Discount Phone Plan (2019)

    $5 off

    Eligible military members and veterans can get a monthly discount on Verizon Fios home internet service.. New Fios customers – can get a discount with any one of these plans:. $5 off/month on 200 Mbps $10 off/month on 400 Mbps $15 off/month on Gigabit Connection And for new Fios customers, the $99 setup fee is waived when you complete your qualifying Fios

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    What Is The Verizon Military Discount

    Verizons military discount breaks down into 3 main categories.

    1. $30/mo for Unlimited Data Plan: To qualify for this discount youll need at least 4 lines on the plan.

    Unlimited plans available include the following: Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and the Above Unlimited plan. Details here.

    To give you an idea of how good this discount is, my family of 4 has an unlimited plan from Verizon and we pay close to $200/month for it.

    For 2-3 lines youll get a $25/month discount per line.

    For only 1 line youll score a $10/month discount.

    2. 15% Off Eligible Plans: If you dont want an unlimited data plan then a 15% discount is still available for you.

    3. 25% Off Select Accessories: Accessories include phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, etc.

    Obviously youll want to use the discount that makes the most sense for you and your family.

    Important Note: To get the discount you must sign-up for auto-pay along with paperless billing.

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