DiscountHow To Get Lowe's Military Discount

How To Get Lowe’s Military Discount


How To Get The Lowes Discount

Lowes 10% Military Discount UPDATE
  • You will need to create a MyLowes account to link to your discount. You would go to to get started.
  • The service member will need to sign up at and then link to a MyLowes account which can then be used by the entire family.
  • Lowes uses a trusted third party to verify eligibility status for online enrollment and may require additional documentation or proof of eligibility.
  • Some might need to enroll in the store if the third-party vendor cant verify your credentials. This could happen if you have multiple DD214s, a high-level security clearance, or an extended length of time since being discharged. You can enroll in-store at the customer service desk. You will need your military ID as well as your military documentation.

What If Lowe’s Doesn’t Give Me The Military Discount

Thanks to the automated online enrollment, the discount is applied as soon as you scan your MyLowes card. You can also just type in the phone number associated with the account. This makes it easy to get the discount online or in the store. If there is something wrong with the online verification system, you can verify in store with any of the following IDs:

  • Veterans Identification Card
  • Veteran Health Identification Card
  • Department of Defense Common Access Card
  • Uniformed Services Identification Card
  • Active Duty State driver license and identification with veterans designation
  • DD214 or DD256

Makes sure you confirm your military discount either online or at the customer service desk inside the store before you get the register. That way you won’t have any issues getting your discount.

Get Up To 50% Off With Lowes Buy In Bulk Pricing

If youre buying a certain amount of items for your next shopping spree, you can get anywhere from 10 30% off over 2,000 different products thanks to Lowes Buy in Bulk pricing. Once in a blue moon, youll even get up to 50% off.

For example, I recently saw a bulk deal where you can grab Charlotte pipe for $24.45 apiece when you buy 10 or more. Twenty percent off goes a long way for a big project.

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Product And Service Installations

The following installation services are ineligible for the Lowes military discount program:

  • Kitchen installation: These include appliance installation and removal, cabinets, counter tops, sinks and faucets, backsplashes, flooring, lighting and ceiling fans, blinds, shades and shutters, and doors.
  • Bathroom installation services: These include toilet installation, shower doors, vanities, sinks and faucets, cabinets and countertops, blinds, and flooring.
  • Living Room / Bedroom installation: These include the installation of doors, flooring, lighting and ceiling fans, and blinds.
  • Whole home installation services: These include the installation of flooring, doors, windows, blinds, shades, HVAC systems, ceiling fans, generators, lighting, water heaters and softeners, and window air conditioning units.
  • Exterior installation services: These include the installation of fencing, roofing, windows, doors, decks, gutters, awnings, ramps, sheds, and playsets.
  • Garage and Storage installations: These include garage doors and openers, doors, sheds, and attic ladders.

How To Sign Up For The Mylowes Program


To enroll, visit Select Verify with, which is a third-party eligibility verification service contracted to the Department of Defense.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete military verification.

Once youre verified, youll create a personal account on or log in to your existing personal account and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can link your MyLowes account with your phone number or carry a membership card and make discount purchases with either one. In either case, cashiers may ask to see your military ID.

You can also share your discount with your spouse through your MyLowes account. Spouses must show a dependent ID to complete in-store purchases. If the service member and spouse have different last names, the checkout assistant may ask for a second form of identification.

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Can You Use The Lowes Military Discount Online

Yes. You would use your MyLowes account to be able to access the discount when you place orders online.

With signing up for this discount, you wont have to verify your military service at every purchase. This will save you time even if it will take you a little more time when you are signing up for the first time.

10% off can help you save a little bit on your purchases, and can be helpful when you need to buy appliances when setting up a home.

Taking the time to get verified is worth it to be able always to use your Lowes military discount whether you are doing so at the physical store or online.

Heres How To Get Your 10% Discount Every Time You Shop At Lowes:

1. Visit

2. Complete the personal profile.

3. Make sure you check the MyLowes card box.

Lowes military roots run deep their founder, Carl Buchan, was an Army veteran. Lowes employs roughly 10,000 military-connected folks and more than 800 are currently deployed. They have had a military discount for more than a decade. Previously, it had been open to active duty service members and retirees nationally, while some individual stores offered discounts to veterans.

Please note: I am not affiliated with Lowes and cannot troubleshoot or help resolve any issues with the myLowes program or discount. Please direct your questions to your local Lowes store.

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Lowes Military Discount Eligibility

The Lowes military discount program is available to the following:

  • Active duty service members
  • Military spouses
  • Dependent children up to 18

Please note the offer is non-transferable. Dishonorably discharged veterans are not eligible. Lowes is proud to be an employer of choice for transitioning veterans and military spouses.

Lowes has been ranked a top military-friendly brand in the U.S. for 2022.

Be sure to review program terms for additional details and exclusions.

You Will Need A Mylowes Card

Lowe’s Military Discount

Current and former servicemen and women can follow these easy steps to enroll in the discount program:

  • Visit and complete a short personal profile.
  • Check the box to receive a free MyLowes card.

You can sign up at home or visit your local store. Most stores will have a kiosk available to sign up for your myLowes card. Some stores do not, so please call ahead.

After the one-time enrollment, eligible customers can present their MyLowes card at the store cash register, scan their card at self-checkout or sign in to their account at and receive the discount.

In addition to simple checkout in stores and online shopping, the MyLowes card offers free parcel shipping for purchases ordered online with no required minimum purchase.

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How To Sign Up For Lowes Military Discount

You can enroll for your discount here. Click Verify with” and follow the prompts. You will need to create or log in to an existing personal account and a account to complete registration. Youll need to provide a primary address and verification of your military statusthis can be a USAA membership, military service records, a .mil email address, or military documentation.

How To Use Lowes Military Discount

Once your military status has been verified, you will be free to use your discount both in stores and online:

  • To use your Lowes military discount online, all you need to do is log into your MyLowes account on and the 10% discount will automatically be applied to eligible items as you check outsimple as that.
  • To use your Lowes military discount in stores, as youre checking out, give your cashier either your phone number or your MyLowes card and a valid photo ID. If a spouse of a service member is using the discount, the last name on their photo ID must match the service members last name.

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Lowe’s Veterans Discounts Faq

How do I get military discount at Lowe’s?

The easiest way to get a military or vetarans discount at Lowe’s is to active the discount online

Who is eligible for the Lowe’s Military and Veterans Discount?

According to the Terms and Conditions on, any member of the US armed forces include active and reserve members of the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, Air National Guard and the Army National Guard are eligible for the 10% every day discount.

How do I get my military discount at Lowes?

Enroll at the Lowe’s military page here. You will verify your ID through the SheerID automatic veteran identification system to activate your 10% off military and veteran discount.

Did Lowe’s change military discount?

Yes, in 2017 Lowe’s requires you to verify your military service through the online application here. This is so they don’t have to check your military ID every time you go to the store.

Can I get military discount on

Yes, military servicemembers active duty, retired, and veteran are all eligible for a 10% off military discount on and online every day.

Can you use military discount with Lowe’s credit card?

No, the Lowe’s credit card give you 5% every day on all purchases and CANNOT be combined with the military discount.

Why did Lowes change military discount?

Probably to make it easier to verify military ID without using an associate at the store every time.

Can My Wife Use My Lowes Military Discount

10% Lowes Military Discount

National home improvement retailer Lowes has expanded its everyday military discount program to include all honorably discharged veterans, as of May. Once the service member signs up for the discount program, it will be linked to a MyLowes card that can also be used by their spouse.

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Is Lowes Military Discount Available Online

Yes. To use the discount online, log in to your MyLowes account. Lowes will automatically apply your discount to eligible items during checkout.

If you prefer, you can check your local stores inventory and complete your order online, then visit the store and pick up your purchases. That way, you dont waste a trip only to find out your item isnt in stock.

Can you still get the discount without a MyLowes account? You can still get a military discount in stores if you do not have a MyLowes account, according to Lowes military discount policy. But, you must have a MyLowes account to access the Lowes discount online.

Personally, I like the MyLowes card because it tracks all my purchases, and makes it easy to return an item . Your account can also keep track of details like paint color codes to make touch-ups easier.

How Does Lowe’s Verify My Military Service

Lowe’s uses the SheerID third party system to verify your military service. It’s a trusted third-party service that instantly verifies your military service in 84% of cases. If you’re not instantly verified, you may be required to upload a LES, DD-214, or other military ID. All copies are immediately deleted after verification. You can also verify your ID in store if the online system does not work.

This is a great example of a company going above and beyond to help out US military servicemembers. Other companies that offer great military discounts include Microsoft Office for military, American Express Platinum , and Chase military credit cards.

Save some cash on your home improvements with the 10% Lowe’s military discount today. !

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Who Qualifies For Lowes Military Discount

Lowes established the 10% Military Discount to extend their gratitude to the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country in the US armed forces. To receive the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must: Be currently serving in, or a veteran of the US armed forces or be the immediate family member.

How To Get Lowe’s Military Discount

Lowe’s Military Discount

As a thank you for their service, Lowes offers current and former members of the US armed forces 10% off nearly all full-priced items. Registering for this discount is easy, and it can be used at any time. Below, weve compiled everything you need to know to register and use Lowes military discount.

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How Can I Get The Discount

Enrolment for the discount may be carried out online at Lowes website. You need to register an account on the website and verify your eligibility using a third-party verification platform. You may also verify your eligibility in the store. Simply walk into any Lowes retail store and present any of your military ID, veteran ID, active duty family member ID, or military discharge paperwork along with a photo ID. After verification, you will receive a MyLowes personal shopping card that you can present in-store or use while shopping online to apply your discount.

Note that the discount will not apply to online purchases if you verify in-store.

Is There A Maximum Total That Can Be Discounted

From what we can tell, there is no maximum amount that a military discount can be applied to.

Your bill can be $10,000, and as long as your items arent included in the restricted items list, youll receive a 10% discount for everything.

You can read the full policy on the Lowes website here.

If you have any questions about the Lowes military discount, be sure to leave a comment below!


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How Do I Get 20% Off At Lowes

How do I get 20% off at Lowes? You will get discount of $20 when you purchase $100 to $249, which is 20% discount on lowes purchase. Use your lowes 20 off coupons for any tools you need or any appliance you need. Sign up through Giving Assistant mobile app to get Lowes deals and special offers for over 20% off.

You Cant Stack Lowes Military Discount With Other Discounts Sale Prices Or Coupons


The biggest bummer of Lowes military discount is that they wont let you stack this discount with any other sale, discount, or coupon. It only applies to regular price items.

If youd like to learn about Lowes other discounts you could take advantage of, then you ought to read our roundup of Lowes best discounts.

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How To Avail Of Lowes Military And Veteran Discount

To get the 10% on your purchases from Lowes as a part military and veterans discount, one has to register for Lowes membership and military discount. The registered shoppers will automatically get a 10% discount on their purchases.

To apply for the Lowes military and veterans discount follow the below-given steps-

  • Visit Lowes official website to register for Lowes military and veteran discount.
  • On the website under the head of customer services you will find the link to military discount. Scroll to the bottom to reach this head and click on it.
  • Now you will be directed to the military id verification page. To get the military discount it is mandatory to verify your military id.
  • aids you in verifying your military id. Login to this website and verify your military or veteran id in a few simple steps. You have to create an account on for verification.
  • After verification of the military id, you can log in to your My Lowes Account. If you are not an existing Lowes member, then sign in for the membership.
  • Once you are done with the login process, you can start shopping from or Lowes stores.

The members who had registered themselves for Lowes military and the veteran discount will automatically get the 10% discount on their purchases. After registration, you dont even need a valid military id to get the discount. Once, the verification of your id is done over Lowess website, you can easily shop only with the My Lowes Card.

Lowes Military Discount Vs Home Depot Military Discount

Lowes Military Discount 2021

  • Minimum Order Value: Not Required.

  • Maximum Discount Value: 10% Off

  • Verification: A prior Military Status Verification is required via

  • Eligible Members: Active Duty Personnels, Military Veterans, Retired Military officers, spouses of Military personnels, suchlike.

  • Applicability: Both Online and In-Store Purchases.

Home Depot Military Discount 2021

  • Minimum Order Value: Up To $500.

  • Maximum Discount Value: 10% Off

  • Verification: A prior Military Status Verification is required via

  • Eligible Members: Active Duty Military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans, and their immediate families.

  • Applicability: Memorial Day | Veterans Day | 4th July.

*Read to know more, Home Depot Military Discount 2021.

Popular Military Discounts | Similar Stores | November Special

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Lowes Expands Military Discount To Include All Who Have Served

May 1, 2017: Lowes Companies, Inc. announced today it will expand its military discount program by offering 10 percent off personal purchases every day to current and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The new program uses a MyLowes card for quick identification. It is available both in U.S. stores and on and offers easy online enrollment. The discount is effective immediately.

This is great news as many veterans who served, but did not retire, from the military are now eligible to receive the everyday discount. Previously only retired veterans received the everyday discount.

Lowes Military Discount Exclusions

“Lowe s Military Discount”

Lowes military discount has no annual limit, subject to certain program exclusions. The 10% discount applies only to eligible purchases. It cant be used with any other offer, coupon, promotion, discount or markdown, including but not limited to:

  • Lowes Price Promise
  • Price programs such as Lowes volume or special discount programs
  • Lowes credit discount offers, such as Lowes Consumer Credit Card 5% Off Everyday discount.
  • Gift cards
  • Previous purchases
  • Services
  • Assembly
  • Shipping and extended protection plans
  • Taxes or fees

Your discount isnt redeemable for cash, is nontransferable and cant be combined with price adjustments made at a managers discretion, according to Lowes military discount program policy.

Also, according to the policy, Lowes military discount is for personal use only, and not for commercial services. Lowes reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time or cancel a members enrollment if there is evidence of misuse. In other words please use the program as it is intended as a thank you for your service. Dont use it to enhance your business or hook up your second cousins best friend with a sweet discount.

Additional exclusions may apply. If you have questions, ask store personnel for clarifications on what is covered.

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