FactsHow To Get A Job On A Military Base

How To Get A Job On A Military Base


What Civilian Jobs Are Available In The Military

How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base

There are numerous jobs available on military bases for civilians. Military bases provide many essential services and resources that service members need to limit the amount of time they have to travel off of the base. For example, most military bases have gas stations, grocery stores, schools and restaurants. Each of these businesses requires the help of civilians to operate. Some areas you may work in as a civilian on a military base include:

  • Retail

Why People Become Military Social Workers

Despite the many difficulties of their line of work, military social workers can derive a great deal of gratification from helping military populations and their loved ones. Once they get past the initial stigma of engaging in therapy, Ive found my military clients to be extremely motivated and willing to do the work it takes to make positive changes in their lives, Maglio said.

Fischer-Urmey said clients often are grateful for the help. During my years working with military and their families, Ive had many encounters with grateful clients, several of whom Ive had the opportunity to run into over the years at other bases and in different countries, she told OnlineMSWPrograms.com.

I really am treated as part of the family here at the battalion, Maglio said. I attend all of their special events, such as formations for awards and promotions, retirement ceremonies and holiday parties. I also attend outings and dinners with the spouses and children.

Keig said witnessing his clients progress and growth makes his work gratifying and sustaining.

The most rewarding aspect of my current position is seeing the transformation so many of the veterans go through: from homeless, penniless and filled with despair to housed, working or collecting pension and/or disability compensation and feeling hopeful about their future, he said. I intend to remain working for the federal government as a social worker until I retire.

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How Many Civilians Work For The Army

About 330,000 civilians work for the US Army, making the Army Civilian Service one of the largest elements of the Department of Defense . The Army offers jobs in over 500 different fields. US citizens who work in the Army Civilian Service are called Army civilians.

Army civilians work at military bases and facilities in the United States and overseas. According to the Armys website, the most in-demand civilian career fields in the Army include finance, medical, cybersecurity, engineering, science, human resources, and mathematics.

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How Do Civilians Get Jobs On Military Bases

Civilians get jobs on military bases by applying for open positions but may find it difficult to get hired. Civilian jobs at military bases are Federal government positions. Those who have previously worked for the Federal government are more likely to find work on a military base.

Veterans and disabled veterans are eligible to apply for civilian jobs at military bases. Other qualifying candidates include dependents of service members and military spouses, including spouses of service people being relocated, widows of service members, and spouses of retired service members.

Many of the people in these categories apply for open job listings at the military base of their choice. If they do not get the job, their information remains on file, allowing them to join a pool of candidates for future job listings.

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Those interested in civilian jobs at military bases typically need to create an online account. Each branch of the military has a website dedicated to civilian jobs. After creating an account, individuals can search job listings and submit applications.

When job openings become available, hiring managers first look at those with a connection to the military. Veterans, military spouses, and those with existing military affiliations receive priority over civilians with no military affiliations.

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Prepare Your Application Documents

How to Get a Job on Base

There are several documents you can organize to prepare your application, in addition to creating a well-written resume. Read the job description of the position you’re applying for carefully to identify whether there are additional forms you need to complete. You may need to provide a copy of your driver’s license or photo identification, consent to a background check and submit paperwork that verifies your association with the military or federal government.

Taking the time to research what specific documents you need to qualify for the military branch and role you’re applying for can help you complete your application more efficiently and increase your chances of being hired.

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How To Get A Job On Base

No luck finding jobs in town? Then a job on base may be perfect for you. For many spouses, civilian jobs on military installations are the obvious answer to the employment conundrum.

Stability, location and a wide variety of professional options make jobs on base extremely covetable, but it does not mean they are easy to get.

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In fact, many military spouses have told us that getting that base job seems nearly impossible. Some have had great luck. Others have ended up in application purgatory.

Some report being deemed qualified for the job but never making it the next level — the interview. Others report never making it past the application.

From overqualified candidates with years of work experience to just-out-of-school newbies, spouses of all sorts ask us that all-important question: How exactly do you get a job on base?

To get that answer, we have turned to military spouses who have successfully gotten the job for some expert tips.

You have to start with volunteering.

You have heard it before, and for good reason. According to spouse and L.I.N.K.S teacher Stacey, a little face time and elbow grease is Step One to getting hired into most jobs on base.

“They aren’t going to hire you if you aren’t familiar with the system,” she says. “We keep seeing that. So you need to show up and volunteer for things. If you don’t, your application won’t look as good as the person who did. Period.”

Who’s Eligible For Hire

There are a few things you should keep in mind when applying for civilian employment on military bases One of the first things you need to know is if you’re eligible for hire. It can become very confusing when you try to understand the hiring process for civilian jobs in the military. Those who’ve been in the military, have a spouse or family member in the military, veterans, and other federal employees have precedence over anyone who has no affiliation with the military through service, marriage, family, or work. As you can imagine, the competition for these jobs is fierce.

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Whats It Like To Teach On A Us Military Base Overseas

Teaching jobs on US military bases abroad offer similar cultural immersion opportunities to other certified teachers working in American international schools or government programs abroad. Another huge pro? These schools tend to be located in bustling, multicultural urban centers.

And, arguably, you wont experience the same level of culture shock as other teach abroad opportunities. Most people will speak English and many of the conveniences youre used to in the US can be easily found on base.

There are exchanges and commissaries .

Whats more, the teaching environment and curricula taught are all modeled closely on the US public school system. If youre a certified US educator, then transitioning to teaching on a military base overseas should be a relatively seamless process. These schools also offer the same specialized programs that US schools do, including ESL, AP and special education, so if you teach these subjects in the US, then there are some great career opportunities for you on US military bases overseas.

Empire Resume Helps Veterans Get Jobs On Military Bases Nationwide

How to find an On Base Job as a Military Spouse

The team at Empire Resume is here for to help you when youre ready to pursue your search for a career on a military base.

We understand that going through the military transition assistance program is not a one stop shop for preparing military members for life outside of the military, when it comes to civilian employment.

We offer the following services for military veterans:

    At Empire Resume, our services are for military veterans, by military veterans. Our difference is what separates us from everyone else including our exceptional credentials, free resume reviews, outstanding customer feedback, proven job search guides and resources such as our military to civilian blog, and our satisfaction guarantee.

    Were able to relate to your needs, take your military performance evaluation to create a military to civilian resume that will get you the job you deserve. Weve helped thousands of military veterans, and wed appreciate the opportunity to do the same for you.

    Dr. Phillip Gold is President/CEO of Empire Resume and has vast experience writing resumes for service-members transitioning from the military into civilian roles. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force responsible for leading nuclear missile security. Phillip is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and holds a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University, an MS in Instructional Technology, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD in Finance.

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    Are There Any Resources For Spouses Of Active

    The DoD offers a Spouse Preference Program to help spouses of current service members obtain work on military bases. You can visit the Marine Corps Community Services website to learn more about the eligibility requirements for this program and how to apply. The DoD also has resources available for veterans to help them transition into civilian jobs on military bases after they finish their service.

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    Build An Outstanding Resume And Top

    Your path to gaining successful employment on a military installation begins with transforming your military experience into an outstanding resume and .

    Your resume should be a maximum of 2 pages or less and highlight your qualifications and achievements.

    For a professional, online introduction of you, your skills, and what you can do, simply use your LinkedIn profile as an extension of your resume. Your LinkedIn will serve as a way to network with key hiring managers and company recruiters, even while youre sleeping.

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    Dodea Jobs In Support Services

    Not all jobs advertised involve direct classroom teaching work. There are plenty of support services jobs for guidance counselors, school psychologists, and school nurses. These each require specific credentials and education depending on the nature of the job.

    The school psychologist, for example, is required to have earned a Masters Degree in school psychology or a state license in school psychology.

    How Do I Get A Job On A Military Base

    Sample Pages

    How to Get a Job on Base You have to start with volunteering. You have heard it before, and for good reason. Take the workshop already. Many installations offer workshops to help you navigate the application process for jobs on base . Fill out the Spouse Preference form. While youre there, ask about spouse preference.

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    Applying To Teach At A Dodea School

    Those interested in teaching at a DoDEA school in the United States or overseas should know that like many federal agencies, there is a centralized application portal and process and if you dont apply for a teacher job using that application portal, you are likely wasting your time.

    All applicants must use the Employment Application System as all DoDEA teaching jobs are filled via EAS and only active applications are considered.

    You may find job listings for DoDEA teaching jobs elsewhere such as on Indeed.com or other job boards. Dont waste time applying for such jobs outside the Employment Application System as you likely wont be considered based on the instructions on the DoDEA official site.

    Civilian Military Social Workers

    Different military branches have resources to support their personnel in civilian environments when they return from deployment. Such resources include personnel support centers specific to each military branch, community service organizations and government programs that serve all military branches, such as Military OneSource . Civilian support centers that serve military personnel and their families include:

    • Fleet and Family Support Centers : FFSC provides individual and family counseling, career guidance, relocation assistance, and financial counseling to members of the Navy and their families.
    • The Marine Corps Community Services : MCCS develops and implements Behavioral Health, Family Readiness, Personal and Professional Development and Military Personnel services to support the well-being and quality of life of Marine Corps members and their loved ones.
    • Airman and Family Readiness Centers :: AFRCs offer deployment support, military child education, family support, employment assistance, financial readiness, relocation assistance, transition assistance, and personal and work life education to members of the Air Force and their families.
    • Army Community Service Centers : ACSCs provide members of the Army with pre- and post-deployment planning services, family advocacy and support , new parent support, re-entry seminars and workshops, career counseling and employment assistance, financial readiness programs, and family assistance centers.

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    Beware Of Outdated Resume Writing Strategies

    As a veteran job finder, the act of getting a job on base with a DoD entity or agency is a process. And, its a process that has changed over the years.

    One of the questions we receive from our veteran clients at Empire Resume is how many pages should my civilian resume be? Just not too long ago, job applicants seeking positions on base were expected to have a 5-page resume consisting of copy and paste job descriptions and knowledge, skills and abilities .

    The method of copying and pasting job descriptions and KSAs was an effort to match keywords in the hopes of getting the hiring manager to notice resumes.

    However, keyword stuffing is an outdated resume writing strategy. The attempt to manipulate the system is shunned upon today. Additionally, it does not offer a hiring any real insight into the value an employment candidate brings to the table.

    How To Get A Security Clearance To Work On A Military Base

    GTA Online: How To Get In The Military Base (Without A Wanted Level) Really Easy, Quick Tutorial

    Working on a military base always requires some sort of background check or security clearance. These clearances ensure that all installation employees are suitable and trustworthy enough to perform their jobs. Although you can start work on base without a clearance, your employment is only conditional until the appropriate clearance check is favorably completed.

    Determine what kind of clearance is required for your job. The clearance type should be listed in your job description, also known as the core document. Example clearance and background check types are Favorable, Confidential, Secret and Top Secret.

    Obtain the proper form for your background clearance check by logging onto the Office of Personnel Management website. For Favorable background checks, the SF85 is needed. Favorable checks with public trust jobs such as working with children or finances will require the SF85P. Secret and Top Secret clearances require the SF86.

    Fill out the form completely, leaving no information in question. You will be asked lots of personal information, such as any current debts, past criminal offenses and people who know you well. If you do not know certain information, such as where you lived five years ago, provide or be prepared to provide an explanation as to why not.

    Sign the information release and certification documents at the end of each form. Double check the form for accurate information and explanations.



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    The Most Important Qualities To Work At Aafes Or The Commissaries

    Both AAFES and DeCA support military service members, Veterans, and their families. When its time to look for a new job whether because of a PCS move or youre ready for a change dont overlook these places you might already be going to regularly.

    These organizations put a huge emphasis on giving back to the community they are in. They emphasize a passion for providing excellent customer service and serving those who serve. If that sounds like you, then you might be a good fit!

    Finding Civilian Jobs On Military Bases

    Each branch of the military has a website with information on civilian jobs availability. These include:

    • Air Force: The Air Force Civilian Service provides support to the United States Air Force with administrative, operations, and technical jobs that are filled by civilians.
    • Army: The Army Civilian Service was established to unify all army civilians. Civilians have worked in the Army for over 230 years and serve all over the world.
    • : To apply for civilian jobs in the Marines, you must access the Navy Human Resources website . You can read about civilian jobs with the Marines on the Marine website.
    • Navy: You can access all civilian jobs at Sealift Command. There are many jobs available to civilians such as various engineering and other positions that are either afloat or shore side. To be eligible for a Navy civilian job, you must have a TWIC card , which is is a security clearance status.
    • Coast Guard: Only those people with a TWIC can submit a USCG Merchant Mariner Credential application.

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    Who Works At The Commissary

    Despite being located on a military base or post, Commissary jobs are open to the public. You dont need to be a military member, Veteran, or family member to apply for a position.

    The Defense Commissary Agency has Commissaries wherever there are military members to serve. As a large Federal Government Agency, they have a wide range of career fields. They encourage all qualified prospective employees to apply for any opportunity in the store, region, or headquarters as they expand their knowledge and develop their skills.

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