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How To Get An Army Rotc Scholarship


Rotc And Outside Awards

How-To: Complete the #ArmyROTC National Scholarship Online Application

Outside awards consist of aid from sources and agencies other than VMI and are considered resources for determining financial assistance. It is incumbent upon the student to notify the Financial Aid Office of such awards.

VMI commends students that take the initiative to earn outside awards. Outside awards must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. All sources of financial aid must stay within a student’s cost of attendance and a student’s need eligibility as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . When a student receives an outside award, there are times that the award or other financial aid will be reduced/changed to accommodate. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with specific questions or concerns about how an outside award will be applied to a students aid package.

Faqs About The Rotc Scholarship

Students interested in pursuing an ROTC scholarship should make sure that they fully understand the commitment they are taking on. While there are many benefits to the program, these come with quite a bit of responsibility, not the least of which is a commitment to enroll in active duty military service upon graduation.

If youre considering applying for an ROTC scholarship, here are some questions that you might be asking.

What Are The Requirements Of The Rotc Scholarship Program

Once accepted to an ROTC program, scholarship recipients must complete a prescribed course of ROTC classes in addition to normal college coursework. Its important to realize that this is a full-time commitment.

In addition to this on-campus training during the school year, ROTC cadets also attend residential military training programs each summer. The four-year scholarship is truly a four-year, full-time commitment that doesnt end when the scholarship does.

After graduation, recipients of the ROTC college scholarship must complete their military service obligation. The extent of this obligation depends on which branch of service youve gone into, and what specialty youve pursued.

For example, all recipients of the Army ROTC Scholarship must serve for eight years in the Army. Four of these years will be served in active duty, while the remainder can be served in the Inactive Ready Reserve .

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Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty Scholarship

The GRFD program is designed for cadets who are interested in obtaining a commission in the U.S. Army Reserves or National Guard with a guarantee for a reserve component assignment. Scholarships cover full tuition and mandatory fees, and range in length up to 3 years. Scholarship awardees also receive a book allowance and a monthly stipend. These Cadets also receive weekend drill and annual training pay as participants in the Simultaneous Membership Program . Cadets receiving a GRFD must commission into a Reserve Component.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must not reach 31 years of age by 31 December of the year you will graduate from college
  • Have a minimum High school GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Score a minimum of 1000 on the SAT and 19 on the ACT.
  • Satisfactory explain any record of arrest and/or civil conviction
  • Have no moral or personal conviction against bearing arms or supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States
  • Must complete the ROTC Basic Course requirements or Basic Training
  • Must be willing to participate in the SMP program with a Guard or Reserve unit. If you do not belong to a unit, you must obtain a letter of acceptance to the unit, stating that they will accept you as a SMP cadet.
  • Must be medically qualified

Military Obligation

If you are selected for a GRFD scholarship, you are required to sign a GRFD contract, guaranteeing service in the National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve upon commissioning.

Is The Rotc Right For Me

Do I have to pay to attend the ROTC Program?

JROTC and ROTC programs can provide teenagers and adults with excellent ways to jumpstart their careers. Some of the benefits of these programs include extensive academic funding, specialized military training, leadership development, fitness maintenance, professional development and team-driven experiences. However, students must agree to long-term service commitments with military branches, which range from 3 to 12 years, depending on scholarship acceptance, career choices, and the types of degrees you pursue. When it comes to the ROTC, you are essentially deciding whether or not youll devote a significant portion of your early adult life to military service and goals.

Pursuing a ROTC scholarship or training program comes with a legally binding contract that obligates you fulfill the requirements of active duty service upon graduation or dropping out of the ROTC program. Think about this decision very carefully, ask questions, discuss your plans with your family, and weigh your options with academic advisors. ROTC programs are not for everyone, but those who have the dedication, drive, and discipline to make it to graduation will benefit from a stable route through college, diverse career opportunities, and a service experience certain to impact them for the rest of their lives.

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Current Soldiers Enlisted In The Arng Or Usar

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty and Minuteman scholarships. The GRFD Scholarship is designed for enlisted Soldiers currently serving in the Guard or Reserves or for people who are prior military service and would like to commission into either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. These scholarships allow MOS qualified veterans to draw GI Bill benefits while simultaneously receiving scholarship benefits. In keeping with high standards of excellence, candidates are selected for scholarships based on an evaluation of their scholastic achievement and extra-curricular accomplishments, not on the basis of financial need.

The U.S. Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship was introduced in 2015 to enhance the Army Reserves ability to recruit highly qualified cadets every year. All qualified applicants for ROTC scholarships may apply for consideration for the 4-year Minuteman Scholarship. Each Army Reserve major subordinate command has the ability to award four Minuteman scholarships per year.

How Hard Is It To Get A Rotc Scholarship


I would be very careful with picking a major based on what the AFROTC or NROTC needs. This is going to be your career and if it is something you are not interested in or suited for, it will be a very difficult four years of college and life after. It does no good to gain a scholarship in some field that you either won’t be able to graduate in or will be miserable afterwards.

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How To Win A Navy Air Force Or Army Rotc Scholarship

There are a lot of benefits to joining an ROTC program while in college. For one, you get to join a community of other students committed to learning what it takes to serve and protect their country. And, on top of that, youd qualify for ROTC scholarships, which are some of the most generous in the nation!

But you arent guaranteed a scholarship just because you plan to join ROTC. You need to apply for the scholarship and ROTC program best suited for your goals. You also need to make sure you submit a top-notch application!

Thats why, in this blog post, were going to show you how to get an ROTC scholarship by covering:

  • The different types of ROTC scholarships offered by the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy
  • The ROTC scholarship eligibility requirements
  • The application timelines for each of the ROTC scholarships
  • How to submit your ROTC scholarship application
  • 3 tips to increase your chances of winning an ROTC scholarship

But before we dive into those topics, lets first go over some general information about ROTC programs!

Navy Rotc Service Commitment

How To Apply For The Army ROTC National Scholarship
  • As a graduate of the Navy ROTC program, youd be required to serve a minimum of five years of active military service. Additional requirements may be required for specific job assignments.
  • As a graduate of the Marine Corps Option, youd be required to serve at least four years on active duty.
  • As a graduate of the Navy Nurse Corps Option, youd be required to serve at least four years on active duty.

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Military Training In High School

The U.S. military offers Junior ROTC programs at high schools and some middle schools around the country. This less intensive version of ROTC develops character, patriotism, citizenship, and respect for the Armed Forces. Students learn about the branches of the military and participate in group physical education.

JROTC helps students decide if they want to join ROTC in college or enroll in the military right after high school. ROTC programs accept applicants with no JROTC experience.

Graduate From College As An Army Officer

  • Army ROTC is one of the nation’s top leadership programs
  • It’s part of your college curriculum
  • Get training and one-of-a-kind experiences
  • Graduate with a guaranteed career as an Army Officer
  • Earn up to 100% tuition coverage

ROTC provides you the opportunity to go to college and train to become an Army Officer at the same time, in exchange for paid tuition. Offered at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, you can get the college experience along with a guaranteed career after graduation as a highly respected second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

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For High School Students

Many U.S. high schools have 3- to 4-year JROTC programs run by various branches of the military. You may be eligible to enroll in your schools JROTC program starting in 9th grade. Weve provided links below to the detailed curriculum offerings for each type of JROTC, along with details about co-curricular activities you can participate in as a high school cadet.

  • Army : Raider Fitness Challenges, drill formations, air rifle competitions, and first aid for emergencies
  • Navy : Navigation instruction, communication electronics, drill ceremonies, ship handling, naval science
  • Air Force : Flying model programs, drill formations, flight science, management principles, astronomy
  • : Color guard, drill formations, air riflery training, volunteer service, color guard ceremonies
  • Coast Guard : Nautical science, drill formations, calisthenics activities

As a high school student, you can still prepare to enter a college ROTC program, even if you havent participated in JROTC. Start researching prospective ROTC programs early so you have time to apply for training and scholarships.

General Army Rotc Scholarship

Cadet Command awards scholarship during All

Rising high school seniors may apply for the scholarship as early as mid-June between junior and senior year. A National Board awards 4-year and 3-year advance-designee scholarships worth up to $57,000.

The scholarship can pay either tuition and fees or room and meals a $420/month stipend, and $1,200 per year for books. They are awarded based on high academic achievement, excellence in athletics, and demonstrated leadership skills. After graduating from the University of North Georgia, Army ROTC Scholarship recipients will serve as an officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Note: For Georgia residents who are eligible for the HOPE scholarship, it can be used in conjunction with an Army ROTC Scholarship. Hope can only be applied to tuition. The Army ROTC scholarship can be used to pay for room and meals. Georgia residents on the ROTC scholarship will also receive up to $2,000 in grants from the State of Georgia at the end of each semester after contracting.

Ready to Apply?Application Instructions

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Go To College Now Without Going Into Debt

Scholarships and stipends from Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps allow you to focus on your education, instead of wondering how youll pay for it. You’ll graduate with a respected and secure career path as an Army Officer, and without debt for the school years your scholarship covers.Youre eligible to apply for ROTC scholarships if youre a high school student enrolling in college, currently-enrolled college student, or an active enlisted Soldier.

Tips For A Successful Army Rotc National Scholarship Application

12/19/2019 by jstafford3

Each year between October through March is the ROTC National Scholarship season where high school seniors apply for ROTC scholarships through the GoArmy website. The Eastern Washington University Army ROTC office helps dozens of applicants each year navigate the ROTC scholarship process. Based on this experience we have some tips we recommend to all ROTC National Scholarship applicants to maximize their opportunity to be awarded an ROTC scholarship.

1. Submit Your Application Early: The first scholarship board usually meets in October, the second board in January, and the third board in March. Getting your application completed before the first board will increase your chances of receiving a scholarship because the application will be seen three times. Additionally the first board is where a lot of four year scholarships are awarded from as well. If you really want a four year scholarship get your application complete prior to the first board. Key things that need to be done to have the scholarship ready for the first board is to upload your high school transcripts, upload your SAT or ACT scores, complete the physical fitness test, and conduct an interview. Here at Eastern we can complete both the fitness test and interview for you. Contact us at to schedule.

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Express Interest As Early As Possible

The ROTC programs want to award students who are serious about their commitment to serve their country. So, once youre sure the military is the right career path for you, make that commitment as clear as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to express your interest early. You can do that by contacting an ROTC advisor at the college you plan to attend, visiting a recruitment office, or, if youre still in high school, joining .

What Is The Reserve Officers Training Corps

How To Get Selected for an ROTC Scholarship

Though conception of the ROTC program and the Reserve goes as far back as 1819, Congress formally created the ROTC program in the National Defense Act of 1916. The first ROTC class started that year, at Harvard. Students can join junior ROTC in high school and ROTC in college.

ROTC requirements do not include bootcamp, but participants, also called cadets, agree to enroll in the military after graduation if they receive a scholarship. The number of required service years varies depending on the scholarship received and which career and branch of the military you choose. Non-scholarship students can complete the two-year ROTC basic course during college without committing to military service after graduation.

ROTC scholarships cover two, three, or four years of college and may cover full tuition and fees. Students may also receive a book allowance and a monthly stipend up to $5,000 per year. Specific scholarship benefits vary depending on the type of student and branch of the military .

ROTC colleges attract students interested in serving in the military and earning a degree. ROTC cadets gain leadership skills and discipline that can serve them in other careers.

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How To Get An Rotc Scholarship

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Getting an ROTC scholarship can be both the easiest and hardest thing you can ever do. The process is nearly automatic, but qualifying requires commitment and effort.

How Can Rotc Help Pay For College

High school students who apply for an ROTC program are eligible for scholarships covering the full cost of tuition, fees and textbooks for four years, plus a monthly stipend for personal expenses. Students who have financial need beyond what is covered by an ROTC scholarship may seek supplemental aid from the federal government or other sources.

When you accept an ROTC scholarship, you are legally bound to serve in the military for a certain number of years. If you fail to fulfill the academic or military service requirements of an ROTC scholarship, you could face disenrollment from the ROTC and could be held to additional active duty and repayment of ROTC financial assistance.

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Active Duty Enlisted Soldiers

The Army ROTC Green to Gold Division Commander’s Hip Pocket Scholarship Program provides selected Soldiers the opportunity to complete their baccalaureate degree requirements and obtain a commission through participation in the Army ROTC scholarship program. Each year, division commanders may nominate deserving Soldiers for two, three, and four-year Green to Gold scholarships. Units are encouraged to nominate Soldiers that have exhibited the potential for further outstanding service to the United States and the Army as Commissioned Officer. Interested Soldiers are encouraged to follow-up with their chain of command.

Army Rotc Critical Language Scholarships

What You Need to Know About ROTC Scholarships Before Applying

These Army ROTC Scholarships are for Cadets who are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in Arabic, Chinese, or Russian. Applicants should apply for the General Army ROTC Scholarship first. If not awarded a General Army ROTC Scholarship, then contact the Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer, Mr. Killeen at to apply for the Critical Language Scholarship. Applicant must major in either Arabic, Chinese, or Russian but the scholarship terms are the same as for the general scholarship.

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Who Is Eligible For An Rotc Scholarship

Each branch of service sets its own eligibility requirements for ROTC scholarships, but they do have some commonalities. For example, you must be a strong academic candidate, generally graduating high school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

For some programs, you will need a minimum SAT score of 1000 or ACT score of 19. The specific academic cutoffs do vary slightly, so be sure to check the requirements for the specific branch of service you intend to apply through.

You must also pass a physical fitness test. This includes things like pushups, situps, and a timed run. It also includes screening for height and weight.

High school students may apply for an ROTC scholarship during their senior year of high school, or current college students may apply for an ROTC scholarship to cover the remainder of their college years.

The application process varies slightly depending on which branch of the armed forces youre applying to. Some branches have rolling scholarship applications, while others, like the U.S. Army, have a set application deadline. Be sure to research the exact requirements of the scholarship you intend to apply to.

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