ExclusiveHow Much Is Navy Reserve Pay

How Much Is Navy Reserve Pay


How Does Reserve Pay Work


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How does Reserve pay work? If youre considering a career as a Reservist, understanding the factors that determine your monthly earnings for drill weekends and mobilization to serve on active duty is important.

Reserve pay functions like active duty pay in some respects but is quite different than others. Knowing the difference is huge, especially if you are transitioning out of an active duty career with plans to go Reserve.

Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program

If you are interested in being part of one of the top nuclear programs in the world, look into the NUPOC program. It offers:

  • Up to $168,300 while finishing your degree
  • A regular monthly income ranging from $3,280 to $5,610 for up to 30 months prior to your graduation
  • A generous military salary
  • Naval Nuclear Power School Instructor
  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit Instructor

The Service Percent Multiplier

If you had retired under the active-duty system with Final Pay or High Three, your multiplier would have been 2.5% per year of service. For 20 years of service, this is the 50% of base pay that youve seen so much in the media.

The Reserve/Guard retirement system calculates the multiplier from your total points.

Divide your grand total career point count by 360 and multiply by 2.5% to come up with your service multiplier.

For example, 2134 points / 360 * 2.5% = 14.82%. Thats your service percent multiplier, just as an active-duty retirement at 20 years would be 50%.

For those who are in the BRS, the multiplier is 2.0%.

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Guard & Reserve Retirement Points

The following section covers earning retirement points in the Guard and Reserves. This is a good general overview. For a more in-depth article, check out this Guard and Reserve Points Guide on The Military Wallet. It goes into more detail and includes a podcast discussing the ins and outs of earning points in the Guard and Reserves.

When youre in the Reserves or Guard, your time toward a retirement is credited on two factors:

  • the number of points you build up
  • the number of good years youve completed

Each service is a little different in their point calculations. Points accumulate from both active duty and the Reserve/Guard system.

What Is Drill Pay

â Active Duty Military Retirement Pay Calculator

Base pay for military members depends on several factors, including whether they are serving in active duty or the reserves. Active duty members receive full-time pay, while National Guard and reserve members who are not on active duty receive part-time pay, or drill pay, depending on the number of drills they perform each month.

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Reserve Enlisted Military Drill Pay Chart

The basic pay charts below are for reserve enlisted members of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard for the calendar year 2021. The pay rates are monthly amounts rounded to the nearest U.S. dollar. Reservist Pay is 1/30th of active duty military pay for one drill day. This pay scale is for four drills a month, which is equal to a regular drill weekend per month, plus two weeks of active duty each year.

Military pay is subject to income taxes unless it is earned in a designated combat zone.

The military maintains various other types of compensation that are not included as part of the pay tables below. Additionally, there are certain allowances provided such as a clothing allowance, basic allowance for housing, and a cost-of-living allowance.

Air Force Reserve Pay For A Person With 16 Years Of Service

The pay for Air Force Reserve members steadily increases over time. Here is a list of the monthly payment amounts according to rank after 16 years of service:

  • Airman E-2: $251 per month

  • Airman First Class E-3: $298 per month

  • Senior Airman E-4: $355 per month

  • Staff Sergeant E-5: $453 per month

  • Technical Sergeant E-6: $540 per month

  • Master Sergeant E-7: $615 per month

  • Senior Master Sergeant E-8: $661 per month

  • Chief Master Sergeant E-9: $768 per month

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Quality Of Life For Navy Reserve

With a take-home pay of roughly $3,345/month, and the median 2BR apartment rental price of $2,506/mo**, a Navy Reserve would pay 74.92% of their monthly take-home salary towards rent.

** This rental cost was derived according to an online report at Apartment List*** Average cost of living was acquired from Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index

Find Your Equivalent Rate/rank In The Navy Reserve


Rates, ranks and terminology that indicate a servicemembers status differ by military branch. However, grades indicate how status equates across the uniformed services. The Navy Reserve will make every effort to place you in the same pay grade you previously held. Once you know where you stand, you can see how your former pay grade compares.

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Navy Reserve Pay For 2021 Enlisted

The U.S. Navy Reserve consists of four different organizations:

  • Selected Reserve
  • Full-Time Support
  • Retired Reserve

Reservists are required by the Navy to perform drills a minimum of one weekend per month, as well as two weeks of more intense active duty training.

Navy Reservists are compensated for their time equal to one days active duty base pay for each drill period .

One weekend of drills consists of four drill periods .

When Reservists are required to complete active duty training that lasts longer than a weekend he or she is compensated prorated Basic Pay.

In the end, Drill Pay is comparative to military personnel serving active duty stints.

The pay is determined first by military rank, and secondly by the length of service.

Below are various tables that break down expected Drill Pay for the Navy Reserve based on rank and years of service:

See Navy Reserves Salaries In Other Areas

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How To Calculate A Reserve Retirement

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In response to a question from a reader, Doug originally created and published this post in 2012. The sender was seeking a Reserve Retirement Calculator, specifically for the National Guard or Reserve. Instead of referring him to one of the many Military Retirement Calculators online, Doug dedicated the time, to write a very detailed post to educate any of our readers looking for assistance with the . As of 16 August, this post has been updated using the 2016 pay scale.

Fundamentals About Reserve Pay

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Like the active duty troops, Reservists also get basic pay, allowances where appropriate, and special pay where appropriate. But this pay is offered only for the periods of service the Reservists show up for including training, drill weekends, and active duty service when activated.

Military pay charts for Reservists show basic pay ONLY and these charts do not reflect allowances or other payments above and beyond basic pay. Depending on your status as a Reserve member you may be eligible to earn time on active duty that can be counted toward a Post 9/11 GI Bill once the minimum active duty service time has been reached.

Reservists who are called to active duty will be paid for their active service the same as for regular Army troops or other service membersReservists called to active duty service are compensated for the time spent working on active duty and those Reservists who serve on active duty earn days toward qualifying for education benefits like the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

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Benefits Of Serving More At Days In The Air Force Reserve

Besides increasing your monthly paycheck, serving more annual training days also contributes to points toward future retirement benefits. According to the Department of Defense, yearly participation in the reserves results in roughly 78 points toward retirement. A typical training day earns a person one point, and the military cap for yearly retirement points is 130.

Qualifying for reserve retirement benefits requires 1,560 total pointsâwithout serving additional AT days, this would take you 20 years. Meeting that requirement takes eight fewer years if you hit the 130-point cap each year.


Navy Reserve Enlisted Ranks And Drill Pay Under 6 Years

Pay Grade

In addition to monthly Drill Pay, Reservists also receive a decent benefits package:

  • Medical Insurance: Option to receive quality health insurance for a low monthly premium for you, and any dependents.
  • Life Insurance: Reservists receive life insurance coverage for a spouse or dependent children.
  • Retirement: Personnel qualifies for Veterans Preference Retirement if mobilized under U.S. Code, Title 10. You also must complete more than 180 days of continuous active duty in order to qualify.
  • Education: Navy Reservists qualify for the Montgomery G.I. Bill in order to receive financial assistance related to tuition, licensing, training, or apprenticeships.
  • Tax Breaks: Reservists receive unique tax breaks that help reduce tax liability and potentially save you money.
  • Commissary and Exchanges: Reservists and immediate family members are permitted to shop at all U.S. military base commissaries and exchanges.
  • Military Discounts: Navy Reservists can receive most of the same military discounts as active-duty personnel. It includes lower rates at airlines, car rentals, restaurants, and home improvement stores.

Navy Reservists are also blessed with job security under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 .

Additionally, personnel can receive promotional opportunities within the Navy Reserve comparable to active duty soldiers.

Speak with a local Navy recruiter for more information regarding Navy Reserve benefits.

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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

If you are interested in a collegiate scholarship program that pays for your education and molds you into a leader, consider the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship program, which you can apply for while in high school or college. These 2, 3 or 4-year scholarship and non-scholarship opportunities can lead you toward commissioning as a Naval Officer upon graduation.

The NROTC program also offers Summer Cruise Training where you can spend part of your summer vacations alongside Navy Officers in the field gaining on-the-job experience in various areas, including on-board a nuclear submarine, with aircraft carriers and aviation squadrons or in a foreign nation training with international branches.

How Are Marine Reservists Paid During Longer Training Events

Military Pay – How Basic Navy Pay Works

The Marine Reserves participate in longer training events at least once a year, which involves a different pay structure. For training sessions that last longer than four days, Reservists earn a prorated portion of the monthly Active Duty pay for their rank and experience. For example, a Reservist would earn approximately half of their equivalent Active Duty monthly pay for a two-week training because two weeks is about half of a month. They also earn the basic Active Duty pay during their initial Marine Corps training.

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Air Force Reserve Pay Charts

To receive payment as a member of the Air Force Reserve, you need to complete the minimum annual training requirement. The payments vary based on your rank and how many years of service you have committed to the program. Following are six charts that show how these payments change over the course of years of service according to the U.S. Department of Defense. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, please check U.S. Air Force Reserve salaries.

Enlisted Entry And Service

Persons who enlist in the Active duty program first sign a contract to enter the Ready Reserve for a period of time that coincides with time served as Active Duty. Upon separation from Active Duty, members may still be obligated by their reserve contract if it has not expired. The remainder of the contract may be served as a member of the Selected Reserve or the Individual Ready Reserve.

Prior service enlistees may be able to affiliate with the Navy Reserve in their active duty rating and paygrade.

Non-prior service enlistees are sent to Initial Active Duty Training , also called boot camp, located at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois and qualify for a specific billet in order to make their rate permanent. Very few ratings are available to non-prior service personnel. Based upon their skill sets, members will enter into service at paygrades E-1 through E-3. Although non-prior service recruits are paid from their first day at the advanced pay grade, they are not entitled to wear the insignia signifying their rank until they successfully complete boot camp. After graduating from boot camp, the reservist usually trains at a Navy Operational Support Center again to complete the final “Phase IV” requirements. After that, he or she is sent to a reserve unit.

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Class A And Class B Reserve Service

Pay rates for Reservists on Class A and Class B service are listed below by rank, within each occupation group. These are daily pay rates and they are the latest rates available as of 1 April 2019 unless stated otherwise.

Within each rank there are a number of pay increments which represent automatic annual increases in pay to recognize advancements in experience, skill and knowledge. Some ranks have several pay levels based on entry plans to the Canadian Armed Forces. See pay overview for information on the factors that determine pay rates.

How Does Air Force Reserve Pay Work

Military pay raise on track for January despite budget ...

A person in the Air Force Reserve receives reserve enlisted military drill pay as long as they fulfill the minimum annual training days each year. The minimum annual training requirement for the Air Force Reserve is one weekend per month and two weeks per year.

Your rank and years of service influence the amount that you are paid for AT days. Alongside your paycheck, these days also contribute points toward your eventual retirement benefits.

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How Much Tax Will You Have To Pay As A Navy Reserve

For an individual filer in this tax bracket, you would have an estimated average federal tax in 2018 of 22%. After a federal tax rate of 22% has been taken out, Navy Reserves could expect to have a take-home pay of $40,138/year, with each paycheck equaling approximately $1,672*.

* assuming bi-monthly pay period. Taxes estimated using tax rates for a single filer using 2018 federal and state tax tables. Metro-specific taxes are not considered in calculations. This data is intended to be an estimate, not prescriptive financial or tax advice.

Time In Grade Time In Service Counts

There is also an overall TIS or Time In Service which also affects your pay and certain allowances the longer you spend in uniform as an active duty service member or Reservist, the higher your pay can go.

In both cases there are federal limits on the amount of the pay raise you get upon certain career milestones such as passing the two-year mark on your initial enlistment depending on the rank and time spent serving. Stay in the military for six years and you may be entitled to a pay raise at years two and four, but depending on your Time-In-Grade you may stop getting pay raises at year six until you get promoted.

Promotions are dependent on both time in grade AND time in serviceyou cant get promoted to another rank without having spent a minimum amount of time on duty in your current military rank and youll find it important to seek guidance on how long you must serve at your current rank before being eligible for a promotion.

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Years Of Service For Retirement Entitlement

You must have 20 years of service in the reserves to be eligible for reserve retirement. Furthermore, for a year to count, you must accumulate 50 service points in that year. You are awarded one point for every day you spent in active service during a given year, for each time you attended a drill period, and for each day in which you performed funeral honors duty. You are further awarded 15 points for each year you spent in your reserve component. Reservists who regularly attended their drill and training periods will not typically have any problem attaining the 50 points needed for a year to count.

How Much Do Reservists Make When Deployed

How Much does the Army Pay??: Active Duty vs Reserves/ MILITARY PAY

Generally, Reservists earn basic pay during deployment, which means they make the same as active-duty Marines. If they have a long-term emergency deployment, they can also apply for the Reserve Income Replacement Program , which pays the difference between the Reservist’s civilian salary and their compensation from basic pay. For example, if a Reservist made $4,000 per month in their civilian job, then get called to Active Duty earning $3,000 per month in basic pay, RIRP would pay them an extra $1,000 a month to make up for the potential loss of income. The minimum monthly payment is $50.01 and the maximum is $3,000.

The requirements for Reservists to quality for RIRP include:

  • Earning $50 more per month as a civilian than they would as an active-duty Marine

  • Completing 18 or more consecutive months of Active Duty

  • Completing 24 or more cumulative months of Active Duty service within the past five years

  • Serving multiple Active Duty tours longer than 180 days within six months of each other

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