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How To Get In To Army


Regional Usma Information Briefs


Another great option for those wanting information but unable to travel all the way to West Point, Regional Information Briefs are held throughout the year and in major cities all over the country.

Some are West Point specific, while others invite interested candidates to learn about all of the service academies.

A few briefs are even sponsored by Congressmen and Senators from the region, who are part of the application process as well.

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Are There Height And Weight Restrictions What If I Am Too Short Or Heavy To Join

Yes, there are height and weight restrictions to join the Army, but they vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum height and weight requirements.

Height In Inches


For the most up-to-date information on these restrictions, talk to a recruiter or calculate your BMI requirements. If you do not meet the specific requirements, you can talk to a recruiter about next steps and possibly submit a height or weight waiver.

Attend Summer Leadership Experience

Every summer, 1,000 high school juniors travel to West Point from all around the country to see what it would be like to attend as a cadet.

The Summer Leadership Experience, or SLE, is a fast-paced program consisting of academic classes, military training, physical fitness training, and intramural athletics and is meant to replicate what cadets do during the rest of the year.

The US Naval Academy has a very similar program as well.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Academic courses in areas such as science, math, engineering, and humanities.
  • Physical training and intramural sports
  • Weapons familiarization
  • Obstacle courses and Leadership Recreation Course
  • Social events to get to know other prospective and current cadets

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Indian Army Recruitment 2020

There are many ambitious young men and women who wish to be a part of the Indian Army and dedicate their lives to the protection of their country. Hence, the Indian Army has come up with its Indian Army Bharti and recruitment rally in different parts of the country for 2021.

For getting into the Indian Army through the Indian Army Bharti recruitment rally of the year 2021, the candidates eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • For the post of Soldier GD, the candidate should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 33% marks or equivalent.
  • For the post of Soldier Technical, the candidate should have passed 10+2 with Science background , with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent.
  • For the post of Soldier Technical , the candidate should have passed 10+2 with Science Stream or or should have completed a three-year diploma in Engineering with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • For the post of Soldier Clerks/SKT, the candidate should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 60% marks and should have studied the following subjects: English and Mathematics or Accounting or Bookkeeping.
  • For the post of Soldier Nursing Assistant/NA Veterinary, the candidate should have passed 10+2 with Science backgrounds such as or and a minimum of 50% marks. Those who have pursued B.Sc in Botany/ Zoology/ Bioscience along with English are also eligible.
  • For the post of Soldier Tradesmen , the candidate must have passed 10th or ITI in relevant trade.
  • For the post of Soldier Tradesmen, the candidate must be 8th passed.

Cadet Public Relations Council Spring Break Hometown Visits


Some cadets participate in a program to provide information to prospective applicants back in their hometowns.

During Spring Break, cadets travel home to meet high school students and give a face to USMA.

If you arent able to make a trip to New York, this can be a great way to talk one-on-one with a cadet about what it is like to attend West Point.

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What Does An Army Engineer Do

A U.S. Army engineer performs a wide variety of tasks that vary depending on their position. An engineer may study satellite imagery to construct maps that help Army commanders develop tactical strategies, or they may use their expertise to build infrastructure. The following section details a few common engineering career paths you may pursue in the Army.

How To Join The Us Army

This article was co-authored by Ted Coopersmith, MBA. Ted Coopersmith is an Academic Tutor for Manhattan Elite Prep, a test prep and academic tutoring company based in New York City. In addition to general academic advising, Ted has expertise in preparing for the ACT, SAT, SSAT, and ASVAB tests. He also has over 30 years of financial controller advising and consulting experience. He holds a BA from the City University of New York and an MBA from Pace University.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 18 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 293,135 times.

Joining the United States Army can be a challenging and rewarding experience, granting you valuable skill sets and allowing you to serve your country. Before you visit your local recruiting office, you should become familiar with the entire process so that you can make an informed choice regarding your entrance into the U.S. Army.

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Who Is Ineligible For Pma Long Course

A candidate will be ineligible for PMA if he is:

  • Twice screen out by ISSB
  • Rejected from ISSB/ GHQ Selection Board- twice
    • Enrolled Cadets previously discharged/ withdrawn/ resigned/ dismissed from Army/ Navy/ Airforce for violating discipline, failure in academics/ military subjects, medical inefficiency, weak profile or other grounds or receiving character certificate fair.
    • Convicted from the court of law for any impropriety
    • Dismissed/ Terminated from any Government service

    Where Does Basic Training Take Place

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    For all full-time regular force candidates, basic training takes place at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

    All part-time candidates joining their local Primary Reserve unit will undergo similar basic training objectives. Reserve units will conduct their Basic Training either at the local reserve unit location or at a Canadian Armed Forces training centre. Locations vary depending on units. Talk to a Primary Reserve unit recruiter for more information on their Basic Training program.

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    Parallel Courses Running In Pma:

    There are 5 parallel courses running in PMA. Their brief description is as follows:

    • PMA Long Course LC

    It is for regular commission officers of combat and combat support arms & services. Its duration is two years divided in four terms of 6 months each. After completion of duration the cadets are awarded with the rank of 2nd Lieutenants.

    • PMA Graduate Course

    It is for graduated candidates. This course has a military training of one year. After completion of duration the cadets are awarded with the rank of 2nd Lieutenants or Captains depending upon their education.

    • Technical Cadet Course TCC

    Cadets who want to be part of Pakistan Army as Engineers take this course. They must have an education of 12 years with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Successful selected candidates are sent to different public or private sector institutions which are part of NUST, depending upon their choice of field.

    These cadets are called E- Cadets after completion of Bachelor of Engineering degree. E- Cadets are sent to PMA for a training of one year after which they are awarded with the rank of Captains in their respective units.

    • Integrated Course IC

    Candidates should have preferably 18, other 16 years education with Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Candidates who pass initial tests and GHQ tests conducted by the Army are sent to Army Medical College AMC or Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS. After completion of their degree, the cadets undergo military training of 22 weeks in PMA Kakul.

    How Long Does It Take To Become An Army Ranger From Start To Finish

    As a candidate, you will first go to nine weeks of Basic Combat Training.

    If you have the Option 40 contract, you will find your Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training are combined in a 15-week course.

    After the first 15 weeks, you attend the three-week Basic Airborne Course for some formal training.

    From this point, you must make it through the eight weeks of RASP.

    At this point, you are a Ranger.

    The actual time it takes depends on a lot of factors.

    If you were to go through every part of the process without having to wait between courses, you could get through it rather quickly.

    However, due to scheduled start times, that is not likely to happen.

    Also, many candidates are recycled.

    Being recycled means, for whatever reason, you were not successful for a portion of the training.

    In this event, you must start over in that phase.

    Therefore, it takes longer to complete subsequent training.

    However, if you wish to hold a leadership position, you must attend Ranger School.

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    What Are The Required Documents At As& rcs

    • SSC detailed marks sheet . In case the original marks sheet is not yet issued, a certificate from the respective Education board is required for this effect.
    • In case of O/A levels, an equivalent certificate issued by IBCC is necessary.
    • Certificate of Detailed marks sheet of FA/ FSC or Equivalent
    • BA/ BSc detailed marks sheet
    • Computerized CNIC or B form with Copy of Fathers/ Guardians CNIC
    • 2 duly attested recent photographs with blue background by Grade 1 Gazetted officer or Principal
    • 1 set of photocopies of the above mentioned documents
    • Note that old CNIC or B forms will not be accepted.
    • Repeaters must bring a photocopy of ISSB NOT RECOMMENDED letter.

    Contact Your Field Force Representative

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    The West Point Field Force is comprised of volunteer Admission Representatives for the U.S. Military Academy, and they are your best source of information about applying to the Academy. Your local Field Force Representative is your strongest advocate and your direct West Point theyre there to assist you with completing the application process, and to answer any questions you might have.

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    What Happens After Rasp

    After graduating from RASP, you are assigned to one of the Ranger Battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

    At this point, you are a Ranger.

    However, many soldiers attend Ranger School, so they are qualified for leadership positions within the Regiment.

    Also, if you graduated RASP, you might consider the Special Operations Combat Medic Course .

    The SOCM is an Army medical school in North Carolina.

    Army Combat Medics must be members of the Ranger Battalions to qualify for training.

    Also, SOCM is a 36-week course where members learn combat trauma management and how to care for causalities in combat.

    Some soldiers go through RASP after already completing Ranger School, but it is not required.

    Before attending Ranger School, you will need to attend Small Unit Ranger Tactics .

    This course is a three week-long class to get you ready for how Ranger School handles training, and it will give you a clearer path to success when you do attend.

    The Selection Process To Become A Psyops Soldier

    Before you can train to become a PSYOPS Soldier, youll need to pass a 10-day course , where you’ll be tested on your physical and psychological fitness to become a candidate for this elite force.Next, youll begin the 43-week official qualification course , where youll learn the core skills of PSYOPS Soldiers including basic speaking and listening proficiency in a foreign language, military intelligence, advanced interpersonal communication, adaptive leadership, cultural analysis, and advanced social media and marketing.Then, youll graduate as a PSYOPS Specialist if youre an enlisted Soldier, or as a PSYOPS Officer.

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    Start A Split Schedule

    Now isnt the time to stick to your once-a-day, mediocre workout. If youre wondering how to get in shape for the Army, the answer lies in doubling up but doing so smartly.

    Experts recommend implementing a split schedule workout, meaning youll work out both in the morning and in the afternoon. Choose one time to do aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, and another focused on strength training and resistance.

    For best results, isolate your resistance training to a single time interval, and stick with that setup. The reason? Your muscles need time to recover and repair themselves, so youll need that buffer of rest in between.

    Aim for between 30 and 45 minutes of cardio each day, and vary the intensity to avoid burnout. Then, switch between weight training and resistance-based workouts to appropriately vary the workout.

    A Career In Defence And Paramilitary Forces

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    A career in defence forces promises one of the most prestigious and respected positions in the country. Youngsters who aspire to choose a career of excitement, adventure, and challenges can find no better place than defence to meet all their professional expectations. The Indian Armed Forces are the military forces of India which consist of four professional uniformed services: The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. The various paramilitary organisations and various inter-service institutions also help the Indian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the management of armed forces in India.

    The Indian Armed Forces symbolize the ideals of service, patriotism and composite culture of the country. Recruitment to the Armed Forces is voluntary and open to all citizens of India irrespective of caste, class, religion and community, provided the laid down physical, medical and educational criteria are met.

    UPSC Recruitment of Commissioned Officers

    The Union Public Service Commission recruits the Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces by conducting mainly the two all India Competitive Examinations.

    • The Short Service Commission Entry Scheme provides avenues to eligible technical graduates/post graduates for recruitment in Technical Arms. After SSB and Medical Board, the selected candidates are required to undergo approximately 49 weeks pre-commission training at OTA, Chennai.
    • Tech
    • NCC Special Entry

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    Which Is The Best Military Academy

    The Best Military Schools and AcademiesHargrave Military Academy. … New York Military Academy. … Randolph-Macon Academy. … US Military Academy. … US Air Force Academy. … US Naval Academy. … US Coast Guard Academy. … US Merchant Marine Academy. Located in Kings Point, NY, the parent military component is the United States Merchant Marines.More items…

    How To Join The Army Faqs

    What can disqualify you from joining the military?

    In order to be eligible to enlist, you must be qualified under current federal laws and regulations or have an appropriate waiver. So, as we know, there appear to age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards can exclude you from entering the military including the Army.

    How long does it take to enlist in the Army?

    Theres a fact that most Army jobs require a commitment of a minimum enlistment period of 4 years, while some Army jobs require a minimum enlistment period of up to 5 years.

    Do I get paid while in basic training?

    To get paid, your military pay records have to be established, and the being get paid thing wont happen unless youre in process during the first few days of basic training.

    How long is Army Basic Training 2021?

    about ten weeks

    The Army Basic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, which depends on your military occupational specialty . After your graduation from basic training, you will continue to go through two additional phases of training, known as Advanced Individual Training, where you will learn the job skills required of your MOS.

    If you are planning to take the ASVAB, lets start practicing with our free Army ASVAB Practice Test to get 100% ready for your coming exam!

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    Workout To Get In Shape For The Military

    The other element of getting in shape for the military is building strength and muscular endurance.

    No matter what branch of the military you join, you’ll need to demonstrate upper-body and abdominal strength and endurance. The PFT for the Army includes doing two minutes of pushups and two minutes of situps, and the Marine Corps PFT includes pullups and crunches, according to Today’s Military. Find out what your PFT includes and then plan a program to reach and exceed those goals.

    While those moves should feature prominently in your training, you’ll also need to build total-body strength, agility and flexibility. The U.S. Army recommends that workouts include bodyweight calisthenics exercises, stability training and flexibility training, along with running and other forms of conditioning.

    Posthumous Citizenship For Military Members

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    Generally, individuals who served honorably in an active-duty status in the U.S. armed forces during a specified period of military hostilities and died as a result of injury or disease incurred in or aggravated by that service may be eligible for posthumous citizenship under section 329A of the INA.

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    What Offenses Or Moral Behavior

    • Individuals under civil restraint including parole, confinement, or probation are not eligible for waivers
    • Individuals subject to civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses will not be eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone found trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana, is not eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone with three or more convictions related to driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years prior to application will not be eligible
    • Anyone convicted for five or more misdemeanors is not eligible
    • Individuals who are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test or anyone with charges pending will not be eligible for a waiver

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