Must ReadHow To Enter The Army As An Officer

How To Enter The Army As An Officer


How To Join Indian Army After 12th Commerce As An Officer :

How to become an ARMY officer

All candidates who have done their 12th class with Commerce and want to join the Indian Army After 12th Commerce Without Maths they all can check here their entry scheme for joining the Officer Post.

NDA Entry:- NDA is the entry for 12th Commerce stream candidates to join the army as an officer post.

  • Age Limit:- 16 ½ 19 ½ years
  • Educational Qualification:- 12th Pass From any Stream .
  • Unmarried
  • Application Process:- UPSC released the notification for the NDA entry in the month of June and December.
  • Selection Process:- UPSC conducts NDA Exam in Two Stages. Written Examination is the first stage and all candidates who qualify in written will go for the second round that is Interview Round.

Ways To Join Indian Army As An Officer In 2022

Check all entries for male and female candidates to become an officer in the Indian Army.

After the COVID19 pandemic, many defence exams and SSB interviews were affected, there were delays in the exam notification, SSB interviews and joining of the cadets at the academy. Slowly and strongly we getting back on track and here we are going to talk about some entries through which you can join the Indian Army this year. Below are some defence entries that you can see in 2021. If you are an Indian defence aspirant and want to join the Indian army as an officer in 2021, here are the upcoming officers entries that you can look for. The Indian Army finds potential officer through the entries like NDA, CDS, TGC, SSC, NCC, TES, ACC and more. In this article, you can find the details on these Indian army entries and exams and how one can preparing these defence exams.

Armed Forces epitomize the ideals of service, sacrifice, patriotism and composite culture of the country. Recruitment to the Armed Forces is voluntary and open to all citizens of India irrespective of caste, class, religion and community provided the laid down physical, medical and educational criteria are met.

1. National Defence Academy Exam

The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC for the aspirants who are in 10+2 and want to join the Army, Navy and Airforce after 12th.

Prepare For NDA Exam Online with SSBCrackExams

2. Combined Defence Services Exam

Prepare For CDS Exam Online with SSBCrackExams

3. Territorial Army

How To Join Territorial Army As An Officer And Soldier:


  • ,
  • The Territorial Army is the second line of defence and plays a role to protect the nation in some unusual and restricted areas. Soldiers in the service are selected as the volunteer, but mostly the officers are selected as Permanent commission. The Selection Process of the officers and soldiers are entirely different.

    In order to become an officer in the territorial Army one will have to clear the exam the written exam, interview and medical examinations etc. while for the Soldiers the selection process is entirely different, and there is no Interview. Lets see the complete details about the selection of the officer and soldiers in the service, and after that, we will see the eligibility criteria and age limit etc.

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    Are There Height And Weight Restrictions What If I Am Too Short Or Heavy To Join

    Yes, there are height and weight restrictions to join the Army, but they vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum height and weight requirements.

    Height In Inches


    For the most up-to-date information on these restrictions, talk to a recruiter or calculate your BMI requirements. If you do not meet the specific requirements, you can talk to a recruiter about next steps and possibly submit a height or weight waiver.

    Advance In Your Career

    Things to Consider When Deciding to Join the Army

    In year five, you have a decision to make. You can move ahead in your Army career by getting more advanced education and training. If so, you will prepare for higher levels of responsibility, leadership, and specialization required as commanders. Eventually, you will select a career field and may even go on to earn a graduate degree from a leading civilian university.

    The Army pays for all of your training, travel, and advanced education. You could eventually work in the Pentagon, command a large troop unit, or serve as a military attaché in a foreign country.

    The other option is choose to complete your commitment and return to civilian life.

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    Getting Fit With Fitt

    As a rule of thumb, ease into your activities, gradually increase each element of FITT, and end each session with a cool-down. For example:

    • Begin with a 5- to 10-minute warm-up. Walking, biking or a slow jog will increase blood flow to the muscles and lightly increase your heart rate. Follow up with some light stretching of the muscles you will be using in your workout.
    • Improving your overall fitness is most effectively done through a combination of 20 to 60 minutes of aerobic and strength exercises. The two sample fitness sessions below are based on Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology guidelines.
    • A 5- to 10-minute cool-down helps return your body to its normal, pre-exercise condition. Suddenly stopping an intense workout can make you dizzy, nauseated or even faint. Walking, biking or a slow jog will gradually bring down your heart rate and relieve muscle soreness.

    Serve With The Reserve Force

    This position is available for part-time employment with the Primary Reserve at certain locations across Canada. Reserve Force members usually serve part time at a military unit in their community, and may serve while going to school or working at a civilian job. They are paid during their training. They are not posted or required to do a military move. However, they can volunteer to move to another base. They may also volunteer for deployment on a military mission within or outside Canada.

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    Join Indian Army After 12th Class 2021 As Jco/or Post:

    Now here we will talk about how you can join the Indian army after 12th class Commerce Science Arts as a and Soldier GD, Clerk, Tradesmen, Technical and Nursing Assistant Post. Indian Army board release the huge number of vacancy for the Soldier Post. This recruitment process did state wise and district wise. After clear your 12th class you can fill the form for anyone post like Gd, Clk, TDN, Tech, NA Post.

    Board release twice a year number of vacancy and candidates from all over India can apply for this job post. For this job, you need to fill your state or district army rally application form.

    Board conducts army rally district wise and state wise. Conduct army rally in every state board divided the state is Zone Wise. There are many ZRO and these offices conduct the rally ARO Wise. Indian army board divided all states under the 14 ZROs and these ZROs have many AROs .

    Army recruiting office is responsible for conducting the army rally in every states districts. Under 1 ARO there are many districts of a state and ARO conducts the army rally for their zone districts.

    So if you have done your 12th class education then fill the application form for your ARO Army Rally. You can check all State, Districts, and ARO Bharti rally from this website and official website of the board.

    The Benefits Of Joining The Military After College

    How to Join Army Officer || What to do after 12th

    Joining the military as a commissioned officer can offer the best of both worlds for those who want the college experience but who also want to serve their country. The benefits include:

    • A guaranteed job after college
    • A leadership role at a young age
    • Higher pay than joining as an enlisted military member
    • Greater opportunities for promotion and training

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    Territorial Army Selection Process

    The selection process of the Territorial Army selection process basically three steps

  • Maximum marks : 100 Marks
  • Part I of the Question paper consists of the following
    • Short Essay: Essay depends on current national and international events.
    • English comprehension & Language Sequencing of sentences .
    • Comprehension passage .

    Are There Physical Fitness Requirements To Join

    Yes, there are physical fitness requirements to join the Army. The Armys Physical Fitness Test is used to assess the physical endurance of a recruit. APFT is a 3-part fitness event: 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a timed 2-mile run. Recruits must pass the APFT to graduate boot camp.

    The APFT physical fitness requirements vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum fitness requirements.

    The Army will continue to use the APFT until further notice.



    If you have any questions regarding the APFT or your physical fitness requirements, talk to your recruiter.

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    How To Join Indian Army After 12th Arts As An Officer :

    Now in this section, we will tell you how to join Indian army as an officer after 12th Arts. All students who are studying in the 12th Art Stream and want to make their future in the Indian Army After complete their 12th.

    Many have a question like there any chances for arts stream candidates in the Indian Army As An Officer Post. Then the answer to this question is yes. Now check here full details on how you can join officer post after 12th Arts.

    NDA Entry:-NDA is the entry for 12th arts stream candidates to join the army as an officer post. You need to clear the NDA written exam and then other selection Processes. There are two exams of NDA and candidates need to clear both Exam NDA 1 and NDA 2 for officer posts in the Indian Army.

    • Age Limit:- 16 ½ 19 ½ years
    • Educational Qualification:- Candidates must have passed or must be appearing in the 12th standard from any Stream .
    • Unmarried
    • Selection Process:- UPSC conducts NDA Exam in Two Stages. The first stage is the Written Examination and the second is the SSB Interview.
    • How to Apply:- Apply Online on UPSC Website as per dates are given in the Notification in the months of Jun and Dec.

    Tgc Entry Of Indian Army:

    How To Join The Army Reserves As An Officer

    For the selection in the Indian Army through the technical Graduates Course Entry, One will need to clear the three phases of selection. The three phases of selection are:

    • Shortlisting of the candidates on the basis of marks scored in graduation degree.
    • SSB Interview
    • Medical test

    The selection process of this is completely based on the SSB Interview and the shortlisting of the candidates for the SSB Interview will be done on the basis of marks scored in graduation degree which is actually the first phase of the selection process. All the candidates who would clear the SSB Interview all appear for the Medical Test which is conducted by the Indian Army at the Military hospitals.

    Eligibility Criteria for TGC Entry:

    • A Candidate must be Citizen of India.
    • Candidates who have passed the requisite Engineering Degree course or in the final year of Engineering Degree course are eligible to apply.
    • The candidate studying in the final year of the Engg degree course should be able to submit proof of passing.
    • All the candidates are eligible to apply for this despite any streams.
    • Age Limit: The Age of the candidates must be between 20 years old to 27 years old. One age should not be less than 20 years and should not be more than 27 years old.

    For the details regarding the medical tests and physical tests. You can click on the links given to check that:

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    How To Join Para Special Forces In Indian Army

    Many defence aspirants want to know the complete procedure on how they can join the PARA SF in the Indian Army. We all know that PARA Special Forces is an elite force of the Indian Army and becoming a PARA SF Commando is not only challenging but considered as once in a lifetime opportunity. Indian PARA SF is one of the most prestigious special forces around the world, every Indian defence aspirant and serving member wish to join the PARA SF regiment and wear the iconic maroon beret and balidaan badge, but its not easy to earn the prestigious title of Red Devil. In this article, we are going to see the different ways through which you can join the PARA Special Forces and become a special forces commando in the Indian Army.

    First, we need to understand that there is no special entry to become a PARA Special Forces commando directly, but many aspirants think that there will be a direct entry for the PARA SF where the army recruitment for special forces only but those who attain 100% marks in Physical Fitness tests and 50% marks in Written Test in regular Indian army rally aresometimes given an option to join the Elite PARA regiment, but they have to go through a different test process again to clear the PARA. No, Indian Army doesnt recruit candidates for the PARA SF like Indian Air Force does it for GARUD Commandos. You can only join the PARA SF as an officer or jawan once you join the Indian Army.

    How to join Indian Army PARA SF as an Officer

    Army Officer Selection Board

    Your assessment takes place in two parts: AOSB Briefing and AOSB Main Board, both take place in Westbury, Wiltshire.

    AOSB Briefing

    Once your Candidate Support Manager thinks that you’re ready, you’ll be sent to briefing. You’ll be assessed on physical and practical exercises and learn how to prepare for Main Board.

    Main Board

    This is your chance to put the skills you learnt at the Briefing in to practice. The Main Board will last for 2 1/2 days. You’ll need to be physically and mentally fit to pass, and show yourself to the best of your abilities.

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    How To Join Indian Army:

    How to Join Indian Army after Class 10?

    • Candidates can join the Indian Army for the Solder General Duty. For this, candidates must have scored at least 45% marks in class 10 and must be of 17.5 to 21 years of age.
    • Admission under this category will be done on the basis of medical fitness, medical tests and performance in the written exams.

    How to Join Indian Army after Class 12?

    For the Recruitment of Officers:

    • Candidates who have passed the class 12 exams or its equivalent are 16.5 to 19 years of age can apply for Indian Army Entries through National Defence Academy .
    • Candidates will have to undergo 3 years of training at NDA and one year at IMA to get placed in the Indian Army.
    • Entry in the NDA will be based on entrance exam that is conducted twice a year i.e. NDA I and NDA II.
    • Once the candidates have cleared the written exam, they are called for SSB interview and medical assessment round.
    • Final selections are done on the basis of in NDA written exam, performance in SSB interview and reports in the medical assessment.

    For the Recruitment of Soldiers:

    • Candidates who have Class 12 can also apply for the post of Soldier Technical, Nursing Assistant, Clerk and Storekeeper Technical.
    • Candidates who are between the age group of 17.5 -23 years can apply for these positions.
    • Recruitment is done through written exams, fitness tests and medical examination.

    How to Join Indian Army after Engineering Diploma/ Technical Entry?

    Technical Entry Scheme:

    Engineering Diploma:

    How Do I Apply For An Army Waiver

    What They Don’t Tell You About Becoming An Army Officer…

    Applying for an Army waiver is as simple as requesting a form. However, it should be noted that the point of the waiver is for the applicant to prove they overcame a disqualifying issue that would otherwise prevent them from joining the Army. Once the waiver has been submitted, a comprehensive review will take place and it will be determined if the individual can join.

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    Territorial Army Eligibility Conditions

    • Male and Female citizens of India and Ex-service officers who are medically fit.
    • Age 18 to 42 years.
    • Qualification Graduate from any recognized university.
    • Employment Gainfully Employed in Central Govt/Semi Govt /Pvt Firm/ Own business/Self Employed.
    • Serving Employees of Police/Paramilitary Forces are not eligible.

    What Offenses Or Moral Behavior

    • Individuals under civil restraint including parole, confinement, or probation are not eligible for waivers
    • Individuals subject to civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses will not be eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone found trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana, is not eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone with three or more convictions related to driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years prior to application will not be eligible
    • Anyone convicted for five or more misdemeanors is not eligible
    • Individuals who are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test or anyone with charges pending will not be eligible for a waiver

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    Officer Training School Selection Board

    Every officer application is reviewed by the Officer Training School Selection Board, which evaluates both objective and subjective factors to determine if a candidate is a proper fit. No one factor can cause selection or rejection.For active duty Air Force enlisted members, you may log in to the Air Force Portal for information on how to submit an application.


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