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How To Become A Military Contractor


Salary Expectations For Military Contractors

Federal Contracting – Procurement Playbook – Doing Business With US DOL – Department of Labor

The national average salary expectations for similar occupations like military police members is $41,175 per year, whereas the national average salary for private contractors is $32,480 per year and security officers make an average of $47,539 per year.

Based on these similar occupations and their salaries, the national average salary for military contractors may meet or exceed these figures.


How To Join Private Military Contractor Service Without Military Experience

If you want to work as a private military contractor, the best way to do it is to send in an application. The recruitment method is not that different if you have military experience.

To start, you should first of all carry out a research on companies that can accept your services without a military background. They are a couple of them available, you just need to know where to look. Private military contractors such as Constellis and GardaWorld Federal Services list open positions along with their requirements.

Next, you should bring your resume up to date and write out an application. You then have to visit the websites of these companies and fill out an application form, or get an address where you can mail your application form to. These websites usually list out the job openings that are available in their companies, so you just have to pick the ones that suit you best and apply to them.

The private military contractor jobs that require no military experience that you may find include:

  • Background investigator
  • Gun and weapons handling license
  • Security clearance
  • Who Are Private Military Contractors?
  • A private military contractors is a private company providing armed combat or security services for financial gain. PMCs refer to their staff as security contractors or private military contractors

  • What Are Private Military Contractors Hired To Do?
  • Are Mercenaries And Private Military Legal?
  • Can Private Military Operate on US Soil?
  • What Do Private Military Contractors Do?
  • The Process Of Becoming A Private Military Contractor

    To become a private military contractor, the first thing youll do is to undergo vetting after which youll be trained to prepare to work with military personnel and in a support position.

    Youll also have to undergo drug screening, security clearance, and comprehensive background checks.

    To qualify as a contractor to the military, its important for you to maintain great fitness levels as youll need to undergo a performance test during interviews.

    You need to have a clean record previous felony charges or any related charges against you will disqualify you from becoming a private military contractor.

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    Having prior knowledge in handling weapons will give you an edge, and thus you should endeavor to pursue weapon training courses to increase your chances of getting hired.

    Department of Defense is responsible for hiring individuals from private military companies to provide support services to armed combat forces and spends hundreds of billions of dollars to pay salaries and allowances for these individuals.

    Here are several things to do to become a private military contractor

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    What Is A Civilian Contractor

    A civilian contractor is someone who works overseas under contract for the government or military. In this field, you can also work for non-governmental organizations, private military contractors, and other foreign contracting services. Civilian contractors provide numerous support services to the government. You may also have infrastructure and development duties. As a civilian contractor, you must have experience in your specific field before considering work as a contractor. You often work in conflict zones or in underdeveloped regions of the world that need basic services and support.

    How To Become A Private Security Contractor Without Military Experience

    The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Private Military Contractor

    Here is how to become a private military contractor without military experience.

    One thing thats common with a lot of private security contractors is their military background or training. This gives them the edge to provide security solutions to a variety of clients.

    While this may look like an exclusive playground for persons with military experience, its not always the case.

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    Seek Additional Assistance As Needed In The Dod Marketplace

    In addition to the Office Small Business Programs, there are other important resources to help you become a defense supplier, including Defense Pricing and Contracting and Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation. The more you research about defense and aerospace industry challenges, the better you’ll be at identifying potential opportunities, marketing to them, developing proposals, and winning contracts.

    How To Get A Private Security Job: A Primer

    If youre reading this article, chances are that you are looking for advice or answers on how to successfully secure a job in the Private Security sector. Even though this seems like a very niche and narrow subset within the broader spectrum of jobs, there are many disciplines and subsets of jobs within this sector. In fact, there are so many nuances among jobs within this sector that, very often, even seasoned veterans and contractors have difficulty navigating their way into jobs.

    First, lets separate fact from fiction about this field. The private military and private security field is not simply for ex-special operators. In fact, the majority of candidates who are placed into jobs do not come from a SOF background.

    Another common misconception is that this field is only for men and that couldnt be further from the truth. There is a great need for skilled female operators, particularly in executive protection jobs as well as a wide range of other security jobs. We have successfully placed a number of women into jobs all around the world ranging from mobile protective security specialist positions to surveillance operators.

    In the near future, well publish a series of articles that are more specific to different job subsets our focus in this article will remain on the general basics of how to get started in this uniquely experienced career field.

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    What Do Pmcs Do

    PMCs do not have just one job. Their duties and tasks depend on a variety of other factors. Some examples of what PMCs do are:

    • Conduct counter-drug operations
    • Protect employees on oil rigs or fields
    • Guard politicians or political dignitaries
    • Train security personnel on site
    • Assist the police or military personnel on assignments
    • Guard government building and corporate headquarters
    • Collaborate with special forces to conduct surveillance activities in war zones
    • Provide armed escort for high-risk figures and diplomats
    • Work with security professionals to map out safe routes and defensive processes
    • Serving as an armed guard during military supply transportation across territories

    In general, PMCs are hired for niche expertise and skills to guarantee security.

    How Much Does A Roving Security Contractor Make

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    The salary and compensation can be all over the place depending on the company you work for, the location you work in, etc.

    With that said, here are a few examples:

    • High Threat Security Operator $450 a day
    • Personal Security Specialist $600 $650 a day
    • Guard Site Supervisor $800 a day

    In general, roving and static security are some of the highest paying private military contractor jobs on the planet.

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    Is Contracting A Good Job

    There are pros and cons to every job, and this is no different. The main benefit of becoming a defense contractor is very clear though lots and lots of $money$.

    As for the rest there are millions employed by the defense industry in every field imaginable. Since every job is different, this makes it impossible to say if you will enjoy it. But as they say, money isnt everything, but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

    What Guns Do Private Contractors Use

    Private security contractors who are alums of elite US military units often prefer the same weapons they carried in the service such as the SCAR-L or M4 assault rifles that fire 5.56mm rounds. If they want to up the caliber a little, they can go with the SCAR-H or M14, which both use a 7.62mm round.

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    Becoming A Private Security Contractor

    Having touched on the various requirements for starting your private security business, whats next is how to proceed. The process of becoming a private security contractor aligns with the requirements mentioned above.

    First off, youll have to obtain or earn your degree.

    So, are there specific associate or bachelors degrees one must obtain to become a private security contractor? Not really. However, persons with security and law enforcement backgrounds tend to gravitate towards degrees in police science and criminal justice.

    What Does A Private Military Contractor Do

    How to Become a Private Military Contractor

    The responsibilities of a private military contractor can vary greatly depending on the specific position they hold. For example, some private military contractors work in active combat, while others can work in administration or human resources. Here are some of the common job duties that a private military contractor can have:

    • Helping conduct intelligence analysis

    • Training new security officers and police forces

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    What Are Different Types Of Civilian Contractor Jobs

    Workers from nearly every sector and industry can be civilian contractors. You can find work as a mechanic, construction worker, infrastructure engineer, or medical care professional, to name a few. You can also work as a private military contractor to provide protection to sensitive sites, such as oil pipelines and telecommunications infrastructure. Your responsibilities may require you to drive military or freight trucks, provide interpretation services for military or diplomatic missions, or consult on government and aid work. The duties and responsibilities for all these positions are similar to those in domestic contracting, but there is significantly more risk involved in contracting in overseas conflict zones.

    Final Words Of Wisdom

    Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Its a situation we run into EVERY. SINGLE. DAYwhere we have an extremely seasoned Candidate that holds out for a dream opportunity and rejects every other opportunity that they think is beneath them. When the dream opportunity vaporizes , they go back to the opportunities that they thought werent good enough only to find that other Candidates filled the remaining billets and those jobs are no longer available.

    We cannot stress enough that until you are standing in the job and getting paid for it, you do not have the job. Honestly evaluate the jobs youre interested in and apply for them if you are qualified . Even if the compensation is lower than what you were hoping for, some money coming in is better than no money. Get the job offers first its far better to be in a position to be able to choose than to have no choice at all.

    Be sure to check out the Stars & Stripes podcast episode that features our founders talk about Silent Professionals mission to expand job opportunities for veterans and what it takes for job seekers to make the cut.

    Force for Hire, A Stars & Stripes Podcast Episode 7: Leveraging military skills, expertise to forge a new career

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    Private Military Companies Pay Versus Army Pay

    Private military companies do not disclose all the relevant particulars regarding the payroll and names of their clients.

    Also, the contractors who worked for these companies rarely speak about the details of their contracts since their contracts require silence.

    According to CNN, private military contractors salaries range from $500 per day and $720 per day.

    For the US army, pay depends on rank and experience.

    The higher the rank, the more responsibilities you have and the corresponding pay. A private, doing advanced training pockets $1,468 per month.

    A sergeant with over 5 years of experience, earns a base pay of $2,448 per month.

    Their salaries vary depending on ranks with the average annual salary of an army officer being $80,157.

    Differences Between Working For The Military And A Defense Contractor

    Government Contracting – Teaming Agreements – Win Federal Contracts – LIVE Q& A

    Many military members transition out of the military into government jobs either choose to work directly for the DoD or government contractors. And there are a number of differences between the role of service member and contractor. We are just going to dive into a few of them to help you decide if working for a government contractor is the next right step for you in your career.

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    How To Get The Job

    First of all, you are not going to become a private military contractor and get a job by writing comments on social media. Periodend of story! You have to get off your ass and apply apply apply. In 2004 as a soldier, I wrote down every company name I came across while deployed. After I got home I immediately applied to all of them. I mean all of them.

    Requirements For Becoming A Private Security Contractor

    Certain basic requirements are needed for becoming a private security contractor. These range from educational qualifications, licensure, prior experience, as well as skills.

    Because security is a delicate area, these requirements are carefully assessed to determine whether or not one has what it takes to become a private security contractor.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the basic requirements or benchmarks for becoming a private security contractor. With this said, its necessary to take a look at these requirements.

    Such a detailed understanding gives you an idea of how to proceed.

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    Learn To Speak A Foreign Language

    Almost all PMC work is based abroad. Therefore, its extremely helpful to your job prospects to have a couple of foreign languages under your belt. The more strings to your bow, the better. Youll often have to communicate with locals on the ground, and speaking their language is a huge asset to any company.

    Good languages to learn are Arabic, Farsi, and Pashto. Take a look at the countries that have the most PMC work and focus on learning those languages.

    There are a ton of online courses and apps you can download to help you. A decent grasp of most languages can be gained through around 100 hours of study and is well worth the effort.

    Tip #: Check The Legalities Of Becoming A Private Military Contractor Overseas

    How To Become a Private Military Contractor

    In some countries, the constitution prohibits its citizens from becoming private military contractors overseas.

    Therefore, it is important to check the law before proceeding any further to avoid disappointment.

    You should also see the legalities surrounding different tiers of operations within the security department to know which are illegal in your home country.

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    Know What The Job Involves

    Private military contractors , also referred to as defence contractors, provide security services to private organisations, VIPs, or government agencies or officials. Private military contractors play a critical role in gathering intelligence, offering technical support, training professionals in the field of international security, and transporting arms and equipment to conflict zones around the globe.

    While becoming a PMC sounds glamorous and fun, the job can be physically demanding and risky. A large majority of PMCs work in war-torn and politically unstable areas. Even though they do not regularly work in combat arenas, they often are tasked with protecting VIPs and world leaders. In doing so, they are also at constant risk for unexpected gunfights or violent demonstrations.

    It is also important to understand that PMCs are not mercenaries.

    The latter are war combatants and only work for monetary gain. Mercenaries are usually former military personnel who take on war combat jobs. Most western nations, including the US, have laws that prevent their citizens from acting as mercenaries. On the other hand, PMCs usually work for either the government or private contractors, have a chain of command, and follow orders.

    The job may be glamorised in the motion pictures, but real life is quite different, with the job taking a physical and psychological toll on many of these private military contractors.

    How To Become A Private Military Contractor

    Since the start of the 21st century, the market for private military contract work has grown exponentially. It is, of course, an age-old profession that used to be referred to as mercenary work.

    However, your modern-day private military contractor isnt quite the same as your old-school mercenary.

    So, what does the modern-day version entail, and how to become a private military contractor? If youre interested in this line of work, then its time to find out if you have the credentials to gain employment in this lucrative field.


  • Its not an easy career path
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    Gain Relevant Military Or Law Enforcement Experience

    To become a PMC, candidates need to have a military or law enforcement background.

    Some positions require no experience in the military, like intelligence, transportation computing, telecommunications. IT, robotics, surveillance, etc., but in most cases, agencies prefer people with experience in the military or law enforcement. These jobs are in high-risk, politically unstable nations with ongoing wars, and you candidates should have some knowledge about the use of firearms, covert intelligence, operating military trucks and other critical equipment.

    Interested In Working For A Defense Contractor

    How The West Made Billions Enslaving Poor Countries

    ACI Learning can get you there. ACI Learning offers IT certification prep courses to help you get your Security+, CEH, CISSP, and other certifications that can be your foot in the door to get hired by a defense contractor. Courses are taught by instructors with real industry experience, and ACI Learning covers the cost of one certification attempt per class. After your classes are complete, the ACI Learning Career Services team will make it their #1 goal to get you hired!

    Are you ready to start training for your future?

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