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How To Get Braces In The Navy


What Does Your Brace’s Color Say About You

Bionic braces take weight off soldiers’ knees

Many colors are connected to various moods and that might reveal details about you anyway a person. These good braces colors are much more than a characteristic color it’s about what color signifies.

  • Red is particularly associated with rage or excitement, but it also symbolizes strength, courage, and power.
  • Navy blue braces are a color that can represent peacefulness, knowledge, and devotion.
  • Green is a color that generally represents prosperity, harmony, and growth.
  • The orange color symbolizes enthusiasm and creativeness in people.
  • Purple braces represent wealth and royalty, and it is also a mystical color.
  • White is often associated with purity, optimism, and purity.
  • Black color expresses power, elegance, and strength.

Disease Or Injury That Caused Removal Of Adult Teeth

If you had any disease or injury that caused the removal of adult teeth and now prohibits you from chewing normal food will be disqualifying. If dental implants are used to correct the missing teeth, the procedure to correct will be reviewed by the military medical profession to make certain there are no potential complications in future use.

If the procedure is approved and no issues reported then a waiver may be submitted. Approval for that waiver will be pending a medical review board.

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Congenital Or Injury That Prohibits From Chewing Normally

If you had any congenital or another injury that now prohibits you from chewing normally and cannot be surgically repaired, that will be disqualifying. You will have to get the surgery before you enter the service then apply for a waiver to enter the service, but as long as the chewing issue is corrected and is a procedure that you can request a waiver, then the chances of entering service are increased.

Can U Brush Your Teeth With Braces

Teal and navy blue

When you have braces, it is vital that you take your time and thoroughly brush all the necessary surfaces of your braces and teeth. Experts say you should spend a minimum of two minutes actively brushing your teeth, but it may take you longer, especially when you are first getting in the habit of brushing with braces.

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These Days It Seems As Though Three Things Are Certain: Death Taxes And Braces

While a lucky few hit the genetic lottery with naturally straight teeth, the vast majority of Americans will find themselves in an orthodontists chair at some point in their lives. The good news is that advancements in orthodontia have come a long way , the bad news is that, bottom line, braces are expensive no matter how you cut it.

If youre new to the military healthcare system, then it is pertinent to note that orthodontia does not fall under general medical needs, meaning it is not covered under Tricare. Throughout the past few decades, the military has experimented with different providers for dental care most recently, the switch was made to United Concordia.

Depending on the Tricare plan your family subscribes to, you may or may not be used to paying out of pocket for doctors visits or prescriptions. Regardless of your plan, the military is generally touted as having one of if not the best healthcare offerings in the nation .

The unfortunate segue from this is that, unlike most general healthcare needs, the military healthcare system does not necessarily cover the bulk of costs for certain dental procedures and restorative services for dependants and braces is one of them. The silver lining, though, is that you are only liable for 50% of the tab .

Military kids are eligible for braces up until the age of 21 .

Invisalign + The Military Faqs

Can military personnel undergo Invisalign treatment?

Yes! The convenience of Invisalign removable aligners means that your smile whether in or out of treatment is ready to serve. Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces for kids, teens and adults, and the only authorized orthodontic treatment option for deployed personnel.

Do you have a military discount?

Yes, NVO is proud to offer active duty and retired military, as well as their immediate family, an exclusive discount on treatment that is more than 25% off our average treatment fee. You can transform your smile for as low as $83 a month! Visit our Service Member Smile Program page to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Does Northern Virginia Orthodontics work with TRICARE dental insurance?

Northern Virginia Orthodontics is in-network with United Concordia and can apply any orthodontics benefits available through your military TRICARE dental insurance to your treatment. We also offer complimentary benefit checks for all new patients. Schedule a free consultation or call our team at 703-327-1718 to learn more.

Whats the difference between doctor supervised treatment and at-home options?

Ive been researching direct to consumer options for straightening my teeth, what do you think?

Ive heard I can get Invisalign treatment from a direct to consumer provider for a lot less money is that true?

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Insufficient Natural Healthy Teeth

Current insufficient natural healthy teeth or lack of a serviceable prosthesis that prevents adequate incision and mastication of a normal diet and/or includes complex dental implant systems with associated complications are disqualifying.

Cavities in the teeth that have been filled or will be filled will not be disqualifying. However, you cannot be sworn in unless all cavities or other dental repairs are treated.

Individuals undergoing endodontic care are acceptable for entry in the Delayed Entry Program only if a civilian or military provider provides documentation that active endodontic treatment will be completed prior to being sworn into active duty.

Answer: Military And Braces

US braces for post-holiday Covid-19 surge

Thank you for your decision to serve our country! Yes it is true that you have to discontinue braces in order to go into the military. I would recommend discussing this with your orthodontist to figure out the best time to have the braces removed before heading off to basic training. I would hope that you would be given retainers to wear to keep the position of your teeth as they currently are. Otherwise, your teeth will shift back towards the position they started out. Yes, you can have the braces put back on following basic training. There would likely be an additional fee to do this, because of the costs associated with putting new braces on. Invisalign may be an option for you as well following basic training, but I would suspect there would be a significant cost difference over continuing with braces. These are all things you should ask and discuss with your current orthodontist. Good luck to you in Basic Training!

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After Boot Camp: Braces In The Military

If you are already on active duty, you might find the military believes orthodontics is medically necessary.

However, it is challenging to get this diagnosis, which means the military pays for your treatment.

However, many service members pay out-of-pocket for orthodontic care once training is over and while stationed at their permanent duty station.

Braces In The Military: Retainers

Usually, after finishing orthodontic are, you must wear a retainer to prevent teeth from shifting again.

Often these retainers are removable and look like a clear plastic aligner. Other times the retainers are permanently fixed behind your teeth.

In either case, retainers are fine to have in the military as long as your entire scope of treatment is complete by the time you swear in for active duty.

We address some frequently asked questions below.

What about clear plastic aligners like Invisalign?

Clear plastic aligners perform the same job as traditional braces.

Therefore, they are in the same category as braces, and you need to wait until your treatment plan completes before swearing-in as active duty.

Does the military pay for braces?

The military will pay for braces only if a doctor deems the braces are medically necessary.

Many soldiers report it is a challenge to find a doctor that agrees on the medical necessity.

On the other hand, other soldiers have no difficulty.

That being said, many service members opt to use their own money and see an orthodontist independently to start their treatment.

However, this happens after completing boot camp and other training.

Will having braces impact my deployment?

Before deployment, you are likely going to need a waiver in order to deploy.

During your orthodontic treatment, your braces should have a neutral force, which is a pause in treatment.

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How To Choose The Best Braces Colour For Your Teeth

Since some people are wearing braces for months or even years, you might choose a color that you like. The most popular brace colors are red, blue, green, purple, and pink, but you can mix and match to create your color scheme. Check out these recommendations we mentioned below from the braces color wheeland talk to your orthodontist if you’re having problems choosing the proper color for your braces. In this article, we have mentioned some braces colors ideas that you might choose from the braces colors wheel. Read this article till the end not knowing great color options.

Military Medical Enlistment Standards For Dental Issues

Pin on Adult braces

Troy / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

When you go to MEPS or your DoDMERB to get medically screened for service as an enlisted member of an officer in the military, you will be fully examined from head to toe. Your vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood work, and even your teeth and much more will be fully screened to see if you have any medically related issue that prevents you from being able to fulfill your time of service.

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The Best Invisible Braces For Military Members

When it comes to straightening your smile, if youre actively serving in the military, then your options are limited. Metal braces are out of the question. You cant start basic training with them, and you cant deploy with them. While invisible aligners are an option, you realistically cant keep up with in-office appointments that traditional aligners require.

Theres good news for active military members: Remote teeth straightening is available through teledentistry.

Not only can you take your invisible aligners off to comply with training and other requirements, but you dont have to worry about being seen in person for treatment. There are options that allow you to have aligners shipped directly to you and to have your progress tracked remotely.

How Do People Brush Their Teeth With Braces

Start by holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and gently brushing along the gum line. Next, shift the angle of the toothbrush so that you can carefully brush the tops of your brackets. Then, reposition the toothbrush to angle up so that you can brush under the brackets and wire. Be sure to clean each tooth.

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Can You Join The Military With Dental Implants

The military reviews every dental health problem during MEPS .

If dental implants treat a condition and the Department of Defense determines that it is no longer an issue you may receive a waiver.

However, any dental problem which prevents adequate incision and mastication of a normal diet like dental implant systems with related complications is disqualifying.

You might not know the severity of your dental implant implications until you complete a MEPS examination.

Will The Military Fix My Teeth

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Ukraine braces for new assault

The Armed Forces use a MEPS exam or DoDMERB to determine the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

The military may provide funds for the treatment of oral health problems that are correctable.

However, you will have less control over your treatment plan since it is managed by the government.

Furthermore, the military will not pay for you to have braces while you are enlisted in the military.

A service branch may grant a waiver if you need braces, but it will prevent you from being deployed until the treatment is completed.

The only exception is invisible aligners like Smile Direct or Invisalign.

Surprisingly, the military does grant a waiver for invisible braces in most circumstances.

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The Best Choice For Your Loved Ones Smiles

Northern Virginia Orthodontics is dedicated to providing the highest level of orthodontic care to you, your friends and family. We can never thank you enough for the incredible sacrifices youve made for our country, but we can deliver you superior smile results through unparalleled patient experience and expert care. NVO is excited to be you, your friends and familys trusted orthodontic provider.

Can I Remove My Braces Before Enlisting In The Military

If youre in braces treatment but want to enlist and begin active service immediately, you will have to stop your braces treatment and get your braces removed entirely.

To do this, your provider will generally ask for a signed note from your recruitment supervisor or commanding officer explaining the reason for halting treatment.

When youve returned home from deployment, we recommend you visit your orthodontist as soon as you can to resume braces treatment! Hopefully, your teeth will not have shifted too far and your treatment will pick up again without too much trouble!

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Can I Join The Military With Cavities Or A Root Canal

Yes, you can join the military with cavities so long as they get treated prior to being sworn in as active-duty military.

The same is true of a history of previous cavities as long as they have been treated correctly.

Root canals, or endodontic treatment, is approved through the Delayed Entry Program.

It means that you can enlist, but you wont become active duty until treatment for the root canal is finalized, like orthodontic treatment for braces.

How Remote Teeth Straightening Works

Braces in the Navy 2021 (Update)

The process starts with an impression kit to make a model of your mouth that is sent to you wherever you may be stationed. Your impression can be taken at home . It takes only 20 minutes and can be done without seeing a dentist in person.

Once you send back your impressions, a customized, doctor-directed treatment plan will be created by a network of more than 200 licensed doctors, dentists and orthodontists across the U.S. Your treatment plan will be designed keeping the proportions of your face and overall facial features in mind , and you will be sent a 3D interactive model so you can see how your smile will change.

Then, you will receive your custom invisible aligners, complete with free teeth whitening. Also included will be your first retainer free.

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Disqualifying Issues In A Dental Exam

The disqualifying medical conditions of the mouth and jaw are listed below. The International Classification of Disease codes are listed in parentheses following each standard. The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment, and induction are an authenticated history of the following issues. Any disease in the mouth area that now prohibits you from chewing or swallowing will be disqualifying.

How Are Bad Teeth Characterized

Bad teeth are defined as current insufficient natural healthy teeth under military regulations.

It not only includes oral diseases like temporomandibular disorders and myofascial pain but also chewing problems and teeth removal caused by diseases.

Meanwhile, oral health problems like cavities are not considered bad teeth so long as the problem is being treated.

Additionally, inconveniences like bad breath do not fall under current insufficient natural healthy teeth military guidelines.

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Braces And The Military

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How Old Get Braces

Day 7 of Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kyiv braces for Russian military convoy | Latest English News | WION

How old get braces? Theres no set age for a childs first orthodontist visit some kids go when theyre 6, some kids go when theyre 10, and some go while theyre teens. Even adults can need orthodontic treatment. Many orthodontists say kids should see an orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7.

What is the best age for a child to get braces? For one, most orthodontists believe that braces are best for kids when they are between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. Braces shift teeth and adjust bite which is why it is best to get braces at a young age like this.

Can a 8 year old get braces? How Early Can Kids Start Braces? Traditionally, treatment with dental braces begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby teeth, and a majority of the adult teeth have grown in usually between the ages of 8 and 14.

Can 25 years old get braces? Yes, you can put on braces at the age of 25. Join us in discussing why parents should consider taking their kids to an orthodontist as soon as possible and what happens when you start treatment as an adult.

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