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How To Get Stationed In Hawaii Army


Home To All Five Branches


Although Christina and her husband dont live on base, she says that there is a strong military presence everywhere. Each branch of the military is represented on the island, and Christina says thats one of the coolest aspects of Hawaii. Of the 40,034 active duty military personnel stationed in Hawaii, 7,584 are Army 8,138 are Navy 8,055 are Marine Corps 4,990 are Air Force, and 1,267 are Coast Guard.

Christina said, You get to see all different walks of military life !

In retrospect, although you might consider Hawaii to be a place where couples honeymoon and families escape from everyday life, its home to many military families. Dont forget that Hawaii also has all five branches of the military. That means people of all ages get to enjoy life while being stationed in paradise.

Requesting A Temporary Mailing Address In Hawaii

Upon arrival, temporary mailboxes can be reserved for 90 days and can be extended by request. 30 days prior to your PCS would be a good time to reserve a mailbox. Each base will have its own temporary mailbox location and point of contact. Please refer to Oahus Military Directory to reach your respective bases post office for temporary mailbox information and set up.

No shortage of things to do here!

Military Bases In Oahu

There are over 14 military bases throughout the state of Hawaii and the United States Military has become one of the single largest employers in the state. Most of the military bases in Hawaii are located on the island of Oahu. Oahu being the main, and most populous island in the Hawaiian island chain. Along with the image below, well cover where you may be getting stationed in Hawaii.

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Considerations When Pcsing To Hawaii

What is a budget that you can afford in Hawaii?

BAH and COLA can go a long way if you decide to purchase. For an E-5 with one dependent COLA and BAH total just under $3,500 per month. After speaking with a loan officer, you will likely find out that you can afford a lot more than you think because of low interest rates for VA loans, no primary mortgage insurance , and very low property taxes.

Furthermore, the $126,000 that you would have lost if you lived on base or rented would instead likely be realized as profit when you sell your home after your 3-year tour! Remember that there are also many homes on Oahu that would allow you to pocket money every month after your mortgage and utilities are paid. You pocket the difference between your BAH/COLA and mortgage/utility payment. Contact me for more information on contacting a trusted local lender! Below I have included a current BAH chart by rank and grade for your convenience.

What size property and types of amenities are you looking for?

Determining these two major components of the home search will surely help to expedite the search and offer process and help you and your agent concentrate on looking in the appropriate areas. Below are a few of the areas that I recommend looking at based on their proximity to bases, desirability, and lower price per square foot.

Are you PCSing to Hawaii with pets?

Commute Times on Oahu


Housing: Base Housing Rentals & Home Buying

Military Bases in Hawaii : Information and Locations

Newcomers and their families have 3 options to consider when moving to Oahu. They can either move on base, rent, or purchase.

Moving On Base Depending on which base youre being assigned to will determine the base housing youll be directed to. Connecting with each services housing office will be able to link you with vacancy options at the time of the request. Unfortunately, all or most of your military Base Housing Allowance will be taken away from you by moving on base. Contact your sponsor or reach out to the military directory for updated housing office contact information.

Renting Off Base If you decide on-base living is not for you, renting is an option. Moving off base means you will be provided a significant amount of military BAH in accordance with your grade and dependent status. BAH is supposed to offset the cost of market rental housing by offering a monthly allowance that will permit you to live comfortably in the local area. In fact, BAH is actually formulated off local area rent averages. As rent increases or decreases, BAH amounts will follow in trend. Due to the fact that rents are high on Oahu, so is BAH. To find out what you will be provided in BAH on Oahu, visit the Defense Travel Management Offices BAH Calculator Tool.

Preferred Oahu rental search resources are Craigslist or AHRN or .

Aerial view of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Contact Hawaii VA Loans for more information on how you can take advantage of your VA loan benefit.

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Registering Your Vehicle In Hawaii

Newcomers must register their POV with the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicle Registration within the first 30 days of arrival. For more information, visit the Department of Motor Vehicle Information webpage.

Non-resident active duty military personnel must submit a properly completed Non-Resident Certificate, Form CS-L 50*, for each registration, renewal, or transfer transaction. Form CS-L 50 and Form CS-L 50A is available from your military personnel office or your unit.

Vehicle registration approval will require passed Hawaii State Safety Inspection. This can be accomplished at selected auto-garages around Oahu. Call to verify an auto-garage can do a Safety Inspection. Once passed, you can then get your car registered.

If you plan on obtaining a Hawaii drivers license, visit this Drivers License Information webpage.

Note: Talking on your cell phone while driving is against the law. Passengers are allowed to sit in the back of a pickup truck bed if all the seats are taken inside a truck cabin. All vehicle passengers must wear seat-belts. Motorcycle riders are not required to wear helmets while off base .

Military Move To Oahu Real Estate Edition

Your first decision is to figure out whether or not you want to live on base or off base on Oahu. Below, Ill provide some of the overarching reasons that I think you would be much happier living off base on Oahu.

In a recent article, Honolulu Civil Beat stated that 99% of all military housing is operated by private landlords, with about a dozen large companies dominating the programs. Nationally, about 30% of military personnel live on base, and about 70% choose to live off base.

More than 70% of service members choose to live off base in Hawaiifor good reason. If you live on base, your BAH is paid directly to one of the two private companies that hold a monopoly over the base housing system here, leaving you dealing with repair issues and possible repercussions from your command if you choose to make even valid complaints.

They know that they will get their rent, so they have no drive to give tenants a timely response when an issue arises. On the other hand, if you live off base, you get paid your BAH directly, youll have limitless options regarding what you choose to do with your BAH.

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Fall In Love With Hawaii

Being stationed in Hawaiiis an opportunity like none other! Its an OCONUS duty station, but unlike most other OCONUS duty stations, youre still part of the United States, which means no need for passports, conversion rates, or having to learn a new language.

Due to the cost of living and distance from family, it took me a while to warm up to life in Hawaii. Early on, island fever seemed to be a real thing. The lack of craft stores and chain restaurants, like Olive Garden and Sonic, made me long for the mainland.

Once I learned to appreciate the beauty around me, Hawaii quickly became a favorite duty station. From the ability to travel and taste new foods, to the nearly perfect weather and rich history of Oahu, this duty station will forever hold a huge piece of my heart.


Alright, this is the obvious one. With crystal clear turquoise waters, white powdery beaches, and bright blue skies, Hawaii may be unlike anything youve ever seen! The cotton candy sunsets and lush mountain scenery make it easy tofall in love with the land.

After three and a half years on Oahu, Im still constantly wowed and blown away by the beauty of this island. Even simple drives to a local park or convenience store have opened my eyes to beauty that I had never noticed before.

New Tastes!

At a luau, you can find tender kalua pork, pulled straight from the in-ground cooking pit and poi, made from taro root pulled from the ground!

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Like Family

Perfect Weather

Stationed In The Heart Of Hawaii

Hawaii Grocery Haul! | Stationed in Hawaii || Schofield Barracks

It is a jewel with regards to Army posts. I was stationed in Hawaii for four years, although never at Schofield Barracks. It has a unique charm with all of the amenities a Soldier and his/her family would need: updated PX and commissary, decent movie theater, etc. I can’t say there is much the average person can do there but for any Soldiers there it is worth the trip


We were on a tour with a stop here. So glad we visited and were able to see the base. Learned so much on this tour.

We came to Schofield Barracks during our Home of the Brave tour. Our guide, Olav, told us story after story of actions which occurred on 7 Dec 1941. He pointed out where some movies had been filmed, two of which were, Tora! Tora! Tora! and “From Here to Eternity”. This is also the home to the 25th Infantry Division and there is a memorial on the base for those who died in the wars and conflicts who were members of that unit.

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Scheduling Your Outbound Hhgs Pick Up

Transportation moves are scheduled through After you have your Transportation training you can enter in your move yourself through the application. You would list the first four of these as separate pickups in DPS.

The Defense Personal Property Program, or DP3, will be managed by U.S. Transportation Command starting in Fall of 2020. Improvements to the and DPS systems will be coming so thats good news.

For scheduling your move you need to know your dates for all the different pickups you are authorized:

  • Unaccompanied baggage

Since you won’t know your delivery address you can chose storage in transit and log back in and update it when you get an address. I found it easier to just talk to the carrier directly to change the address and change dates of delivery as well. And through email I was able to communicate with Transportation folks in Hawaii.

Military PCS also includes Professional Gear shipment up to 2000 pounds which is not counted against your total weight allowance. PBP& E/Pro-Gear is defined as: HHG in a member’s possession needed for the performance of official duties at the next or a later destination.

The following items are considered Pro-Gear:

Here is some info on UB:

Here are some very helpful PCS tips from

How Often Do Army Pilots Deploy

Active Duty deployments are more frequent. Typical ARC units have 2-3 years between their 3-month deployments. Most of my Active Duty fighter squadrons generally had 1.5-2 years between 6-month deployments. It was not always that short of a duration between trips, but Id say thats a decent average.

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Renewable Energy And Green Initiatives

Since 2004, MCBH has partnered with Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. to test the generation of electric power from ocean waves using a “PowerBuoy” wave energy converter, one of the first wave power projects in the U.S.

The Azura wave power device is currently being tested in a 30-metre site at the base.

Tips For Being Stationed In Hawaii


My family was stationed in Hawaii from 2016 2018. We thought we had a solid three years to enjoy the beautiful island. But, the Navy had other plans. We had a quick 18 months instead.

No worries. We rolled with it.

However, that unexpected, fast move plays a little into tip #4. We still kick ourselves a little about it.

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Where Is Tripler Army Medical Center

The BIG PINK HOSPITAL on the hill. LITERALLY! If youre driving along the southern coast of the island you cant miss it. Tripler Army Medical Center is located towards the eastern side of Oahu. Cities near Tripler include Salt Lake, Aiea, and Honolulu. Tripler is also home to the Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center. Where military Veterans of Hawaii can go for Veteran medical services.

Oahu Areas We Often Recommend If Youre Pcsing To Hawaii

Ewa Beach and Kapolei/Makakilo

The Ewa Beach, Makakilo, and Kapolei areas seem to be the most popular, military-centric part of the island for a few reasons. A $12 billion rail system originates between Kapolei and Ewa Beach that should be completed soon . There are new shopping malls and restaurants such as Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, and countless local eateries to choose from.

Additionally, the beach is down the road the water park is up the road, and youll have oceanfront homes, golf course homes, and mountain/Diamond Head views to choose from! If you are looking for a very family-oriented community with pools, parks, and sidewalks throughout, then Kapolei/Makakilo/Ewa Beach is your best bet.

Furthermore, a substantial quantity of new housing is being constructed in the Kapolei and Ewa Beach area. The homes tend to be larger than traditional Hawaiian homes and seem to fit military lifestyles well. Most of the newer neighborhoods are very clean, and you will always see people exercising and children playing throughout the day!


Mililani is an ideal area to live in if you want to live between the North Shore, Kapolei, and Honolulu proper. The school systems in Mililani are known to be great as well! Mililani is split into two areas, Mililani Town and Mililani Mauka . Mililani town is a little lower in elevation and offers homes at a slightly lower price point than Mililani Mauka, but the houses are older.

Pearl City/Aiea


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Usaa Transfer Of Auto Policy To Hawaii

For USAA members transferring their car insurance to Hawaii it’s a unique situation. It was required that I have my USAA auto insurance white card with Hawaii “no fault” on it in order to pick up my vehicle. You call USAA first to change it to Hawaii before you arrive. Also my rates went up, no surprise, everything in Hawaii is more expensive.

The Vehicle processing doesn’t accept a paper print out of your card. Instead you must either have it mailed or if you can’t wait, pick up the white card in town near Ala Moana shopping center.

USAA said this is where you pick up hardcopy: Crawford & Co.711 Kapiolani Blvd., 9th Fl, Ste 920M-F 8-4 but…lunch from 11-12***Must call first to confirm docs ready***Three ladies assist with these docs:

Tina, Cheryln, Simone808-591-2376 x 323

You have to park in the basement of a high rise building. Also don’t go during rush hour the traffic is pretty solid.

Military Bases In Hawaii

5 best Army duty stations

PCSing to Hawaii is one of the biggest moves most soldiers make in their career with the military. Our team is here to help you navigate the military bases in Hawaii. We hope this article was helpful and gave you the answers you are looking for.

For more resources to help you with your PCS transition check out .If you are moving to Oahu and need assistance feel free to reach out day/night/weekends because we got your back when moving to Hawaii.


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Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific Wahiawa Annex Jbphh

NCTAMA PAC JBPHH Wahiawa Annex is the largest communication station in the world. It is located about three miles north of the neighborhood of Wahiawa on 700 acres in the Koolau mountain forests. Command mission is to provide communications to all Naval commands in the Pacific area as well as to Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force commands. Other nearby neighborhoods include Haleiwa, Waialua, Mililani, Waipahu, and Pearl City. What is there to do on MCTAMS PAC? There is a bowling center, fitness center, and a library on this 700-acre base filled with trees.

Moving Household Goods During Pcs

When planning your move to Oahu, determine what household goods will go with you and what will be left behind, since living space is greatly decreased in Hawaii. The standard size of living area is generally around 1,500 sq. ft. for a 3 bed/2 bath home. Estimate your HHGs weight with Move.mils estimation tool to help with stay-or-go decisions.

Inventory all of your belongings before the movers show up. Consider adding more insurance coverage if youre moving high-value items. The moving company pays a limited amount for lost or damaged items. Private insurance companies, your moving company, or your homeowners policy may offer coverage for items in transit.

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Cities Near Schofield Barracks

Oahu is a small enough island that you could conceivable live almost anywhere and be able to get to work within an hour. The nearest town to Schofield, however, is Wahiawa, a less touristy, central village. As you head south along the H2, you will come across Mililani, Waipio, and then Pearl City which is just west of Honolulu proper.

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