Must ReadHow To Get Medical Records From The Military

How To Get Medical Records From The Military


Proving A Service Connection

How to Get Military Medical Records Online (Video Tutorial)

When you apply for VA disability benefits, youll need to do three things. Youll have to have an official diagnosis of your condition, be able to point to an incident in your service record that caused your condition, and have an official medical nexus linking the two. This second step is when your military medical records will come in.

When you apply for VA disability, your military medical records will show if you were treated for an injury and how. They can also show the beginnings of chronic conditions, including mental health conditions. You may also need your military service record to prove things like exposure to Agent Orange or service in certain combat zones.

What Happens to Your Veterans Disability Application?

Requesting Your Military Medical And Treatment Records

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Military records can be requested by Veterans, their next-of-kin , or authorized representatives.

TRICARE, the health care program for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families, states that the three times you should request copies of your medical and treatment records are when you are under permanent change of station orders, you are deploying, or before you retire.

The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records retains the military personnel, health, and medical records of almost 100 million discharged and deceased Veterans of all services during the 20th century. To request records from the NPRC, you are going to need to provide specific information that allows them to locate the records.

Types Of Medical Records

Medical records can be crucial pieces of evidence to a veterans claim showing that they have a current, diagnosed condition to prove service connection, or that their condition has worsened over time. There are several different types of medical evidence a veteran can use to support their VA claim, including the following:

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Getting Your Medical Records From Blue Button

Once youve logged onto Blue Button, youll see a welcome page dashboard with a Health Records button. Click this and youll see a new page where you can manage your medical records. You can choose to access your VA Blue Button report, your VA Health Summary, or your VA Medical Images and Reports.

To download your military medical records, access your VA Medical Images and Reports. Youll be able to select which reports and images you want to include in your download. For an initial appointment or C& P exam, its best to bring along all the information you have.

Here are some tips on your C& P exam from one of our VA disability lawyers.

What Information Is Needed To Request Records

Your Ancestor

Your request must contain certain basic information to locate your service records. This information includes:

  • The veteran’s complete name used while in service
  • Service number
  • Date and place of birth .
  • If you suspect the records may have been involved in the 1973 fire, also include:
  • Place of discharge
  • Place of entry into the service, if known.
  • All requests must be signed and dated by the veteran or next-of-kin.
  • If you are the next of kin of a deceased veteran, you must provide proof of death of the veteran such as a copy of death certificate, letter from funeral home, or published obituary.
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    Discover More About These Records

    This collection comprises The National Archives series, MH106, War Office: First World War Representative Medical Records of Servicemen. Only a sample of the medical records was retained. These records are a representative selection of the full collection of medical records created during the war. Due to data protection, Findmypast has only published records where the admission year is dated back 100 years. For this reason, more records will be released in the coming years. The records include admissions and discharge records from hospitals, field ambulances, and casualty clearing stations. You will also find records from Queen Alexandras Military Hospital before the First World War, dating from 1910. Below is a full list of the hospitals and medical facilities represented in the records.

    The medical records were collected by the Medical Research Committee and then given over to the British Museum during the First World War, 1914 to 1918. The records were used for statistical research. In 1931, Thomas John Mitchell and G M Smith published History of the Great War, based on official documents. Medical services: Casualties and medical statistics of the Great War from the data gathered from these medical records.

    To Request Clinical And Medical Treatment Records:

    Veterans and Next-of-Kin may:

    • Fax a letter or Standard Form 180 to: 314-801-9195

    When sending a request via postal mail or fax, please use the Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records. Although not mandatory, using the SF-180 is the recommended method to send a request for military service information. This form captures all the necessary information to locate a record. Provide as much information on the form as possible and send copies of any service documents that you may have.

    Follow the instructions for preparing the SF-180. Check the Records Location Table and submit your request to the appropriate address.

    Costs: Generally there is no charge for basic military personnel and health record information provided to veterans, next-of-kin and authorized representatives. If your request involves a service fee, you will be notified as soon as that determination is made.

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    Which Records Are Provided

    Defence Archives provides access to records electronically on CD or via email. The types of records provided may include:

    • Service Report
    • Full copy of personal documents
    • Full copy of health documents

    Please note that in some cases you may only require access to particular documents in your records depending on the purpose of your request. By specifying the purpose for request on the request for service records form, you will be able to assist Defence Archives in determining which records you require. Please enter a reason for request in the reason and urgency of request field on the request for service records form.

    Veterans Health Information Exchange

    How to Get Military Medical Records

    While youre managing your military medical records, you may want to take a look at the Veterans Health Information Exchange program. This initiative makes it easier for your healthcare providers to get the information they need to provide you with the best possible treatment. Its an automatic initiative, so if you dont want your information shared, youll need to opt-out.

    Thanks to the Veterans Health Information Exchange , community providers who are a part of your care team can access your VA health information electronically. This helps you to avoid duplicated tests, improve your continuity of care, and even improve your health outcomes. You also wont need to worry about carrying your military medical records to every appointment you go to.

    If you want to opt-out of VHIE, you can submit VA Form 10-10164 to your VA offices Release of Information office. You can also opt-out through your My HealtheVet portal. If you opt-out and then decide youd like to opt back in, you can fill out VA Form 10-10163 and submit it to the ROI office or change your preferences through your portal.

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    Request For Alabama National Guard Records

    If you served in the Alabama National Guard you can request your NG records by visiting and providing the information requested. You can request the following documents: NGB 22, NGB 23, DD 214, Retirement Letter, Medical Records, Discharge Order, and DD 1883/2556-5 . Normally it takes three weeks to process your request.

    How Do I Request Copies Of Records

    Federal law requires that all requests for records and information be submitted in writing. Each request must be signed and dated . Requests for certain types of restricted records require specific authorization from the veteran or person of record. You will be notified if this type of authorization is required and may receive NA Form 13036, Authorization for Release of Military Medical Patient Records.

    As the NPRC files most clinical records and medical treatment records by the name of the last hospitalizing or treatment facility, requesters must provide the following information:

  • Name and Location of the last hospitalizing or treatment facility : usually this is the last facility at which treatment was provided.
  • The Year of hospitalization or last treatment and the Type of treatment . If you need copies of specific records, please be sure to state the type of illness, injury or treatment involved.
  • The patient’s Full Name used during treatment.
  • The patient’s Social Security Number and Status during treatment.
  • If the patient is/was a dependent: the Military Sponsor’s Name and the Sponsor’s Service Number and/or Social Security Number.
  • Note: If you filed a medical-related claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs, your clinical records may be on file with that agency.

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    Choose Your Submission Method

    There are a few methods to request your records.

    • You can file a request for it through the eVetRecs, which is the online platform for the National Archives. Fill out the form online and be sure to provide as much information as you can in the given comments section to get your military medical records online.
    • You can submit a request with a Standard Form 180 . Simply download, print, and complete the form. Here is a PDF of the form.
    • You can write to the National Personnel Records Center at 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63138 to order a form. Once you get it, fill it out. Then, send it back to the same address or fax it to 314-801-9195.

    What Happens After I Request My Military Records

    How to Get a WWII Coast Guard O.M.P.F. (Official Military Personnel ...

    Youll receive an email letting you know were processing your request. Youll receive a second email when your request is complete and your files are ready for you to view and download.

    You can also check the status of your military records request by signing in to milConnect and going to the Personnel File tab within the Defense Personnel Records Information section. This is also where youll view and download your files once theyre ready.

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    Search For Family And Friends

    When did the member serve?

    Choose one of the following:

    Online Database

    All First World War records are open on Library and Archives Canada website.

    Online Database

    Search records of those who died in service between 1939 and 1947, including those killed in action, those who subsequently died of injuries related to service, and those who died as a result of accident or illness while in service.

    ATIP Request

    Send an ATIP Online Request to LAC.

    Library and Archives Canada keeps records for those who were in:

    • the regular forces between 1919 and 1997, including Permanent Force, Second World War and Korea -OR-
    • the reserves between 1919 and 2007 -OR-
    • the Newfoundland Militia who served in the Second World War .

    Service records from this time are protected because they contain personal information.

    ATIP Request

    Send an ATIP Online Request to DND.

    DND keeps records for those who were in:

    • the regular Canadian Forces between 1 January 1998 and today AND is either:
    • currently serving,

    Requesting Military Personnel Records

    Have you lost your military service records, medical records, personnel records, or records of awards and medals earned? Are you a family member seeking information about the military service of a next-of-kin? Find out how to request information and what forms you will need to fill out.

    Remember: your military records are normally free to request from the Federal Government, companies that advertise copies of your DD-214 or military records for a fee are scams.

    Normally only the veteran or the next-of-kin may request copies of military records.

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    Apply For Your Own Records

    You can apply for your own records by completing a Subject Access Request form if you are, or have been, a member of the armed forces, for example:

    • the Royal Navy
    • the British Army
    • the Royal Air Force

    Send it to the address on the form, along with any supporting documents. Theres no fee.

    Also use this form if youre acting on behalf of the person, for example if you have lasting power of attorney.

    Enter Your Personal Information In The Third Step

    How to get you DoD military medical records and submit a VA Claim

    Enter your personal information in the third step. You will then see a text box to enter “Comments.” Use this text box to make a request for your Air Force medical records. You will only receive what you request. Give as much detail as possible to get the records you are requesting. NARA does not just give you all of your medical records unless you make that specific request.

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    Making An Access To Information Or Privacy Request

    We are subject to the Privacy Act and Access to Information Act.

    The Privacy Act guides the collection, retention, and release of personal information by the Government of Canada. It also gives Canadians the right of access to information about them which is under the control of a federal government institution. This right is subject to specific exemptions.

    The Access to Information Act gives Canadians the right of access to information under the control of a government institution, subject to specific exemptions.

    Get a copy of my file

    If you make a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman, most of the information on your file will be your personal information.

    Where possible, we try to release information informally. This means you may not need to make a formal request for information. You can ask your contact person at our office for the documents you want. We will verify if the information can be released informally.

    Sometimes, the documents you want cannot be released informally. This may be because we must consult with another department or information is covered by specific exemptions preventing its release. If that is the case, we will process your request formally under the Privacy Act.

    Make a formal request for information

    To make a formal request for information, you must complete the following two forms:

    Once you have completed your request form, send it by mail to:

    You can also submit your request by e-mail to .

    There is no online request option.


    How To Find Military Service Records

    Current military service records are found at the Department of National Defence and then are transferred to Library and Archives Canada for safe keeping.

    There are two ways to obtain these records:

  • You can search LAC’s online databases.-OR-
  • You can send an Access to Information and Privacy online request to either LAC or DND depending on when the member served.
  • Need help? Phone LAC at or send an email to .

    Let’s get started!

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    What Kind Of Medical Screening Will A Civilian Have At Military Enlistment Police Station

    You will have to complete a detailed medical history questionnaire before completing a physical examination at the MEPS. The military also recommends that you get adequate information from your parents or guardians on childhood sicknesses, illnesses and diseases. Your medical exam at the MEPS will include height and weight measurements, urine tests, blood tests, and drug-related screening.

    While taking your exam, you may be asked some additional questions on your medical history. In case the examiner still has concerns your medical records may be pulled through.

    Sometimes, you may be asked to ask for your medical records from your health care provider instead of the military pulling the records through. If you were receiving medical care as a dependent, such records attached to your care can also be pulled through.

    To speed up the medical exam process, It is advisable to bring your medical records to the MEPS even when they have no requested for it. sometimes all you have to do is to request for release of health information from your physician to get your health records accessed. If your medical records no longer exist, your local health authorities may assist you in its retrieval.

    For civilians, the military makes eligibility for enlistment a case-by-case basis. Examples of situations where an individual may be disqualified are negative heart conditions, night blindness, asthma, anxiety disorder, cancer, vertigo, and certain personality disorders.

    What If Some Of My Service Records Are Missing

    Military Medical Records Release Form

    Once the service records are received, it is important to review them with your VSO since it is not uncommon for the records to be incomplete. After review, if you determine that there are missing records, you can contact the Records Center or VA and make another request. When making this new request, make sure to provide more specific information about your location, dates, etc.

    If you are still unable to locate the records, you may be able to fill in gaps in your service history with statements from an officer or a buddy who served with you, or other medical records that can draw a connection between your service and your current disability.

    Although it can be frustrating, it is important to make sure that the VA has a complete file when reviewing your application for veterans disability compensation. Taking these additional, proactive steps to get your records will save you time and heartache down the road.

    Finding answers to your disability claims questions doesnt have to be difficult. Take our free quiz to determine what resources are available for your specific needs.

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    Joining The Military And Importance Of Medical

    Joining the military is undoubtedly an opportunity to serve your fatherland with pride it is essential to pass through the vetting process. Medical checkups may be a significant part. Contrary to what many people think, enlisting is more than signing papers at your recruiters office.

    It would be best if you had your physical and mental well-being evaluated. All these tests will also include hearing and vision tests, obesity, and low physical fitness, among many others.

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