CollegeHow Does The Army Pay For College

How Does The Army Pay For College


Students Who Persist Earn Degrees

Join the Army Reserves to Help Pay for College!!

Spittler has been with National University for 16 years and was an advisor to students in the early days of the military online department She recalls another memorable military and college success story.

Despite being deployed four times and going through a divorce, this student kept coming back to take courses through NU. It took him 12 years of persistence to finish his associate degree, but finish he did. His example demonstrates the difficult balancing act between military service, family, and education.

They go through so much, theyre out there protecting us, and they have to balance between the military and families theyre all about their families, Spittler says. So having to deal with that and wanting to get their education, and seeing them succeed, that to me is why Im still doing what Im doing.

She adds, Thats one of the hardest things for them to do, is complete their degrees while theyre in the military. And then when you see that, its like, Wow, you did it!

National Universitys flexible options make higher education accessible for active-duty servicemembers who want to advance in rank, enhance their knowledge, and emerge from their active service with additional skills and opportunities.

Q What Is Your Recommendation For Funding A Degree While Actively Serving

Fortunately, every active-duty service member is entitled to tuition assistance. Depending on how expensive the college or university is, it is possible that the military will pay for up to two classes per semester. Going to school is not only a benefit in the military, but is also looked at as a privilege. Service members need to meet specific requirements to take classes. To name a few examples, we have to complete our upgrade training, know that the mission comes first, and maintain a certain GPA. I couldn’t agree more with the requirements. The military really gives everyone a fair and equal way to further their education.

Limit Your Interest With The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is for any military members who took out student loans out prior to joining. They provide a cap on interest rates while you serve on active duty and this applies to both federal and private loans.

The loan mustve been disbursed before you started active duty. The interest rate cannot exceed 6% and this can bring significant savings, especially with private loans.

How to apply for SCRA:

Submit a copy of your service orders to have this applied to your loans

  • Wait until your loan servicer applies the cap through checks of the military database

This is helpful for anyone who wants to join the military after youve finished your education. It can keep your payments low and cap the amount of interest you need to pay back.

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Education Benefits Available To College Graduates

If you have already graduated from college and have outstanding student loan debt, there are programs that can help repay or cancel your loans. Additionally, you may qualify for financial scholarships offered to college graduates who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in areas such as law and medicine.

Federal Perkins Loan Cancellation Program

How Much Does the Military Pay for College?

If you have already been to college and you are currently serving on active duty, you may qualify for a cancellation of your student loans.

The Federal Perkins Loan Cancellation Program gives Soldiers who have served in combat situations the chance to cancel up to 100 percent of their Federal Perkins Loans or National Direct Student Loans. This benefit does not apply to Stafford loans or PLUS loans.

Active-duty Soldiers in hostile fire or imminent danger pay areas for at least one year are eligible for cancellation of their Federal Perkins Loan Program student loans.

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How To Get The National Guard To Pay For College:

In order to apply for college tuition assistance, please consider the following steps:

  • Contact a local U.S. Army National Guard recruiter. Explain during your initial meeting that you are hoping to receive college tuition assistance during your time serving the U.S. Military. You can fill out a contact form online to get started.
  • Take an eligibility test. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test helps determine what jobs in the Guard you qualify for.
  • Enlist in the U.S. Army National Guard. By now you know the ship date of your Basic Combat Training as well as assignment and pay.
  • Complete basic training. After you finish Basic Combat Training you will get recognized as a full-service member.
  • Qualify and apply for college tuition assistance. Once you are a full-service member of the Guard you can start receiving college tuition assistance depending on the program and its qualifications. Contact a rep in the National Guard for more details.
  • Squeeze Your Mycaa Benefits

    If you’re looking for a two-year degree, MyCAA is the best place for you to start. Offering $4,000 for an associate’s degree, vocational training or professional licensing, MyCAA is a good resource for spouses of service members in ranks E1-E5, W1-W2 or O1-O2.

    The eligibility is narrow, but every dime counts when you are starting to pay for a military spouse education. To find out more about whether MyCAA might be a good fit for you, be sure to check out our MyCAA guide.

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    Final Thoughts On How The Military Pays For College

    The military wants to incentivize people to enlist and one way to do that is by helping to pay for education. The variety of options available show that the U.S. government wants to assist its servicemen and women in paying off their student loans or having them forgiven or discharged whenever possible. Its a small, but significant, way to show gratitude for your service.

    Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness

    How the Military Can Pay For College | ROTC Program

    Anyone serving in the military is eligible for the PSLF Program. The program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loans after you have finished 120 qualifying monthly payments under an eligible repayment plan working full-time for a qualifying employer like a US federal, state, local, or tribal government or not-for-profit organization.

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    Army Reserve Education Benefits

    As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, youll have many education benefits available to youand the time and flexibility to put them to use. If you want to go to college while you serve, many Army Reserve units can offer you that option. The Army Reserve can also help you pay for college, and if youve already attended college, it can help you pay off your loans.

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    National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program

    If you sign up to serve, you also need to meet other criteria for this program:

    • You must enlist for a minimum of six years
    • Enlist for a critical skills vacancy in the grade of E-4 or below
    • Enlist in a qualifying position in an MTO or medical TDA unit only
    • Score a minimum score of 50 on the Armed Forces Qualifying Test
    • You cannot also be enlisting as a 09R SMP cadet, RFP, or Active First Program
    • You must not be enlisted as a glossary non-prior service soldier .

    If you are eligible, you can earn up to $7,500 annually, with a maximum of $50,000, toward your qualifying student loan debts.

    What Lons Qualify For National Guard Student Loan Repayment:

    • Stafford loans

    For more information, visit the National Guard Student Loan Forgiveness website.

    Military Student Loan Repayment Programs

    Military Scholarships

    Provided your loans are in good standing, the military may pay off some or all of your student loan debt. Your eligibility depends on which military branch you have enlisted in. Heres a glimpse of the branch-specific programs:

    • Active Duty Health Professions Student Loan Repayment Program: Health professionals who are on active duty can qualify for $40,000 per year towards their student loan debt for up to three years. This program applies to those serving in the dental, medical, allied health, nursing, or veterinary corps. If youre in the reserves for these professions, you may also be eligible for up to $50,000 in total loan forgiveness, spread over three years.
    • Army Student Loan Repayment: The military pays for college loans if youre in the Army too up to 33.5 percent, or $1,500, towards the unpaid principal balance of your student loans for each year of active duty.
    • Navy Student Loan Repayment Program: Members of the Navy who served a minimum of three years on active duty during their first enlistment may be eligible for this program. It offers the same rates as the Army: 33.5 percent, or $1,500, toward your principal balance, whichever is greater. As long as your loans are not in default, you can receive as much as $65,000 in loan forgiveness.
    • National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program: This program offers individuals the chance to earn up to $7,500 yearly, with a maximum of $50,000, toward qualifying student loan debts.

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    Earn Your Degree Through Rotc

    If you are interested in joining the Army as an Officer and you do not already have a college degree, then the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is for you.

    ROTC is a scholarship program that allows you to complete all of the requirements of Army Officer training while attending college. In return for a service commitment after you graduate, the Army will pay for your college tuition, books, and other expenses.

    ROTC programs are available at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the United States. You can join the ROTC after graduating high school or at any point during your first two years of college.

    Jump On Gi Bill Benefits

    If you are married to a more senior service member, you won’t qualify for MyCAA funding. If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree, MyCAA won’t pay.

    Yet your military benefits may still enable you to pursue your academic dreams. Your service member’s Post-911 GI Bill Benefits may be transferred to you.

    This option isn’t for everybody: Your service member will have had to serve for six years and be committed for at least four more years in the military.

    There are also some new, tightened restrictions about who qualifies for transferability and how long they have to make those transfer decisions. Confused about your eligibility? Don’t be.

    The GI Bill was a great option for Nikki. She and her husband determined that he was less likely to go back to school than she was. Since Nikki was ready now, transferring their benefits made sense.

    Nikki is now busy looking for schools where she can train to be a veterinarian her life-long dream. Growing up, I just figured that was like dreaming of being president,” she said. It was never going to happen. And now it is!”

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    Deferred Student Loan Payments For Active Duty

    Need a breather from paying off your loans? You can choose to have your student debt deferred while youre out on active duty, and for 13 months after you return. The government will pay any interest on your Direct Loans and Federal Stafford Loans.

    Warning! Before entering into any agreement or shelling out money, make sure that you are transacting with a legitimate representative of the military to avoid falling victim to loan scams.

    Earn Your College Degree Through The Green To Gold Program

    Before Joining The Military JUST To Pay For College, Make More Money, or To Get Away WATCH THIS!

    The Green to Gold Program identifies enlisted Soldiers with leadership potential and helps them pay for college and earn the degree needed to become an Officer. Through ROTC, candidates will attend college or graduate school, complete Army Officer Commissioning requirements, and compete for Officer assignments.

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    How To Start Saving Now

    Youre already well equipped to start saving for your childs college education and have the discipline to commit to it. It may seem daunting, but there are plenty of ways to put some money away now that will pay dividends to your childs college education down the line.

    • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts let families save up to $2,000 for college, and other members of the family, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, can also contribute here.
    • State-run Qualified Tuition Programs, or 529 Plans, allow families to lock in todays tuition rates for state schools. These accounts also grow generally tax-free and offer a variety of tax benefits.

    Army Tuition Assistance Benefits How To Pay For Your College Education

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    The Army recently updated their Tuition Assistance program with a focus on ensuring their Soldiers are more focused on military readiness and training as opposed to spending more time on college classes.

    Soldiers will still have the opportunity to use Tuition Assistance to achieve their educational goals, however, Soldiers must first meet more stringent criteria to be eligible to participate in the TA program. The most recent updates to the Army Tuition Assistance benefits program are effective through September 30, 2021.

    While not everyone will be happy with these changes, the Army was compelled to make these changes to meet readiness goals and to help stretch the ever-shrinking budget.

    Lets dive in and take a look at what the Army TA program offers, who is eligible, which educational programs are covered, and how to take advantage of this valuable benefit.

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    Some Soldiers May Have To Pay For Spring Classes After Tuition Assistance Computer Glitch

    Soldiers using Army tuition assistance programs will need to foot the bill for new classes this semester after a major failure with the services new computer systems.

    In a memo sent out last week, Army officials said that they are temporarily suspending funding for any new classes set to start the last week in April. Soldiers who decide to go ahead with the courses anyway will have to use alternate funding to cover tuition costs.

    Soldiers enrolled in classes beginning 23 April 2021 and later should contact their educational institution to discuss withdrawing from these classes if they do not want to pay out-of-pocket, the message states.


    Army officials did not say how many soldiers they expected to be impacted by the funding pause. As of last September, more than 100,000 soldiers from all components active, National Guard and reserve had used some form of tuition assistance for fiscal 2020 classes.

    Under the Armys tuition assistance program, eligible soldiers can use $4,000 to finance college courses from accredited colleges and universities. How much students may be forced to pay out-of-pocket because of the change depends on course credit hours and college costs.

    Bain said officials are hoping to have the new system operational in time for soldiers to enroll in May classes through ArmyIgnitED.


    On the , dozens of soldiers and spouses have been lamenting the news and the short-sighted mistakes of Army planners.

    Time In Service And Additional Service Commitments

    Do I have to pay to attend the ROTC Program?

    Any enlisted Soldier using TA must have enough time left in service to complete the courses they are signing up for.

    • Active Duty officers incur an Active Duty Service Obligation of two years, and
    • Reserve Component officers incur a Reserve Duty Service Obligation of four years.
    • The ADSO/RDSO is calculated from the date of completion of the last course for which TA was used.

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    Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship

    The GRFD Scholarship is for individuals with prior military service and those who would like to obtain a commission in the Army Reserve. If you receive a GRFD, youre required to enroll in an ROTC course and enlist in the Army Reserve in the Simultaneous Membership Program if youre not currently a member. Upon graduation, you must accept a commission, complete the Officer Basic Course, and serve six years in the Army Reserve.Benefits include:

    • Full tuition paid
    • Annual book allowance of $1,200
    • ROTC monthly stipend of $350 to $500
    • Montgomery GI Bill
    • The Simultaneous Membership Program Kicker of $350 a month

    The Post 9/11 Gi Bill

    The Post 9/11 Bill is available to all vets who served after September 10, 2001, with at least 90 days of continuous service. For most vets, this is the preferred way to pay for college, with more than 80 percent of those taking advantage of their GI Bill benefits doing so through the Post 9/11 Bill.

    The Post 9/11 Bill pays all public school in-state tuition and fees, and the maximum benefit that a person can receive will cover the following:

    • Tuition and fees
    • Living stipend
    • Allowance for books and supplies

    The actual benefit amount received will vary based on how long the military vet has been in service. For example, if you rendered more than 90 days but less than six months of service, youll receive only half of the maximum benefit.

    However, if youve served at least 36 months or 30 continuous days prior to discharge for a service-related disability, youll get the maximum tuition and fees, a monthly housing stipend, and an annual stipend for books and supplies.

    Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, you can also apply for the Yellow Ribbon Program to supplement the funding you need to attend a private institution, go to college out-of-state, or enroll in graduate school.

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