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How To Become A Flight Medic In The Army


How To Become An Army Combat Medic

U.S. Army National Guard Flight Medic

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Medics, or healthcare specialists, in the United States Army provide medical treatment to wounded soldiers. They provide emergency medical treatment to soldiers on the frontlines as well as healthcare in facilities, like hospitals and clinics. With the right training, a healthcare specialist can advance to become the civilian equivalent of a Physician Assistant or become a Special Operations Combat Medic.

What Do People Think You Do

The job has been glorified in movies as a UH60 Blackhawk helicopter making daring landings in hostile combat zones while taking fire from enemy combatants to rescue wounded soldiers off the battlefield and fly them to awaiting surgeons. While this is partly true, it doesnt show the entirety of what we do as flight medics. Theres a lot of work and preparation that goes into making the rescuing of wounded soldiers possible. By the end of this article you will have a better understanding of what Army flight medics do. Hopefully this better understanding will help you make a more informed decision about what career to pursue.

How To Become A Us Army Medic In 6 Steps

Professionals in the U.S. Army can choose from a variety of roles and specializations. If you are interested in joining the U.S. Army and beginning a medical career, the U.S. Army medic position may be right for you. Learning more about this role, including the duties, skills and salary, could help you determine your next career steps. In this article, we explain what a U.S. Army medic is, what they do and what steps you can take to become one.

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Transition To Duty Station

Following BCT and AIT, each combat medic will move to their new duty assignment where they will use their sharp skills to conserve the fighting force.

Again, this course is shorter in comparison to the Army combat paramedic training program however, this course will still require your full attention as you train to become a medical professional tasked with conserving the largest fighting force of this great nation.

What’s The Average Income

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Average income for a flight medic is based off of the Army pay scale. Being a flight medic you generally are in the grade of E5 to E7 or in rare cases E8. In civilian EMS pay ranges pretty widely. New paramedics can generally expect pay range anywhere between $12-18 and hour and usually work more than 40 hours per week.

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Pick The Best Flight Program For You

If you just getting started, the idea of having to choose between several different flight many positions probably sounds crazy to you, right?

But at EMS FlightSafety network, weve been successful enough with our coaching programs to make adding this step to our process a necessity.

Its something you want to consider carefully. Like I mentioned earlier, all flight programs do great things, but not all flight programs are created equal.

You want to know ahead of time your flight program preference list. Reality is that choosing is never as simple as simply going down the list and checking off your top choices in order. Life is messy. So our job offers.

You probably wont have the luxury of getting offers in order of your favorites list from top to bottom. But defining your flight program preference list ahead of time will save you a lot of stress and potential hassle.

What Training Is Required To Become A Flight Medic

A specialized degree is not required to become an air medic, but exact requirements may vary from company to company. Some employers, for example, may require additional certifications or continuing education. Others may require a specific minimum time as an ambulance paramedic in a leadership role. Due to its more exciting nature, the competition to become a flight paramedic is fierce, which means employers may add additional requirements at any time to help narrow down applicants.

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What Is A Paramedic

A paramedic is an emergency medical technician, or EMT, who holds a treasure of complex medical knowledge and possesses advanced training on complex medical equipment and procedures.

Paramedics are the most highly-trained medical professionals of all EMTs. They are primarily tasked with the care and transport of emergent and critical patients accessing their emergency medical system.

Flight Paramedic Course And The Fp

Video: SA’s one-of-a-kind Army Flight Medic program training skilled heroes

Once the paramedic has secured all of the prerequisites for testing, it is time to focus on the FP-C exam itself. The FP-C certification is considered the highest level of academic achievement that a paramedic can achieve and the test was designed by the Applied Measurement Professionals to assure compliance with the highest testing standards. Paramedics will be allowed 2.5 hours to complete the exam that will consist of 125 multiple choice questions based on 12 main concepts.

However, the test questions will not be scenario based like the NREMT exam.

The following areas must be studied well in order to successfully pass the FP-C exam:

  • Acid-Based Balance

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How Do I Become A Flight Medic

To become a flight medic, it is necessary to attend a paramedic training program, build up five years or more of clinical experience, and pursue additional certification to qualify to provide patient care on aircraft. Positions in both the military and the civilian world are available. Some people use such jobs to develop experience before pursuing nursing or medical school, and may later qualify as flight nurses or doctors who can provide more advanced care to their patients. Employment prospects can depend on the region and an applicant’s level of skill and experience. Such medical personnel are often in high demand.

For civilians, the first step for someone who wants to become a flight medic is a paramedic training program. The program provides education and certification in life support techniques, usually at multiple levels. A high level paramedic certification is advisable for this career. Paramedics in training can get opportunities for clinical experience and additional certifications that may be helpful when they apply for positions in a hospital or on an ambulance service.

How To Become A Flight Medic

A Flight Medic is an emergency medical technician-paramedic who responds to emergencies in remote areas or critical situations as part of a medical team that is transported by air.

Also known as flight medics, these responders have many of the same responsibilities as ground transportation EMTs, yet require a higher level of training and more specific skills to correlate with specific demands of flight travel and response.

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What Rank Is A Paramedic In The Army

Because Army paramedics are enlisted Soldiers, pay rates are determined utilizing the enlisted pay scale based on rank. Army ranks will range from Private, pay-grade E-1, to Sergeant Major, pay-grade E-9. The lowest and highest pay-grades an enlisted Soldier can attain are E-1 and E-9, respectively.

Typically, higher rank indicates more military service years and more experience in the respective field.

The United States military service as a whole derives its pay rates from the same source, the pay chart for the corresponding fiscal year. For example, a 2021 pay chart will outline the base pay and some of the additional allowances that service members at various ranks may receive during the 2021 fiscal year.

What Is A Medical Job In The Army

Flight Paramedic Recertification Course offers realistic training ...

The Army provides opportunities for jobs in the medical field through its Army Medical Department . These jobs are similar to health care roles found in the civilian job sector. Like hospitals and medical centers, the Army hires doctors, nurses, technicians and specialists to provide health care services to patients. The Army prepares its prospective medical professionals through hands-on skills training that focuses on general and preventative health measures.

The type of medical careers servicemen can access depends on their rank and what advanced degrees they earn. For example, only Army officers may serve as neurosurgeons. This role is exclusive as the Army requires candidates to earn an advanced degree in the medical field in addition to a license to practice medicine.

There are other options for servicemen with less training and education, though. For instance, enlistees without seniority and prior training may become medical laboratory specialists after 10 weeks of basic training and 52 weeks of advanced individual training.

The Army provides servicemen with access to state-of-the-art technology, advanced resources and top-quality medical facilities. This means that medical professionals in the Army are specially trained to provide superior care to soldiers and their families. Of course, these skills are highly transferable to the civilian job market if a serviceman chooses to retire early from their military role.

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Flight Paramedic Salary And Job Outlook

On average, Flight Paramedics earn about $50,000 per year. However, some can earn $60,000 to $70,000. Salary can depend on your location, expertise and years as a Paramedic or Flight Medicine. Some flight paramedic jobs have more competitive salary and benefits packages than others.

Since the career is growing so quickly, that means that people who have this advanced training, should not struggle to much to find good employment. And as such, they may be able to ask for higher salaries.

The flight paramedic career is currently among some of the fastest growing careers. It is something to consider if you are already a paramedic and looking for an even more challenging career.

You will receive benefits as a flight paramedic. The package will vary from one employer to another. You might receive things like: paid time off, health insurance and a 401K plan.

Some hospitals have their own medical aircraft. In others cases, you will work for an ambulance or emergency medical service company. You may find the most employment opportunity in city areas or near larger hospitals and particular trauma centers.

Medical Jobs In The Army

There are various medical job opportunities available to those in the Army. Here are 25 medical careers you can pursue as a serviceman with comparable civilian salary information. The salaries listed below are the national average civilian salaries for comparable roles. These salaries are typically similar to those of servicemen, but there may be some discrepancy in exact compensation figures for medical professionals in the Army.

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Medical Careers In The Army

If you’re thinking of pursuing a medical job in the U.S. Army, there are various roles you can choose. Depending on your educational background, you may even be able to serve in an advanced health care profession. In this article, we discuss medical jobs in the Army, the benefits of working in these roles and 25 medical jobs in the Army.

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Write A Killer Flight Resume & Cover Letter

How To Become A Flight Medic

Your flight resume and cover letter is important.

Flight resumes are different than regular resumes. This is especially true for wannabe EMS pilots, but it also applies to flight medic applicants.

My best advice is to find someone in your EMS network who successfully transitioned to an air medical career, and use their resume and cover letter as a guide. Note: I did not say copy verbatim. I said use as a guide to get started.

Here are some flight interview articles to help you get started :

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What Does A Flight Medic Do

A Flight Medic transports and transfers patients by aircraft and assesses the extent of an illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures to follow. Provides advanced life support care to patients who are ill and/or injured. Being a Flight Medic replenishes the aircraft with medical supplies after flights. Must be CPR certified. Additionally, Flight Medic requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to manager. Flight Medic’s years of experience requirement may be unspecified. Certification and/or licensing in the position’s specialty is the main requirement.

A flight medic is an emergency medical technician who is a member of an aerial medical evacuation, or medevac, crew.

When the medevac helicopter reaches its destination, the flight medic will brief the receiving doctors and nurses on the patient’s condition.

The medic is responsible for stabilizing and immobilizing a trauma patient before a flight to medical facilities.

Medical evacuation flights are typically used to transport trauma victims to an area where they can receive the proper medical care.

Complete Us Army And Medic Training

After passing the necessary tests, you can begin your medical and U.S. Army training. First, U.S. Army medics must complete basic combat training . This training takes 10 weeks to complete and focuses on physical and mental training.

After the BCT, the U.S. Army may choose you to become a medic. This decision depends upon the U.S. Army’s needs, your ASVB score and your educational background. If the U.S. Army chooses you to become a medic, you can begin individual training . Medics complete AIT in the medical field where they learn how to provide medical treatment and care. This program takes at least 16 weeks to complete.

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How Do You Become A Flight Medic

Candidates need training, experience on the ground, and specific certifications to become a Flight Medic. Before advancing to the level of air medic, they must complete the same training and earn the same certifications as traditional ground paramedics, starting with the NREMT. With several years, two to five recommended, of learning the trade on the job, continuing education, and gaining practical experience, plus obtaining a critical care specialist certification, EMT-Ps can begin to sit for advanced exams to become a Flight Medic.

EMTs wishing to become certified for flight rescue will need the following licenses or certifications: NREMT Certification for paramedic TNACT, ATLS-Audit and CCEMTP BLS or Basic Life Support ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support PALS/PEPP which is Pediatric Advanced Life Support PHTLS/ITLS or Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

HCI College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges . TheAccrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges is listed as a recognized accrediting agencyby the United States Department of Education. ACCSC may be contacted at 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite302, Arlington, VA 22201. The telephone number is -247-4212.

What Do Flight Paramedics Get Paid

Flight Medic receives Distinguished Flying Cross

According to, as of Oct 2016, the average pay for a Flight Paramedic in the United States is $20.48/hr or $51,183 per year.

Almost all flight paramedics report receiving medical coverage from their employers and most collect dental insurance.

Flight Paramedics who took the survey are largely men, dominating at 86 percent.

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How To Become A Flight Paramedic

What does it take to become a flight paramedic, an advanced career in EMS?

Flight paramedics have one of the most exciting jobs in the world. They are on the front lines working in aero-medical emergencies, transports, and evacuation missions. This job combines the skills of a critical care professional with the excitement of mobile air rescue. to help keep yourself on track.

More specifically, flight paramedics are responsible for working to recover or stabilize the patient while in transport to a qualified medical facility. This requires providing emergency medical care for those with severe injury, trauma or illness. Flight paramedics must be able to work in extremely high-stress environments.

What is the job outlook and salary of a flight paramedic?Nationally, there are approximately a quarter million paramedics however, only about 2,000 of those are certified flight paramedics, according to data from 2011. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not differentiate between a paramedic and a flight paramedic, their data anticipates a 24 percent growth rate for the EMS industry, as a whole a favorable insight for potential flight paramedics.

What Exactly Is An Army Flight Medic

A helicopter marked with a red cross hovers over a battlefield. The pilot spots the target and swoops in for a landing. A medic rushes out of the chopper, heading for the injured soldier. The medic quickly assesses the situation and gets the patient into the air ambulance. He hops into the chopper and the aircraft lifts off, headed to the nearest medical center. On board, the flight medic continues administering medical treatment to the soldier, providing emergency care that could be the difference in whether the soldier lives or dies. Within minutes, the helicopter lands again, and the soldier is taken into the hospital for life-saving treatment.

Army flight medics may mean life or death to a soldier who’s been injured, which is why they uphold their motto, “To provide qualified combat medics trained to treat, stabilize, and provide inflight medical care to the critically injured or ill while being transported aboard air ambulances during peacetime and combat operations” .

Army flight medics are part of medevac operations. These operations use helicopters as air ambulances, transporting injured soldiers to medical centers where they can get further treatment. Although helicopters were used in this manner in the 1940s, the medevac program was officially established in the 1960s during operations in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, the 57th Medical Detachment was the first medevac unit — its name, “DUSTOFF,” arose from its radio call signal.

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