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How To Become A Navy Firefighter


How To Become A Firefighter

Navy seal fighting to become firefighter

Before you can become a firefighter, you must have a valid driver’s license, a high school diploma and be at least 18 years old. Most careers in fire fighting begin with government approved fire academies or training courses. To complete those programs, you’ll need to pass a written exam and a physical exam. To do that, you’ll need to perform several common firefighting tasks like climbing ladders, carrying equipment, raising large ladders and performing a forcible entry.

To increase the chances of being hired, many potential firefighters get a degree in fire science and/or get certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. Additionally, any firefighters become sworn officers as they advance in their careers. Those officers can work their way up the ranks through promotions in the same way that police and military officers do.

To get and keep a job as a firefighter, there are several things to stay focused on. First, get and stay in good physical condition. Secondly, stay out of trouble. You’ll be working with law enforcement officers regularly and it is expected that you’ll have a fairly clear record. If you’ve made mistakes in your past, it is best to be honest with your superiors about those mistakes. Also, make sure that they know about any driving infractions you have on your record, since driving will be a part of your job requirement. Lastly, keep your social media appropriate. Many jobs check your social media, and you may be held accountable for what you’ve posted.

Apply To Your Firefighting Dream Jobs

Once youve completed all your required training and other mandates specific to the fire department youre interested in, its time to apply. Weve touched on a number of things that you can to do increase your chances of being hired as a firefighter, like getting your EMT certification, working as a volunteer firefighter, and earning a postsecondary degree or certificate. Here are a few other ideas to consider to increase your likelihood of being hired:

  • Become a paramedic.
  • Take classes or get training in any number of areas related to firefighting. Hazmat training and certification is a good example. The general rule is: The more you know about firefighting before applying for a job, the better your chances of being hired.
  • Get into and maintain excellent physical shape.
  • Stay clean and out of trouble. Remember, youll have to pass a drug test and background check to get hired as a firefighter regardless of where you want to work.
  • Stop by local fire stations, especially the ones where youd like to work. Youll get to know the people working there, and more importantly, theyll get to know you.

Here are a few excellent resources for learning more about becoming a firefighter and landing your first job:

  • International Association of Fire Fighters : Labor union representing fire fighters and emergency medical services personnel. Current job openings are listed on the websites job center page.
  • How To Become A Firefighter With A General Discharge

    When people are discharged from military service, adapting to civilian life becomes essential. Getting a job is indeed a top priority. The type of discharge you receive fundamentally affects the quality of life you will enjoy as a civilian. A general discharge under honorable conditions may not hinder you from getting a job. However you will have to compete against candidates with honorable discharges, who are viewed more favorably by employers. Becoming a firefighter with a general discharge entails being honest about your military experience and selling your valuable skills.

    Check if the reason you were given a general discharge is listed by your states fire department as a factor that may disqualify you from becoming a firefighter. Discuss with the fire department the effects a general discharge may have on your application. Note that different agencies have diverse views about an applicants discharge status.

    Upgrade your military discharge if you believe that the general discharge was inequitable or improper. Obtain the form DD 2293 by downloading it from the Army Publishing Directorate website and fill in the form by following the instructions on it. Explain in your statement the circumstances of your discharge and why the discharge was improper or inequitable.


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    What Are The Qualifications To Become A Volunteer Firefighter

    Basic qualifications and skills. The requirements to become a volunteer firefighter differ per fire service. Most services require firefighters to be at least 18 years old and have a college degree or equivalent. Applicants must generally pass medical and written exams, drug tests, and background checks.

    Is A Fire Fighter A Government Job

    Ohio Firefighters Kept in the Dark on Drilling and ...

    Federal firefighters work for federal agencies such as the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management. Job descriptions and qualifications for federal firefighters vary. Wildland firefighters have received special training in handling garden hoses and heavy extinguishing equipment.

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    Is The Sffma Of Texas Training Division In Canada

    SFFMA of the Texas Division of Education is proud to be the leading provider of firefighter certification programs for Canadian students. The NFPA 1001: Firefighter Level I& II program is the starting point for your firefighting career and consists of an online component that you can start with at any time, followed by a two-week bootcamp.

    What Is The Retirement Age For A Firefighter

    As an employee or firefighter of LEO FERS, you can retire earlier than most other employees. To do this, you must meet the age and service requirements and leave the position vacant. The minimum age and work experience is 50 years, with work experience of at least 20 years, or any age and 25 years of service.

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    Is Everyone In The Navy A Firefighter

    Is everyone in the Navy a firefighter? While no Sailor has firefighting as their sole profession even damage controlmen have firefighting as just one of their several skillsets starting from day one at recruit training, Sailors across the fleet are trained in firefighting, regardless of their primary job function.

    Hereof, Where do Navy firefighters get stationed?

    US Navy Firefighters

    Although duty stations can be at naval air stations or ports around the world, many Navy firefighters serve aboard submarines or ships.

    Similarly Can you become a firefighter after the Navy? After the Navy

    Career possibilities include becoming a firefighter, EMT or paramedic at your local department or working in the medical field as a medical assistant, surgical technician or medical laboratory assistant.

    What Can You Do About Firefighter Education And Training

    Becoming a Sailor, Part 6: Every Sailor is a Firefighter

    FireRescue1 firefighter education and training resources help keep firefighters safe by providing access to information that supports professional development and improves education. Find training, seminars or conferences, find training products or view training tips and information about firefighter safety.

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    Where Do I Pay To Become A Firefighter

    You can pay by credit or debit card on the state’s website. The written part of the exam usually takes place in April. The state will send you a written notification and an email with the exam date. After registration for the exam, you will also receive the date, time and place of the aptitude test from the country.

    What Do You Need To Know About Being An Army Firefighter

    MOS 12M is trained in dealing with structural fires, as well as aircraft accidents, car accidents and wildfires. Army firefighters are trained to lead firefighting and rescue operations. Management and leadership skills are required to instruct and guide emergency response teams and to maintain accurate records and reports.

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    Military Service And Firefighting

    Candidates who have served our country in the Armed Forces have a huge advantage over those who have not. It is generally believed that while military veterans may not have as many certificates and fire science units as the other candidates , they offer so much more.

    There is no substitute for life experience. The personal growth a young man or woman experiences in the military is second to none. This growth is of course magnified depending on the assignments held. Many of those who joined the military at a young age grew up very rapidly when put into dangerous situations.

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    Being assigned to the front line is not required to get “credit” for serving in the military. Fire departments realize that there are many support roles that require dedication and commitment. While there is only one person on the nozzle that puts out the fire, there are numerous other assignments that need to take place on the fire ground. It is important that a firefighter be willing to work in a support role for the good of the team.

    The fire service is a para-military organization. Many of the common terms in the fire service, such as captain and lieutenant, were taken directly from the military. Words like code, honor, commitment, and integrity are as important to the fire service as they are to the military.

    Related: To apply for jobs that match your skills, visit the Military Skills Translator.

    Who Is The Highest Paid Firefighter

    Royal Navy Firefighters Tackling a Blaze

    The combined area of ââSan Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara, California had the highest firefighter salary of any city, with 1,920 firefighters earning median hourly wages in U.S. dollars. This equates to an annual salary of $80,350 full-time. The government groups neighboring towns into larger metropolitan areas and reports data on their wages and employment.

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    How Important Is Accreditation

    Accreditation is a way of ensuring that a degree or certificate program has been properly vetted to meet minimum standards for academic quality. There are two basic types of accreditation and its crucial that any program you consider has both. Institutional accreditation validates the school as a whole and is administered by both regional and national accrediting agencies recognized by the by the U.S. Department of Education. Programmatic accreditation is concerned with specific degree and certificate programs. In the U.S., fire science programs are accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress . Programs may also be certified by Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education , a program of the U.S. Fire Administration.

    What Are The Requirements To Become A Firefighter

    Applicants must be intelligent, physically fit, and able to withstand a high level of stress in order to become a firefighter. Firefighters must be capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including putting out fires, rescuing people, and educating the public about fire safety. Training often necessitates some level of education, with an emphasis on physical and mental preparation for dealing with the stress of putting out fires. Not everyone is cut out to be a firefighter, but those who are up for the challenge can look forward to a rewarding career in which the public has traditionally held them in high regard.

    Requirements in General

    The requirements for becoming a firefighter vary country and region, but the majority of them are universal. Depending on the fire department, a prospective firefighter must be at least 17 or 18 years old to apply. Some departments require applicants to be at least 21 years old and no more than 29 years old. In the United States, all applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalency, though some fire departments require an associates degree or a few college credits in specific subjects.

    Physical Constraints

    Requirements for Education

    Psychological Factors to Consider

    Training on the Job

    Opportunities for Firefighters in the Future

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    How Do I Become A Navy Firefighter Certification

    Navy Firefighter Qualifications To enroll in the Navy, you must be between the ages of 17 and 34 and have at least a high school diploma or GED. In addition, you are not allowed to use drugs, undergo a medical and physical examination, and take a military proficiency test. Click here for a full answer.

    Become Trained As An Emt

    How I Became a FIREFIGHTER in the ARMY

    Firefighters dont just fight fires, theyre also first responders to accident scenes and other emergencies. Thats why nearly all U.S. jurisdictions and fire departments require firefighter candidates to become certified as Emergency Medical Technicians prior to employment or even when working as a volunteer. In most cases, that will mean obtaining EMT training and certification as part of the candidacy process or immediately after being hired.

    Getting your EMT certification ahead of your candidacy or before submitting your firefighter job application may provide you with a major edge over your competition. EMT training is available from a wide range of sources, including local vocational schools and community colleges, and organizations like the Red Cross. Online courses are also available, but the hand-on portion of your training must be completed in-person.

    Step 5

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    Fire Chiefs Recommendation Led Fire Grad To Jibc

    When comparing various firefighter training programs, some that can be as short as two weeks of hands-on training, Lindsay knew she’d receive incredible value completing her NFPA certification at JIBC. “If Im paying money for something like this, for what I want to do as a career in my life, I wanted it to be the best.”

    Make Sure Youre Fit To Be A Firefighter

    Regardless of the specific area of practice, all individuals working in the firefighting profession must possess certain traits and characteristics necessary for career success. These questions will help you determine if you do:

    • Physical Fitness: Am I physically fit? Do I have the strength and stamina needed to effectively carry out my duties? Am I willing to put in the time and effort required to maintain my physical fitness through the years ahead?
    • Integrity: Am I honest and trustworthy? Can I be relied upon to be accountable to my peers and to uphold the trust placed in me by my community and its citizens?
    • Commitment to Excellence: Do I have the compassion and drive to always perform at my best? Do I possess a strong work ethic and take real pride in what I do? In short, when it comes to my job, do I believe that good enough is not good enough?
    • Work Skills: Do I have good communication and people skills? Am I flexible in my outlook and able to adapt to changing, stressful situations? Do I work well with others? Am I a problem solver? Am I good with my hands and with tools?
    • Courage and Dedication: Am I dedicated to helping others, even if it means placing my own self in physical danger? Am I willing to put my life on the line if the situation requires it?

    If you answered yes to these questions, you may be an excellent fit for a firefighter career.

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    What Is The Training Of A Firefighter Like

    Firefighters generally require a high school diploma and rescue training. Most firefighters receive training at the fire academy, undergo written and physical tests, a series of interviews, and receive a medical assistant certificate . The median annual salary for firefighters was $50,850 in May 2019.

    Do You Have To Have A Degree To Be A Firefighter

    RAF Recruitment

    Usually there are many competitors for every vacancy. While there are generally some basic requirements to apply for a job as a firefighter, the individuals hired often have much more education, training, and experience than is necessary. Therefore, becoming a firefighter may require more training and experience than basic skills.

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    Beyond The Fire Service

    There are so many other benefits to serving in the military that will assist you in your life regardless of your purpose for joining , and should also be placed on the weight scale when considering military service:

    It has been my experience that not only do military veterans do well during the application and hiring process, but also excel as firefighters, and if you ask any firefighter today, those who have served often continue to distinguish themselves from their peers throughout their careers.

    The biggest benefit of all in serving in the military is the service itself. You will now belong to a small elite club that will always be there to support you. Your shared experiences and travels are unmatched among your peers who havent served, and the stories you can now tell will keep children and grandchildren alike in awe of all you have done and seen.

    You will no longer have been a witness to history but you will have been a part of it.

    What Is The Navy Rating For Damage Control

    DC rating. The Navy’s computerized personnel management system associates the qualification name with the Navy’s alphanumeric occupational specialty code. For DC NOS – B200. CDs do the work needed to repair damage, restore ship strength, extinguish fires, prevent fires, and chemical, biological, and radiological warfare.

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    Four Take Exams And Apply For Work

    Your hiring process will typically include a written examination, oral interview, background investigation, drug screening and physical aptitude/agility exam. Youll be asked to provide an extensive job history, academic record, credit history, and a list of personal references.

    The written exam covers math, human relations, problem solving, written and oral communications, judgment, memory and reasoning. A physical exam will cover your hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, blood and urine. A psychological exam will cover personality traits specific to performance as a firefighter.

    Your oral interview typically covers short-term and lifetime career goals, your vision as a life in firefighting and why youre choosing that specific agency or department.

    Meet the basic requirements, typically having corrected 20/20 eyesight, a high school diploma, own a clean criminal record and be at least 18 years old .

    Remember, firefighters not only work for local departments, they take jobs with wilderness firefighting agencies, state fire organizations, with the construction trades, fire-equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

    Some agencies require candidates to volunteer or enroll in accredited apprenticeship programs that combine work with firefighter training. You may be sent to a federal, state or local firefighting academy that follows U.S. Fire Administration guidelines. The National Fire Protection Association also offers a 110-hour certification course.


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