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How To Get Military Medals Awarded After You Have Left Service

How to Apply to the Canadian Armed Forces


A military members time of service can take him to many places in various campaigns. In more recent times, military members often work hand-in-hand with sister services as part of joint operations. As such, there are times when members will be discharged by the military but find out later that they had qualified for military decorations that were not awarded. An example is the Kosovo Air and Space campaign: it took place in 1999 but the decoration for it wasn’t awarded until 2002. If you have a similar case, then there is a process for having those decorations added to a service record.

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Does Nyu Have Rotc

NYU offers ROTC to students through a partnership with Fordham University and Manhattan College. Students in Army ROTC will participate in the Fordham University program, while students in Air Force ROTC will participate in the Manhattan College program. For more information about ROTC at NYU contact the respective program of interest.

Track Your Application File To Completion

You are competing against the nation’s top tier of high school students for an offer of admission. Check your Candidate Portal frequently for notifications and updates on your application status. Make sure you have uploaded all the required documents. West Point Application files must be complete by January 31st of the year you are applying to enter. Required documents include:

  • Transcripts

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Requirements For Joining The Military

The U.S. military has six branches of service: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Space Force. The requirements to join are similar for all six. The main differences are in age limits, test scores, and fitness levels. Men and women meet different fitness standards. Besides the requirements listed here, a branch may have other requirements.

Age Limits for Enlisting

You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is:

  • Coast Guard: 31

  • Air Force: 39

  • Space Force: 39

Some branches have different age limits for their part-time Reserve and National Guard. Visit each service’s recruiting website for its part-time age limits.

Requirements for Enlisting If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen

You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to enlist in the military, but you may have fewer options. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must:

  • Have a permanent resident card, also known as a Green Card

  • Currently live in the U.S.

  • Speak, read, and write English fluently

Educational and Testing Requirements for Enlisting

You must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The ASVAB has 10 subtests.

  • Your scores on four of those make up your Armed Forces Qualification Test score. This score determines which branch you may join. Each branch has its own lowest score for joining.

  • Your scores on all 10 subtests determine which job specialties you qualify for..

How To Apply For Amex Mla Benefits

Army Application

The Amex MLA process is automatic. When you apply for a card your Social Security number is run against the MLA database here.

If the credit applicant pops positive on the MLA database i.e., they are a military SM or a military spouse and are eligible for MLA benefits then that SSN will be identified as a covered borrower and your annual fees will be waived, just as it has been for the past 12+ years.

All of my and my wifes card agreements opened after Oct 2017 with Amex state You have been identified as a Covered Borrower under Military Lending Act.

If you want to see if your account has been identified, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Amex Account Management page.
  • At the bottom there is a link to Request Cardmember Agreement
  • In the agreement you should see the text: You have been identified as a Covered Borrower’ under Military Lending Act. on the bottom of page 2.
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    Amex Active Duty Mla And Scra

    After further research, I discovered that American Express waives annual membership fees for active duty military servicemembers. This includes the $695 per year AMEX Platinum card and all of the other personal credit and charge cards in the AMEX portfolio.

    AMEX decided that they are going to be a true class act and go beyond their legal requirements. For the duration of your active duty military service, they will waive the following fees:

    Here’s the email I received from AMEX once my active duty status had been verified:

    Dear Spencer

    To support the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces, we are handling your account referenced above in accordance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides for a maximum annual interest rate of 6% per year on loans you received before starting active military duty.

    As of today, your account does not have a balance owed which generates interest charges so there is no eligible balance. However, we have waived the following fees on the account for the duration of your active military duty:

    * Annual Membership fees

    American Express Customer Care

    Here is the MLA statement from the Amex Cardmember agreement:

    Locate Any Evidence Pertaining To Your Qualifications

    Locate any evidence pertaining to your qualifications. For example, if you were deployed to a specific location and time for a campaign medal, find any published orders and travel vouchers supporting your deployment dates. You can search through your own military records. If you can’t find any evidence, try contacting your closest service branch’s military base and ask for the finance office. That office may be able to produce travel voucher records if your separation from the military was recent.

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    Think Twice Before You Apply

    Attending a military academy is not like regular college. Academy students do not have the freedom their college peers take for granted, there is not much downtime, and time away from campus is extremely limited.

    Academy programs are highly challenging on many levels: academic, physical, emotional, and mental. Time management is a significant issue. Not all students thrive.

    $100 Global Entry Credit

    How to Apply – Joining the Army – Army Jobs

    Since all military personnel already have TSA Pre-Check with their DOD ID numbers , it makes sense to apply for the Global Entry program. With the Platinum card, your $100 sign up fee is reimbursed.

    Global Entry gives you fast track access to the US when returning from overseas. This can be really nice when coming back to the US from OCONUS. The last thing you want after an economy class flight is to wait in a long line for Customs and Immigration.

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    Your Guide To Applying

    If you are a U.S. Armed Forces veteran, active duty member, or National Guard/reservist you might have some specific questions about applying as an undergraduate student to NYU.

    This guide is designed to help students interested in pursuing one of our traditional undergraduate bachelors degree programs at NYU. If you are looking for an associates degree, certificate programs, part-time study, and/or online options, wed recommend you consider the programs offered at the NYU School of Professional Studies.

    Considering Us Military Academies

    Spread the Knowledge. Share:

    If you’re interested in serving your country and getting a college degree, the U.S. military academies are well worth checking out.

    The five United States military academies prepare students to become officers while providing them with a free undergraduate degreein exchange for military service. The admissions process to these academies is extensive and very competitive.

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    Rotc Green To Gold Scholarship

    If you are currently an enlisted Soldier, you can earn a commission through the ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded for two, three and four years, and you can enroll in the program even if you are already attending school.

    Already have an account? LOG IN Learn more about the Green to Gold Scholarship

    Getting Ready To Train

    Form MV53 Download Fillable PDF or Fill Online Application ...

    An excellent way to determine your fitness level is to undergo a fitness appraisal.

    Talk to your doctor before starting a fitness routine or appraisal, particularly if you have a heart condition, feel chest pain, lose your balance or consciousness, have a bone or joint problem, or take drugs for a blood pressure or heart condition. Tell your doctor about the kinds of activities you want to do and follow his or her advice.

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    How To Apply For Benefits

    Even though a diagnosis of ALS is presumed to be service connected the veteran must still apply for benefits and enroll in the VA health care system. It is important that this be done as soon as possible after diagnosis as benefits, including compensation, are retroactive to the date of application for new applicants.

    When applying for either VA Health Care or service connected benefits we encourage you to contact:

    • A veteran service organization such as Paralyzed Veterans of America , American Legion or Disabled American Veterans

    These organizations will help ensure that the required information and forms are properly completed and submitted so that your claim can be processed as quickly as possible. They are also up to date on the latest requirements and benefits available and can help guide you through the applications process

    The application for benefits consists of filling out the appropriate form and submitting any required documentation. The forms are:

    Amex Platinum Frequently Asked Questions

    Is American Express Platinum free for military?

    Yes! The AMEX Platinum card for US military servicemembers AND their spouses has NO annual fee. The normal $695 annual fee is waived under AMEX’s interpretation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act law.

    Where can I apply for the Amex Platinum?What credit score is needed for Amex Platinum?

    Usually the Platinum Card for American Express requires good to excellent credit. That means at least 700 points out of a maximum 850 FICO score. You can check your credit score fore free with Credit Karma or Credit Sesame.

    Does American Express waive annual fees for military spouses?

    Yes, AMEX waives all of their annual fees, including on the Platinum card, for US military spouses.

    How does AMEX waive annual fee for military?

    AMEX waives the annual fee on all of their cards, including the AMEX Platinum. Cards opened while on active duty are waived with Military Lending Act . Cards opened before active duty are waived with SCRA.

    Is the AMEX Platinum card metal?

    Oh yeah! The AMEX Platinum card is made out of metal and will even rust if left in water. The card makes a satisfying thunk sound when you throw it down. You’ll want to pick up the bill for your friends just to drop it on the table!

    How do I apply for AMEX MLA benefits?How do you know if you are an AMEX covered borrower?How to get AMEX Platinum fee waived?Which credit cards are fee waived for military?

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    Amex Platinum For Military

    So there I was On a deployment exercise, sitting at a bar on a military base near Gulfport, Louisiana. Behind the bar was a wooden, multi-tiered stand to keep cards of open tabs.

    Of the 2 dozen or so cards on there, at least half were Amex Platinum cards. It was comical. You could see them all shining in their metallic glory in this low-rent bar in backwater Louisiana.

    But it makes total sense Why would a military member NOT get the Platinum card when it has such a substantial welcome bonus and has annual benefits that have actual monetary value?

    The benefits of this card easily justify the annual fee.

    Tips For Applying To Military Academies

    How to Apply for a Military Discharge Upgrade
    • You should have a strong GPA and test scores. You should also show strong commitment to athletic and extracurricular activities, leadership, and community involvement. Participation in high school ROTC is a plus.
    • Show your interest early in high school, especially to your congressional rep. Get noticed by volunteering in the rep’s local office, writing letters, and arranging for a meeting.
    • You can apply to more than one academy at one time.
    • You must be a U.S. citizen.
    • Joining the ROTC in college is an alternative route. You can attend a regular college at a low or no cost while participating, and serve your military time after you graduate.

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    How I First Learned That The Amex Platinum Is Free For Military

    While on a TDY to France in 2013, a military buddy of mine mentioned that he had the American Express Platinum card that comes with a $695 annual fee. He had access to great airport lounges in Amsterdam while we were travelling on TDY. While I paid $15 for an airport sandwich, he was enjoying free food and drink courtesy of AMEX.

    He also told me about the $200 of airline fees AMEX reimbursed annually. I thought the rewards program sounded good and the benefits were great, but I couldn’t justify that insanely high annual fee. $695 a year was WAY too much money for a young lieutenant!

    However, he mentioned to me that he wasn’t paying any annual fee because AMEX had waived the fee under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, a law Congress passed in 2003. I thought this was too good to be true so I had to do some more research.

    The SCRA has a long history dating back to the Civil War and it protects servicemembers’ from many legal and financial troubles that they could encounter while serving their nation both at home and overseas.

    The SCRA has several sections covering taxes, lawsuits, and outstanding debt. Credit card companies are only legally required to keep your interest rate below 6% on any outstanding debt you have with them BEFORE you enter military service.

    What Information Youll Get

    Service records date from:

    • 1750 for Foot Guards
    • 1920 for the RAF
    • 1926 for Royal Navy including Royal Marines

    Each service record may include:

    • surname, first name, service number, rank and regiment or corps
    • place and date of birth
    • date they joined and left the armed forces
    • date of death, if they died in service
    • good conduct medals
    • details about their career, for example the units they served in

    You can only get details about their career 25 years after the date they died unless you have consent from their immediate next of kin.

    In some cases little or no information is available about someones military service. For example, Home Guard records may only include their personal details from when they enlisted.

    Your request might be refused if it could harm the security or operations of the armed forces.

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    Submit Your Application 5interview

    The next step is an interview with a military career counsellor it is your official job interview and a very important step. The application process is very competitive and you will be asked questions about your work history, knowledge of the Canadian Forces, and understanding of the job you selected.

    Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

    Join The Military As An Enlisted Member

    Us Army Application Form Pdf

    Enlisted members make up most of the military workforce. They receive training in a job specialty and do most of the hands-on work. Usually, youll sign up for four years of active duty and four years inactive. After youve completed your active duty time, you can either extend your contract or re-enlist if you want to continue serving.

    Officers make up a much smaller part of the workforce. To join as an officer, you typically must have a four-year college degree and complete an officer program. You compete for promotion to continue your career. Most officers are managers who plan and direct operations. Others are professionals like doctors and lawyers. Officers get paid more than enlisted members and enjoy certain other benefits.

    You dont have to join as an officer to become one though. You can join as an enlisted member and attend officer training later on.

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    What Happens After I Apply For A Veteran Id Card

    Once youve submitted your VIC application, well check your eligibility and verify that:

    • Your character of discharge meets eligibility requirements, and
    • The ID you submitted is valid, and
    • The image youve chosen to appear on the card meets the photo requirements

    After weve verified your eligibility, well send you an email letting you know the status of your application. If you have an unknown or uncharacterized discharge status, your application will take more time to process while we verify your eligibility.

    If you receive an email from us asking for additional information or evidence to process your application, youll need to sign in to AccessVA and update your application with the information we ask for.

    Where Does Basic Training Take Place

    For all full-time regular force candidates, basic training takes place at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

    All part-time candidates joining their local Primary Reserve unit will undergo similar basic training objectives. Reserve units will conduct their Basic Training either at the local reserve unit location or at a Canadian Armed Forces training centre. Locations vary depending on units. Talk to a Primary Reserve unit recruiter for more information on their Basic Training program.

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    Join The Regular Force

    Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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