PopularHow To Become A Nurse Through The Military

How To Become A Nurse Through The Military


How To Become A Registered Nurse

How To Become a Military Nurse | Life as a Critical Care Nurse
  • Step 1: Complete high school.
  • Step 2: Complete either an ADN or BSN program.
  • Step 3: Take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Once applicants pass the exam they become licensees. Similar to LPN licenses, RN licenses are highly transferable. This is incredibly important for military spouses and their families.

What Does A Career As An Army Nurse Involve

What you can expect to do day-to-day as a military nurse can depend largely on your location and specialisation. As a full-time or part-time regular army nurse, you can expect to gain deployment to a large variety of units, where you may provide hospital trauma and primary care. You may also provide in-patient field hospital-level care.

Where you work as a nurse in the army often depends on the current operation of the military. You can expect to spend some time working in local defence bases, where the focus is usually on training for operations and maintaining clinical skills. You may also deliver primary health care and low acuity in-patient care. There may be exciting opportunities to work as a nurse overseas during combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian relief operations. In such environments, you can expect to work in pre-hospital settings providing primary health care and immediate resuscitation or helping in surgical field hospitals.

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What Is The Difference Between Hospital Corpsmen And Military Nurses

The primary difference is that Hospital Corpsmen are enlisted military personnel and military nurses are officers. Hospital Corpsmen perform various roles within the militarys medical field. Some Corpsmen operate biomedical equipment, some serve as operating room techs, some are trained to perform dental repairs, some deliver emergency care in the field, and some are assigned clerical duties.

As a Corpsman, you are required to enlist for five years in the military. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and a score of 146 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

Upon enlisting as a Corpsman, you must complete an initial 7-9 week Boot Camp and then technical training in medical education based on specific curriculum set by the military. As an enlisted member of the military, pay grade starts lower than military nurses with similar opportunities to move up in rank and pay grade based on years of service.

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What Are The Educational Requirements For A Military Nurse

The first step in becoming a military nurse is obtaining your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, also known as a BSN degree. Typically, BSN degrees take around four years to complete. Although the military prefers their nurses to have BSN degrees, the Army Reserve accepts nurses with only Associate’s Degrees in Nursing, or ADN degrees. However, these RNs are expected to have a BSN degree by the time they’re ready for promotion as Captain. Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you are then permitted to sit for the state board examinations.

Once a civilian RN has undergone the primary educational processes involved in becoming a military nurse, they will then also need to undergo officer training through whichever branch of the armed forces they wish to serve in. Officer training educates newly admitted RNs on leadership skills and military life. Additionally, during officer training, RNs are also required to show their proficiency in various physical fitness exercises.

Do You Need Certifications For A Career In Military Nursing

Army nurse proud to show PM through facilities

Other than holding a BSN degree and having an active and unencumbered RN license, there are generally no additional mandatory certifications for nurses who want to work in the military. Still, some credentials may be highly encouraged for particular nursing specialties and positions. These are very specialty specific. Examples of potential certifications employers may ask for are: Acute Cardiac Life Support , Pediatric Advanced Life Support , or Critical Care . It is useful to remember that each military nursing job will come with its own set of requirements, so its essential to check what they are ahead of time.

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How To Become A Registered Nurse In The Military

On the face of it, this seems like a silly question, but to this day, nursing is still plagued by countless myths and misconceptions.

In the 20th century, nurse evolved from a subordinate position as the doctor’s “handmaiden” into a highly educated, largely autonomous profession. Registered nurses provide day-to-day patient care based on a holistic model that concerns itself not only with medical procedures and drug administration, but also daily hygiene, mobility, and psychological and spiritual care.

Although still reliant on doctors and other primary care providers to order prescriptions and certain treatments, registered nurses have become collaborative professionals rather than subordinates, with an arsenal of independent actions to help repair, maintain, and promote patients’ health.

Specifically, a registered nurse is distinguished from others, such as licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, by education level, treatment privileges, and independence. Only a registered nurse may assess and treat wounds, review diagnostic tests, and give medications ordered by a physician.

On the other hand, some nurses who pursue advanced nursing practice degrees earn even greater autonomy. Nurse Practitioners, for example, are able to practice much the same way as doctors: they may run a practice, form medical diagnoses, and prescribe medications.

What Is The Army Nurse Corps

Registered nurses who wish to work in the military can start their career by _joining the United States Army Nurse Corps . Several specialties are available within the ANC, i_ncluding obstetrics-gynecology, mental health, public health and aviation medicine. You may also work as a peri-operative nurse, c*linical nurse specialist or family nurse practitione*r. ANC_ members receive a distinctive insignia associated with their profession.

This division of the military consists of commissioned officers. In order to become a military nurse, you must hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an RN license. Focus on building up your skills and gaining experience. Consider working as a civilian nurse in the first few years after graduation. Another option is to join the army as a graduate nurse and ask a recruiter to put you in contact with the commissioning board later on.

As long as you have a valid RN license and a BA in nursing, you can apply for a commission. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your application will be approved. Each branch of the military has specific requirements for nurses the Air Force nurse age limit, for example, is different than the Navy Nurse Corps age limit. If you decide to join the ANC, you must be a U.S. citizen between 21 and 41 years of age.

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Apply For A Job As A Nurse With The Adf

You can apply with the ADF as a graduate or undergraduate nurse. If you know the army is where you may like to work, then a great option is to apply for a Defence University Sponsorship as an undergraduate. This program can provide financial support during your studies and may help you fast-track your military nursing career. Appointment of the sponsorship is often subject to completion of year 12 and one full year of tertiary study.

Applying for a job as a graduate nurse often requires you to have at least two years of recent post-graduate experience and current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia .

How To Become A Registered Nurse While Serving In The Air Force

Army ROTC Nurse Training | GOARMY

The Air Force has a program for enlisted members who want to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing and become a commissioned officer. The program is called the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program, or NECP. Those selected for the program attend college full-time at an accredited college while remaining on active duty.

It is a different program than Direct Enlistment Commissioning program, which lets airmen who already have a nursing degree and have passed the licensure exam to commission into the Nurse Corps.

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Military Nursing As An Adjunct Career The Reserve Nurse

Home / Guide to Military Nursing Education & Service / Military Nursing as an Adjunct Career The Reserve Nurse

Nearly 10,000 nurses serve in the U.S. Military Reserve orNational Guard each year. Of these nurses, the vast majority of them have thrivingcivilian nursing careers as well. Balancing the day-to-day civilian job and familyactivities with the expectations of weekend drills and exercises as acommissioned officer in the U.S. military requires dedication, logistics,support, and skill.

These citizen-soldiers, sailors and airmen join the military for many reasons career goals, retirement benefits, leadership training, and military professionalism. Many reservists served in active duty as either a nurse, medic, or corpsman before joining the reserve to pursue life and education while keeping a foot in the military world.

The Nurse Corps has five Reserve components and, althoughsimilar, each branch has its own commitment requirements:

Bring Better Care To Healthcare

Nurses are integral to the top-rate healthcare we provide to our Airmen and their families, and in the Air Force, theyre treated as essential members to the healthcare team. Our Nurses are respected Officers in the Air Force and provide their personal care in state-of-the-art medical facilities or aeromedical evacuation units around the world.


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Adaptable And Dedicated Nursing Care Wherever The Army Serves


Army nurses can find themselves working in a variety of settings. These can vary from NHS hospitals within Joint Hospital Group hospital units to ground-based environments such as medical regiments and field hospitals. Nursing personnel deal with a wide range of medical situations, which could involve caring for civilian and military patients in the UK to military casualties of war and conflict.Posting opportunities are diverse and include a variety of clinical roles, instructional positions within clinical and military training establishments and other interesting jobs such as recruiting. You can also choose to join as a Soldier or Officer, depending on your qualifications, experience and the type of career you are looking for.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide general and specialist nursing care to soldiers and civilians
  • Manage daily patient case load on a ward within a Joint Hospital Group
  • On operations you will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, often alongside other multi-national forces
  • You could work in modern UK hospitals or the more austere and challenging conditions of a field hospital abroad
  • Excellent continued professional development up to and beyond MSc level

Training For The Role

Benefits Of Becoming A Military Nurse

Canadian Nurses in World War 1  TLC Muskoka

Becoming a military nurse provides ample benefits. In addition to providing an opportunity for prospective nurses to contribute to a cause that is bigger than themselves, it also provides numerous tangible benefits that can be put to good use for those looking to advance their careers, broaden their expertise or expand their knowledge base.

Military nurses are offered competitive salaries. Each persons salary is dependent on their education and experience and they are eligible for incentive pay and retention bonuses commensurate with their service amount and job title. You can take a closer look at the breakdown here.

Of course, the benefits available go beyond signing bonuses and salaries. Military nurses also have the opportunity to take advantage of loan repayment programs. The active-duty health professions loan repayment program can earn participants up to $120,000 to pay off their nursing school tuition. Education benefits also extend to nurses who would like to further their education while employed as military nurses, with opportunities for continuing education and clinical specialization so they can take the necessary steps to advance their careers.

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How Does The Military Ranking System Apply To Military Nurses

The military ranking system determines a military nurse’s salary potential. The system establishes base pay according to experience and ranking achievements.

While all nurses are officers, specific rank and base pay depends on their prior military experience. Without military experience, nurses begin at the bottom of the rank structure, earning less each month than those with four or more years of experience as an enlisted officer.

In addition to military experience, special incentives may increase pay. These incentives depend on commission type, work setting, and commitment length.

Are Any Certifications Or Credentials Needed

Before an individual becomes an official military nurse, they must already have graduated from a nursing program approved by their state’s Board of Nursing and have taken and passed the National Council Licensure Exam . Once you have passed your state board examination, you are eligible to obtain an RN license. After this, RNs can apply to a particular branch of the military, and if accepted, sign the necessary contracts and be sworn in.

Read our Guide to Military Nursing Education & Service – Click the Banner!

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Enlist Or Build Civilian Experience

The next step is to gain professional experience as a nurse. There are two options to fulfill this requirement, the first of which is to enlist in the military immediately. Enlisting directly after you earn your nursing license allows you to start the process of becoming a military nurse early and enter the branch of your choice as a new graduate nurse.

The second option is to build experience by working as a civilian nurse at a medical practice or hospital. This can offer you the opportunity to develop your nursing skills and expertise before entering the military, which can ensure that you’re prepared to move on to specialized training in military nursing.

Skills And Qualities Of An Army Nurse

Navy Nurse Job Career Profile

Military nurses often possess a broad range of skills and attributes that can help them fulfil their roles. The skills and qualities of an army nurse often include:

  • personal courage and calmness in the face of adversity

  • great leadership and team management skills

  • advanced communication and interpersonal skills

  • excellent decision-making abilities

  • the ability to perform well under physical and mental pressure

  • patience, compassion and firmness

  • confidence and the willingness to take initiative

  • determination and commitment

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Salary And Job Outlook For Military Nurses

While there isn’t any specific salary data for military nurses, the national average salary for registered nurses in the United States is currently $78,445 per year. However, this salary may vary depending on a military nurse’s education level, military rank and certifications. Military nurses also receive benefits outside of their salaries, such as medical insurance, retirement plans and housing allowances.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , they expect the number of jobs available to civilians in the military, such as military nurses, to remain consistent through 2028. The BLS attributes this consistency to ongoing challenges in domestic and international affairs. They also point to a general need for personnel across all branches of the military.

Earn A Nursing Degree

To start your career as a military nurse, pursue a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from an accredited nursing school. BSN programs offer extensive training in all aspects of nursing, including education about nursing procedures and ethics and clinical rotations that give students the chance to apply what they learn through hands-on experience.

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One What Is Military Nursing

Military nursing shares many similarities to civilian nursing, in which the common goal is to treat patients and promote their well-being.

However, military nursing is a career under starkly different circumstances.

Military nurses might work either at home or in foreign countries. The most common settings for military nurses to work include military bases, military hospitals, and clinics.

These nurses may also work in hospitals or global response centers alongside deployed military personnel during natural disasters or times of war. Military nurses can work in potentially dangerous environments, like foreign war zones, and work under extremely stressful conditions.

Military nurses also have to be prepared to deal with the emotional demands of working in war conditions. As a reward for the extreme sacrifice and dedication of military nurses, the career also comes with amazing access to healthcare benefits, education, and the opportunity to rise in rank.

Are Navy Corpsman Considered Nurses

Forward Surgical Team Soldier succeeds through adversity

Every branch of the military has a career track for non-licensed medical personnel.

This personnel is considered Corpsmen or medics.

On the other hand, the specialty training and roles that are more advanced are known as nursing specialties.

Therefore, the term Corpsman and Medic are interchangeable, but the specific training specialties make each service member into a Nurse.

Navy Corpsmen may serve on ships, naval hospitals, outpatient clinics, and connecting Marine Corps units.

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An Inside Look Into Life As An Army Nurse

    Have you ever wanted to take your career to the limit? Or, at least try something totally new? As a nurse practitioner, Ive heard of nurses working in the military or NPs stationed overseas through the U.S. Department of State but Ive never gotten an up close look into these types of unique career experiences. Until today.

    Captain Lisa Dukes is a nurse working with the Army Nurse Corps. Today, I chatted with Lisa about her life as an army nurse. She graciously answered my most pressing questions and shared her experiences and thoughts on working as a nurse in the military. Heres what she had to say.

    Tell me about how you decided to become an army nurse.

    When I was a kid my parents worked for the government. My stepfather was an army reservist so I grew up around the military. I didnt become a nurse until later in life, at age 36, when I began working as a civilian nurse in the ER. After I had been a nurse for about three years, I was finishing up my BSN degree and decided to take a look at what options were out there. I wanted to do something a little different so I joined the military.

    One thing many people dont know is that you dont just sign up to join the army as a nurse. Its a long and competitive process to enlist. The military is currently cutting back on missions, operations, and personnel so they are selecting fewer and fewer nurses. The whole process took me ten months.

    How does working in a military hospital compare to working in a civilian hospital?

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