ExclusiveHow To Get A Military Id Card For Veterans

How To Get A Military Id Card For Veterans


How You Can Get A Different Id Card To Prove Military Service

Veterans ID Card

Unfortunately, a DD Form 214 isnt a photo ID, it is simply a document. Thankfully there are many other ways to prove your military service.

If you are looking for a photo ID or other wallet-sized ID to prove your military service, then these may be good options for you:

State Drivers License or ID Card.

State or County Veterans ID Card program.

  • Some counties or other communities issue veteran ID cards. These arent official US or state government IDs, but they may be valuable in the local community, as many restaurants and retailers will extend discounts as a thanks for your service. These cards may also be good for local or county benefits programs, but these vary by locale.

Veterans Service Organization Membership Card.

  • Many veterans service organizations such as the DAV, VFW, American Legion, and other organizations have membership cards. Check with your local military organization for eligibility requirements.

Do you know of any other forms of ID that can be used to prove military service? If so, please contact us. We will add it to the list.

VA ID Card photo source: WikiMedia Commons

How Do I Get A Military Spouse Id Card

First, you must secure enrollment in DEERS — for which you’ll need your marriage certificate, your birth certificate, your Social Security card and a photo ID. You’ll also need either your service member, a power of attorney or DD Form 1172-2, which your service member can fill out in advance for you to receive a new ID card.

You’ll want to make an appointment here, because most places require it and the wait will be unbearable if you walk in.

What Are The Different Types Of Military Id Cards

There are a variety of military ID cards, but all the active-duty dependent ones look the same. You may also see retired ID cards, veteran ID cards and, of course, the one your spouse has, which looks quite different.

If you are the spouse of a Guard member or reservist who is not on active-duty orders, your ID card will be red. Retiree spouse cards are orange.

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Former Military Member/no Longer Serving Not Retired Id Card Dd Form 2765

The tan military ID card is issued to any of the following ex-military members: permanently, 100-percent disabled veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, area executives, USO assistant directors , transitional health care members, center directors and former servicemembers receiving retired pay. Additionally, officers and crews of MSC vessels deployed to foreign countries, United Seamans Service Personnel OCONUS and Select Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve personnel are also eligible.

Department Of Defense Identification Card

New military ID card makes it safer and easier for veterans to prove ...

A Department of Defense Identification Card is used to show your military status and to get access to services at military bases. You may also use this card to get discounts offered to Veterans at many stores, businesses, and restaurants. If you have a DoD Identification Card, you dont need to request another type of photo ID card to prove youre a Veteran or to get retail or business discounts.

You may be eligible if one of these descriptions is true for you.

One of these must describe you:

  • Youre retired from the military, or
  • Youre on active duty, or
  • Youre in the National Guard, the Reserves, the Selected Reserves, or Inactive Ready Reserve

Note: Depending on your status, the DoD issues either a Common Access Card or a Uniformed Services ID Card . For both types of DoD cards, youll need to either be a sponsor or have a sponsor.

Youll need to fill out an Application for Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment .

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Va Announces Rollout And Application Process For New Veterans Id Card

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced Nov. 29 that the application process for the national Veterans Identification Card is now available for veterans.

The new card has been mandated through legislation since 2015 to honor veterans, and the rollout of the ID card fulfills that overdue promise, according to VA officials. Only those veterans with honorable service will be able to apply for the ID card, which will provide proof of military service, and may be accepted by retailers in lieu of the standard DD-214 form to obtain promotional discounts and other services where offered to veterans.

The new Veterans Identification Card provides a safer and more convenient and efficient way for most veterans to show proof of service, said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. With the card, veterans with honorable service to our nation will no longer need to carry around their paper DD-214s to obtain veteran discounts and other services.

The VIC provides a more portable and secure alternative for those who served the minimum obligated time in service, but did not meet the retirement or medical discharge threshold. Veterans who served in the armed forces, including the reserve components, and who have a discharge of honorable or general can request a VIC.

Retired Military Id Card Locations Near Me

Before applying for the new military Retiree ID card you need 2 identification forms issued by the government. Just bring them and get your card easily. If you are interested in finding the nearest centres then you can locate them here www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/.

Happy Veterans Day 2022 to all our visitors who are visiting us on Vet Day. We salute all those braves who served us in the military and our veterans. It is a moment of pride for us that we have all those heroes. We will never forget our unsung heroes. We will try our best to answer all the queries related to Veteran Affairs. If you are also looking for some answers you can ask us in the comment section below. Our team will try to answer your question. You can share this with all the veterans as a source of help.

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Find A Dvs Benefits Services Office Near You

I do not know how to articulate how appreciative my father and I are to each and every person involved with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. Mere words will not do justice for the gratitude I feel in my heart. Thank you so much for your dedication. A special message goes out to the staff at my local DVS benefits office it takes all kinds of people to make a world butwhat a nice world it would be if there were more like you.

Need Help? Call the Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK

How Do I Schedule An Appointment For My Military Id

New Military ID for veterans to prove service

Save time by making an online appointment. Visit the Appointment Scheduler at https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil. Remember to bring 2 forms of government issued Identification. If you need to locate your nearest Identification office, use the DEERS/RAPIDS Site Locator at /www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/.

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Who Is Authorized To Wear Military Uniform After Retirement

Wearing a uniform after retirement is a privilege granted in recognition of faithful service to country. According to Air Force Instruction 36-2903, retirees may wear the uniform as prescribed at date of retirement, or any of the uniforms authorized for active-duty personnel, including the dress uniforms.

How To Get A Veteran Identification Card Or Replacement

How to obtain or replace a Veteran Identification Card is a question we get quite often.

The process for replacement of a card is fairly simple. If you lose your card or do not receive your card in the mail, contact the VA where your picture was taken to request a new card be sent to you. You may also contact 877-222-VETS to check on the status of your card.

Things get a bit more complicated if for some reason you were never issued a card:

When you apply for enrollment in person at any VA, your picture will be taken for your Veteran Identification Card at that time. If you apply via mail or on-line, you will need to go to your local VA medical center and a staff person will take your picture. Once your eligibility for VA health care has been verified, the card will be automatically mailed to you within 7-10 days. To ensure the VIC Card is received at the appropriate address, please be sure we have your correct mailing address. If the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver the card, it will be returned to the facility where the Veteran requested the card.

The VIC does not contain any sensitive, identifying information such as your social security number or date of birth on the face of the card. The VIC now displays the following special eligibility indicators: Service Connected, Purple Heart, and Former POW .

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Military Spouse Id Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Whether youre just marrying into the military or keeping all of your military life ducks in a row, theres one thing you need to keep an eye on regularly: your military spouse ID card.

As the spouse of a service member, you are entitled to a dependent ID card. It’s almost a rite of passage. After getting your marriage license and moving to your first installation — or driving hours to an installation while your spouse is at basic training — you receive your first magical, ID card.

No matter how hard you try to look good, the photo will still turn out terrible. You’ll sign your name and off you go, able to get on base by yourself, access your health care benefits, shop at the commissary and use the gym.

As with all things military-related, the process for getting a military ID card is specific and sometimes sensitive. You’ll frequently see that the worldwide ID Card server is down. But you’ll get the hang of it quickly and realize that it’s not even close to the most complicated thing you’ll do as a military spouse.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the military spouse ID card process.

How Do I Get A Military Id For A 100% Disabled Veteran


How to get a Military ID Card

  • You must have a sponsor to guide you through the process.
  • Register with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System by completing Form 1172-2.
  • Visit a Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System site for final verification and processing.
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    Can Veterans Use The Px In 2021

    Veterans need a Veterans Health Identification Card for in-person Commissary, Military Exchange, MWR access. On January 1, Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access.

    New Veterans Id Cards Rolled Out To Service Leavers

    All service leavers will receive a new ID card to mark their time in the armed forces.

    15 February 2022 See all updates

    Last reviewed 15 February 2022

    The Veterans Recognition Scheme has a two-phase rollout. Phase 1 is complete with Service leavers receiving a recognition card as part of the discharge process.

    Phase 2 is to extend the scheme to existing veterans so that they can more quickly, easily and securely prove they served in the UK Armed Forces so they can access the services they need.

    There is a need to future-proof the roll-out and ensure that we are giving ID cards only to those with verified service to guard against fraudulent use as veterans become able to access a wider range of benefits.

    In the Veterans Strategy Action Plan the government committed to exploring the secure, digital verification of veterans status. This work is underway, and we are currently working with veterans and other stakeholders to ensure any solution meets the needs of all veterans. This will support delivery of the Phase 2 roll out of ID cards. The government is still committed to delivering ID cards but cannot give a timescale for final delivery as this work is in progress.

    A new ID card for armed forces veterans, which will help them access specialist support and services, has started to be issued to service leavers.

    All other veterans will be able to apply for a new ID card by the end of this year, to mark their time in the armed forces.

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    What Happens After I Apply For A Veteran Id Card

    Once youve submitted your VIC application, well check your eligibility and verify that:

    • Your character of discharge meets eligibility requirements, and
    • The ID you submitted is valid, and
    • The image youve chosen to appear on the card meets the photo requirements

    After weve verified your eligibility, well send you an email letting you know the status of your application. If you have an unknown or uncharacterized discharge status, your application will take more time to process while we verify your eligibility.

    If you receive an email from us asking for additional information or evidence to process your application, youll need to sign in to AccessVA and update your application with the information we ask for.

    Veterans Id Card Open For Registration

    Veteran ID Card | SO EASY

    The VA Veterans ID card is available for registration of a printed and digital version of the VIC. Approved Veterans should receive their VIC in the mail within 14 days and can monitor the status at VA.gov. There will be 2 Veteran ID cards.

    The new Veterans Identification Card provides a safer and more convenient and efficient way for most Veterans to show proof of service, said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin.

    How To Sign Up For A Veterans ID Card

    To apply for a Veterans ID card veterans must first sign up at VA.gov and Apply for a Printed Veteran ID Card OR veterans can signup through AccessVA.

    Make sure you have a copy of a state or federal issued ID and a photo saved on the device you will be using.

    To do so, you will need an official government ID that has a photograph and you will need to provide additional data such as a Social Security Number.

    Veterans ID Card Benefits

    The VIC will enable veterans to provide proof of service online and at government and private businesses without the need to carry around DD214 papers. This will allow veterans to easily access the many benefits that federal, state and local government institutions provide. Additionally, veterans can now more easily obtain veterans discounts that many online and brick and mortar stores provide

    Who Qualifies For A Veterans Identification Card ?

    Veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces or reserve components and have a discharge of honorable or general .

    • Honorable
    • Bad Conduct
    • Dishonorable

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      Va Veterans Identification Card

      The VA offers qualifying applicants a veterans ID card , which is different from the VA veteran health identification card , U.S. Department of Defense uniformed services ID cards or a military retiree card.

      You cant use a VA identification card as proof of eligibility for federal benefits, and it wont give you access to military installations.

      Who Is Eligible For VIC?

      You may be eligible to apply for a veteran identification card if you meet the requirements:

      • You served on active duty, as a Reservist or in the National Guard or U.S. Coast Guard

      When applying, you need to supply your DD Form 214 discharge paperwork or equivalent.

      Is Retirement Plan Mandatory

      Employers generally are not required to offer their employees retirement benefits. However, some states have government-sponsored retirement plans with mandatory participation. In these jurisdictions, eligible employers must either enroll their employees in the state program or provide retirement benefits on their own.

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      Can A Veteran Spouse Get A Military Id Card

      Yes, if they meet the qualifications. Spouses of 100% disabled veterans are eligible for an ID card. Also, caregivers who are registered in the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers and who receive a letter from the VA Office of Community Care can also be issued an ID card. These ID cards give you certain privileges on base, but don’t qualify you for medical care.

      Whos Eligible For The Veterans Id Card

      All I Wanted Was a 10% Veteran Discount at Home Depot and Hereâs What ...

      Before considering how to get your veterans ID card, it helps to understand exactly who is eligible to apply. These ID cards were created specifically for all veterans who received an honorable discharge. Theyre separate from military ID cards, providing proof that the holder served the United States military honorably regardless of whether you retired from the military or not, as noted by the Military Wallet.

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      How To Get Your Military Id Card

      You will be issued your military ID through ID Card Office Online or in person at any Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System site. RAPIDS offices are located on military bases, at National Guard armories and at reserve training locations.

      First, you must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, known as DEERS.

      Service members, retirees, DOD civilians and former members have their information fed to DEERS through automated data feeds. Dependents and others will need to complete a DD Form 1172-2 with their military sponsor and visits a RAPIDS site with two forms of acceptable ID and proper documentation for final verification and processing.

      Use this RAPIDS Site Locator to find a location near you to make an appointment.

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