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How Do You Become A Medic In The Army


S To Joining The Army

What’s it like to be a Combat Medic – Army Reserve – Army Jobs
  • Meet with your local Army recruiter. They will pre-screen you for the ASVAB, medical, and basic qualifications.
  • Go to MEPS . This is where you will jump through all kinds of hoops and get poked and prodded.
  • Take the ASVAB. This determines if you have the basic knowledge to enlist. Also, there are subcategories that determine which jobs you are suited for. Two of those subcategories are the GT line score and the ST line score that determine if you are qualified to become a medic.
  • Once you have qualified, chosen your job, and spent an entire day waiting around, you will sign your DEP contract and swear in. Until your ship-off date, you will spend time with your recruiters learning about basic army stuff and getting into shape.
  • Finally, when the ship date arrives, you will go back to MEPS, officially swear in, sign your official contract, and leave for basic training.
  • Training To Become An Army Ranger

  • 1Sign an Option 40 contract if its available during the enlistment process. An Option 40 contract is an enlistment option that will put you on the track to train to join the Rangers. While there are other ways that you can become a Ranger, having an Option 40 contract is the only guaranteed route that initiates your training right when you enlist.XResearch source
  • There are a limited amount of Option 40 contracts available each year, and spots tend to fill up quickly.
  • If you dont receive an Option 40 contract during the enlistment process, you can attempt to volunteer to become a Ranger during Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, or while attending Airborne School.XResearch source
  • 2Complete the Armys Basic Combat Training. Also known as boot camp, Basic Combat Training is a training process required of all Army recruits, including potential Rangers. At boot camp, youll learn the traditions, tactics, and methods of becoming a soldier in the U.S. Army.XResearch source
  • While the time varies depending on your Military Occupational Specialty , Army Basic Combat Training generally lasts about 10 weeks. Your MOS is determined by the results of your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.
  • A few of the possible Advanced Individual Training schools include the Air Defense Artillery School, Infantry School, the Army Intelligence Center, the Aviation Logistics School, the Field Artillery School, and the Engineer School.XResearch source
  • How Long Does It Take To Become A Paramedic

    Training and Certifications. It can take several years to become a paramedic, because you must acquire the necessary life-saving skills for this job. While an emergency medical technician also attends several years of medical training to meet EMT requirements, a paramedic is trained to perform more advanced life-saving procedures.

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    What Does A Combat Medic Specialist Get Paid

    Like other Army MOSâs, a Combat Medic Specialist will get paid based on rank and time in service.

    During the first few months of training, individuals can expect to make a base income of around $20,000.

    As training and certifications are complete, that amount will go up.

    The table below can be followed to get an idea of Army base pay.


    The Army provides benefits in addition to the base pay table above.

    For those who are living on base, the Army pays for housing and food.

    Tuition assistant programs are available that allow most individuals to attend college for very little to no out of pocket cost.

    The Army also provides medical and dental, paid sick time, paid vacation, and low-cost life insurance options.

    Recruiting bonuses and special pay options are available for certain positions/scenarios.

    Doctors Ng To The Same As A Doctor

    How to Become an Army Combat Medic: Criteria &  Training ...

    Doctors are represented by doctors. In dictionaries, para means next to them, and physicians are represented by their stethoscopes. As a consequence, paramedics work alongside medical professionals, but in places where physical contact is not possible. If someone needs life-saving treatment, they are able to provide it without needing to see a doctor. Contrary to popular belief, medics arent EMTs and some of them become paramedics on their way to becoming EMTs.

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    Combat Medic Civilian Jobs After Military Service

    Serving as a combat medic in the military can set you up for a career in the medical field long after your military career is over. … They will also transport people to hospitals and other medical facilities. To become an EMT you would need to go through EMT basic training. … You can find Combat Medics in the Army under the 68W MOS, or in …

    Tips For Becoming A Doctor In The Army

    Your first step will be to contact an Army recruiter. That person can give you a clear picture of your options.

    If you decide to become an Army doctor, you will begin with same medical training as any physician. You’ll attend either a civilian medical school or the special Uniformed Services University, a federal medical school that trains doctors for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Service. When you complete your education, which may include specialized training in combat medical skills, you’ll enter the military with a captain’s rank. Army doctors do not have to go through basic training. Instead, they attend a six-week Officer Basic Leadership Course, which teaches about military life and the role of a leader .

    Keep in mind that the Army requires the same high academic qualifications as any medical school. That means you need a solid grade point average and a good score on the Medical College Admissions Test . You’ll also need to have recommendations from professors .

    The Army has additional qualifications that don’t apply to civilian medical students. You need to be physically fit and must pass height and weight standards. You’ll have to receive a security clearance .

    The financial assistance opportunities are many. Here are some of the ways the Army can help with the cost of your medical education :

    The next section will give you more valuable information about becoming an Army doctor.

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    What Do You Really Do

    Keeping it as objective as possible, a typical day is filled with last second demands and missions that suddenly arise. No matter how great your unit is, it just happens. A very large majority of your time is dealing with inventory control, especially if your command team is obsessed with property accountability. Of course, good to have and necessary to be accountable, but it’s beyond overdone. You will spend at least half your time accounting for items and laying them out individually for inspection. It doesn’t end. The worst part about this is much of your equipment is packed away into 20 foot connexes or stored into containers stacked ceiling high and the depth of any storage space you may have. The remainder of your time will be spent with day to day tasks, such as physical conditioning from 6-8am, working in the motorpools where you’ll come to find that attempting to maintain and fix your vehicles is a fruitless effort, as nearly all of your rolling stock are from the mid 80’s, and catching the blame for malfunctions. Despite a slightly negative outlook, I would still recommend it. BUT, I highly suggest if you’re interested in the medical field, you look for a specialty job rather than “just a medic” where you hold many, many hats.

    Undergo Testing For Entry Into The Army

    What does it take to be the Army’s “Best Medic?”

    Once you have completed the requisite paperwork and interview with the recruiter, you will need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The ASVAB is a series of questions designed to test your understanding of various subjects, such as math, science, electronics and reading. The military uses this test to determine which position you are most suited for.

    In order to become a combat medic, you will need a score of 101 or higher on the skilled technical portion of the ASVAB and 107 or higher on the general technical portion. Consider devoting some time to studying before signing up for the ASVAB so you’re prepared on exam day.

    You will also need to pass a physical examination and show that you are physically fit enough to serve in the military. This examination takes place at a military entrance processing station where you will need to go through a full physical examination and routine tests, such as hearing, eye and blood tests, and provide your medical history. You may also take the ASVAB here if you have not already taken it.

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    Training Required To Become An Army Medic

    Becoming a combat medic requires the completion of 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, as well as Advanced Individual Training, which takes 16 weeks to complete.

    Ongoing Education

    Combat medics can expect to receive ongoing training throughout their enlistment. In recent years, there has been a move toward training medics to provide care for an extended length of time. This represents a sea-change in job role for medics: Previously a medic was expected to assess, stabilize and evacuate the injured within “the golden hour” of opportunity to protect the life and well-being of a fellow service member. However, changes in modern warfare has put medics in positions where they might be expected to provide extended levels of care. As a result, the military has introduced the Expeditionary Combat Medic certification course that provides medics with training to provide care for extended periods of time on the battlefield.

    In The Army Are Medics Known As Army Medics Called Doc

    U.S. retailers, holiday sales are down 8% from last year. Those who work as medics or corpsmen in the United States Navy are called corpsmen. It is referred to as doc by Hospital Corpsmen and Army Medics alike. The Army and the U.S. Military treat service men and women with respect and dignity. Marines tend to respect one another through this term.

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    Complete Us Army And Medic Training

    After passing the necessary tests, you can begin your medical and U.S. Army training. First, U.S. Army medics must complete basic combat training . This training takes 10 weeks to complete and focuses on physical and mental training.

    After the BCT, the U.S. Army may choose you to become a medic. This decision depends upon the U.S. Army’s needs, your ASVB score and your educational background. If the U.S. Army chooses you to become a medic, you can begin individual training . Medics complete AIT in the medical field where they learn how to provide medical treatment and care. This program takes at least 16 weeks to complete.

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    Work Environment For Us Army Medics

    Paramedics acute care paramedical ADF Brisbane ...

    U.S. Army medics can work in a variety of locations. They often work in the combat zones, providing emergency care to military professionals. They can also work in military hospitals and U.S. Army health clinics, assisting doctors and nurses with health care. Some U.S. Army medics specialize in certain health topics, such as civil affairs or combat medicine. Specialization may affect work environment placement. For example, a U.S. Army medic trained in combat may work in a combat zone more often.

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    Facts About Army Medics


    Members of the military are often in danger, especially when serving in combat roles. A combat medic specialist provides emergency care and evacuation services on the battlefield, while also assisting medical officers in providing primary health care services. While many soldiers choose to remain medics throughout their military careers, others find that their time as a medic has prepared them for a civilian health care career.

    Combat Medic: Job Outlook

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not cover employment projections for the armed services. The BLS does state that there is an ongoing need for recruits to staff positions in all branches of the military. The fact is, the US Department of Defense is the largest employer in the world, with more than 3.2 million employees in 2015, according to the World Economic Forum. Emerging conflicts and global events could lead to changes in the size of the military. The US Government is constantly looking for capable and courageous individuals to serve in the military and protect our country.

    Click here to learn more on How To Become an Emergency Medical Technician.

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    What Certifications Do You Need To Be A Flight Medic

    Flight paramedics in the United States usually hold certifications such as the FP-C or the CCP-C, while in countries like the United Kingdom they will usually be required to hold a postgraduate certificate in critical care as a minimum, with many holding a masters degree in advanced practice or aeromedical critical

    Army Special Forces Medic

    US ARMY COMBAT MEDIC 68W! Watch This BEFORE Joining!

    Medics in the Special Forces Operational Detachment are first and foremost, special forces qualified. The 18D medics in the Army special forces are highly trained Special Operations Combat Medics who attend training for more than a year, learning a variety of skills.

    These include dive medicine, altitude physiology, large animal veterinary care, dental extraction, orthopedics, and advanced trauma life support. They also receive training in local and cultural medical norms, for when they are deployed to areas with different views or traditions surrounding medical procedures.

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    Do Combat Medics Earn A Lot Of Money

    As of 2011, Army combat medics earned an average cash salary of $46,011, in the range of base pay, which ranges from $39,402 to $55,067. In most cases, the total compensation, which includes base pay, annual bonuses, and other incentives, can range anywhere from $39,857 to $56,019, although the average cash payment is $46,688 per year.

    State Emt Paramedic Licensing Hurdles

    Another challenge for former military medics seeking civilian jobs is securing licenses from state EMS offices. After the White House event, we were instructed to develop work plans subject to White House review and approval about what states would do to facilitate the expeditious licensure and credentialing of separated service members and veterans, Gainor says, noting that one idea is to develop a matrix that outlines the details of military training so that states would have a single reference to determine the credentials they already have vs. those they still need.

    At its December 2013 meeting, the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS made working with state EMS offices to support the transition of military EMS providers to civilian practice one of its key focus areas.

    As we work together with NASEMSO, the Department of Defense and members of the military branches, the trick is to develop a system in which the education and training of the military are honored by the civilian sector, but in which we still make sure its done in a way in which there are protections for the public, says Drew Dawson, director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations Office of EMS.

    NREMT is working with the military on a program to make sure that separating military medics have their NREMT credentials renewed just before they leave the service, giving them two years to make the adjustment to civilian life before theyre due for re-certification.

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    What Is A Us Army Medic

    A U.S. Army medic is a healthcare specialist who works in the military. They are military professionals trained in treating illnesses, injuries and diseases. They may work in U.S. Army hospitals, ships or on the field in combat. U.S. Army medics may train in specific healthcare areas, such as combat medicine or ophthalmology.

    Read more:

    How Do You Become A Medic In The Us Army


    To qualify as an Army combat medic, a soldier must go through 10 weeks of basic combat training and 16 weeks of advanced training, including practicing in-patient treatment. During this training, soldiers learn skills in normal and emergency situations, including sterilizing equipment and casting broken bones.

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    What Training Is Required To Be A Combat Medic

    Newly enlisted military members undergo initial training, known as basic training or boot camp. Basic training includes courses in military skills and protocols and lasts 7 to 13 weeks, including a week of orientation and introduction to military life. Basic training also includes weapons training, team building, and rigorous physical exercise designed to improve strength and endurance.

    Following basic training, enlisted members attend technical schools to prepare them for a particular military occupational specialty. This training typically lasts from 10 to 20 weeks. Training for certain occupationssuch as nuclear power plant operatorsmay take as long as a year. In addition to getting technical instruction, military members receive on-the-job training at their first duty assignment.

    Army Combat Medics who join the Airborne Ranger battalions must complete Ranger training and complete a Special Operations Combat Medics course. This 36-weeks training provides greater depth on the types of care that Special Operations soldiers may require. Certifications earned during this program include basic life support, pediatric education for pre-hospital providers and advanced cardiac life support.

    What Is A Combat Medic

    A combat medic is a soldier who primarily treats injuries of soldiers in their unit or station. Depending on the combat medic’s specialization, they may stabilize wounded soldiers in the field or provide long-term care in a facility alongside other medics. A combat medic who is deployed with their unit may also carry equipment to support their current mission.

    A combat medic can pursue further education to specialize in different areas, such as dentistry or orthopedics. They also instruct other soldiers in emergency training courses. The scope of a combat medic’s responsibilities depends on where they work. For example, a combat medic in an aid station may see a wider range of injuries and learn more about long-term care.

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