How Does The Army Work

How Does The Army Work


Fundamentals About Reserve Pay

How The Army Works | Unit Organization

Like the active duty troops, Reservists also get basic pay, allowances where appropriate, and special pay where appropriate. But this pay is offered only for the periods of service the Reservists show up for including training, drill weekends, and active duty service when activated.

Military pay charts for Reservists show basic pay ONLY and these charts do not reflect allowances or other payments above and beyond basic pay. Depending on your status as a Reserve member you may be eligible to earn time on active duty that can be counted toward a Post 9/11 GI Bill once the minimum active duty service time has been reached.

Reservists who are called to active duty will be paid for their active service the same as for regular Army troops or other service membersReservists called to active duty service are compensated for the time spent working on active duty and those Reservists who serve on active duty earn days toward qualifying for education benefits like the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Mortar Components And Shell Components

The Mortar Shell is sometimes also called bomb. Its main components are the impact fuze at the top, which triggers the Exploder. Followed by the high explosive filler in the body, the primary charge in the tail section and usually augmenting charges on the tail.

As you can see the propelling charge is made up of two components the primary charge and the augmenting charge. The first is inside the mortar round, whereas the augmenting charges are usually outside of the mortar shell and can be added and removed in order to reduce the power and thus speed and range of the shell.

Are There Any Drawbacks To The Military Diet


Sorry, Ive been holding that in this whole post. Literally. I typed this whole post up to this point while holding my breath so that I could then blurt this out.

I wont deny that you could lose weight following the Military Diet. But can any diet telling you to eat bread, crackers, and ice cream actually be good for you?

I know you know better.

Youre an adult with a good head on your shoulders, and youre probably considering the Military Diet because you want a quick weight loss win without having to make any permanent changes.

Unfortunately, things like science, thermodynamics, and reality will keep getting in the way.

The Military Diet is what we in the fitness world call a crash diet. Crash diets are designed for quick weight loss in a short amount of time.

These diets and I can included cleanses here prey on peoples desperation to get fit quick.

They know that if you follow a short term diet, lose a bunch of water weight, and see a lower number on the scale youre convinced it worked and then you can go back to how you were eating before.

Then when you quickly put all of that weight back onyoull come running back to the diet that got you short term results.

This is how they make their money, get your attention, and ultimately leave you sad and right back where you started.

Other examples of terrible crash diets include the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Baby Food Diet and just about any juice cleanse on the market.

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What Is A Homeless Shelter

Homelessness is a national problem and the government of any country has to work hard to eliminate this problem in society. Despite taking all steps, there is no hand on natural calamities such as too hot or too cold weather, cyclone, and any other pandemic. There are more than 15% of people in the United States of America who are chronically homeless. These people have to suffer in the hottest and coldest months of the year for having no shelter to stay safe.

There is a different organization that works to ensure temporary shelter for homeless people. Families having senior people, disabled and children have to go through a dire situation without any shelter. If there is no immediate shelter for them, there may be any danger in those families as they are supposed to live under the sky, or in the unsafe night. This shelter is designed for the people who are going to be homeless. Homeless people may have a shelter in the transitional house, hotel or motel, emergency shelter camp, and other places to avoid any possible danger after being homeless.

Nato: What Is It And How Does It Work

Joining forces to get more paramedics on the road

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was formed in 1949 to deter the expansion of the Soviet Union.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, known as NATO, is a military alliance made up of nations across Europe and North America.

Formed in the aftermath of the Second World War in 1949, NATO’s original goals were to secure peace in Europe, promote cooperation among its members and to counter the threat posed by the Soviet Union.

NATO Defence Spending: Which Member Countries Pay Most Towards Equipment?

16th June 2021

Although NATO was formed in response to the developing Cold War, it has since remained a key part of international defence and security, and remains the largest peacetime military alliance in the world.

How Does NATO Operate?

All members agree to mutual defence in response to an enemy attack.

“An attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies,” as the principle goes.

NATO: Which Countries Make Up The Alliance?

22nd March 2021

NATO does not have its own armed forces, but rather coordinates each member nation contributing their own forces, which together are hoped to add up to more than the sum of their parts.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent end of the Cold War after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the purpose of NATO was called into question.

But the new era ushered in new threats, and NATO’s original remit has now expanded.

But its main principle has remained the collective defence of its members.

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Australian Sex Abuse Cases

From the 1940s to the 1980s the Salvation Army in Australia sheltered approximately 30,000 children. In 2006 the Australian division of the Salvation Army acknowledged that sexual abuse may have occurred during this time and issued an apology. In it, the Army explicitly rejected a claim, made by a party unnamed in the apology, that there were as many as 500 potential claimants.

In 2013 it was reported that private settlements totalling A$15.5 million had been made in Victoria relating to 474 abuse cases a Salvation Army spokesman said that “This should not have happened and this was a breach of the trust placed in us” and that they were “deeply sorry” whilst claiming that the abuse was “the result of individuals and not a culture within the organization”.

The Royal Commission published a case study report on the findings and recommendations for one of the above-mentioned case studies.

The Salvation Army Housing And Homeless Services

There is a different organization that works to ensure homelessness for homeless people. As part of this, the salvation Army works relentlessly to ensure group homes, emergency shelters through hotel vouchers or motel vouchers, transitional living centers, and emergency shelter camps.

When homeless people have no place to go, the salvation Army may be only the place to go. people can have a light of hope to live safely and get back on normal life with the support of the Salvation Army homelessness program. Additionally, the Salvation Army homelessness program also includes free education, food, clothing, and employment to reconstruct the life of homeless people.

The Salvation Army also provides a hotel or motel to manage a few nights stays for the homeless people and this highly ensures short-time lodging through hotel vouchers. The Salvation Army has different programs to make sure the homeless people can get a safe place as shelter. As part of this, The Salvation Army in San Diego has been working for serving homeless people for longer than 130 years.

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Engagement Skills Trainer Ii

The Engagement Skills Trainer II is designed to simulate live weapon training events that directly support individual and crew-served weapons qualification, including individual marksmanship, small unit collective and judgmental escalation-of-force exercises in a controlled environment. It provides detailed feedback to the individual fire …

Join The Military As An Enlisted Member

Korean Military How Does It Work?

Enlisted members make up most of the military workforce. They receive training in a job specialty and do most of the hands-on work. Usually, youll sign up for four years of active duty and four years inactive. After youve completed your active duty time, you can either extend your contract or re-enlist if you want to continue serving.

Officers make up a much smaller part of the workforce. To join as an officer, you typically must have a four-year college degree and complete an officer program. You compete for promotion to continue your career. Most officers are managers who plan and direct operations. Others are professionals like doctors and lawyers. Officers get paid more than enlisted members and enjoy certain other benefits.

You dont have to join as an officer to become one though. You can join as an enlisted member and attend officer training later on.

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Goals Of Dnd And The Caf

The fundamental goal of DND and the CAF is to protect Canada, and Canadian interests and values, while contributing to international peace and security.

The CAF defends Canada by:

  • Patrolling our coasts
  • Leading search and rescue missions, and
  • Assisting civilian rescue authorities with disaster relief .

The CAF contributes to the defence of North America by:

  • Working with the United States at the North American Aerospace Defence Command to monitor and defend continental, airspace and ocean areas.

The CAF contributes to international security by:

  • Participating in operations around the world. CAF personnel are currently deployed overseas on operational missions. On any given day, one third of the deployable force are preparing for, engaged in, or returning from an overseas mission.

Army Engineer Enlisted Careers

A combat engineer works in combat situations. Primary tasks include strategizing combat positions, placing and detonating explosives, clearing roadways for vehicles or troops, and detecting mines visually or using specialized equipment.

Minimum Education: 14 weeks of One Station Unit Training and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

A geospatial engineer is primarily responsible for analyzing geographical data from satellite imagery to construct maps. The data also helps engineers prepare briefs detailing terrain to help commanders visualize battlefields.

Minimum Education: 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

This role requires using bulldozers, cranes, graders, or other heavy equipment to clear, grade, or excavate earth. Other tasks may include transporting construction equipment and assisting combat engineers in their maneuvers.

Minimum Education: 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, nine weeks of Advanced Individual Training, and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

A special forces engineer sergeant’s primary tasks include carrying out demolition raids to paralyze an enemy’s key infrastructure. They must be proficient in interpreting maps and teaching a wide range of tasks including explosives, field fortification, and bridging.

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Doing Business With Dnd And The Caf

No. DND and the CAF are not authorized to sell anything to the public.

All military goods and equipment that are declared surplus are turned over to the Crown Assets Distribution Centre for disposal.

If you have goods or services to offer to the Government of Canada , visit the Buy and Sell Contracts Canada website for information on government purchasing, and how to contact a materiel manager. For specific information, or to register as a potential supplier, call InfoLine Contracts Canada at 819-956-3440 or toll-free line at 1-800-811-1148, or write to Client Services at .

An official website is a DND/CAF product, created, maintained, authorized and supported by a DND organization or a CAF unit or formation . An official site must comply with all government-wide and departmental policies relevant to publishing in general and the Internet in particular, and the person at the head of the sponsoring organization is responsible for the website and all its content. The ownership of the server that hosts the site is irrelevant to its status.

Sites created and maintained by DND employees, CAF members or other individuals associated with DND and the CAF, but not authorized and supported by a DND/CAF organization, are not official websites and must not be presented as such.

With a website, you will be in an excellent position to support the CAF and promote understanding of CAF operations and activities.

When Can You Take Leave

How well does army camouflage work?

Service members may request leave at any time. Approval will be at the discretion of the command, based upon a wide variety of factors including operational requirements.

Some commands may have specified times when all or portions of the command can take leave at the same time. This is sometimes referred to as block leave and may happen before or after a deployment or during a holiday period. Block leave refers to time when most or all of the unit takes leave at the same time . Commonly, block leave time is allowed during the summer and Christmas holidays, and before and after deployments.

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How Does Studying A Degree In The Army Work

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    What The Recruiter Never Told You

    Excerpts from Rod Powers Articles in Military.Com. What the Recruiter Never Told You

    Rod Powers has covered the US Military for since 1999. He is the author of ASVAB for Dummies, Barrons Officer Candidate School Tests, Veterans Benefits for Dummies, ASVAB AFQT for Dummies, Basic Training for Dummies, and 1,001 ASVAB Practice Questions for Dummies. Rod is wholly familiar with military life, having been stationed or deployed to several bases around the world during his 22 years of service, before retiring as an E-8, First Sergeant. His military decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak-leaf clusters.

    Use of this article is not an endorsement by the US Department of Defense and its subordinate agencies. Some of the information presented can change or become obsolete without notice. The resource is used solely as a general description of processes found within the public domain dealing with the military services recruiting environment. Excerpts are provided with permission of the author.

    Should I Join the Military?

    If you like to smoke a joint once in a while, dont join. The military uses random, no-notice urinalysis, and if youre found positive, you may very well go to jail . The DOD urinalysis test can find THC in your urine for three weeks after youve smoked a joint.

    Its often a good idea to bring a parent or relative with you for your first visit.

    Common Courtesy

    Getting Down to Basics

    Job Qualifications

    Enlistment Contracts

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    Aim : Tinder For Army Talent Management

    May 10, 2019 ·AIM 2.0: Tinder for Army Talent Management AIM 2.0: Tinder for Army Talent Management | 4 By: Megan Jantos Over the last couple years, the Army has rolled out a new system that allows it to better manage talent while involving active-duty officers in the assignment process. This system, called the Assignment Interactive Module 2.0 is …

    How Salvation Army Hotel Voucher Programs Work

    How does the Canadian Artillery work? BEING A GUNNER

    The Salvation Army ensures a hotel or motel for up to 3 nights or maybe more according to the funding and availability of the hotel rooms or beds. There are different names of this hotel voucher such as the Salvation Army Family Service, salvation army hotel voucher near me. The hotel voucher eligibility program highly is based on the dire need of the family or people who are recently homeless. It is also important to make sure that those homeless people need shelter assistance based on a shorter period.

    so it is clear that you as homeless people feel the dire need for shelter and seek shelter desperately. But there is some key consideration such as need, place of residence, income criteria as per federal income guideline and live below the extreme poverty line. These issues will be taken into account when you are going to apply for a hotel voucher under the Salvation Army. Sadly, you are in critical condition and having hardships and you must explain to make sure you are eligible to get shelter on a priority basis.

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