How To Get A Military Id For Spouse

How To Get A Military Id For Spouse


Do Children Keep Their Military Dependent Id After Their Parents Divorce

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Many military service members have minor children or older children who meet the definition of dependent child. Dependent children continue to be eligible for a dependent ID card and for benefits and services through their military parent, even if they live with the non-military parent. So in some cases, children may have a dependent ID card even if their parent does not.

How Do I Get A Veterans Dependent Card

To enroll a dependent or other eligible individual in DEERS, you will need a DD Form 1172-2. You can submit the form through the ID Card Office Online or in person at a RAPIDS site. Use this RAPIDS Site Locator to find a location near you to make an appointment.

How To Use The Rapids Appointment Scheduler

The biggest issue most first-time visitors have is getting to the website. Many government websites have issues with their security certificates which cause browsers to give an error informing the visitor the site is not secure. Here is an example:

As you can see from the above image, the browser sends a message to the user that the site is insecure. You will need to click the Advanced link to see an additional message:

Im not sure why many military websites have these errors, but they can be common. Clicking the link should take you to the RAPIDS website and the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler. The message states that clicking the link is unsafe, but I havent experienced that to be the case. Of course, make sure you are using safe computing practices.

Further troubleshooting tips: You may find it easier to access the site by using a different browser, such as FireFox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. You may also need to make adjustments to your software. Some anti-virus, firewall programs or other software programs may prevent you from visiting this site. Use your own judgment regarding whether or not you wish to temporarily disable the software.

Once you click the link to proceed, you should be able to find information for the military ID card issuing office closest to you. The image should look similar to the following:

From here, you simply need to choose your location and click Go.

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Military Spouse Id Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Whether youre just marrying into the military or keeping all of your military life ducks in a row, theres one thing you need to keep an eye on regularly: your military spouse ID card.

As the spouse of a service member, you are entitled to a dependent ID card. It’s almost a rite of passage. After getting your marriage license and moving to your first installation — or driving hours to an installation while your spouse is at basic training — you receive your first magical, ID card.

No matter how hard you try to look good, the photo will still turn out terrible. You’ll sign your name and off you go, able to get on base by yourself, access your health care benefits, shop at the commissary and use the gym.

As with all things military-related, the process for getting a military ID card is specific and sometimes sensitive. You’ll frequently see that the worldwide ID Card server is down. But you’ll get the hang of it quickly and realize that it’s not even close to the most complicated thing you’ll do as a military spouse.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the military spouse ID card process.

How To Write A Check

How To Get Priority Boarding with Your Military ID ...

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What Happens To Military Spouse Benefits In Divorce

A former military spouses right to continue to have a military dependent ID card depends on the length of the marriage, the length of the military members creditable service, and the overlap between the two. In short, an ex-spouse is entitled to full health care, commissary, and exchange benefits if they meet the 20/20/20 rule:

  • The service member had at least 20 years of creditable service.
  • The spouses were married for at least 20 years.
  • The marriage and the creditable service overlapped for at least 20 years.

An ex-military spouse who does not meet the 20/20/20 rule retains commissary and exchange privileges while the divorce is pending but loses them when the divorce becomes final.

An ex-military spouse who does not meet the 20/20/20 rule retains commissary and exchange privileges while the divorce is pending but loses them when the divorce becomes final.

Under limited circumstances, some spouses may be able to retain medical benefits for a year following the date of divorce. These so-called transitional medical benefits are available if the spouse meets the 20/20/15 rule 20 or more years of creditable service, 20 or more years of marriage, with 15 years of overlap between them. Transitional benefits may also be available to a spouse who is divorced from an ex-service member whose eligibility for retired pay was terminated due to domestic abuse.

What Is The 10 10 Rule In Military Divorce

Here is a brief description of the 10/10 rule: If the marriage lasted 10 years and the service member or former service member served at least 10 years in the military during that marriage, then the former spouse shall receive those pension benefits from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service .

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Lost Or Stolen Id Cards

NOTE: Two valid, unexpired forms of identification must be presented,18 and older, names must match (all documents must be originals and the primary IDENTIFICATION must be a valid

unexpired state or federal issued photo ID)

If your CAC was lost or stolen, here’s what you need to do:

Active Duty Military:

Get a counseling statement from your 1SG or Commander

Bring the both signed statements to Brigade S1 or ID Card Facility make an appointment for a new CAC

Civilian Employees:

Get a memorandum signed by your Supervisor or Division Chief

Bring the both signed statements to the ID Card Facility or make an appointment for a new CAC


Get a Memorandum signed by your Supervisor or Division Chief

Bring the both signed statements to the ID Card Facility or make an appointment for a new CAC

Family Members / Dependents:

For Family members / dependents,what you need to bring to the appointment depends on whether or not your sponsor can be with you at the appointment.

** If your sponsor is with you at the appointment, you will need the following:

Two valid, unexpired forms of identification for Family Members,18 and older, names must match

Get a visitor pass from the Access Control Point and proceed to the MP Station to get a stamped sworn statement.

Bring the visitor pass and stamped statement to ID Card Facility or make an appointment for a new ID card.

** If your sponsor can’t be with you at the appointment, then you will need to do the following:

Us Department Of Defense / Uniformed Services Sponsor Identification And Privilege Card

How do I get a Military Dependent I.D. Card?
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Former members in receipt of retired pay
  • Retired members entitled to retired pay
  • Members of the Temporary Disability Retired List
  • Members of the Permanent Disability Retired List
  • Retired members of the Reserves and National Guard
  • Transitional Health Care Member
  • Full-time paid United Service Organizations personnel when serving OCONUS
  • United Seaman√Ęs Service Personnel OCONUS
  • Officers and Crews of MSC vessels deployed to foreign countries
  • Select Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve personnel

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Veterans Id Card Information

One of the most common questions we receive comes from veterans who are looking to get a veteran ID card that proves their military service.

There are many reasons why proof of military service can come in handy including securing veterans benefits, proof of service for military discounts, or for personal records.

Thankfully, the VA offers two types of veterans ID cards, one for members with a service-connected disability rating, and a general veterans ID card for those who do not have a disability rating. The U.S. government created the Veterans Identification Card Act 2015 which authorizes the VA to issue veteran ID cards to all veterans with an honorable discharge. The VA began issuing these cards in November 2017.

Which Documents Do I Need Translated

If your spouse is a foreign national, any official identification documents necessary to receive a military ID will require certified translation into English.

The official documents required for your spouses DEERS enrollment are:

  • Primary ID Valid Passport, US Drivers License or State-Issued ID Card, with Photo
  • Secondary ID Birth Certificate
  • Apostille for each public document issued by the country

A valid passport and original birth certificate are the most common documents used for primary and secondary identification for spouses of foreign nationality. Other acceptable primary and secondary ID documents are listed HERE.

Again, if any of the documents you plan to use as identification are not in English, they require a translation into English with a notarized certificate.

Here at Teneo Linguistics Company, once you submit your documents, our Project Managers quickly provide you a free quote and turnaround time, with the options of rush translation and notarized certificate of accurate translation.

Get a quote for certified translation HERE.

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Military Dependent Id Cards

The Military ID card is an essential part of accessing your benefits, without it you may not be able to get on base, go to the commissary, child care, or get health care.

The Department of Defense issues eligible dependents and other eligible individuals a distinct identification card authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services benefits and privileges. Dependents of active duty and retired service members receive a tan colored ID Card . The tan ID cards authorize access to commissary exchange and certain morale, welfare and recreation privileges.

Are you a new military family member trying to get a new military ID card for the first time? Use this guide.

Reproductive Assistance And Child Custody In Georgia

Military Spouse ID Renewal

The short answer to this question is: absolutely not. Now for the longer version

Often times, members of the military mistakenly believe that, because they are listed as the sponsor on the DD1172-11 military identification application form required for the issuance or renewal of family member identification cards, they can confiscate or refuse to renew their spouses identification card any time they choose. This is absolutely not true. Family member or dependent identification cards, along with the privileges granted by such cards, are an entitlement granted by the United States Government, not the military sponsor. In other words, the military sponsor does not have the unilateral authority to decide who can and who cannot have a military identification card, and if you and your spouse are still married, even if there is a pending divorce, you are still entitled to your identification card. In fact, if your military spouse does deny you of this federal entitlement, your spouse may be in violation of certain federal regulations.

However, in some cases, a nonmilitary spouse will lose his or her identification card and privileges once the divorce is final, unless one following exceptions applies:

1) If your military spouse has performed at least 20 years of service creditable for retired pay, and you were married to you spouse for at least 20 of those qualifying years, you will been titled to full benefits until you remarry. This rule is known as the 20/20/20 rule.

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Military Id Card Eligibility

Note: In general, you must be in the DEERS system to receive a new military ID card. This includes the servicemember and eligible dependents .

You are usually eligible to receive a military ID if you are currently serving in the military , or you are a military retiree. Qualified dependents are eligible for dependent ID cards as well.

Finally, certain veterans are eligible for a military ID card if they are a Medal of Honor recipient, have a 100% disability rating, or in certain other limited circumstances.

Here are some general rules regarding military ID card eligibility. Check with your local issuing base personnel office for more specific information.

Active Duty ID card.

  • You must be on Active Duty military status and be in the DEERS system.

Guard/Reserve military ID card.

  • You must be in the Guard or Reserves, which may include the Inactive Ready Reserves .

Retiree military ID card.

  • You must qualify as a military retiree, which generally means 20 years of active military service, or 20 years in the Guard or Reserves . Medically retired servicemembers may also be eligible.
  • Gray Area retirees will receive a different military ID card until they reach age 60.

Former military / no longer serving, not retired.

Military dependent ID card.

Veterans ID card.

More types of Uniformed Services ID Cards.

What Family Members Are Entitled To A Military Dependent Id Card

Current spouses of military service members are entitled to a military dependent ID card. That includes same-sex spouses of service members who are legally married. While spouses of active-duty service members can get a dependent ID, so can spouses of Reserve or Guard members, and spouses of retired service members. Spouses of reservists who are not on active duty and spouses of retired military members have different colored cards to distinguish them from dependent ID cards of service members on active duty. Widowed spouses of deceased service members continue to be eligible for a military dependent ID so long as they do not remarry.

Dependent children are also eligible for dependent IDs. A dependent child includes not only biological and adopted children, but stepchildren of the service member as well. In general, dependent children are under 21 years of age. However, children between the ages of 21 and 23 who are enrolled in an approved educational institution are also considered dependent children. So are children above the age of 21 who have a disability that makes them unable to support themselves financially.

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Each Id Card Issuing Office Has Different Procedures

Pay attention to the procedures listed on the appointment scheduling page. Each office may have different procedures. For example, most offices only process military ID cards on certain days, or during certain hours. Many offices do not accept walk-in appointments. If they do accept walk-ins, be prepared to wait up to several hours, depending on availability.

Its usually required to schedule multiple appointments if you are obtaining multiple ID cards since it takes time to process each card. This is common if you have dependents who all need to renew their ID cards.

Here is an example notice from a Military Identification Card Issuance Office near me :

  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 0900-1130, 1230-1445 Please note 15 minutes per ID card/transaction, please make additional appointments for additional ID cards. We DO NOT accept walk-in appointments.

Additional instructions often include building location, how to access the building, whether or not you need a visitors pass, which documents to bring, and related information. I took the time to compare the information from multiple offices, and some offer much more information than others, especially when it comes to required documents to get a new military ID card, as well as local procedures.

When in doubt, call and ask! The last thing you want to do is schedule an appointment, then find out you dont have all the required documents on hand when you arrive.

Showing Your Id To Providers

Air Force Spouse information on getting military ID

When you check in at the doctors office, they will ask you for your uniformed service ID card . The office will make a copy of your ID card. You may not have to show your ID card after the first time you show it, but you should always have it just in case.

If you get care at a military hospital or clinic, you will always need to show your ID card first.

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Department Of Defense And Military Identification Cards

The Department of Defense issues identification cards to service members, their family members and others to prove their identity and their connection to the Defense Department. These military ID cards also give you access to military services and programs.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of military ID cards, how to get or replace them and how to use them to access military programs and services.

What Are The Different Types Of Military Id Cards

There are a variety of military ID cards, but all the active-duty dependent ones look the same. You may also see retired ID cards, veteran ID cards and, of course, the one your spouse has, which looks quite different.

If you are the spouse of a Guard member or reservist who is not on active-duty orders, your ID card will be red. Retiree spouse cards are orange.

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