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How To Get A&p License With Military Experience


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how to get an A& P license, A crash-course for those with short attention spans

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Airframe & Powerplant License Information

  • How To Start The A& P Licensing Process
  • How to Determine A& P License Eligibility
  • Military / Civilian / Academic Experience
  • How to Succeed in Obtaining an A& P
  • How to Get The $600 O& P Prep Free
  • Gathering The Required Documentation
  • Interview To Get A& P License Testing Approval
  • How To Prepare For The A& P Certification Exams
  • Our Airframe & Powerplant License Prep School
  • Taking The A& P License Computer & O& P Exams
  • Study/Reference Materials for A& P License Applicants
  • FAA Approved Examination Centers
  • FAA A& P License Regulations We Deliver Our Classes To Aircraft Mechanics, Saving Them $$$ In Additional Expenses! On-line Classes cost $200 less than Onsite Classes. But that only begins the savings you get by attending class in your town. You also save expenses for Loss of Wages/Vacation, Travel, Air Fare, Hotel Accommodations, Meals, Rental Cars, etc., and because On-line & On-site Classes are identical in content & presentation, use the same lesson guides & materials, they provide identical Training & Testing experiences for all of our students. Attend Online via internet, webcam & microphone, and experience class as though everyone attending is physically located in the same room.

Lowest Prices / Comprehensive “LIVE” Course / Licensed Instructors / Experienced Staff / O& P Preparation / All Materials Provided During Course / Online & Onsite Classes.

* * * OUR GUARANTEE * * *

Requirements For All Documents Submitted To Transport Canada:

All documentation submitted in support of an AME licence application shall be originals or certified true copies of the originals and where necessary, translated into English or French. Translated documents must be accompanied by the original documents with any official stamps and seals identified.

The following individuals may certify copies:

  • A notary public or commission for oaths
  • A Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspector/Officer or Administrative Support personnel or
  • The holder of a valid Canadian AME Licence.

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What Is Your Military Experience

The armed services may obtain valuable training and experience in aircraft maintenance within their current military occupational specialty that is one the FAA credits for practical experience for the mechanics certificate. The following document includes the updated, new, and the older MOS codes for the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard enlisted personnel. Use the new codes for active duty time after January 1990. The older codes are still valid for persons wishing to credit their military aviation maintenance experience toward meeting the requirements of the FAA airframe and powerplant mechanic certificate.

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3 Ways to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

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Far Part 6571 Eligibility Requirements: General

To be eligible for a mechanic certificate and associated ratings, a person mustâ

Be at least 18 years of age

Be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language, or in the case of an applicant who does not meet this requirement and who is employed outside of the United States by a U.S. air carrier, have his certificate endorsed Valid only outside the United States

Have passed all of the prescribed tests within a period of 24 months and

Comply with the sections of this subpart that apply to the rating he seeks.

A certificated mechanic who applies for an additional rating must meet the requirements of §65.77 and, within a period of 24 months, pass the tests prescribed by §§65.75 and 65.79 for the additional rating sought.

If You Are Not A Us Citizen And Live Outside The United States

How do I apply for a mechanic’s certificate if I am not a U.S. citizen?

1. Demonstrate you need a mechanic certificate to maintain U.S.-registered civil aircraft and you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a resident alien. 2. Show the examiner your passport. 3. Provide a detailed statement from your employer saying what specific types of maintenance you preformed on each aircraft, and how long you performed it. 4. Provide a letter from the foreign airworthiness authority of the country in which you got your experience, or from an advisor of the International Civil Aviation Organization , validating your maintenance experience. 5. Make sure all the documents you provide are signed and dated originals. 6. Pay the fee for the document review.

What if I can’t meet the English language requirements?

The language requirement may be waived if you live outside the United States. The FAA would stamp your certificate “Valid only outside of the U.S.”.

  • You can work at an FAA Repair Station or FBO under the supervision of a certified mechanic for 18 months for each certificate, or 30 months for both. You must document your experience with pay receipts, a log book signed by your supervising mechanic, a notarized statement from your employer, or other proof you worked the required time.
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    Far Part 6577 Experience Requirements

    Each applicant for a mechanic certificate or rating must present either an appropriate graduation certificate or certificate of completion from a certificated aviation maintenance technician school or documentary evidence, satisfactory to the Administrator, ofâ

    At least 18 months of practical experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes, or powerplants appropriate to the rating sought or

    At least 30 months of practical experience concurrently performing the duties appropriate to both the airframe and powerplant ratings.

    Simply put the FAA Minimum Experience Requirements for each license type is: Airframe License Paragraph above – 18 Months of full time mechanic experience performing airframe mechanic responsibilities.

    Powerplant License Paragraph above – 18 Months of full time mechanic experience performing powerplant mechanic responsibilities.

    Airframe and Powerplant License Paragraph above – 30 Months of full time mechanic experience concurrently performing both airframe and powerplant mechanic responsibilities.

    Maintenance Technicians: Obtain Your Faa A& p License

    How do I get credit for my work or military experience? Credit for Prior Learning.

    Civilian aviation maintenance technicians are licensed by the FAA they may hold an airframe rating, a powerplant rating, or both, which is called an Airframe and Powerplant rating. To work in civilian aviation maintenance, you will have to obtain at least one of these ratings.

    The FAA determines whether military maintainers are eligible for an airframe or powerplant rating or both based on their military occupational specialty . See the eligibility requirements for military applicants as determined by the Joint Services Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council .

    Log your training time, and complete the FAA Certification performance of Job Tasks as outlined here

    Next, obtain a certificate of eligibility by the FAA-approved signature authority from your branch of service.

    Get authorization from FAA to take test FAA Form 8610-2 signed by Flight Standards District Office Find a FSDO.

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    Airframe And Powerplant Information

    A Facebook page I follow posted this, and I did a search on this sub, and saw alot of question posts, but wanted to post this here in case anyone ever uses the search bar. The interview process is fairly simple, and I used TBA history and conversational knowledge to get my 8610-2 signed. I recommend a crash course school to fill knowledge gaps for your practical. I successfully used the school in Riverside, California.

    If you are in the U.S. military and want to be authorized to take the FAA required tests for the FAA A& P rating. Below is the procedure you will have to go through there are two ways to obtain the authorization.

  • Present the Certificate of Eligibility, CG-G-EAE-4 Military Certification of Performance of Job Tasks program to any Designated Mechanic Examiner like myself. You do NOT have to go to any FAA office if you have this certificate to take the tests.

  • Contact any FAA Flight Standard District Office and request an interview for authorization based on your military hands-on work experience.

  • If you use the interview process you MUST contact the FSDO for a face to face interview and MUST fill out two FAA Form 8610-2 to go with your request package. At the FAA interview the FAA Inspectors must ensure that the applicant meets the requirements for certificate/rating.

  • Determine if the applicant can read, write, speak, and understand English.

  • The military experience must be directly applicable to the certificate and ratings sought.

  • Experience Requirements To Become An Aircraft Mechanic

    There are two ways you may obtain the training and experience necessary to become an FAA-certificated Airframe and/or Powerplant Mechanic:

    • Academic training through an FAA-certificated Aviation Maintenance Technician School
    • On-the-job training

    Once you meet the OJT experience requirements, there are commercially available A& P refresher courses and A& P prep courses that will help prepare you to pass the airman knowledge written, oral, and practical tests.

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    Training And/or Experience Requirements

    Applicant must present either an appropriate graduation certificate or certificate of completion from a certificated aviation maintenance technician school or documentary evidence, satisfactory to the Administrator, of:

    • At least 18 months practical experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes, or powerplants appropriate to the rating sought or
    • At least 30 months practical experience concurrently performing the duties appropriate to both the airframe and powerplant ratings.


    • Attend one of the FAA Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools nationwide.
    • Work at an FAA Repair Station under the supervision of a certified mechanic for 18 months for powerplant certification or must have 30 months of practical experience working on powerplant and airframe both at the same time.
    • Join the armed services in a military occupational specialty for which the FAA gives credit.

    The Mechanic credential has the following other requirements:

    • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
    • Applicant must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.
    • Sheet Metal and Non-metallic Structures
    • Welding
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems
  • Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems
  • Ice and Rain Control Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Engine Ignition and Starting Systems
  • Fuel Metering Systems
  • Induction and Engine Airflow Systems
  • Engine Cooling Systems
  • Engine Exhaust and Reverser Systems
  • A & P Courses For Veterans And Active Service Personnel

    just you and me baby...: Passports, get your passports...

    Men and women who have achieved the necessary aircraft skills through military experience are surprised to find that aircraft maintenance practices and procedures are different when working in the civilian world. When taking your oral and practical exam, the Designated Mechanic Examiner will expect you to be knowledgable and proficient in civilian airframe and powerplant techniques.

    Each year the Aviation School of Excellence trains over one hundred students of which approximately 80% are active and retiring military personnel. You will find that our staff are experts in training the skills needed to pass your written test and oral and practical exams.

    We find that many military aircraft technicians have very little or no reciprocating engine experience. At this school you will receive “hands-on” training with reciprocating engines from experienced A& Ps.

    We take a great deal of pride in helping our military men and women pass their test and transition into the civilian aviation world.

    We salute all who are serving and those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We know that your course scheduling is important and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

    Information for Veterans from Pages in Our Web site

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    Fastest Way To Get An A& p License

    The journey towards a fulfilling career takes time and effort but can be accomplished. Since the Federal Aviation Administration has set requirements, each individual must satisfy the requirements before becoming a licensed A& P. Education is the most important aspect of earning certifications and preparing for the aviation maintenance workforce.

    Luckily, were here to help. In our 14-month Airframe and Powerplant course, youll approach the curriculum three ways:

    • classroom instruction accompanied by text and workbook review
    • team-oriented projects in a laboratory setting which simulate on-the-job scenarios
    • real-world experience working on aircraft at our hangar

    For more information on our fast yet thorough path to your A& P career, fill out the form below!


    Forecast Methodology: New personnel demand is calculated based on a 20-year fleet forecast for commercial aviation aircraft with more than thirty seats, business jets, and civil helicopters. Boeing continues to track the market for indications of regulatory movement and will update our forecast accordingly.

    Veterans Transitioning Into Civilian Aircraft Maintenance Careers

    The unrivaled experience and skill set gained through military service can set a strong foundation for a career in aviation maintenance.

    Veterans come to private industry with the technical abilities and drive that companies are trying to find in applicants. In fact, veterans who transition to a career in aviation maintenance often do not have a military aviation background. Truck mechanics, those who operated heavy equipment and with some kind of mechanical experience are well-suited for transitional training programs in aviation maintenance.

    Countless veterans have transitioned to prosperous post-military careers in aviation maintenance. From aviation technicians to aviation executives, many professionals in aviation have a military background.

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    Organize All Your Training Documentation

  • Contact your local Flight Standards Office and ask them what they would like to see before your appointment with the Inspector. Each FSDO Inspector may ask for one document or several. Then gather those documents so you’re prepared for the appointment. Locate an FSDO Here
  • If you’re a veteran, take your DD214 and any additional training records you may have available on hand. To obtain your DD214 you can go this link
  • How To Start Your Airframe And Powerplant Certificate

    Back to All Posts

    This article is focused and geared towards military aircraft mechanics and will go in order of the steps to obtain your A& P. Most military aircraft maintenance technicians are eligible to pursue Federal Aviation Administration Airframe & Powerplant certification based on documented evidence of 30 months practical aircraft maintenance experience in airframe and powerplant systems per Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations , Part 65- Certification: Airmen Other Than Flight Crew Members Subpart D-Mechanics. A detailed FAA Testing Guide on the process can be found here AC 65-2D

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    Faa Experience Requirements To Become An Aircraft Mechanic

    You can get the experience you need to become a certified powerplant or airframe mechanic in one of three ways. With both types of on-the-job training you should set aside additional study time to prepare for the written and oral/practical tests. The FAA will give you credit for your practical experience only after reviewing your paperwork and you have a satisfactory interview with an FAA Airworthiness inspector.

    The Main Difference Between The Military And Civilian Employment

    Unfortunately, people coming out of the military frequently dont understand key differences between civilian industry and the military. There are many myths and a great deal of misinformation that can keep skilled veteran job seekers from getting the careers and jobs they want. It is vital to recognize the key differences and let go of the misconceptions as quickly as possible when transition to civilian jobs.

    When it comes to aviation, the military is not worried about customer satisfaction, profits, competition or labor issues. The government is able to afford the training of men and women right out of high school, provide them with a specialized education and train them for a specific job. Companies, on the other hand, want to hire fully skilled individuals and staff their operations with as few people as possible.

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    Pilots: Obtain Your Faa Certificates And Keep A Logbook

    Before you leave the military, take the time to document your ratings and flight hours so civilian hiring managers can fairly assess your aviation training and experience.

    Obtain All Possible FAA Certificates. As a military-trained pilot, the FAA permits you to test for the civilian certificates listed below at any FAA-approved testing center. Dont wait until the last minute: obtain all FAA certificates for which you are eligible BEFORE leaving the military.

    • Certificated Flight Instructor
    • Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument
    • Commercial

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