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How To Get Out Of The Military And Be Successful


How Long Will It Take To Change Careers

How To Get Out Of The Military And Be Successful

While you may be really excited to hit the ground running in IT, it’s important to remember that a career change takes time. Corinne Mills, author and managing director of Personal Career Management, suggests patience when transitioning to a new career.

While some people want to radically reinvent their career instantly, it is more realistic to work toward a new career over time. This might mean making changes in your current job, studying a course in the evening, shadowing someone in the role or learning new skills to make yourself more attractive to potential employers, she told The Guardian. It might also mean that you gradually move into your new career via a series of jobs rather than one giant leap and this is important if you want to protect your salary rather than going back to entry-level wages.

The amount of time will be different for everyone, depending on your transferrable skills and experience and the amount and type of training you need. Career coach Daisy Swan says you’ll need to allot time to educate, to develop a new network in that field and to gain meaningful experiences that introduce you as a player… which then leads to gathering credibility and accessibility to your new work and new career.

For some, it may be a few months, but for others it may be longer. Regardless of how long it takes, remember to go into the process with patience and a list of SMART goals that will keep you steadily on the path to a career in IT.

Guide: How To Become A Successful Freight Broker

by Nathaniel Cross and Benjamin Kowalski, hosts of the Freight 360 podcast

As veterans in the freight brokerage business, were often asked the question, How do I become a freight broker with no experience?

Many people think that starting their own brokerage is an easy and lucrative way to find success in the freight broker industry. While there are certainly perks to becoming a freight broker , there are also a number of risks and costs that you should consider before determining whether its the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that while the initial steps of how to become a freight broker are simple enough, becoming a successful one is more complex. Because many people forget to consider the challenges before diving into the field. Freight brokerage has some of the highest turnover of any business, with many brokers failing within their first year. Thats why weve put together this guide to help you join the third of freight brokers that survive and even thrive in the long term.

What is a freight broker?

Freight brokers make money by charging the shipper a higher rate than the truck costs. This markup is the margin that they use to operate their business and ultimately make money. That margin is generally around 15 percent, though it can fluctuate based on the market. For example, if a broker charges $1,000 to their customer and pays a trucking company $850, they would profit $150 on the transaction.

Is being a freight broker hard?

Getting experience and training

Veterans Program For Politics And Civic Engagement Graduate

Jonathan Sym is a Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve and continues his service after more than 22 years. His most recent deployment was in 2018 where he served as the Chief of Staff for the U.S. Special Operations Command operating in North and West Africa with its headquarters in Baumholder, Germany.

It was an amazing tour, the best tour I have ever had, said Sym. Though Ive served in many joint operations, this was the first time Ive had the privilege of working with the special operations community.

During his tour, he served with Army Green Berets, Marine Raiders and Navy Seals. His first deployment was in support of Kosovo Operations in 2013, which involved service members from other branches including military forces from 19 NATO countries.

To this day, many of us are still very close. We see each other once in a while and stay in touch through social media, said Sym about the bonds and mutual respect people gain through serving together. When you go through difficult situations with people in the military, particularly in hazard duty zones, they become lifelong friends.

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Vice President Time Systems Llc

Rachel Bellamy comes from a family with a storied history of military service. A fourth-generation veteran, Rachel graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served five years with the U.S. Army in the Adjutant Generals Corps.

Military service is important to Bellamy, but she knew she wanted to become a business owner. She met her husband Lonnie Bellamy while both were serving in the U.S. Army, bonding over a common past of being Army brats, both being fourth-generation service members, and a mutual desire to become entrepreneurs Rachel in leadership consulting and Lonnie in IT consulting.

Rachels father-in-law owned a government contracting business and asked Rachel and Lonnie to help out while the business grew. This gave them a unique opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of business ownership and government contracting, both of which would be part of Bellamys future business, TIME Systems, LLC.

When Lonnie finished his masters degree at The George Washington University, they knew it was time to launch TIME Systems and create a business that focused on their passions, Technology, Innovation, Management and Engineering. To balance the financial risk of entrepreneurship, Rachel served in the federal government for ten years and moonlighted in the business after hours, but more was needed.

Your Transition Checklist And Timeline


But stop and think for a second. Maybe someone who already made that jump is best suited to help you prepare for it. Find yourself a mentor who can help you determine if youre actually ready to get out and if youve taken advantage of all the benefits available to you on active duty versus what might be available to you as a veteran. Theyll also warn you about common pitfalls and maybe even help you determine what career you should consider on the outside. Think of this person as a temporary supervisor in your new unit, helping you sort out everything youre about to face.

And there are a lot of factors to consider: Are you ready for it? Will you be able to make a living? Is your spouse ready? Will he or she need to contribute to your household and are they ready? Where will you go? Are you going to school or right into the job market? Are your children ready? How much help you need will help you determine who will be a good separation mentor for you. Dont choose a single mentor who never had kids to help you when you have a wife and family to think about.

If youre going right into the job market, have you considered what you want to do and where you want to do it, along with the training and education required? Do you have any contacts in that industry? You may want to get a second mentor for your coming career on the civilian side if your transition mentor cant help you with your new career.

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Build A Strong Set Of Resumes

Translating your knowledge, skills, and abilities into multiple resume formats for the public and private sectors is the first step towards success when applying for post-military jobs.

Chronological resume. This format is most likely what comes to mind first when you think of resumes. It lists your work experience in order, from most recent to oldest. Chronological resumes are standard in most careers fields and are the best option if youve been working in your desired area of interest for a while because it highlights your applicable experiences.

Functional resume. This type of resume highlights your skills and abilities, rather than relying on work experience to make you a good candidate for a job. If youre breaking into a new career field or are lacking experience for your desired job, youll want to create a functional resume to feature your potential to be the best candidate. If your education matches your career interest, make sure to highlight it here.

Federal resume. The federal job website USAjobs.gov relies heavily, though not exclusively, on automated filtering systems for portions of the hiring process and has specific requirements for your resume. A lot of your success in getting through the first round of screening is matching keywords in the job description to your resume. Set yourself up for success by using the websites FedsHireVets and FASClass theyre key to helping you navigate the complex federal hiring system.

Think About Transferrable Skills

How can you describe your military experiences for a corporate role? Take for example:

  • If you trained over 200 people on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, think how your training preparation, delivery, and results could apply in a corporate classroom setting.
  • If you helped the Navy save $3 million dollars by administering 37 government travel accounts, think how this experience could apply to a financial controller position.
  • If you were in charge of an aircraft repair department, think how the Six Sigma principles you learned could apply to a manufacturing or operations job.
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    Why Are Military Skills Important

    Military skills are important because they can help service members develop abilities that boost their career prospects. People who join the military learn valuable soft and hard skills that help them work both independently and as part of a team. Most of the skills learned during your military service appeal to employers who are looking for applicants with a strong work ethic. Former military candidates returning to civilian life can have many career opportunities for this reason.


  • Dedication

  • Outreach Coordinator University Of Colorado

    5 Tips for Success in the Army

    For Jerome Young, the prospect of transitioning out of the military after 26 years was nerve-wracking. He wasnt sure what he wanted to do, and he wasnt sure how his qualifications would be received in the civilian sector.

    Further complicating matters, he had not spent much time in Colorado Springs before he transferred to Fort Carson so he and his wife could settle in the area.

    A coordinator at the USO Pathfinder project referred him to Onward to Opportunity, and it eased his transition nerves in a variety of ways.

    Networking events in the community with O2O partners, such as the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, helped him meet people and opened his eyes to new local opportunities. Abroad mix of O2O classes also prepared him to take advantage of the opportunities. An etiquette class gave him tips on everything from handling business cards to navigatingnetworking lunches, and a tutorial from a representative of Jos. A Bank provided guidance on how to dress for interviews.

    O2O gave us the background to attend job fairs and network with confidence, he said. The networking events and other training were really helpful. When all you know is the military, they help give you a stronger, better sense of how to engage confidently in the civilian world.

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    They Dont Realize They May Have To Take A Step Back

    A popular myth among veterans is that they will emerge from active duty leaps-and-bounds ahead of their civilian peers. But as Brit Yonge put it, Its not like everyone else who didnt spend time in the military is out there playing Lincoln Logs. Theyve got a job and theyre developing skills and theyre learning. I went into my transition with the assumption that I was nine years behind every pedigreed person out there. And I feel that attitude helped drive my hunger to play a very intense game of catch up.

    Many underestimated just how competitive the job market was for them and how there was a gap between their experience and the skills that hiring managers wanted. However, it is possible to close this gap Ive interviewed some of the at the best companies in the world who have done just that.

    However, a thread throughout these stories is the importance of being humble and having a willingness to start lower than you expected. Assume youll need to work harder and smarter than your peers in the civilian world to learn the skills they perfected while you served your country.

    Cyber Security Specialist At Linquest

    Wesley Bill graduated from Fort Braggs Onward to Opportunity program with a CISSP certificate and now is a Cyber Security Specialist at LinQuest.

    Wesley bill writes:I served as an infantryman in the U.S. Army for nearly a decade before I separated from active duty in July 2020. As I went through the separation process , I realized that most of the skills I attained as an infantryman did not translate into a field of work I was interested in as a civilian.

    I made the decision to be a cybersecurity specialist and began networking. After earning a couple baseline IT certifications and finding a cybersecurity job, a friend of mine mentioned IVMFs Onward to Opportunity program to me. I attended a briefing and selected the CISSP learning pathway. The CISSP is a highly sought-after certification in the cybersecurity industry.

    When my cohort began, I was unable to do Onward to Your Career . However, I began studying the material. After many tries at the practice exams, I qualified to take the actual exam and earned my CISSP in April 2021.

    Within a week, my company gave me a merit pay increase because of the certification. A few months later, I am now being promoted, which I am sure the certification helped me attain.

    The work was hard. The exam was difficult. But I am grateful to IVMF and Alicia Mock, my cohort advisor, for giving me the opportunity to earn this certification.

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    Two Years Prior To Retirement

    Treat this year as if you are conducting a mission analysis. Conduct more extensive research about the paths you can take post-military, and compare the benefits and setbacks of each.

    Throughout this year, there are six main things youll want to focus on:

    1. Make an emotional break from the military.

    For many long-serving military, one of the most profound steps along your career path, should you choose to retire, is making an emotional break from the military. You begin to realize that youre not letting down the army or your fellow soldiers if you choose to retire youre simply choosing to pursue a new path. Once youve wrapped your mind around the military as a short-term career, you can begin to consider other professional prospects more seriously.

    2. Update your resume.

    Now is a good time to update your resume and seek support if resume writing is new to you. Youll also want to solidify how you will use your VA education benefits, including the following factors:

    • Will you make the decision to go back to school?
    • Will you pass your benefits to a spouse or child?
    3. Find a peer mentor that you can trust and lean on.
    4. Begin to network with people outside of the military.
    5. Think strategically about how to use your last leave days.

    Rather than saving your accrued time to indulge in a few weeks of paid leave, consider spacing out your days off to prepare job interviews, attend a career fair, visit colleges or ease the process of acclimatizing to civilian life.

    Veterans Often Have Similar Issues Know Where The Solutions Stem From

    Soldiers Kicked Out Of The Military For Being Gay Deserve ...

    A lot of veterans suffer at the hands of bureaucratic nonsense. Many suffer due to experiences from their time in the military PTS, problems transitioning, culture shock, sexual abuse, etc. Some got out because they felt betrayed in some way by the organization they submitted so much of their lives toward, and others lament the lack of purpose they found after the military . Of course, its not all bad, in fact, I would attribute many of my fondest memories and most important growth to my time in the Army. However, it would be disingenuous to deny that these problems exist for many people.

    What you find is many fixate their blame on the military itself. Sometimes the blame is warranted, sometimes its not every situation is different. Even so, when youre a veteran, you must remember that the only person who can ultimately take control and fix their own situation is yourself.

    There are countless problems with the VA and how it functions, but even if it ran 100% smoothly, there are a whole host of issues they would not be able to fix. Some veterans fall into a trap of their own making, where they are lost in a cycle of blaming the military for any obstacle that has risen in their path. For example, if the VA provided top-of-the-line therapy for combat veterans, it would still be up to the combat veteran to seek that therapy in the first place.

    Ironically, this type of veterans life begins to revolve around the system they judge so harshly.

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    Transition Mistakes To Avoid When Youre Getting Out Of The Military

    This article originally appeared on Task & Purpose, a digital news and culture publication dedicated to military and veterans issues.

    As you prepare to get out of the military, dont make these mistakes.

    There are some days you never forget the day you turn 21, your wedding, and the birth of a child. But for those of us in the veteran community, those days also include your expiration of term of service day.

    In 2010, burned out and ready to grow a beard, I left the Army and made damn near every mistake you can. As a result, my readjustment period was the worst year of my life, even worse than my deployment.

    A few years older and wiser, Ive compiled a list of my mistakes so that you can learn from them.

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