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How To Find Your Military Email


Q: What Other Mc& fp Applications Will My Military Onesource Account Grant Me Access To

Can’t Log into Air Force Email with CAC – Fix

A: With your Military OneSource account, you can now seamlessly access the Plan My Move, MilLife Learning and EFMP & Me applications. Eventually, all other MC& FP-affiliated applications will be integrated as well. If you already have a MilLife Learning account based on the same email address, your Military OneSource information will be merged into it. For this reason, your MilLife Learning username and password will be used to log in to all applications.

How Op Courage Can Help

Op COURAGE can help you and your family with a range of support and treatment, including:

  • supporting you with intensive emergency care and treatment if youre in a crisis
  • helping you transition from military to civilian life by providing mental health care with Defence Medical Services
  • supporting armed forces families affected by mental health problems, including helping you access local services
  • helping you recognise and treat early signs of mental health problems as well as more advanced mental health conditions and psychological trauma
  • helping you to access other NHS mental health services if you need them, such as finding an NHS psychological therapies service and eating disorder services
  • helping you get in touch with charities and local organisations who can support your wider health and wellbeing needs, such as housing, relationships, finances, employment, drug and alcohol misuse and social support

Op Courage: The Veterans Mental Health And Wellbeing Service

Op COURAGE is an NHS mental health specialist service designed to help serving personnel due to leave the military, reservists, armed forces veterans and their families.

Op COURAGE is a new overarching name for the following veterans mental health services:

  • the Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service
  • the Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service
  • the Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service

The new name was created to make it easier for veterans and those leaving the military to find help.

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How To Find Your Old Military Buddies After You Get Out

From time to time, we here at get emails from veterans wanting to know how to contact their old military buddies. While that isn’t necessarily an easy task, in today’s connected society, it’s easier than ever before to locate someone if they want to be found.

Here are several places to begin your search or just get caught up with people you may have served with.

Service Personnel And Veterans Bus Travel In Wales


In Wales, seriously injured service personnel and seriously injured veterans are entitled to a free bus pass and free local bus travel at any time within Wales.

More information about the help available for service personnel and veterans in Wales is available on the Welsh Government website at:

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Other People Search Tools

Other people finders exist, too, that might not be focused on showing military information but could still provide it.

For example, one website might be centered around providing general details about someoneâlike their phone number, house address, email, etc.âbut the information might also include past accomplishments, death records, or work history, any of which might include military background information.

  • Genealogy Websites: Close and extended family members of the person in the military might have included that information in a family tree service.
  • Free People Search Websites: Dozens of services exist that can pull up public information on anyone, which can help you see if someone used to be in the military or if they’re currently enlisted.

How To Find Military Email Addresses

Finding someone’s military address can be easy or difficult depending on your reason for searching for it, your resourcefulness and sheer luck. There is a standard format for a person’s e-mail address for all branches of the military. There are also numerous ways to search for a person’s e-mail through the Internet. It is also possible to make an official request to find the direct mailing address of the person through the Department of Defense.

Try using the standard military format. There is template for how the military generally assigns e-mail addresses for each soldier. If the soldier has a unique name, this is an easy way to find him or her. If the soldier does not have a unique name, the military adds numbers after the name for each repeated name. Many military personnel are given unique e-mail addresses according to their specific job or unit, but this format is the most common in the military.

Try to contact the person’s unit directly. Each military regiment, division and company tends to have its own website. You can try to connect with the contact person listed on the site, search for the individual’s name or call the press person on the site. You might want to inquire about the e-mail format generally used by that group.


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What Is My Gmail Email Address

To know the email address you use by default to send email in Gmail on the desktop as well as the Gmail apps for iOS and Android:

  • Start a new message by selecting Compose.

  • Find the email address used for sending in the From line.

    The From field will only be visible if you have added additional email accounts in Gmail.

  • Click the default address next to From to see other addresses set up for sending in Gmail.

  • To find the email address you picked when you created the Gmail account:

  • View your primary Gmail email address listed under your name. If you have connected Gmail accounts, the current account is listed on top.

  • Your primary Gmail address also appears in the browser’s title or tab bar on the desktop.

  • To see your primary Gmail address in the Gmail app:

  • Tap your profile image at the top right.

  • Find the current account’s address listed under your name.

  • What Is My Email Address In Mail For Windows

    Internet & Computer Tips : How to Find Someone in the Navy

    To find out what your email address is in Mail for Windows:

  • Make sure the email sidebar is fully visible in Mail for Windows. Select the hamburger menu button to expand a collapsed sidebar if necessary.

  • See each account’s email address listed under the account name in the Accounts section.

  • If an account has more than one email address you can use for sending, you can create a new email and see all addresses by clicking the From line.

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    Get Help Contacting A Veteran

    The Department of Veterans Affairs may be able to put you in touch with a veteran. The VA will forward your written message to the vet if they have their current address on file.

    • Draft your message to your friend and place it in an unsealed, stamped envelope.

    • Include a note to the VA explaining who youre trying to reach. Add as much identifying information as you have.

    • Enclose all this in another envelope and address it to the nearest VA Regional Office.

    You can also find a list of other resources that may help you find a veteran.

    Finding Your Email Address Is Easier Than You Think

    • Wichita Technical Institute

    What’s my email? The steps you take to find out what email address people see when you email them depends on the service or email program you use. Below are general instructions as well as specific instructions for popular email providers.

    The general instructions work for all email services, but there are specific directions for some of the major providers.

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    How To Create An Army Email Account


    Army Knowledge Online provides email accounts and other services to members of the Army in addition to civilians affiliated with the branch. If you are required to create an Army email account for work or if you are the spouse of a service member and want to use AKO to send messages to other users, you can set up an account in less than ten minutes.

    Go to Army Knowledge Online, at Locate the “New User” section in the middle of the page. Click on “Register without a CAC.” Find your AKO account type. Army and sponsored accounts are common account types. Select the option that fits your role based on the list found beneath the different accounts. Select the option that fits your role based on the list found beneath the different accounts.

    Type in your information. Your Social Security number and full name are required for all account types. If you require a sponsor, ensure that she has an active Army account and that you enter her AKO email address correctly.

    Select a user name. According to the Army Knowledge Online website, your user name is required to be in the “first name.last name” format. You must also select a unique password. As of 2010, AKO passwords must include two uppercase letters and two numbers in addition to two special characters such as a period or exclamation mark.

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    What Happens After I Request My Military Records

    ERB Validation

    Youll receive an email letting you know were processing your request. Youll receive a second email when your request is complete and your files are ready for you to view and download.

    You can also check the status of your military records request by signing in to milConnect and going to the Personnel File tab within the Defense Personnel Records Information section. This is also where youll view and download your files once theyre ready.

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    Veterans Bus Travel In Scotland

    The National Entitlement Card entitles you to free bus travel anywhere in Scotland. If you are a seriously injured veteran with mobility problems you can apply for a National Entitlement Card if you:

    • have received a lump sum payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
    • receive a War Pensioner Mobility Supplement

    Further information is available from Transport Scotland. Their contact details are:

    Tel: 0141 272 7100Email:

    Types Of Military Records

    World War I – Present

    You can find veterans military service records from World War I to the present from the National Personnel Records Center . The NPRC houses many types of records, including Official Military Personnel Files . These files can include the Report of Separation and show a veterans service history, which may include:

    • Enlistment or appointment and separation dates

    • Duty stations and assignments

    • Awards

    • Disciplinary actions

    Veterans health and medical records are located in various places, depending on their branch and date of separation. See this chart of locations of veterans medical and health records.

    Before World War I

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    Which Email Address Is Linked To My Activision Account

    If you’re already logged into your Activision Account online, then this will be a lot easier on you.

    What you need to do is head over to the website and then you’ll see your profile picture, or lack thereof, in the top-right of the screen.

    Click on this and then click on the My Settings option.

    This will bring up your account information, including the email address that’s currently linked to your account. Of course, you might not be logged in, and that means it’s time to hope for the best.

    Get Help Contacting Navy Marine And Air Force Service Members

    How to Locate ERB for Reservist

    Three service branches provide military personnel locator services:

    • U.S. Marine Corps – Scroll down to “Miscellaneous” and select “Personal Locator.”

    • U.S. Navy – Scroll down to “How do I find a friend or family member in the Navy?”

    You may need to provide the military member’s Social Security number for the locator to help you. If they find the member, they’ll forward your request to them. Each locator has its requirements.

    The U.S. Army and the U.S. Coast Guard no longer provide military locator services.

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    What Is My Outlookcom Hotmail Or Live Mail Email Address

    To identify your Outlook Mail email address, which you may have gotten from Hotmail, Live Mail or

  • Click or press New message to start a new email.

  • Look for the email address listed next to From.

  • Click From to see all addresses configured for sending and change the sending address for the current email.

  • To find out what the primary email address connected to your Outlook Mail account is, click your name or image near Outlook Mail’s top right corner and find the Outlook Mail email address listed beneath your name under My account.

    Q: Why Do I Need A Military Onesource Account

    A: An account will help you make the most of what Military OneSource has to offer, including access to free tools and resources such as MilTax software, financial calculators, live chat, appointment scheduling, personalized moving checklists from Plan My Move, courses and trainings from MilLife Learning and EFMP & Me.

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    How To Find Out If You’re Not Logged In To Your Activision Account

    If you’re not logged in then you need to head to the Activision account and try to log in, you’ll then need to select the ‘Forgot your password?’ option, and you’ll then start the fun bit.

    The fun bit, in this case, involves entering every email address you think it might be and then checking the inboxes, spam folders, and junk folders to see if you get the password reset email. If you need any hints, it’s probably the same email you used when you first started playing .

    We may have lied about it being fun sorry.

    What Is My Email Address In Outlook

    Navy Army Contact Number

    To see which email address you are using in Outlook for Windows:

  • Create a new email by pressing Ctrl+N.

  • See your email address in the From line.

  • Click From to see other email addresses you can use.

  • To determine your email address in Outlook for Mac:

  • Select Outlook> Preferences from the menu in Outlook.

  • Open the Accounts category under Personal Settings.

  • Find the address for each account listed under its name.

  • To find out about your email addresses in Outlook for iOS and Android:

  • Start composing a new email.

  • See the default email address listed under New Message at the top. If you have multiple accounts and addresses configured, tap the default address to see all options.

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    Q: What Happens To The Account Profile I Created Before

    A: The information you provided when you registered for a Military OneSource account has been migrated to allow you to have multiple roles. You can review your profile, make changes, and if you have multiple roles for example, you are a service provider and a family member you will now be able to include additional roles you might have.

    Mental Health Support For Veterans Service Leavers And Reservists

    Find mental health information and support for veterans, service leavers, reservists, families and carers.

    Mental health problems are common and can affect anyone, including veterans, serving personnel, reservists and their families. It is important to get help and support if you or someone you know has mental health problems.

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    General Instructions For Finding Your Email Address

    To identify your email address in almost any email program or service, make sure your email is functioning properly and then open the program or service and:

  • Start a new email message.

  • Look fora line that begins with From. It contains your email address.

  • If you have more than one email address configured for sending, they usually show up as menu choices in the From line when you compose an email. All the email addresses listed are yours. You can use any of them.

  • What Financial Help Is Available

    How to recover your DD-214

    Veterans, people serving in the Armed Forces and their dependants have a range of financial help available to help them. This can include:

    • Jobseekers Allowance
    • tax credits

    You can use a benefit calculator to check what benefits you can get. Youll need to know details about your:

    • income – including any earnings or benefits
    • rent and living costs
    • savings and investments

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    Veterans Travel In London

    You can apply to join the Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme in London if you are:

    • a veteran getting financial help under the War Pensions Scheme
    • a veteran getting regular financial help under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
    • a war widow or war widower getting financial help from the War Pensions or Armed Forces Compensation Schemes

    Under the Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme, you will be issued with an Oyster photocard. You can use this to travel free at any time within London on the bus, underground, Docklands Light Railway , tram and London overground services.

    You can find out more information about this scheme by contacting Transport for London. Their contact details are:

    Helpline: 0845 331 9872 Website:

    Q: If I Already Have A Military Onesource Account How Do I Associate My Cac

    A: You can associate your CAC to your account by following these steps:

  • Log in to Military OneSource with your username and password
  • Select Account Settings
  • Navigate to the CAC Certificate section located below the User Information section
  • Select the Add Certificate button
  • Choose the appropriate certificate
  • Select the Save button
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    Q: What Is The Benefit Of This Update

    A: This upgrade is part of a continuing effort to improve the user experience.

    With this update, you can make changes to your account profile and identify multiple roles you might have, including Service Member, Immediate Family Member, Extended Family Member, Department of Defense Service Provider, Other Service Provider Federal Agency, Other Service Provider Non-Federal Entity, Citizen/Public and/or Media.

    You will now also be able to use one login for multiple MC& FP applications.

    Additionally, you can associate your CAC to your Military OneSource account. If using your CAC, do not select the DOD email-CA-XX certificate when prompted.

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