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How To Be A Medic In The Military


Student Loans Paid Off

What does it take to be the Army’s “Best Medic?”

Theres no argument that its a financial hardship to get through medical school, but the military can help. Students can opt to attend a military medical school, but it isnt necessary to have a degree from a military-affiliated school to get financial aid. Students may qualify for military financial aid to support them in non-affiliated medical schools. In this case, students make an agreement that they will join the military as a commissioned officer after graduation.

Average Us Army Medic Salary

The average salary for U.S. Army medics can vary depending on the health care position. One type of U.S. Army medics, combat medics, make an average salary of $35,425 per year. Your salary can vary depending on your exact role, rank and years of experience.

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Special Operations Combat Medic

Army combat medics who complete Airborne Ranger training and join Ranger battalions will complete the Special Operations Combat Medics course. This course of study takes 36 weeks to complete and provides greater in-depth training in the types of care that participants in Special Operations missions may require. Certifications earned during this program include basic life support, pediatric education for pre-hospital providers and advanced cardiac life support.

A special operations combat medic who becomes a Special Operations Medical Sergeant will undergo additional training, which includes dental medicine, including performing extractions, large-animal veterinary care, as well as training in cultural medical practices and healing, including herbal medicine. Special Operations Medical Sergeants also learn to provide care under extreme conditions, including training in dive medicine and the effects of high altitude on the human body.

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Undergo Testing For Entry Into The Army

Once you have completed the requisite paperwork and interview with the recruiter, you will need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The ASVAB is a series of questions designed to test your understanding of various subjects, such as math, science, electronics and reading. The military uses this test to determine which position you are most suited for.

In order to become a combat medic, you will need a score of 101 or higher on the skilled technical portion of the ASVAB and 107 or higher on the general technical portion. Consider devoting some time to studying before signing up for the ASVAB so you’re prepared on exam day.

You will also need to pass a physical examination and show that you are physically fit enough to serve in the military. This examination takes place at a military entrance processing station where you will need to go through a full physical examination and routine tests, such as hearing, eye and blood tests, and provide your medical history. You may also take the ASVAB here if you have not already taken it.

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Complete The Necessary Education

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A combat medic must have a high school diploma, although a GED may be sufficient. You can discuss this with a recruiter to see if you are eligible.

Consider focusing on science and math courses in school to help you prepare for this role. If you have previous education or experience in the medical field, you may have a higher chance of being selected as a combat medic.

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Can A Woman Be A Combat Medic

Being a combat medic in the army is the toughest job for anybody. A combat medic is always on duty with the most vulnerable soldiers. And they can never expect any support in combat. As a combat medic you are there to serve soldiers when the battle starts, so you will be target of enemy. It is very hard for women to serve in combat medics, but you can ask to serve in the medical unit of your unit..

Defence Medical Services In The Uk

The Defence Medical Services is made up of the Royal Navy Medical Service, Army Medical Service, the Royal Air Force Medical Service and the Headquarters DMS Group . The primary role of the DMS is to promote, protect and restore the health of the UK armed forces to ensure that they are ready and medically fit to go where they are required in the UK and throughout the world.

The DMS is staffed by around 12,200 service personnel and 2,600 civilian personnel and provides healthcare to 137,130 UK Current Regular Strength .

Service personnel and civilians work side by side as medical, dental and allied healthcare professionals and with other personnel with the relevant business and technical skills. The range of services provided by the DMS includes primary healthcare, dental care, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, community mental healthcare and specialist medical care.

HQDMS Gp has:

  • Regional Rehabilitation Units across the UK and Germany
  • Joint Hospital Group Units embedded within NHS Trusts
  • The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Birmingham
  • The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford Hall near Loughborough
  • mental health services are delivered through a network of Departments of Community Mental Health , Mental Health Teams , and some additional locations have a dedicated permanent Community Mental Health Nurse
  • deployable healthcare capability for military and humanitarian operations

The DG DMS tasks are to:

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How To Become A Military Doctor

If you have your eye on both the military and med school but cant decide which career to chooseyou dont have toyou can do both! You can serve your country, travel the world, and be a medical professional in the greatest military on the planet. There are two paths to becoming a military doctor, depending on how immersed you want to be in the military while getting your medical degree. To help you choose, we have put this post together to see if becoming a military doctor is right for you.

Nurse Vs Corpsman Vs Medic

Heres what it takes to be a combat medic in the military

Each branch of service has a career track for non-licensedmedical personnel called corpsman or medics, and the specialty training androles can be as diverse as nursing specialties. Although the term corpsman andmedic are used interchangeably across the branches, the specific trainingspecialties make each role unique.

A medic can be trained to fight side-by-side with combat units or can receive focused training as a surgical technician or physical therapy assistant. For combat medics assigned to the special-forces areas such as Delta teams, they must receive training in a wide variety of medical scenarios such as dive medicine, dental, orthopaedics, trauma, and critical care medicine. Courses like the Special Operations Combat Medic are challenging and last 6 months. Once complete, medics assigned to special forces units must also attend a 5-month medical course to diagnose illness and injuries. These warrior-medics are also required to complete many of the training programs that are required of the special-forces members such as the Rangers.


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What Rank Is A Paramedic In The Army

Because Army paramedics are enlisted Soldiers, pay rates are determined utilizing the enlisted pay scale based on rank. Army ranks will range from Private, pay-grade E-1, to Sergeant Major, pay-grade E-9. The lowest and highest pay-grades an enlisted Soldier can attain are E-1 and E-9, respectively.

Typically, higher rank indicates more military service years and more experience in the respective field.

The United States military service as a whole derives its pay rates from the same source, the pay chart for the corresponding fiscal year. For example, a 2021 pay chart will outline the base pay and some of the additional allowances that service members at various ranks may receive during the 2021 fiscal year.

Personal Qualities Helpful In Becoming A Medic

Combat medicine is a challenging area, particularly since army medics will be expected to treat fellow soldiers, many of whom may be friends. A combat medic should be someone who is, above all, resilient and who can function under pressure. He should also be able to demonstrate flexibility in treating a variety of conditions and injuries.

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How Simulation Elevates The Competitions Training Experience

The Best Medic Competition sets out to uncover the leading Army medic team. But another important goal of the competition is to provide a valuable training opportunity for every medic that participates.

“Its not just a competition that determines whos the fastest or the smartest”, explains Master Sergeant Michael Eldred, who plans the competitions events. “It’s an extended training event that enhances medics from across our force, enabling them, and making them better at what they do: and thats saving lives in the future.”7

Simulation plays a key role in bringing realism to the experience. In many parts of the competition, medical skills testing is often conducted using lifelike simulators to replicate casualties. The simulations allow the medics to practice delivering real care, without worrying about harming actual casualties. The military has increasingly turned to simulation for decades as a method to create a risk-free, hands-on training environment.8

The Best Medic Competition utilizes in situ simulation, which is simulation that takes place in the actual environment where medical care is performed. In situ simulation heightens realism to new levels, creating an impactful and effective experiential learning opportunity.9

Where Do Combat Medic Work


As a Combat Medic Specialist, youll administer emergency medical care in the field in both combat and humanitarian situations. Because the goal of the U.S. Armed Forces is to deter and overcome various threats in locations around the world, Combat Medics can find themselves working in almost any region and can be re-assigned to numerous different locations. Combat Medics who receive additional training may join airborne Rangers in Special Operations or provide care under extreme conditions, including scuba dives and high altitudes.

Some of the factors that affect battlefield casualty care can include:

  • Hostile fire

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Complete Us Army And Medic Training

After passing the necessary tests, you can begin your medical and U.S. Army training. First, U.S. Army medics must complete basic combat training . This training takes 10 weeks to complete and focuses on physical and mental training.

After the BCT, the U.S. Army may choose you to become a medic. This decision depends upon the U.S. Army’s needs, your ASVB score and your educational background. If the U.S. Army chooses you to become a medic, you can begin individual training . Medics complete AIT in the medical field where they learn how to provide medical treatment and care. This program takes at least 16 weeks to complete.

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How To Become An Army Combat Medic

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Medics, or healthcare specialists, in the United States Army provide medical treatment to wounded soldiers. They provide emergency medical treatment to soldiers on the frontlines as well as healthcare in facilities, like hospitals and clinics. With the right training, a healthcare specialist can advance to become the civilian equivalent of a Physician Assistant or become a Special Operations Combat Medic.

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Work Environment For Us Army Medics

U.S. Army medics can work in a variety of locations. They often work in the combat zones, providing emergency care to military professionals. They can also work in military hospitals and U.S. Army health clinics, assisting doctors and nurses with health care. Some U.S. Army medics specialize in certain health topics, such as civil affairs or combat medicine. Specialization may affect work environment placement. For example, a U.S. Army medic trained in combat may work in a combat zone more often.

Air Force Pj Combat Rescue Medic

What’s it like to be a Combat Medic – Army Reserve – Army Jobs

The Air Force Combat Medic attend their own Special Operations Combat Medic Course for 22 weeks, then they must attend the Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course for 20 weeks which teaches the variety of methods of rescuing injured personnel in every environment and situation.The PJs are qualified to be medics with special operations-trained paramedic certifications. They are fighters too and can be participating in combat when they’ll have to rescue others behind enemy lines or in enemy territory. They are often augmented into SEAL platoons when SEALs do not have a medic. so they are fighter rescue specialists capable of flexibility in other Special Operations units.

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Complete High School Education

Typically, a U.S. Army medic needs a high school diploma to begin their career, although a GED may be sufficient in some cases. You can discuss your education options with a recruiter to learn more about the U.S. Army’s requirements. In high school consider taking science classes, such as biology and anatomy, to help you develop your healthcare knowledge. This could help you begin your U.S. Army medic career.

Will The Military Pay For Med School

If you join the Health Professions Scholarship Program before starting medical school, the military will cover 100 percent of your tuition and most other education-related expenses for all four years of school. In exchange, youll typically owe four years of active duty service after your residency.

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Understand Your Own Needs

Understanding your own needs is vital to the success of your academic pursuits. For example, what is your capacity to learn in a classroom? Do you think you would operate better in a large campus, or a small campus? Do you learn better in an online or in-person environment? Your answers to all of these questions should impact your final choice. For instance, if you have a family, you will need to consider whether you can relocate, or whether you need to pursue local options or seek out an online learning program.

How Much Does A Navy Seal Medic Make

Medics compete to be named best in the Pacific

A Navy SEAL medic is officially known as a Special Operations Combat Medic . They are highly trained Navy SEALs that are also Naval Corpsman . Just like any other SEAL, they are required to do the same training as any other SEALs. They are the only ones who are allowed to carry the SOCM title, but many Navy Corpsman are also Navy SEALs. They are also known as Doc or Doc Boy. A Navy Corpsman has the same combat training as any other SEAL. They are there to provide immediate medical care to wounded SEALs on the battlefield. Navy SEALs are required to carry their own weapons, ammo, and an extra loaded M-4 that also carries medical supplies. The Navy Corpsman carry one extra weapon, ammo, and medical supplies..

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Are Army Doctors Real Doctors

Military doctors are some of the bravest men and women in the world. The military primarily employs doctors with specializations in common types of medicine such as pediatrics, family care, and neurology. If you would like to become a military doctor, you must earn a medical degree and meet military requirements.

Combat Medic Training: What It Takes To Become An Army Lifesaver

Combat medics make a positive impact on the world by serving their country and saving lives. On the path to becoming a combat medic, you will learn about emergency medical care and being a first responder. The skills you gain can help you find lifelong work in the health care field. In this article, we discuss what a combat medic does and how you can become one.

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Do Medics Fight In Combat

__% of the U.S. military are active in combat zones. __% of the military are support staff, who play a pivotal role in keeping the military running. With this in mind, the answer to the question is yes, combat medics do fight in combat. The US military often uses medics in support staff roles in order to increase the medics survival rate in combat zones, but it does not mean that they do not participate in combat. Combat Medics receive military training..

Why Do Medics Wear A Red Cross

Be a Combat Medic in the National Guard

The red cross symbolizes the Christian religion. The original symbol was a Greek letter X, but when it was added to the national flag of Switzerland, the emblem was changed to the cross. The Red Cross was adopted by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The symbol is also used by other countries in the world. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals wear this symbol to show that they are taking care of you..

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Corpsman/medic To Nurse Programs

With the nursing shortage expected to reach over 260,000 by the year 2025, tapping into the resources of the military’s medical corps seems a wise decision. The nursing program at Florida International University is partnering with the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration to circumvent barriers to recruit, retain, and graduate transitioning veteran medics and corpsman to BSN nurses. The Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program offers scholarships and allows the veteran to complete a BSN within a year.


Many schools, such as Texas A& M, offer military veterans with medical experience college credit to be used towards a degree in nursing. Another option is the Military Medic or Corpsman to ADN Transition Program at Montgomery College. A 13-week intensive course that allows the medic or corpsman to finish the ADN after two additional semesters. Prerequisites of biology, math, English and

Veteran corpsman and medics bring a sense of team and professionalism to the field of nursing. By capitalizing on prior education, experience and skills of military clinical personnel, projected nursing shortages can be diminished significantly. And when adding the benefit of providing skills and employment for veterans, the combination is a win-win.

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