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How To Get A Copy Of Dd214 Army


How To Get A Dd Form 214 Copy

How to Order A Copy of your DD214.

In the past, it was much harder to get a replacement copy of the DD Form 214 if it was lost or misplaced. In decades past, the U.S. mail was the best way to get a DD Form 214 after too much time passed to request it from the orderly room of the veterans last assignment.

You can still request a DD Form 214 this and other ways as a veteran or next-of-kin:

  • Mail a Request Pertaining to Military Records to the National Personnel Records Center , 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63138. This request requires completion of Standard Form 180.
  • Fax SF 180 to the National Archives. At press time, the fax number is 314-801-9195 but you should contact the National Archives to determine if faxes are still accepted when you need to submit. Rules and requirements change depending on mission requirements and other factors.
  • Visit the National Archives in person to request a copy of the DD Form 214. If you request in person you may be required to provide certain documentation as proof of identity and military service. Its best to contact the National Archives before visiting to make sure you understand the current requirements for access to records.

Purpose Of Form Dd 214

  • Employment: Future employers might want to know about the status related to your military discharge. For example, certain private and government employers and private contractors for government agencies may not be able to hire someone who was dishonorably discharged.
  • Reenlisting: The DD214 contains the information related to your eligibility to reenlist including reenlistment codes.
  • VA Benefits: Separation/Discharge information on the DD214 is important for eligibility of VA benefits.
  • Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Benefits: The appropriate discharge status on the DD214 determines certain funeral benefits and reimbursements.
  • Identification: The DD214 is an acceptable form of military/veteran identification for many government and private organizations and businesses.

Keep Your Dd Form 214 Safe

You need to treat your DD 214 like any other important document, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, passport, Social Security Card, etc. Keep your original copy in a lockbox, fireproof safe, safety deposit box, or another secure location.

I also recommend keeping a scanned copy on your hard drive or upload a copy to the cloud, for example in DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft Live, etc. This way you will always have access to a copy. .

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How To Submit Requests:

Federal law requires that all written requests for Federal records and information be signed and dated .

You may submit more than one request per envelope or fax, but please submit a separate request for each individual whose records are being requested.

Please Note: While Section II, Paragraph 1 of the Standard Form 180 outlines multiple types of records that may be available to the requester, the DD Form 214 is the most common document necessary to obtain most veteran’s benefits. The typical DD Form 214 request can be processed within ten work days while requests for other types of records will require longer processing time. If a complete copy of the military service record is desired, please check the “Other” box and specify “Complete Copy” in the provided space.

  • Fax a letter or Standard Form 180 to: 314-801-9195

The Center will respond in writing by U.S. Mail.


How Long Will It Take To Obtain A Copy Of My Dd For 214

Dd Form 214

The National Archives website states that they process 92% of records requests within 10 business days. You can also contact the National Archives if you need to place a rush order on your records request and they will try to move your request higher in the queue, if possible.

For more information, or to check on the status of your DD Form 214 request, contact the NPRC Customer Service Line: 1-314-801-0800. .

Remember, obtaining a copy of your DD Form 214 is free through the National Archives. You do not need to pay a company to do this on your behalf.

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Where Can I Find My Vfw Discharge Papers

VFW applications include a copy of the discharge papers form DD-214. A local post of the association is more likely to have applications and other records than the national headquarters. Look in the telephone book for phone numbers or the Internet for address directories.

If the Veteran was discharged more than 62 years ago, you can order a copy of their military records. The National Archives opens all records to the public 62 years after discharge. If the Veteran was discharged less than 62 years ago, you may be able to request limited information from their Military Personnel File.

Who Can Make The Request

Veterans and next-of-kin of deceased veterans have the same access rights to the record. The next-of-kin is defined as any of the following:

  • the un-remarried widow or widower
  • son
  • mother
  • brother or sister

In the event a next-of-kin is making the request, proof of death of the veteran must be provided. Acceptable proof include: a death certificate, a letter from the funeral home, or a published obituary.

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Additional Tips When Requesting Military Records

Replacing your DD Form 214 is not the end of the world. But it can take some time to replace.

Be patient. Standard requests for a copy of your DD Form 214 normally take at least 10 days or longer, but it can take several weeks to get it replaced in some circumstances. This is common if the records were involved in the fire of 1973.

You can check the status of your request via e-mail or by telephone at NPRC Customer Service Line: 1-314-801-0800.

Note: this is not a toll-free number.

Avoid military records scams: Most military records are provided by the National Archives free of charge for veterans, next-of-kin, and authorized representatives. If your request involves a service fee, you will be notified by a representative from the National Archives.

There are some companies out there who charge exorbitant fees to do research which can be done by you for free. Keep in mind you must also provide these companies with sensitive and private personal information including your social security number.

The Information Displayed On A Dd

  • Date and place of entry into active duty
  • Home address at time of entry
  • Date and place of release from active duty
  • Home address after separation
  • Last duty assignment and rank
  • Military job specialty
  • Total creditable service
  • Foreign Service credited

Before January 1, 1950 several similar forms were used, including the WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD, and the NAVCG 553.

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How To Get A Dd 214 Copy

by MilitaryBenefits

There are a number of ways veterans, next-of-kin and authorized representatives can obtain a copy of the DD-214 form. The process to get a replacement DD Form 214 varies depending on a variety of factors including volume of requests, staffing, federal funding, and other variables.

The DD-214 is required to claim certain military benefits, college education discounts, veteran preference in hiring, VA Loans, medical benefits, association membership, a veterans funeral benefit, school enrollment, and many other things.

Request A Dd 214 By Mail

Visit the following page on the National Archives website, download a copy of Military Personnel Records, SF-180, fill it out, then mail it to:

National Personnel Records Center

You can also write a letter of request. Be sure to include the following information:

  • The veterans complete name used while in service
  • Service number or social security number
  • Branch of service
  • Dates of service
  • Date and place of birth may also be helpful, especially if the service number is not known
  • If the request pertains to a record that may have been involved in the 1973 fire, also include:
  • Place of discharge
  • Place of entry into the service, if known.

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Request Military Service Records

Recent military service and medical records are not online. However, most veterans and their next of kin can obtain free copies of their DD Form 214 and the following military service records any of the ways listed below.

Looking for records?

How can I check on the status of my request?

Allow about 10 days for us to receive and process your request before checking your request status.

Please indicate whether you know your request number using the buttons below:

Yes, I know my request number No, I don’t know my request number

You may also telephone the NPRC Customer Service Line : 314-801-0800. Note: Our peak calling times are weekdays between 10:00 a.m. CT and 3:00 p.m. CT. Staff is available to take your call as early as 7:00 a.m. and as late as 5:00 p.m. CT.

What Is A Dd 214 Document

How Do You Get A Dd214 Form

in: DD Form 214. The DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, generally referred to as a DD 214, is a document of the United States Department of Defense, issued upon a military service members retirement, separation, or discharge from active-duty military. History and usage.

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Online Requests Using Evetrecs

Our online eVetRecs system creates a customized order form to request information from your, or your relative’s, military personnel records.

You may use this system if you are:

  • A military veteran, or
  • Next of kin of a , former member of the military. The next of kin can be any of the following:
  • Surviving spouse that has not remarried
  • Father

Who Can Request Official Military Personnel Files

Access depends on the discharge date:

  • OMPF Archival record – discharge date of 1958 or prior*These records are archival and are open to the public.
  • Any archival OMPF can be ordered online for a copying fee.
  • OMPF Federal record – discharge date of 1959 or after* These records are non-archival and are maintained under the Federal Records Center program. Non-archival records are subject to access restrictions.
  • the military veteran, or
  • the next-of-kin
  • Use the link at the top of this page to get started using eVetRecs or Standard Form 180 .
  • * Please note: Military personnel records are open to the public 62 years after they leave the military. Records of any veteran who separated from the military 62 years ago can be ordered by anyone for a copying fee . Learn more

    Visit eVetRecs Help and FAQ to learn more about how to use eVetRecs.

    Who Qualifies For A Dd214

    The veteran must have served on active duty for more than 180 days in a branch of the U.S. armed forces. The term training purposes means active duty for training in a Reserve or Guard component, or initial training in an active component.

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    How To Get Your Dd Form 214 From The National Archives Web

    Step 1: Visit the eVetRecs website.

    Step 2: Select Veteran, or Next of Kin of Deceased Veteran, and your relationship if you choose the latter.

    Step 3: Provide service information, including Branch of Service, Component , Officer or Enlisted, Type of RecordsRequest, etc. For a copy of the DD Form 214, select, Personal Military History.

    Step 4: Complete the personal information section, including Full Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Social Security Number, Service Number , approximate date veteran left active duty service,

    Note: Not all of this information is required. However, the more information you input into the system the more likely the information requested will be correct.

    Step 5: Enter your Return Address so the National Archives can send you the information.

    Note: If you do not do Step 5 you will not receive your DD Form 214.

    Step 6: verify your information is correct and submit. You should receive a copy of your DD Form 214 within 1-2 weeks. However, according to the National Archives, it can take up to 90 days based on the workload of the archives at the time of your request. .

    Now that you have a copy of your DD Form 214 make sure you have plenty of copies stored in a safe place.

    Some Records May Not Be Available

    How to get a copy of a DD 214

    There was a major fire at the National Archives in 1973 that permanently destroyed military records for thousands of veterans. Many other records were severely damaged. Unfortunately, many Cold War veterans records were permanently destroyed in the Fire of 1973 and the records may not be available.

    You will need to contact the National Archives for more information.

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    Replacing Your Discharge Papers

    Help After You’re Out: Replacing Your Discharge Papers

    You or your next-of-kin can request a copy of your DD Form 214 online by going to the National Personnel Records Center website.

    You can mail or fax your signed and dated request to the National Archives’ National Personnel Record Center . Most, but not all records, are stored at the NPRC. Be sure to use the address specified by eVetRecs or the instructions on the SF-180. Locations of Military Service Records.

    NPRC Fax Number : 314-801-9195

    NPRC Mailing Address: National Personnel Records Center Military Personnel Records 1 Archives Drive St. Louis, MO 63138 314-801-0800

    Please note that requests which are sent by Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS, or other “express” services will only arrive at the NPRC sooner. They will not be processed any faster than standard requests. See the section above on emergency requests and deadlines.

    Cost: Most Basic Requests Are Free But It Depends On The Discharge Date

    Free if Discharge Date is LESS than 62 years ago:

    Generally there is no charge for basic military personnel and medical record information provided to veterans, next of kin and authorized representatives from Federal records.

    Some companies advertise DD Form 214 research services and will charge a fee for obtaining copies. This is provided as a free service by the National Archives and Records Administration.

    Costs for Discharge Dates MORE than 62 years ago:

    There is a fee for records that are considered “Archival,” which depends on the discharge date. If the request is made 62 years after the service member’s separation from the military, the records are now open to the public and subject to the public fee schedule . This is a rolling date, the current year minus 62 years. Learn more.

    These archival requests require the purchase of the COMPLETE photocopy of the Official Military Personnel File :

    If your request involves a service fee, you will be notified as soon as that determination is made.

    Response times from NPRC vary depending on the complexity of your request, the availability of the records, and our workload.

    We work actively to respond to each request in a timely fashion, keep in mind we receive approximately 4,000 – 5,000 requests per day.

    You may request military service records if you are:

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    Difference Between Long Vs Short Dd214 Discharge Forms

    There are two versions of the DD214 issued by the government

    • Short form
    • Long form

    The long form contains information about the service members character of discharge which could include information regarding the circumstances surrounding a discharge in a positive or negative light. Government Agencies and employers often ask for the long form because discharge status is relevant.

    Quick Tip: If you only have a long form DD214 but need the short form, simply copy the the undeleted long form without the bottom 1.5 inches .

    Welcome Veterans And Their Families To The Dd214 Website

    How Do You Get A Dd214 Form

    If you’d like to learn everything possible about DD Form 214, commonly referred to as just DD214, you’ve come to the right place. But, before we get into the minutia, the DD214’s history, importance and many uses, most people who visit this site simply want to know the best method to acquire a certified copy of their DD214. In order to save you some time, we’ve placed a link to The Best Method to Acquire Your DD214 first.

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    Where To Send My Request

    You can mail or fax your signed and dated request to the National Archives’ National Personnel Record Center . Be sure to use the address specified ” rel=”nofollow”> eVetRecs). Most, but not all records, are stored at the NPRC.

    NPRC Fax Number :

    See Other Methods to Obtain your Military Service Records for more details, or see more information on access to the general public.

    Special Note on Contacting by Email: Requests for military personnel records or information from them cannot be accepted by email at this time. The Privacy Act of 1974 and Department of Defense directives require a written request, signed and dated, to access information from military personnel records. Our email address should only be used only to request general information or to submit compliments, complaints, or concerns.

    NOTE: If you send messages using WebTV or a free-email service, you will not receive our response if your mailbox is full. Messages sent to full mailboxes are returned to us as “undeliverable.” You may wish to include your mailing address in your message so that we may respond via the U.S. Postal Service.

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