DiscountHow To Buy Disney Tickets With Military Discount

How To Buy Disney Tickets With Military Discount


When To Buy Your Military Theme Park Tickets

2022 Disney Military Discount | Complete Guide To Disneys Salute Program

UPDATE 3 March 2021 Disney has clarified use rules for both 2020 and 2021 Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets in 2021.

UPDATE 20 Dec 2020 Disney has announced a limited extension to the 2020 Disney Armed Forces Salute Ticket Offer, with a very limited purchase window . These tickets are valid for use through 26 September 2021. See this post for full details!

Note to non-retired veterans you do not qualify for the Disney Armed Forces Salute, however there are Disney Veteran Discounts that you do qualify for. Read this info first, then come back to this page.

You can either wait until you arrive at your destination to buy your tickets or buy them ahead of time.

Buying them ahead is almost always the best course of action!

There are many reasons that you might want or need to buy them ahead of time. These are:

  • So that you can make your Theme Park Reservations
  • Buying tickets that can only be sold on Base
  • To get the best Military Discount that you can
  • To avoid paying State sales tax
  • To lock in ticket prices before an expected price increase
  • Buying well ahead of time to spread out your cost
  • Or a combination of any of these

Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservations You must have your Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets or vouchers in hand in order to link them to your My Disney Experience account so that you can make your Theme Park Reservations.

The Best Military Discount Some theme parks only sell their highest discounted tickets through base ticket offices.

Disney World Military Discount

Military Disney discount tickets is not the only discount available active duty military or a those who fall into a select group of veterans. The discounts offered make it so a military family can enjoy a trip that fits with the pay of the military for an awesome family vacation. Keep reading and you will learn all the ways Disney makes it possible for military families to visit Disney World and Disneyland.

You can also purchase the Memory Maker product for a special price of $98 through December 17, 2021.

Walt Disney World Veteran Discounted Tickets

For Veteran Discounted tickets for Walt Disney World, you have 2 options where to purchase your tickets. Magic Your Way tickets, which can be purchased at ITT / MWR or at Shades of Green Resort. Just like the tickets for Disneyland, the prices for Walt Disney World will vary from office to office. Below are example prices from Newport MWR.

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Redeeming Your Disney Military Vouchers For Park Hopper Passes

The Disney World military discounts are in the form of a voucher, which must be redeemed for the actual tickets. The image below is of one of the vouchers.

My wife and I took advantage of the Disney military discounts this year. It works like this: You visit your base ITT Office and buy the ticket vouchers from them. We had to pay a shipping fee to receive the ticket vouchers. I dont remember the exact cost of the shipping fee, but it wasnt much . We received our Disney Ticket Vouchers about a week later. This is important to note since we didnt receive the vouchers that day.

It may be possible to get vouchers the same day, depending on where you make the purchase. The Shades of Green resort has a ticket sales office and I believe you can get the tickets the same day if your buy them there.

Once you have your ticket vouchers, you must redeem them for the actual Disney Park Hopper Passes. This must be done at one of the approved Disney Ticket offices . Your vouchers can only be redeemed by the military member of spouse, so make sure one of you is there, and bring your military ID card to prove eligibility! We had our entire family, which made it easy. Once you have your tickets, youre good to enter the parks.

Note: Activate your tickets the day or night before you plan on visiting the parks!

When Do Disney World Tickets Go On Sale

Discounts &  Deals 4 Military: DISNEYLAND &  DISNEYWORLD

Tickets for 2021 dates went on sale in June 2020. Tickets for 2022 dates went on sale in February 2021.

In the past, you almost never had to worry about tickets selling out until the day arrived, and even then there were usually only a few days a year that sold out .

The future ismore complicated. Now you need advance reservation via the Disney Park Pass System in order visit the parks. These reservations do often run out ahead of time. So youll want to make sure you look at park pass availability if youre planning a trip.

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Disney Armed Forces Salute

The first and best offer is the Disney Armed Forces Salute.

This deal brings admission prices down to just over half of their typical cost.

These special tickets also have a set price, when normal tickets fluctuate based on the time of year.

The Disney Armed Forces Salute discount is available for 4 or 5 day ticket passes. The price of a 4 day ticket is $241 plus tax.

The price of a 5 day ticket is $257 plus tax. These tickets include the Hopper option that allows you to visit multiple Disney theme parks.

The Hopper Plus option, which allows you to also enter into their two waterparks, is available for an additional $50 instead of the typical $85.

The Disney World military discount also allows members of the armed forces to add the Memory Maker package for only $98 instead of the regular $169 price tag.

The Memory Maker package gives visitors a place to store the photos and videos from the trip.

They can access pictures taken on rides or with characters in costume.

The photos are all taken by professional photographers and then uploaded to an individual and secure Memory Maker web page.

The military discount at Disney World also extends to the resorts many hotels.

Visitors who take advantage of the Disney Armed Forces Salute discount are eligible to receive a percentage off for their hotel room along with the significant deals that they are already receiving.

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Standard rooms are discounted at up to 30% off.

Disneyland Ticket Discounts From Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist, a great ticket vendor weve recommended for many years, offers significant discounts on Disneyland tickets and tickets for other California and Florida attractions. We really like Undercover Tourist because they constantly strive to have both the best prices and best customer service in the business. Thats a tall order, but we have years of experience and feedback from our readers that tells us they really deliver!

Also, Undercover Tourist has straight-to-the-gate tickets for Disneyland! No more waiting in line at a ticket booth to get your actual tickets on the first day of your vacation. Now you just print the tickets at home and take them right to the turnstile. The gate attendant will scan your paper tickets and hand you card-size tickets to use for the rest of the trip. It only takes a few seconds and youre on your way to Space Mountain. You can also put the tickets on your phone and save paper .

You can use Undercover Tourists ticket calendar to see if there are theme park reservations available before you purchase tickets.

Exclusive Discounts for MouseSavers Newsletter Subscribers

  • The main newsletter comes out on the 15th of each month and the Hot Deals announcement with the special Undercover Tourist sale prices comes out on the final Monday of each month . We do not send out the private links separately from the newsletters, so please plan ahead.

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Discount Tickets At Disney World

If you are driving or renting a car in Florida, heres another option: there are two Walmarts in Kissimmee, not far from Walt Disney World, each of which offers a ticket center within the store that sells discounted multi-day Disney World tickets.

  • 3250 Vineland Road, Kissimmee ,
  • 4444 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee ,

We suspect that the ticket desks in the Walmarts are actually operated by a local ticket broker. When weve checked prices in the past, Undercover Tourist had better deals. But the Walmart desks do offer an option for those who have actually arrived in Florida and still need to buy tickets.

The Walmart locations do not carry every ticket type. You have to buy the tickets in person they will not mail them. We recommend calling ahead to confirm prices, hours and availability. The numbers listed below are the main line for the store. Youll have to ask to be transferred to the ticket desk.

Thanks to Bram W for info.

The Mdt Guide To Purchasing And Using Your Military Disney Tickets

Walt Disney World Military Ticket & Room Discounts for 2022

You Are Going To Disney! Great now youve got a lot of things to start thinking about.

Theme park tickets are one of the biggest expenses for a Disney vacation. This post is meant to be your end-to-end guide on all things related to Disneys Military Tickets.

Well start on the purchase process, and then cover things that you should be doing once you have the tickets , and then well finish up on how to use your tickets.

Lets jump right in shall we?

Updated February 2022 for the discontinuation of Shades of Green Stars and Stripes Passes

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Regular Military Discounted Disneyland Tickets

These tickets are SLIGHTLY discounted Disneyland Tickets that you can buy at the park or at the local military base ticket office. You will save money on them, however they are not the biggest savings wise, military Disney Land tickets that you can get. These tickets are identical to the general public Theme Park Admission Tickets at Disneyland Resort just at a slightly cheaper price.

Buy Tickets In Person At Your Local Base

The easiest way to claim this discount is in person.

If you live near a base, you can go to your local Ticket and Travel Office.

Make sure to call ahead to ensure the office has the tickets you are looking for. The tickets will be given to you as hard copies and cannot be printed off.

It can take up to two weeks for tickets to reach your local office when they need to be restocked.

You will need to plan ahead of time if you want to guarantee that your tickets will be available to purchase.

Step 1: Call at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure your tickets are in stock

Step 2: Visit the Travel and Ticket Office at your local base to purchase your tickets in person

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Walt Disney World Military Discount

Good news! Walt Disney World has released its 2022 Disney Military Salute Tickets! You can choose between 4-day or 5-day. More details are below!

The new Star Wars land, called Star Wars: Galaxys Edge opened in Fall 2019. Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway, Lightning McQueens Racing Academy, and a new Lion King celebration, are also new attractions you can find at Walt Disney World.

If you are looking for a fun, family trip to take, plan to go to Disney. Going to Walt Disney World makes for a magical, family vacation that is fun for all ages. And the best part? They offer an amazing military discount!

My Disney Experience Linking Issues

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Military Discounts (Includes ...

If you have issues linking your tickets or the number of days on the ticket does not show up in MDE simply call the Disney Internet Help Desk at 800-848-6413. They can assist you with getting things right.

Linking Notes:

When linking Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets to children you will sometimes get a message that youve linked a ticket for ages 10+ to a child. This is not an issue and affects nothing!

Will this info help you? Have you done this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Disney World Military Stars And Stripes Tickets

These Disney World Military Discount Tickets are available to anyone staying at any Walt Disney World Resort property, who is eligible to stay at Shades of Green. You do not have to stay at Shades of Green, you just need to be eligible to stay there to buy them.

These tickets are discounted tickets and you can choose from 2 10 days. These tickets include park admission for the number of days on the ticket, the ability to park hop, and the Park Hopper Plus option minus mini golf.

A Military Identification Card or Department of Defense Identification Card and resort I.D. must be presented at time of purchase.

Get more information here.

The Complete Guide To Military Discounts At Disney World

    As popular as Walt Disney World is as a vacation destination for families or couples, it can sometimes add up to be a pretty expensive trip.

    If you or your spouse are members of the military, the Florida getaway has a number of very special offers for you, your family, and your friends. We break down what’s available and how to take advantage of the offers.

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    Regular Military Discounted Disney Tickets

    These tickets are SLIGHTLY discounted Walt Disney World Tickets that you can buy at Shades of Green or at the local military base ticket office. You will save money on them at 4%-8% depending on where you buy them. But they are not the best military Disney World tickets that you can get. These tickets are identical to the general public Disney Magic Your Way Tickets at Walt Disney World just at a slightly cheaper price.

    Get more information here.

    Disney World Military Discount Single

    What military discounts are available at Walt Disney World and how to get them.

    If you would like to visit Disney World for one day, you can save between 4 and 8% off your admission price with the Disney World military discount.

    The exact percentage depends on where you get your tickets and the time of year that you visit, and these tickets cannot be purchased on the Disney World website.

    How to Use this Deal:

    You can purchase the discounted single-day tickets through your local military bases Ticket and Travel office, directly at the Disney World front gate, or at the Shades of Green military hotel at Disney World.

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    Canadian Resident Ticket Discounts

    • Select Walt Disney World Park Hopper passes are sold at some CAA offices. The price of Disney tickets purchased in Canada is adjusted periodically to conform to the current exchange rate, so at times it may be possible to time a purchase to benefit from a sudden change in the exchange rate.
    • Air Miles Readers report that Canadians can redeem Air Miles for select Walt Disney World tickets. Thanks to Dawn N for info.
    • Aeroplan Miles Canadians can redeem Aeroplan Miles for select Walt Disney World tickets. Thanks to Erin S for info.

    Heres Your 2022 Military Discounts For Disney

    February 17, 2022 by

    To salute military personnel and their families, Disney has recently announced the renewal of their popular military discounts for 2022.

    Disneys Armed Forces Salute allows members of the U.S. military to purchase steeply discounted theme park tickets. Military personnel can also get large discounts on stays at select Disney Resort hotels.

    The Salute is a special temporary offer which has been renewed on a year by year basis since January 2009.

    These tickets are completely separate from the regular military discounted tickets available at local military bases.

    For the renewed Walt Disney World offer, purchase through December 16, 2022 and choose between 4-day or 5-day theme park tickets, with the Park Hopper option and the Park Hopper Plus option at the Orlando, Florida park. Those tickets must be used from January 1, 2022 through December 16, 2022.

    For the offer at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, choose between a 3-day and 4-day Park Hopper Ticket when you purchase through December 12, 2022 and use by December 16, 2022.

    If you are considering taking advantage of Disneys Armed Forces Salute discount, please keep in mind it is only available to:

    • Active-duty military members

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    New Us Military Discount Tickets With Genie+ Available Now For Disneyland Resort

    Active and retired US Military members can now purchase new promotional tickets that include the Disney Genie+ service.

    Guests can choose between a 3-day and 4-day Disney Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket, which are valid at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park each day of your ticket! Park Pass Reservations are required.

    Now, eligible guests can also select a ticket with the Disney Genie+ service, which includes access to Lightning Lane, Plus, audio tales, and unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day.

    The new promotional ticket pricing is below:

    For more information on booking your next trip with our official travel agent sponsor, the Vacationeer, visit

    • 3-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket: $225
    • 3-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket with Disney Genie+ Service: $285
    • 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket: $260
    • 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket with Disney Genie+ Service: $340

    These tickets are available for purchase now through December 12, 2022 for usage through December 16, 2022 blockout dates of April 9, 2022 through April 17, 2022 apply. The tickets must be purchased at an eligible US Military base.

    For more Disneyland Resort news and info, follow Disneyland News Today on , , and . For Disney Parks news worldwide, visit WDWNT.

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