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How To Get Stationed Overseas In The Army


Service Members In The National Guard Deploy To Missions Around The World

Why you SHOULD get stationed overseas in the military

Although they are part-time warriors, members of the National Guard still make a big commitment when they enlist, which includes agreeing to deploy for missions at home and abroad. Typically, domestic deployments can last up to 60 days while overseas deployments can last up to a year.

Alaska Army National Guard soldiers depart to Fort Bliss where they will complete mobilization for their deployment to Kosovo in 2019.

Car Buying Oconus With Military Autosource

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Buying a car as a military family comes with a specific set of conditions. Not only does it need to be affordable, but you also need to consider if your purchase will satisfy your and your familys needs now and at installations in the future. This is especially true if you are expecting to PCS to an overseas military base in the future. If this is your situation, its time to research car buying OCONUS in general and Military AutoSource in particular.

Since many military families are two-car households, they are faced with a decision. How will I get around OCONUS? Will we ship both vehicles and pay the out of pocket costs, sell a vehicle stateside, or store it until you return to a CONUS installation? For families who sell or store, youre likely to need to evaluate vehicle purchasing choices at OCONUS installations.

What You Need To Know About Being Stationed In Germany

January 31, 2019 by Guest Writer

So happy to have Malori from Warrior Life Wellness to tell us all about what it is like to be stationed in Germany! She has some great advice for anyone who will be pcsing to Germany anytime soon. Please let me know if you would like to guest post about where you are stationed!


Moving to Germany is something that happens to other military families. Just like I never thought I would marry a soldier, I never thought wed get stationed overseas even though it was a dream of mine to live in Europe. Well, as you probably have guessed by now, I did marry a soldier and we did get stationed overseas! I knew we were in for the adventure of a lifetime, but I did not have proper expectations of what that entirely meant.

When my husband Mark received orders for Germany in 2017, he was deployed to east Africa. I was back at Ft. Bragg, in my senior year of nursing school, so to say we had a lot on our plates is an understatement! As it would happen, my husband had to report to Germany before I was done with school. So he did the geo-bachelor life for about three months.

Expectation Management

So with an overseas move, Id say to give yourself at least six months to feel fully adjusted, if not one year. Dont beat yourself up when you feel homesick or are totally frustrated. Normally OCONUS assignments are three years, so you will have at least two years during which youll feel pretty comfortable!

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Naval Air Station Lemoore California

Though most sailors that are single will do absolutely anything to get stationed in San Diego there is a possibility you might miss out on the highly competitive base.

Naval Air Station Lemoore is a really good alternative for singles in California.

Lemoore is approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Furthermore, its really close to Sequoia National Forest, Yosemite National Park, and Death Valley National Park.

If you love the outdoors youll appreciate the quick access as well as a reasonable drive to one of the two biggest metropolises in California.

Naval Air Station Lemoore supports the Strike Fighter Wing Pacific with nearly 200 Hornets and Super Hornets in the region.

Its not excellent for nightlife in the immediate area but ideal for those that love the outdoors and more rural settings.

The weather and on-site amenities are also amazing.

Us Military Spending Since 1950

Building Partnerships Abroad

In 2020, the US spent $778bn on its military the largest military spender in the world and more than the next 10 countries combined according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute .

China ranked second at $252bn, followed by India at $73bn, Russia at $62bn and the UK at $59bn.

Over the past 20 years alone, the US has spent $8 trillion on its so-called global war on terror according to the Costs of War project at Brown University. The war in Afghanistan accounts for $2.3 trillion which, according to Brown University researchers, equals more than $300 million a day for 20 years.

$2.1 trillion was spent on the wars in Iraq and Syria, and $355bn was attributed to other wars. The rest of the money includes in excess of $1bn in interest payments for the huge amounts of money borrowed to fund the wars as well as more than $2.2bn in obligations for veterans care over the next 30 years. This means that, even after the US has left Afghanistan, it will continue to pay for the wars for years to come.

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Us Military Presence In Japan And South Korea

The US has been in Japan since the end of World War II and in South Korea since the Korean War .

Nearly half of all US military deployed abroad, some 80,100 American personnel, are stationed in Japan with 53,700 and South Korea with 26,400.

South Korea hosts Camp Humphreys, the largest overseas US military base, located approximately 65km south of the capital Seoul.

The 1,398 hectares base is one of 80 bases in the country and is less than 100km from the heavily fortified demilitarized zone that demarcates North Korea from South Korea.

Is Military Autosource My Only Option

No! Companies like BMW and Volvo offer lucrative deals and promising discounts for servicemembers, generally with low to no taxes and free shipping to some OCONUS locations. The deals are good, but theyre limited to only Volvo and BMW models so be sure to do your homework!

And if buying a new car isnt in your budget, do not panic. Many military installations OCONUS have a rotating inventory of used cars sold by other military members. These cars are usually beaters and may or may not be as reliable as a car purchased through an approved dealer. But they can get the job done. Just be sure to get the vehicle inspected before buying any used vehicle!

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Measures Of Economic Freedom

The index uses five broad areas to score economic freedom for each country:

  • Size of Government: Greater government spending, taxation, and bigger government agencies tend to reduce individual choice and economic freedom.
  • Legal System and Property Rights: The ability to accumulate private property and wealth is a central motivating force for workers and investors in a market economy, and well-functioning legal frameworks protect the rights of all citizens.
  • Sound Money: Does earned money maintain its value, or is it lost to inflation? When inflation is high and volatile, individuals cant plan for the future and use economic freedom effectively.
  • Freedom to Trade Internationally: Freedom to exchangein its broadest sense, buying, selling, making contracts, and so onis considered essential to economic prosperity. Limited international trading options significantly reduce the potential for growth.
  • Regulation: When governments utilize tools and impose oppressive regulations that limit the right to exchange, economic freedom typically suffers.
  • Mapped: Corruption In Countries Around The World

    5 Tips When Stationed Overseas in the Military

    How bad is public sector corruption around the world, and how do different countries compare?

    No matter your system of government, the public sector plays a vital role in establishing your economic mobility and political freedoms. Measuring corruptionthe abuse of power for private gainreveals how equal a system truly is.

    For more than a decade, the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International has been the worlds most widely-used metric for scoring corruption. This infographic uses the 2021 CPI to visualize corruption in countries around the world, and the biggest 10-year changes.

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    Take A Household Inventory

    Photo via

    Detailed documentation of your belongings will come in handy if something is lost or damaged during shipment. Keep track of serial numbers and manufacturer warranties with a spreadsheet or a printable home inventory checklist like one from My Frugal Home.

    If you want this information and photos of your items stored in one location, try a free inventory app like Sortly. Once your list is complete, a pro PCS preparation tip is to make a few physical or digital copies of your inventory list and any relevant receipts.

    There Are Circumstances Where Military Members Can Request Assignment

    First duty station selection is made , based upon your preferences, and the needs of the service. While the services will consider your preferences, the overriding deciding factor is where the military needs you the most.

    Some Navy jobs allow your assignment to be based on your class-standing in “A-School.” And of course, it goes without saying that assignments are based on valid vacancies. If you have the job of tank-fixer, you’re only going to be assigned to bases that have tanks to fix.

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    Which Countries Are Most Corrupt

    How do you measure corruption, which includes behind-the-scenes deals, nepotism, corrupt prosecution, and bribery?

    Over the last few decades, the CPI has found success doing so indirectly through perceptions.By aggregating multiple analyses from country and business experts, the index assigns each country a score on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean.

    Here are the results of the 2021 CPI, with the least corrupt countries at the top:

    Corruption Perception by Country
    South Sudan11

    Ranking at the top of the index with scores of 88 are Nordic countries Denmark and Finland, as well as New Zealand.

    Theyve consistently topped the CPI over the last decade, and Europe in general had 14 of the top 20 least corrupt countries. Asia also had many notable entrants, including Singapore , Hong Kong , and Japan .

    Comparatively, the Americas only had two countries score in the top 20 least corrupt: Canada and Uruguay . With a score of 67, the U.S. scored at #28 just behind Bhutan, the UAE, and France.

    Scoring towards the bottom of the index were many countries currently and historically going through conflict, primarily located in the Middle East and Africa. They include Afghanistan, Venezuela, Somalia, and South Sudan. The latter country finishes at the very bottom of the list, with a score of just 11.

    Upwards Of 750 Us Bases Around The World

    Troops Stationed Overseas to Get Thanksgiving With All the ...

    According to David Vine, professor of political anthropology at the American University in Washington, DC, the US had around 750 bases in at least 80 countries as of July 2021.

    The actual number may be even higher as not all data is published by the Pentagon.

    With 120 active bases, Japan has the highest number of US bases in the world followed by Germany with 119 and South Korea with 73.

    US military base sites fall under two main categories:

    Large bases or Bases: Defined as military installations larger than 4 hectares or worth more than $10 million. These bases typically have in excess of 200 US military personnel. 439 or 60 percent of the USs foreign bases fall under this category.

    Small bases or Lily Pads: These bases are smaller than 4 hectares or have a value of less than $10 million. These include cooperative security locations and forward operating sites. The remaining 40 percent of US foreign bases fall under this category.

    According to global US military deployment data published in the Conflict Management and Peace Science Journal, the US had around 173,000 troops deployed in 159 countries as of 2020.

    Like the US bases, the countries with the most number of US troops include Japan with 53,700, Germany with 33,900 and South Korea with 26,400.

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    Best Overall Army Bases In The Us

    The United States Army supports close to 60 active bases on U.S. soil.

    You can find a home in just about every type of climate and environment.

    Virginia has the highest concentration of Army bases with nine, while Texas and Georgia are second and third.

    Here are the top-rated Army installations in the nation:

    NOTE: We received help from an Our Military article for creating our best Army bases article. You can read the original content here.

    Distance Learning Options Outside The Military System: Pros And Cons

    The nature of online education allows military members and spouses the option of simply signing up for an online degree program at the college of their choice without the limitations of on-base options.

    Distance learning at overseas military bases will, when administered in the local area, feature classes that meet at regular times for that part of the world. There may be programs aimed at those who do shift work depending on location. In general, students will find that the locally-hosted programs that meet in person or require online attendance will meet at typical times of day. Choose your online courses based stateside making allowance for the time zone difference and be sure it aligns with your familys schedule.

    Pursuing an online degree in a different time zone is easy to accommodate for some students schedules, but the time delay factor is a serious one for many students. It cannot be taken lightly when choosing a program. Thats one compelling argument for looking at the local degree programs offered at the military base first.

    Another issue is internet connectivity. Depending on the quality of your connection at the overseas location, you may or may not experience technical issues at times with classroom attendance that is half a world away. Know what to expect from your equipment, connections, and connection speeds before you commit to taking classes administered in real-time from a U.S. time zone.

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    Military Passport Information For Children

    Dependent children traveling with you on official orders should be eligible for no-fee passports. But, just like adults, children also need regular tourist passports.

    Applying for a passport for a child is different than applying for a passport for an adult. Children need permission from both parents. But having both parents apply in person with the child can be especially difficult for military families that may have limited time together.

    What if both parents cant be there? In that case, one parent can go alone. But, theyll need a signed, notarized copy of Form DS-3053. Here is a printable copy.

    For more on passports for children, see How to Get a Child Passport

    Finding Employment For Your Spouse

    Military Pay Stationed Overseas

    Plenty of overseas employment opportunities await military spouses. Your installation is the best place to start the job hunt. Check the installation website for job postings. Consider volunteering or working from home as you settle in. You also have options to find jobs in the local economy, but be sure to check the Status of Forces Agreement first and be aware of taxes and fees.

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    Naval Station Rota Spain

    Naval Station Rota is in southern Spain along the west coast of the country leading into the Atlantic Ocean.

    The base is across from Morocco and not far from Portugal.

    Anyone that has ever been to Spain has very good things to say about the country and all the places to see.

    Along with sailors the base also hosts Marines and a small contingency of Air Force and Army personnel.

    Therefore, youll get exposure to all branches of the U.S. military along with a foreign culture.

    Spain offers sensational beaches, delicious food, and plenty of options for adult beverages.

    Its a really attractive option for young and single sailors with such an incredible nightlife.

    Where In The World Is The Us Military

    Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroadâfrom giant âLittle Americasâ to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.

    These costs have heightened debate over whether the United States needs so many bases abroad: What effect do they have around the world, and are they really making us safer?

    The first step is looking at where U.S. bases are, and where theyâre most prevalent. For my forthcoming book, Base Nation, I compiled a near-comprehensive list of overseas U.S. bases, including smaller cooperative security locations and suspected but unconfirmed sites .

    Mapped all together, this data, which comes from the Pentagonâs annual Base Structure Report and additional government, news or academic sources, helps to show just how far Americaâs reach is.

    Graphic by 5W Infographics.


    Hundreds of bases in Europe have closed since the 1990s, but the base and troop presence in Italy has been relatively constant. Recently, the military has built new bases and expanded Africa-focused operations in Sicily.


    During the Cold War, U.S. forces occupied hundreds of bases in Japan and the Pacific to surround China and the Soviet Union. Since 1995, anti-base protests have escalated in Okinawa, where there are still more than 30 bases.


    Burkina Faso



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    World Economic Freedom By Region

    In 2021, the global average economic freedom score is 61.6, the highest its been in 27 years.

    But from Mauritius and smaller African nations being beacons of hope to East Asian and Oceanic countries epitomizing economic democracy, every region has a different story to tell.

    Lets take a look at the economic freedom of each region in the world.

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