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How To Apply For Army Rotc


General Army Rotc Scholarship

How-To: Complete the #ArmyROTC National Scholarship Online Application

Rising high school seniors may apply for the scholarship as early as mid-June between junior and senior year. A National Board awards 4-year and 3-year advance-designee scholarships worth up to $57,000.

The scholarship can pay either tuition and fees or room and meals a $420/month stipend, and $1,200 per year for books. They are awarded based on high academic achievement, excellence in athletics, and demonstrated leadership skills. After graduating from the University of North Georgia, Army ROTC Scholarship recipients will serve as an officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Note: For Georgia residents who are eligible for the HOPE scholarship, it can be used in conjunction with an Army ROTC Scholarship. Hope can only be applied to tuition. The Army ROTC scholarship can be used to pay for room and meals. Georgia residents on the ROTC scholarship will also receive up to $2,000 in grants from the State of Georgia at the end of each semester after contracting.

Ready to Apply?Application Instructions

High School Rotc Scholarship

This scholarship type is awarded to high school seniors who will soon graduate or obtain an equivalent certificate. Competition for these scholarships is keen, as over 6000 students from across the country compete for them. Scholarships pay for full tuition and mandatory fees, for both resident and non-resident students. Scholarship awardees also receive a book allowance and a monthly tax-free stipend to defray the cost of living.

There are two types of high school scholarships: 4-year and 3-year Advanced Designee. 3-year Advanced Designee scholarship winners must satisfactorily participate in Army ROTC their freshmen year in order for their 3-year scholarship to take effect at the beginning of their sophomore year.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component

Those applicants advancing to further scholarship consideration are scheduled for a medical examination and a personal interview.

Personal Interview

This interview in person any travel to and from the interview is at your own expense.

Medical Examination

Individuals selected for an interview will be contacted and scheduled for a medical examination by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board . Your medical condition is not a consideration in the selection of winners however, all winners must be medically qualified and enrolled to receive scholarship benefits. Travel to and from examination is at your own expense.

Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty Scholarship

Soldiers in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve who want to commission as Lieutenants in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve after college, are eligible to apply for this scholarship after you start as a Cadet as UNG. The scholarship will pay either tuition and fees or room and meals a monthly stipend and $1,200 per year for books. For for more information contact Mr. Killeen at .

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Air Force Rotc Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen or obtain U.S. citizenship by the last day of the first term of your freshman year or the first term of sophomore year
  • Pass a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board medical exam
  • Complete the Physical Fitness Assessment, which consists of three events: push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5-mile run.
  • If offered a scholarship, you must pass a Physical Fitness Test before the end of your first semester of college
  • Achieve a SAT composite score of 1240 or ACT composite score of 26
  • Have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher

The Army Rotc Selection Board


The ROTC Selection Board is worth 25% of your overall chances of receiving a ROTC scholarship. Professors of Military Science meet three times each year and rank candidates based on the following factors:

  • Interview sheet
  • High school transcripts
  • Extracurricular activities

In a recent board , candidates with an unweighted GPA under 3.9 did not receive a scholarship. You can see the full results from the .

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Army Rotc Service Commitment

When you accept an Army ROTC Scholarship, you must also agree to:

  • An eight-year service commitment with the Army
  • Serve full time in the Army for four years and four years with the Individual Ready Reserve .
  • Selected Cadets may choose to serve part time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career

Criteria For Army Rotc Scholarships

For ALL Army ROTC Scholarships, Cadet Command utilizes the following three criteria areas to determine eligibility and awards. This is a competitive process, just because you are qualified does not mean you will automatically receive a scholarship.

Scholar criteria is determined from your high school grades and SAT or ACT scores. The higher your grades and scores, the better your chances.

Athlete criteria is determined by your participation in sports, your performance on the Physical Fitness Assessment, and whether or not you meet the Army’s height and weight standards. The better your physical and athletic ability, the better your chances.

Leader criteria is determined by your participation in leadership positions in extra-curricular activities both in and out of high school during your high school years. Particular emphasis is placed on leadership positions you may have held on sports teams, volunteer activities, part-time work, clubs, scouting, church, etc.

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Navy And Marine Corps Rotc

The Navy ROTC program, offered at 77 colleges in the U.S., is the largest source of Navy officers. Future Marine Corps officers can also join the Navy ROTC. Students complete a combination of academic courses and military training and enlist in the Navy or Marine Corps after graduation.


To qualify for the Navy ROTC scholarship program, applicants must graduate from high school before August 1 of the year they plan to attend college. High school students can start the Navy ROTC application in the second semester of their junior year. They can apply for the Navy, Marine Corps, or Nurse scholarship program.

Students with 30 or more college semester credits cannot apply for a four-year scholarship, but may qualify for the two- or three-year option. Scholarship applicants must major in a Navy ROTC-approved subject such as mechanical engineering, systems engineering, astrophysics, or oceanography.


The national Navy ROTC scholarship program covers most or all tuition, mandatory fees, three summer cruises, uniforms, and naval science textbooks for as long as it takes for the student to earn a bachelors degree . Recipients get a textbook stipend and a monthly subsistence allowance that increases each year of college. The Navy ROTC also offers two- and three-year scholarship benefits.

Scholarship recipients must commit to three to five years of active-duty military service depending on which Navy ROTC program option they choose .




Graduate From College As An Army Officer

How To Apply For The Army ROTC National Scholarship
  • Army ROTC is one of the nation’s top leadership programs
  • It’s part of your college curriculum
  • Get training and one-of-a-kind experiences
  • Graduate with a guaranteed career as an Army Officer
  • Earn up to 100% tuition coverage

ROTC provides you the opportunity to go to college and train to become an Army Officer at the same time, in exchange for paid tuition. Offered at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, you can get the college experience along with a guaranteed career after graduation as a highly respected second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

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Army Rotc National Scholarship Application

If you’re seeking for a course that fits your current skill level, Army Rotc National Scholarship Application is just what you’re looking for. These are the most popular online courses and classes that will undoubtedly benefit your learning process. With these tips, you will be able to study and build personal talents in order to attain the goals you set for yourself during the learning process.

What Is The Junior Rotc

If youre familiar with the ROTC, youve probably heard of the Junior ROTC . The Junior ROTC program is available to high school students. It does not require a service commitment to participate, but does provide basic training and leadership skills for high school students who are potentially interested in joining the ROTC. If youre a high school student interested in an ROTC scholarship, the JROTC is a great place to get a better idea of the program.

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Benefits Of Joining Rotc

While not all students receive scholarships through ROTC, many do, and the awards are often significant in many cases, you wont have to contribute to your college tuition at all or cover any additional expenses, such as housing. This can be an enormous relief for students who are concerned about their ability to pay for their education.

Youll also enjoy a complete college experience alongside your ROTC training. Like other students, youll attend your academic classes, participate in clubs and extracurriculars, and live in dorms. In other words, being a cadet wont make you miss out on a typical college experienceyoull just have your ROTC commitment, usually one or two classes, alongside it.

One of the most significant advantages to joining ROTC is that you will receive extensive training that will allow you to serve at an officer level upon graduation. This means youll have an enormous head start on a military career. Youll also be able to apply other skills and specialties you learned in college, such as technology, to your service.

Also keep in mind that ROTC is a very prestigious program, and its considered an honor to participate in it. Youll gain numerous important qualities, including leadership skills, discipline, and maturity. Plus, youll have no trouble staying active and healthy.

Rotc Scholarship Eligibility Requirements


How do you qualify for an ROTC scholarship? Well, as you may have already noticed, that, too, depends on which branch of the military you plan to join and which of the scholarships you hope to win.

But below youll find the general eligibility requirements for high school students hoping to enter each ROTC program.Well also share a bit of information about the military service requirement following your college graduation.

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Express Interest As Early As Possible

The ROTC programs want to award students who are serious about their commitment to serve their country. So, once youre sure the military is the right career path for you, make that commitment as clear as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to express your interest early. You can do that by contacting an ROTC advisor at the college you plan to attend, visiting a recruitment office, or, if youre still in high school, joining .

Frequently Asked Questions Ucf Army Rotc

Army ROTC Cadets have the same lifestyles and academic schedules as any other college students. They join fraternities and sororities. They participate in varsity team and individual sports. They take part in community service projects. But there are two intensive Army ROTC courses that take place on Army Posts, usually during the summer:

  • Academics And Lifestyle
  • After Graduation
  • Is enrolling in Army ROTC the same as joining the Army? Once a student starts taking ROTC courses, is he/she obligated to join the Army?
  • What kinds of scholarships are available in Army ROTC? Are any of the scholarships retroactive?
  • What is my Army service obligation to pay back any scholarship benefits or for enrollment in the ROTC Advanced Course?
  • What good is Army ROTC for a career outside of the Army?
  • Why should I choose Army ROTC over a different branchs ROTC?
  • How do I learn more about the Army?
  • Are all college majors compatible with Army ROTC?
  • What are Army ROTC courses like? How will the class work help me? Will ROTC classes interfere with his/her other studies?
  • How will being an Army ROTC Cadet affect my daily life? Do Cadets experience normal college life and activities?

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Army Rotc Scholarship Requirements

Army ROTC cadets are scholars, athletes and leaders. Typically, those who volunteer to serve their nation through Amy ROTC are well-rounded students with good grades and strong potential to serve in leadership positions. More than half of them have held office in their cohort class or in the student body. Most are National Honor Society members. Many are members of school, church, or private clubs and other organizations, and others are varsity letter winners and varsity team captains.

The U.S. Army is looking for achievers with broad interests, leadership ability, and a demonstrated willingness to take on and overcome challenges.

In order to be eligible for an Army ROTC scholarship, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 26
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Score a minimum of 1000 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT
  • Meet physical standards
  • Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component

Its an experience that you cant get anywhere else, and your leadership skills will be challenged every day. Contact your campus Military Science department for more specific details on your Army ROTC service commitment.

Enrolling in the Army ROTC Basic Course does not involve a commitment of service to the Army unless you have received an Army ROTC scholarship.

Qualifying And Applying For Rotc Scholarships

How To Join ROTC | Army, Navy and Air Force

Just as each branch of the United States military differs according to where and how they serve, there are also slight differences in how they administer financial aid for college students.

Army ROTC is the most common program, with more than 32,000 cadets enrolled in programs across the United States in 2010 . In fact, more than half a million officers have been commissioned through Army ROTC . It is also generally regarded as the broadest program, offering the widest scope of training in the most careers.

The Army offers four-year scholarships for high school students planning on attending college, as well as three-year and two-year scholarships for students who are already working toward their degrees. The scholarships cover tuition and include additional allowances for books and fees. High school students can apply for Army ROTC scholarships beginning in March of their junior year and until January of their senior year.

Some of the eligibility requirements for Army ROTC scholarships are:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 26
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Score a minimum of 920 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT
  • Meet physical standards

Of course, qualifying for an ROTC scholarship is only the beginning of the process. In the next section, we’ll discuss the post-graduate commitments required of recipients.

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Strive For A High Gpa But Take Relatively Tough Classes

The higher the unweighted GPA, the better and another way for me to rank candidates. I took a quick look at the rigor of the courses to make sure it was a legitimate GPA. I didnt weight GPA as much as SAT/ACT because of the vast number of different high schools and their differing grading standards.

What You Need To Know About Rotc Scholarships Before Applying

For high school students looking to finance a complete college education, a scholarship through the Reserve Officer Training Corps may be a great option. Whether youve always dreamed of serving in the military or youre just starting to consider which practical options might help you to pay for college, learning more about the ROTC program is a good place to start.

Through the ROTC program, many students have the chance to earn a college diploma, guarantee employment after graduation, and fulfill a dream of service. Still, these perks dont come without compromise. The ROTC program asks a lot from its participants, including a commitment to enlist in the active duty military. Well teach you more about the ROTC program, how it operates, and who is eligible so you can make an informed decision.

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How To Join The Rotc

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The Reserve Officers Training Corps allows you to attend college while training to become an officer in the United States military. If you earn a scholarship through the ROTC, they will fund your college expenses. As long as youre over 17 and younger than the maximum age limit for the military branch you want to join, youre eligible to join the ROTC. There are over 1,700 universities in the United States that have an ROTC program, and you can apply for any of them.XResearch source While the Army ROTC allows you to choose almost any major, the Navy, Marines, and Air Force ROTC programs require science or technology-based majors. After you graduate, you will usually need to serve a minimum of 34 years of active duty and remain in the Inactive Ready Reserve for another 45 years.

Rotc Green To Gold Scholarship


If you are currently an enlisted Soldier, you can earn a commission through the ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded for two, three and four years, and you can enroll in the program even if you are already attending school.

Already have an account? LOG IN Learn more about the Green to Gold Scholarship

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