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How To Become Navy Eod


What Branch Is Eod

Becoming an EOD Tech and Navy Diver

Air ForceNavy

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

Navy EOD works closely with the Special Operations Command and are classified as Navy Special Operations. Navy EOD personnel are experts in explosives, diving, parachuting, as well as tactical skills of a combat fighter. However, in the Navy, EOD is considered to be part of Naval Special Operations Community.

One may also ask, what Mos is EOD? MOS 89D DutiesIn addition to safely disposing of foreign and domestic ordnance and bombs, explosive ordnance disposal specialists gather intelligence on ordnance and IEDs in preparation of VIP missions for the Secret Service, State Department, and other federal agencies.

In this way, which branch is best for EOD?

That said, the Navy is the best. Navy EOD Techs operate on land, underwater, and with SOF.

Can officers be EOD?

Officers must volunteer to become qualified for EOD. Only Ordnance officers are eligible to apply for EOD. There are two opportunities to enter the EOD field: 1.) ROTC & USMA cadets may interview during their senior year and, if selected, can branch Ordnance with follow on orders for EOD School or 2.)

Is It Hard To Become Navy Eod

Becoming an EOD Technician is no easy process. While the rigorous 51 weeks of training are both physically and mentally grueling, you will be rewarded with unrivaled leadership opportunities, first-rate compensation and respect. After two months of recruit training in Great Lakes, IL, your EOD training will begin.

Whats Life Like As A Navy Diver

In simple terms, Navy Divers utilize a variety of diving equipment to perform a number of duties such as:

  • Complete underwater maintenance .
  • Safe and proper use of diving equipment .
  • Repair and maintain diving equipment and systems.
  • Help test and participate in the research of new diving techniques/procedures and associated development.
  • Perform underwater search and salvage operations.
  • Perform duties as supervisors, Hyperbaric Chamber Operators, and Inside Tenders.
  • Provide logistics such as communication and security during Expeditionary Warfare missions.
  • Perform routine ship maintenance .
  • Conduct harbor clearance operations.

Navy Divers work in a variety of different environments, some of them quite extreme. Trained to do so, as an ND you may work in deep seas or shallow waters. You might find yourself in dark frigid arctic regions or in a clear-blue tropical ocean.

Navy Divers must have no aversion to confined, closed spaces.

NDs also should be extremely intelligent, possess manual dexterity and be resourceful. The ability to perform detailed mechanical tasks in adverse conditions under high stress is paramount.

A good memory is also a plus for the Navy Diver.

ND1 Joseph Rodriguez, selected as the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division Sailor of the Quarter, Second Quarter, 2019, certainly enjoys his life as a Navy Diver:

As LPO, Petty Officer Rodriguez was instrumental in helping his unit set a record in support of Operation Valiant Shield in 2018.

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What Does A Successful Eod Candidate Look Like

BLUF: Mentally-flexible, fit, thick-skinned, critically-thinking team players ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

EOD is an inherently dangerous job, requiring a cool head under pressure. We need individuals who can critically think with minimal resources to resolve complex obstacles.

We are seen as competent problem solvers by most of the military, meaning were often depended on to work outside our traditional skill set to get missions done. Being an EOD tech means you need to be a flexible team player, ready to do whatever it takes for the team to win, without having to be told to do so . Being attached to a team as an enabler means: do EOD things when its time to EOD, then go back to whatever the team needs you to do.

Additionally, fitness is key. Our pipeline isnt a SOF selection we dont need Olympic-level athletes. But we need people who prioritize fitness. Your fitness ties directly to your ability to: stay mentally sharp on mission, get your team and your equipment out of dangerous spots to safety, and maintain a professional image that the rest of the Air Force can look up to.

In training, take advantage of every offered study hall, extra practical problem, or office hours from instructor cadre. Take your studies seriously your job is to pass. Burn the boats. Your effort will pay off at test time, and the instructors will take note of your effort .

What Do Deployments Look Like For Eod Techs


Just like all the AFSPECWAR career fields, deployments have slowed down drastically since the height of the GWOT, when EOD teams were commonly on a 1:1 dwell time . That being said, teams still deploy across the world, including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Many deployments are to back-bases, lacking a combat mission but filled with ordnance responses, range work, and training. However, AF EOD teams are still deploying outside the wire in areas like Syria and Afghanistan. EOD techs can currently expect to deploy once every 2-3 years.

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What Is The Navy Seal 40% Rule

In it, Itzler describes how he hired a Navy SEAL to come live with him and his family for a month to teach them the lessons of mental toughness. The 40% rule is simple: When your mind is telling you that youre done, that youre exhausted, that you cannot possibly go any further, youre only actually 40% done.

How To Become A Navy Leap Frog

How To Become A Navy Leap Frog? If youre interested in becoming a Leap Frog, start your journey by pursuing a career path as an Aircrew Survival Equipmentman , Navy SEAL, Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman , Diver or Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician . These ratings all qualify for Leap Frog volunteer opportunities.

What is a frog in the Navy? LEGENDS IN THE SKY

The U.S. Navy Parachute Team began in 1969 when Navy SEALs and Underwater Demolition Team members volunteered to perform at weekend air shows. The United States Navy Parachute Team The Leap Frogs is the official parachute demonstration team of the United States Navy.

Do Navy SEALs parachute? When SEALs arrive from the air, they are often going to extremely difficult-to-reach places. In this case, they may jump from a plane into the ocean with their Zodiac, parachute into the area, or use fast-rope and rappelling techniques. When parachuting, SEALs use either static-line or free-fall techniques.

What is a bone frog tattoo? The bone frog is one of the most iconic images to honor a fallen U.S. Navy SEAL. A time-honored tradition for Navy SEALs is to get a bone frog tattoo on return from a combat deployment to honor a fallen SEAL. Its a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifices made to uphold our nations liberty and freedom.

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How Much Are Navy Divers Paid

Like the other Armed Services, the Navy bases a sailors pay on their rank and length of service.

Master Chief Petty Officer Of The NavyMCPON$5,637.00

NDs may be entitled to other forms of compensation including base allowance for housing , base allowance for subsistence , and billet pay if eligible.

Navy Divers also earn special diving pay.

Speak With A Navy Recruiter

Becoming an EOD Tech and Navy Diver

Meet with a recruiter who will review your eligibility and determine whether you meet the military’s requirements. It is important to let the recruiter know you want a SEAL Challenge Contract before you enlist because this will earn you a higher sign-on bonus than if you enlist first and then decide to become a SEAL.

Once your recruiter determines that you meet minimum eligibility requirements for a SEAL Challenge Contract, they will connect you with a special warfare/special operations mentor who will help you train for your physical screening test .

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How Do You Become An Underwater Welder In The Navy

4/5How to become a Navy master diver

  • Step 1: Join the Seabees. Enlisted sailors learn construction and demolition, without the added pressure of doing it underwater.
  • Step 2: Become a Seabee Diver. Now to perform those same tasks in scuba gear.
  • Step 3: Learn on the Job.
  • Step 4: Go Back to Dive School.
  • Step 5: Test for Master Diver.
  • Furthermore, can you be a welder in the Navy?

    Navy welders are enlisted personnel, and both men and women can qualify to be welders. Navy recruits hoping to launch a welding career must be at least 17 years old and no older than 34, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a high school graduate, according to the Navy’s website.

    Furthermore, do navy divers see combat? Performs underwater inspections, harbor/port/ship security inspections, including ordnance searching, Ship/submarine repair, salvage, expeditionary salvage and littoral combat, rescue, special warfare operations, underwater cutting and welding, demolition operations and small boat operations.

    Also asked, how long does it take to become a Navy diver?

    Navy Diver class “A” school is 15 weeks in duration, and it is located in Panama City, Florida. Before attending the class “A” school, a seven week preparatory school will be completed at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. The Navy Diver rating requires a minimum of a six year enlistment obligation.

    Why do underwater welders die?

    Consider A College Degree

    With a diploma or GED, you can enlist in the military as early as age 17 with parent or guardian permission. While a college degree is not required to be a Navy SEAL, you may choose to earn a degree before enlisting in the Navy. You can also consider enrolling in an ROTC college or the U.S. Naval Academy. Many Navy SEALs are college graduates who hold advanced degrees. Pursuing a college degree can help you enlist in the military at an officer ranking, which increases your annual base salary.

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    Navy Eod Seeking Ocs Applicants For September 2020 Board

    Photo By Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Rivera | 191113-N-EC658-1013 ROCKINGHAM, Australia Explosive Ordnance Disposal……read moreread more

    Photo By Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Rivera | 191113-N-EC658-1013 ROCKINGHAM, Australia Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 3rd Class Timothy Hekker, from Stony Point, New York , and Explosive Ordnance Technician 2nd Class Jackson Johnson, from Dade City, Fla. , assigned to Explosive Ordnance Mobile Unit prepare to use a lift balloon to recover a training mine during a mine countermeasures training evolution as part of during exercise Dugong 2019. Dugong is a bilateral exercise comprising of the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The naval training exercise focuses on advancing the tactical level U.S. service component integration, capacity, and interoperability with Australian Clearance Diving Team 4 and the other nations Fleet Diving Units. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Julio Rivera see less | View Image Page

    Eod Training And Qualifications

    Summer Training

    Meeting the application requirements is the easiest part of what lies ahead for you as a Navy EOD Technician.

    Just like with the Air Force EOD program, the training is both extensive and rigorous, not just physically, but mentally as well.

    It is intended to weed out the best of the best, and then prepare that small group for their lives as Navy EOD Techs.

    You can expect to be in the Navy and training for more than a year before becoming a rated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.

    Your training will begin in Navy boot camp at Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

    Here, you will be placed in a specialized Recruit Training Division for entrants into the Navy Special Warfare ratings.

    In these divisions Recruits will be exposed to a more rigorous Physical Training schedule than the average Navy Recruit at boot camp would be.

    Pending extenuating circumstances, Navy Recruit Training lasts 8 weeks.

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    Upon graduation of Navy Recruit Training, you will attend the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Preparatory Course of Instruction across the street from the Recruit Training Command, at Training Support Center Great Lakes.

    Here, you will lay the groundwork that the rest of your EOD training is going to build off of.

    In this course, you will work on your long-range swimming capabilities, and receive training on how to perfect your swim stroke.

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    Credentials Earned & Maintained Prior To Joining The Navy

    If you are Navy , you may now be eligible for funding for credentials that were earned, and maintained, prior to entering the Navy. The certification or license must have relevance to the needs of the Navy, and must appear on Navy COOL, although it does not need to show the Navy Bucks icon to be funded.To validate your earned & maintained credential, you will need to provide Navy COOL with a scanned or emailed document showing the credential earned and maintained. Please send the document with your OPNAV 1500/57 Professional Certification and Licensing Voucher Request .As with any credential, you must meet all other eligibility criteria and the certification or license vendors’ requirements.

    Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare

    Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare is the Department of Defenses Maritime EOD Component and the Worlds Premier EOD Force. It is the only EOD component trained to operate across the full range of military operations to include surface supplied and closed circuit diving, static line and military freefall parachute operations, and specialized insertion and extraction techniques.

    EOD Warfare Officers are trained in: Underwater Mine Countermeasures , Diving and Salvage Operations, Countering Improvised Explosive Devices , Counter Proliferation /Weapons of Mass Destruction , Support to Special Forces Navy and Army, Conventional EOD Operations, Weapons Technical Intelligence , and Foreign Internal Defense /Theater Security Cooperation partnerships and training.

    Navy EOD Warfare offers both men and women an exciting career and command opportunities in this small specialized community.

    • About USNA

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    Training And Career Path

    Prior to becoming a Navy Diver, one must first become a Sailor.

    Recruits accomplish this via successful completion of Navy Recruit Training, commonly referred to as Boot Camp.

    All sailors attend Boot Camp at the Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes .

    Located at Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago, Illinois in Lake County.

    RTC Great Lakes is commonly referred to as The Quarterdeck of the Navy.

    Boot Camp is eight weeks long.

    During these eight weeks, the Navy will teach you the basic skills required of all US Sailors.

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    How To Become A Navy Seal

    Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD

    All roads to becoming a Navy SEAL, end at BUD/S — Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training. There are many routes to get to sunny Coronado, California, where BUD/S is located, but the only way to become a Navy SEAL is to finish BUD/S first. Below are the several options SEAL wannabes struggle with and should know before signing any paperwork with the Navy:

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    Opportunities For Prior Rate Or Designator Sailors

    If you have cross-rated or redesignated, you now are eligible for certifications and licenses mapped to your prior rating or designator. The Navy Bucks icon on the Navy COOL page for your previous position/rate indicates which certifications and licenses may be funded.As with any credential, you must meet all other eligibility criteria and the certification or license vendors’ requirements.

    Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    Eight months/Eglin AFB, FL

    At this joint service schoolhouse, Airmen will train side by side with Army, Navy and Marine Corps candidates on subjects ranging from explosive tools and techniques to nuclear weapon response operations to build the skills needed to handle the most extreme situations.


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    Attend Seal Prep Course

    The SEAL preparatory course in Great Lakes, IL, lasts two months. It is an intense boot camp designed to prepare candidates for their initial SEAL training program. It includes two more PSTs that are even more challenging than the initial test.

    To move on to the next level of SEAL training, you must pass an exit PST that includes:

    • 500-yard swim: 12-½ minutes minimum eight to nine minutes to be competitive
    • Push-ups in two minutes: 50 minimum 80-100 competitive
    • Sit-ups in two minutes: 50 minimum 80-100 competitive
    • Pull-ups: 10 minimum 15-20 competitive
    • 1.5-mile run: 11-½ minutes minimum nine to 10 minutes

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    Explosive Ordnance Disposal Eod

    After the blast  life of an EOD tech

    Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians render safe all types of ordnance, both conventional and unconventional. These ordinances can include improvised, chemical, biological, and nuclear materials. They perform underwater location, identification, render safe, and recovery of foreign and domestic ordnance. EOD techs conduct demolition of hazardous munitions, pyrotechnics, and retrograde explosives using detonation and burning techniques. They are also called upon to support military and civilian law enforcement agencies.

    Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians locate, identify, render safe, and dispose of all forms of ordnance both U.S. and foreign made. Parachute or helicopter insertion and deep-sea diving capabilities are sometimes necessary to perform this mission. In addition to working closely with other military services, EOD technicians occasionally assist civilian law enforcement agencies.

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    Do They Drown You In Navy Seal Training

    Navy SEAL candidates go through some of the hardest military training in the world before earning their beloved Trident. Before graduating BUD/s, they must successfully pass drown-proofing which is a series of swim challenges that must be completed without the use of their hands or feet which are tied together.

    Western United States And Hawaii

    The navy’s largest complex is , California, which covers 1.1 million acres of land, or approximately 1/3 of the U.S. Navy’s total land holdings.

    , California is the main homeport of the Pacific Fleet, although its headquarters is located in , Hawaii. is located on the north side of , and is home to Headquarters for Naval Air Forces and Naval Air Force Pacific, the bulk of the Pacific Fleet’s helicopter squadrons, and part of the West Coast fleet. is located on the southern end of the Coronado Island and is home to the navy’s west coast SEAL teams and special boat units. NAB Coronado is also home to the , the primary training center for SEALs.

    The other major collection of naval bases on the west coast is in , . Among them, is one of the newer bases and the navy states that it is its most modern facility.

    , Nevada serves as the primary training ground for navy strike aircrews, and is home to the . are also located at , California, and , Washington, while the carrier-based airborne early warning aircraft community and major air test activities are located at , California. The naval presence in Hawaii is centered on , which hosts the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet and many of its subordinate commands.

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