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How To Email A Military Recruiter


Use Subjects With Keywords

Ask A Marine: How Can I Contact A Recruiter?

The subject line should always be clear and succinct. This will ensure that you’ve set expectations for the recipient, and that they know what needs to be addressed and communicated.

According to “The Tongue and Quill” handbook, the subject line should be between five to seven words. Seghal recommends using “keywords that characterize the nature of the email in the subject.”

If you’re emailing a contract that needs a signature, for example, your subject line might be, “SIGN – Send back by Friday this week.” If your message is intended for informational purposes only, it might be, “INFO – Working from home.” If your message requires a response from the recipient, it might be, “ACTION – Send weekly lineup by EOD.”

Be Direct In Your Subject Line

Recruiters receive a large volume of emails every day, so having a strong subject line is important for getting the recruiter’s attention. In your subject line, briefly summarize your experience and what you want to get out of working with a recruiter. This saves the recruiter time when sorting through emails from job applicants and immediately shows them if you would be a good fit for the types of employers they work with. Here are some example subject lines you can use to intrigue recruiters before they even click on your email:

  • Experienced SQL developer seeking roles in IT management

  • Graphic designer searching for new opportunities

  • Brand manager inquiring about PR roles

  • Requesting assistance with transition from project management to consulting

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Pick Your Branch And Gather Paperwork

After you meet with several recruiters or just one if your heart is set on a particular branch then youll meet with your recruiter again to determine if youre eligible based on other standards. This is the time when youll choose between active duty or reserve. At this point, youll also need to turn over important identifying paperwork that can move the process forward, including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • High school diploma or transcripts

Get ready to start tracking down all your medical records. This is quite a process sometimes since healthcare providers have to process it and comply with HIPAA laws, too. Youll need your primary doctors notes, along with the charts from any specialists or surgeons youve seen, too.

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Questions About Basic Training

Most recruits go through some form of basic training, whether they’re enlisting in the military or commissioning as an officer. These questions will help you learn what you can expect:

  • What are the physical fitness requirements for basic training?

  • How long is basic training?

  • Where is basic training?

  • What happens at basic training?

  • Do I get paid while I’m in training?

  • My friend is also interested in enlisting. Can we go to basic training together?

  • Once I sign up, how long do I have before going to basic training?

  • Is it all physical training?

  • What are the drill instructors like?

  • How many people make it through basic training?

  • What happens after basic training?

How To Contact A Recruiter Near You

March 7, 2008

Its common to find recruiters at job fairs and career programs. Recruiters also visit communities, schools, and college campuses to explain the employment and training opportunities the military offers. Some military recruiters are based in recruiting offices located throughout the United States. They meet with candidates by appointment or walk-in.

Recruiters do promotional work, so they can distribute brochures, give testimonials or present a slideshow on the many opportunities available in the military. To locate a recruiter near you, you can track the nearest recruiting office by location. Here are the websites where you can find a recruiter:

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Military Veteran Candidate Email Template

Use this cold email template when recruiting veterans for an open position in your company. This template saves you time while making it more likely to get a positive response.

Customize your email to align with your company culture as well as voice.

When sourcing and hiring military veterans for your open roles, use online resources to get candidate profiles and contact details. Here are some of the top job boards to try:

Veteran candidates are also found at career fairs specific to the military and college networking events where veterans and service members pursue their studies.

For European candidates, please refer to guidance on using social media for recruiting and collecting candidate information as per the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

Remember to:

  • Be respectful of their military service
  • Explain how you found them and why you contacted them
  • Briefly describe the open role
  • Include benefits that come with the position

Research the candidate√Ęs background to add a personal touch, or mention an achievement that grabbed your attention. This also leaves room for more talking points if the potential candidate progresses to an in-person interview.

Remember to provide relevant information and a clear call to action. And if this candidate resides in the EU, make sure to include a link to your privacy notice as the GDPR requires.

S To Email Recruiters And Get Responses

Recruiters want to get to know you. Their jobs depend on finding and hiring successful candidates just like you everyday. Yet many job seekers are afraid of reaching out to recruiters. When they do, they fumble words, arent timely or dont convey enough interest in the role to gain a reply, let alone a job offer. I hate seeing skilled applicants lose out on a better life because they didnt know how to communicate with a recruiter.

The good news is theres a proven way to reach out to recruiters and get a response break away from the pack with these tips:

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Smart Tactics For Sending Emails To Recruiters

Don’t hit send just yet.

Connecting with recruiters is one of the best strategies for scoring the interview you need to get the job you want. Yet many job seekers find reaching out intimidating because they don’t know how to email a recruiter. We’ll show you a few sample emails to help you get past fumbling around for the right words to presenting yourself in a way no recruiter could ignore.

Why Should You Look For A Recruiter 5 Reasons To Find A Recruiter

How To Join The Army ( The Enlistment Process, Recruiter, ASVAB, MEPS, DEPS )

After several years coaching students, I know many applicants benefit from finding a good recruiter to solve their questions. Heres why you should look for a recruiter:

  • You dont know which branch to serve: This is very common! If that sounds like you, try and visit a recruiter from the branch that interests you the most and get to know your future career options.
  • In-depth information: Many times, only someone who has already been inside the armed forces will know the structure, organization and expectations. Meet a recruiter to ask them specific questions about the occupational and organizational structure.
  • Find your military calling: Theres no one way to serve the military. In fact, military careers are really diverse: for example you can build a career doing car maintenance, nursing, piloting, becoming a military police officer or even a linguist. There are many options!
  • Get advice tailored to you: While you can always do an internet search, personal communication is key in the enlistment process. A good recruiter will explain the benefits of joining the Army. For example, this could include your medical care options, housing opportunities or the subsidy you can claim for dependent relatives.
  • Ask about everything: your reinstatement bonus, retirement program, as well as military / civilian educational options. This will make your interview more useful and you can make an informed decision

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    How To Prepare To Talk To A Military Recruiter

    When youre considering joining the military, its important to look at all your options. That means meeting with multiple recruiters from different branches and processing a lot of information.

    One important note to keep in mind: Just because you talk to a recruiter doesnt mean youre obligated to join. Speaking with a military recruiter is an information-gathering process for you and them.

    If the military recruiter doesnt know an answer, he or she should be able to find out and get back to you.

    A few tips to keep in mind before you go:

    Finding An Army Recruiter Near You

    Joining the Army is likely the biggest decision you have ever made in your life.

    Therefore, it is important that you consider all the pros and cons before you officially enlist.

    Joining the Army is overwhelming and intimidating for individuals that never faced such a life-altering decision, especially young people that recently finished high school or college.

    Thankfully, Army recruiters exist throughout the country to help make the first steps much more straightforward and clear.

    Local Army recruiting offices abide in all 50 states of the country so finding one close to home is rarely a problem.

    You can also decide to schedule your first contact with an Army recruiter via phone or email.

    There are several different ways to find an Army recruiter:

    The Army needs personal information , including what area of the Army you are interested in serving.

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    Describe Your Next Career Goals

    To determine if they can help you find a job, the recruiter needs to know both your past experience and your future goals. Mention what type of career or job change you’re looking for so the recruiter immediately knows if they can help you. Reference the general type of positions you’re considering instead of missing out on potential opportunities by being too specific. These examples succinctly explain job goals for the recruiter to assess:

    • After completing my master’s degree, I want to transition from my government work to jobs in the private sector.

    • I am relocating within the next few months, so I’m searching for similar positions in the Chicago area.

    • I’m looking for roles in the marketing industry where I can telecommute.

    Tips For Writing Emails That Get Noticed

    Texas State Militia Recruiters: Jade Helm Conspiracies a " Great ...

    7 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Noticed

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Despite what you may think, email is the most common way to communicate when looking for a job. From sending a resume to a prospective employer, to following up on healthcare benefits, to sending photos to family, email dominates. In fact, one report notes 122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour of every day.

    What makes an email effective and what causes the message to land flat or fall into a black hole of non-response? For starters, how the email is crafted, who it is directed to, and the intended response of the communication make a huge difference in what is received.

    Consider how you want to be perceived by the recipient, and what it will take to build that impression. For instance, if you are emailing your former Army buddy with a copy of your resume for them to pass on to their boss, you will need to reestablish the warm tone of the relationship you had in the Army, and communicate who you are today and the type of work you are seeking. Without this step, they might feel reluctant to advocate for you to their supervisor.

    Keys to Successful Communication

  • An effective email starts with intention: What is the purpose of the message: Are you introducing yourself as a potential job candidate, forwarding a list of references, or confirming an interview? Before you write the email, consider whether your intention is to elicit a response or simply share information.
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    How To Address A Master Sergeant

    Sometimes, throughout the recruitment process, you may need to reach out to other service members. Addressing a master sergeant follows the same model as stated above: Sergeant .

    A master sergeant job description is as follows: Master sergeants are the principal non-commissioned officer at the battalion level. They are tasked with many of the same crucial leadership responsibilities as a first sergeant, but not all.

    + Cold Recruiting Email Templates For Recruiters And Executive Search Firms

    For the candidates, youve talked to in the past

    Sub: Hey |FirstName|

    < FirstName> ,

    I hope this email finds you well. We had reached out a while back regarding opportunities with a well-known technology company. Obviously, things continue to go well at , but your name resurfaced in regards to a specific opportunity that I thought might be of interest.

    They have a strong track record with candidates that come from a similar background. I thought it made sense to reconnect given the specific nature of the search as we approach bonus season.

    If you are interested in a chat to learn more, please let me know when would be a convenient time for you. Thank you again for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


    < Your_Signature>

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    How To Write An Effective Email To Recruiters

    Working with a recruiter can be a great strategy for speeding up your job search and finding potential employers that are a good match for your career goals. The first step to getting a recruiter’s help on your job search is reaching out to them through email. If you can write a compelling email to get a recruiter’s attention, you’ll be able to continue with your job search with the help of their industry connections and insights about the job market.

    In this article, we provide steps for how to compose effective emails to recruiters from start to finish.

    How To Email A Recruiter: Examples Tips Templates

    Talking To A Military Recruiter | WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!

    If youre sending an email to a recruiter, there are some things to know if you want them to respond .

    So after working for almost 5 years as a recruiter, Im going to share how to email a recruiter with email samples, examples of what not to do, and more.

    What well cover:

    • How to cold email a recruiter
    • How to email a recruiter for a job posting you saw online
    • How to email your resume to a recruiter
    • How to respond to a recruiter email after they contacted you
    • How to end an email to a recruiter for best results

    All with proven email templates so you can hit send worry-free.

    Lets get started

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    Questions You Should Ask A Marine Corps Recruiter

    Note: for a printable version of these questions to bring with you to the Marine recruiters office.

    1. Whats Marine Basic Training like?

    2. Will I go to Parris Island or San Diego for recruit training?

    Generally speaking, if youre east of the Mississippi youll go to Parris Island, and west of the Mississippi youll go to San Diego. With that said, if you live in any of the states that the Mississippi runs through, you might go to either.

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    3. What happens after marine boot camp?

    This will vary dramatically, and will ultimately depend on what MOS you choose .

    4. Whats the average drop out rate for recruits?

    Its a fact that a certain percentage of Marine recruits will simply not have what it takes to be a Marine. That percentage varies from year to year, and the Marine recruiter will have the most up to date info on that.

    5. What are the best jobs for me in the Marines?

    Again, this will be contingent upon how well you score on the ASVAB. A higher score will guarantee more job opportunities, while a lower score will limit your options significantly. Other things should be taken in to consideration, like your personality, interests, and potential career opportunities after service.

    for a full list of Marine Corps MOS available.

    6. Does my MOS have a bonus?

    7. What are the benefits after my time in the Marines is up?

    Find Out Our Passion And Why

    The career the military offered you trained for one purpose complete the job at hand. Rarely do we see a job in the workforce were Im a hard working and loyal Team Sergeant is enough. While it is certainly an important highlight to show prior successful leadership skills, it isnt going to cut it.

    Developing a story is the first step in your delivery to a recruiter created around the job you want. Rather than stating I am good at receiving orders. Did you enjoy being a signal specialist on your last assignment? If you did, tell the story of how preparing your unit in training will help your future employer understand the importance of your experience in IT. Odds are, every skill will not be used in the civilian world. Dont lay out every aspect of the job civilians will not understand.

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    Meet With A Recruiter

    Youll meet your point of contact for the branch youre interested in. At this point, youll learn about the eligibility requirements and if you can join based on a preliminary screening. Depending on the size of the recruiting office, this person will be the one you speak with each and every time you make an inquiry.

    Sample Email Template :

    Found this old email, that time in 2005 when I almost went blue to ...

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for getting in touch! The opportunity sounds interesting. Can we connect on the phone for a few minutes to discuss it in more detail? I usually dont send my resume out without knowing a bit more about the opportunity first.

    Im happy to send you my resume right after we talk if it seems like a good potential fit .

    The best number to reach me: 555-555-5555

    Best regards,

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