How Do I Become An Army Ranger

How Do I Become An Army Ranger


Airborne School 3 Weeks

First Steps To Becoming An Army Ranger | 75th Ranger Regiment

Upon completion of Infantry OSUT, the candidate will need to qualify for Airborne school. You can find the qualifications here.

In Airborne School, the would-be Ranger is not under nearly as much restriction as he was in basic training. He can contact his family members and have fun on the weekends, but hes still in an intensive school aimed at teaching him something pretty dangerous jumping out of airplanes.

This is static-line jumping, where the chutes ripcord is essentially attached the airplane itself its much less technical than free-falling. Some might even argue that three weeks for this school is a little excessive.

Attrition rates: moderate to low. The physical standards get a few people right out the gate , but most people attempting have had time to prepare. Some people fail due to technical portions in the first few weeks, and a few more get injured during the jumps. Still, most Ranger-candidates will have no problem passing Airborne school.

What It Means To Be An Army Ranger According To 7 Rangers

By Luke Ryan | November 06, 2019

The U.S. Army Rangers are a storied group of elite warriors. They have conducted legendary missions, but for every met objective you hear about on the news, there are hundreds that go unseen and unheard. It takes a particular breed of person to earn the scroll and tab, yet if you were to run into two Rangers on the street, youd likely find that they are also quite unique from one another.

Coffee or Die asked seven veterans of the 75th Ranger Regiment one question: What does it mean to be an Army Ranger? Answers varied from the practical to the poetic, from long to short. Some of these Rangers are older, some have recently ETSed back into the civilian world, some were officers and others enlisted, and all come from wildly different backgrounds.

Why Become An Airborne Ranger

Army rangers are mentally and physically strong, possess strong leadership skills and master special tactics that set them apart. They acquire these skills by completing ranger training and undertaking various missions. It’s an excellent way to grow as a person and turn your weaknesses into strengths. If you manage to pass the rigorous Army Ranger course, you can do anything in life.

Be prepared for memorable adventures and ongoing challenges. As an airborne ranger, you’ll go busting down doors in enemy territory, take parachute jumps, and explore places you’ve never thought of. It’s your chance to serve the greater good, build friendships that will last a lifetime and become a member of one of the worlds oldest clubs the U.S. Army.

The financial benefits and occupational incentives shouldnt be overlooked either. Army rangers receive most things they need for a comfortable life. Additionally, they have a secure job and can qualify for discounts, free education and special bonuses. Full medical coverage is provided to all rangers and their families.


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Current Mos Authorized For Hire In The 75th Ranger Regiment



Contact for enlisted inquiries. Contact for officer inquiries.

What Happens After Rasp

Can the military police go to Ranger School?

After graduating from RASP, you are assigned to one of the Ranger Battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

At this point, you are a Ranger.

However, many soldiers attend Ranger School, so they are qualified for leadership positions within the Regiment.

Also, if you graduated RASP, you might consider the Special Operations Combat Medic Course .

The SOCM is an Army medical school in North Carolina.

Army Combat Medics must be members of the Ranger Battalions to qualify for training.

Also, SOCM is a 36-week course where members learn combat trauma management and how to care for causalities in combat.

Some soldiers go through RASP after already completing Ranger School, but it is not required.

Before attending Ranger School, you will need to attend Small Unit Ranger Tactics .

This course is a three week-long class to get you ready for how Ranger School handles training, and it will give you a clearer path to success when you do attend.

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Fighting The Urge To Quit

The mountains seem to be taking a toll on one of the platoons oldest members, Julio Dominguez, 31, who has yet to receive a go on a graded leadership position. With each passing day, the mental stress will increase on those who arent yet sure theyll move on to Swamp Phase. Most students I talk to agree that the psychological difficulties of the course eclipse the physical demands.

Dominguez is no stranger to challenges, having joined the Army in his early twenties, hoping to escape Puerto Ricos struggling economy and experience something bigger and better. He has two young children at home, and though hes a veteran of three deployments, saying goodbye to them has only gotten harder. Still, hes committed to doing whatever it takes to keep my family afloat, which right now means overcoming the previous nights hour and a half of sleep. Its during the seemingly endless, freezing mountain nights, Dominguez says, when you pretty much want to cry and lay down and not wake up. Everything possible is going through your mindthe pain, fatigue, wanting to quit. The only thing that stopped me was looking around at the rest of these miserable SOBs.

The sun sets, the temperature drops fast, and the mission continues to be a mess. The platoon staggers down the road, casualties assessed by the RIs during the mock firefight slung over their shoulders. One exhausted student drops a classmate before mumbling an apology. An RI asks, Is anyone controlling this? No answer.

What Is An Airborne Ranger

During the Second World War, it was possible to attend the U.S. Army Ranger School and complete training without the need to become airborne qualified. Today, all rangers hold this qualification. Basically, any soldier who undergoes training and gets assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment can be considered an airborne ranger.

It’s important to note that one can become an Army Airborne without being a ranger. You only need to complete formal training at Airborne School. However, all rangers are taught the skills needed for this role at the U.S. Army Ranger School, so they’re not required to enroll in the Airborne School to earn this qualification.

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Ranger Enlisted & Ncos

Ranger Enlisted & NCOs

Ranger NCOs are among the most experienced in the Army. They have multiple combat deployments and intense training experience. Their expertise and leadership are critical in planning and executing combat operations. NCOs also prepare junior enlisted Rangers for combat by emphasizing discipline and training. They have extensive schooling with a broad background of conventional to special operations experience. NCOs ensure continued mission success and offer unique expertise for assignments in other Army units.

Staff Sergeant and above NCOs interested in an assignment to the Ranger Regiment must contact the Ranger Recruiting Detachment at or 706-545-5124. NCOs will be asked to submit a hiring packet to be considered for assignment by the RSM/CSMs.

If you are approved for hire, youll attend RASP 2 TDY and Return.

The process time from submitting a packet and receiving word of your hire is an estimated 3-4 weeks.

recruiting hotline:

Do I Need The Ranger Tab In Order To Join The 75th Ranger Regiment

How to Become an Army Ranger

No, you may join the Ranger Regiment without being Ranger or Airborne qualified. However, some officers are required to be Ranger qualified before they are eligible to apply to the Ranger Regiment. This requirement applies to Infantry and Field Artillery Officers. Upon successful completion of the Ranger Assessment & Selection Program 1 or 2, we will send you to the appropriate schools in order to serve in the Ranger Regiment. For some duty positions, you will not serve in the regiment until you successfully complete Ranger School. If you are unable to complete the course, you may be dropped from the regiment and sent to serve elsewhere. Obviously, if you have your Ranger tab before you apply, it will only expedite your ability to serve in the regiment. Ranger School is the Army’s premier leadership school, and is open to all members of the military, regardless of whether they have served in the 75th Ranger Regiment or completed RASP. The 75th Ranger Regiment requires that its leaders attend the U.S. Army Ranger School, but it is not a pre-requisite to join the Ranger Regiment, or participate in RASP. All infantry and artillery military occupational specialties must complete the course before they assume a leadership role in the regiment. Ranger Regiment Soldiers in other MOS may attend Ranger School when they are ready.

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Is It Hard To Become An Army Ranger

difficultbecome an army rangerArmy’s 75th RangerbecomeArmyRangerArmy Ranger

. Then, how long does it take to become a Ranger in the Army?

It takes 8 weeks to become a full on Ranger in the course called RASP, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. But before that, someone can stay in pre-RASP qualifying for RASP from anywhere to 10no weeks.


Likewise, is Army Ranger School Hard? The United States Army Ranger School is one of the most challenging military schools in the world. It is the Army’s premier combat leadership and small unit tactics course. For the last 12 years, only 49% of those who have attempted the course have succeeded. Compared to Ranger School, combat was easy.

Also, what does it take to become an Army Ranger?

Qualifications to Join the 75th Ranger Regiment

  • Be a male
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be on Active Duty and Volunteer for assignment.
  • Have a General Technical Score of 105 or higher.
  • A Physical Training score of 240 or above

How much do Army Rangers make?

Salary for an Army Ranger depends upon rank and length of service. According to the Army’s 2020 pay scale, an E-1 private with less than two years of service makes $1,733.10 monthly in basic pay, while a O-1 with six years of service earns basic pay of $4,136.40 monthly.

Why Join The Army Rangers

This special operations force has a rich history dating back to colonial America. Over the centuries, it played a crucial role in the Revolutionary War, the Vietnam War, the global war on terrorism and other military operations around the world, notes Northern Michigan University. Today, its role is to plan and conduct special missions, including site exploitation, airfield seizure, forcible entry operations and more.

Rangers operate in hostile environments worldwide and must be ready to go on a mission anytime. Depending on their ranks and skills, they are assigned to one of the five battalions located throughout the United States. According to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, those who serve the regiment have been continuously deployed since the onset of the global war on terrorism in 2001.

Becoming an Army Ranger officer is extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. Recruits must first pass the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, an eight-week course designed to test their moral character, physical capabilities and mental toughness. Those who complete it have the chance to participate in diverse operations ranging from complex urban raids to air assaults, personnel recovery and special reconnaissance missions.

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Working As An Army Ranger

  • 1Uphold the Ranger Creed to ensure the success of your missions. The Ranger Creed is a career and life guidebook developed to ensure the mental, moral, and physical preeminence of Army Rangers. The Ranger Creed mandates that Rangers maintain a level of discipline both on and off duty so that they can serve as role models for all U.S. Army personnel.XResearch source
  • To read the Ranger Creed in its entirety, visit: .
  • 2Conduct Special Operations Raids with your battalion. Special Operations Raids are raids conducted by Army Rangers for the purpose of seizing, destroying, or capturing enemy locations or materials. As a Ranger conducting a Special Operations Raid, youll generally use the element of surprise to raid enemy territory on behalf of the U.S. military.XResearch source
  • Because Special Operations Raids are generally highly classified, the Army doesnt provide the public with information about how these raids will be conducted beforehand. Therefore, youll learn how to be involved in Special Operations Raids when you go through Ranger training.
  • 3Assist with Joint Forcible Entry operations. Joint Forcible Entry operations are the most common type of Army Ranger mission, so its likely this will be the type of mission youll be involved in the most. These operations generally include airfield seizures, such as those conducted during Operation Urgent Fury and Operation Just Cause.XResearch source
  • Age Requirements For The Us Army Rangers

    Questions I Have For Myself About That Army Ranger Women ...

    Soldiers in the United States Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment are some of the finest combat troops the service has to offer. In order to become an Army Ranger, soldiers must be in excellent physical condition, intelligent and be exceptionally qualified within their military occupational specialty. In addition to these qualifications, Army Rangers must meet certain basic age criteria in order to be considered for selection and assignment.

    Explore this article

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    Meeting The Basic Qualifications

  • 1Be a citizen of the United States. In order to become an Army Ranger, youll need to be a citizen of the United States.XResearch source While you can join some branches of the United States military with a green card, green card holders are not eligible for the Ranger Regiment .
  • As an Army Ranger, youll need to be able to obtain the minimum level of security clearance for Ranger duties. Without citizenship, you wont be eligible for the level of Secret clearance required.XTrustworthy SourceUS Department of StateOfficial website of the U.S. Department of StateGo to source
  • 2Serve in the United States Army and have active duty status. In order to qualify to volunteer for the Ranger Regiment, you must serve in the U.S. Army for at least 6 months. In addition, you must have active duty status to volunteer for the Ranger selection process.XResearch source
  • Members of the National Guard, Active Guard Reserve, or Army Reserve do not qualify to volunteer for the Ranger Regiment.XResearch source
  • 3Receive a General Technical Score of 105 or higher. When you first enlist in the Army, one of the first things youll do is take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, which is designed to help determine which Military Occupational Specialties would be the best fit for you.XResearch source Youll need to receive at least a 105 on the General Technical component of the test to be able to volunteer for the Ranger Regiment.
  • Can You Join The Army Rangers Right Away

    No, you may join the Ranger Regiment without being Ranger or Airborne qualified. All infantry and artillery military occupational specialties must complete the course before they assume a leadership role in the regiment. Ranger Regiment Soldiers in other MOS may attend Ranger School when they are ready.

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    Basic Training/osut 22 Weeks

    Thats when you ship out. Theres a short, miserable period of shots and paperwork and physical assessments, but soon youll find yourself in basic training. For most people in the military, you go to basic training , and then you go to your job training . For a number of reasons, the Army combined the MOS school with basic training for all infantry candidates this program is called OSUT .

    Infantry OSUT is now 22 weeks long , and its there youll learn all the things you think about when you think of the military what rank is, how it works, how to handle basic weaponry, how to march, uniform and hair standards its like drinking from a fire hose, but its all very doable. On top of that, you get the yelling and screaming and smoking. Getting smoked is an endearing term for doing pushups, carrying your buddy, doing pointless drills with sandbags, and other physical exercises meant to punish and/or teach.

    Attrition rates: low. Most people who qualify make it through the Armys OSUT.

    This One Has Been The Toughest

    What does it mean to be an Army Ranger?

    With only four days of Florida patrols left, Special Forces veteran Nicholas Carchidi has yet to earn the go he needs. He was frustrated to get a no-go in an earlier field exercise, likely the result of a mistake made by one of his subordinates. This illustrates an unavoidable reality of Ranger School: though the RIs use a standardized leadership-evaluation scorecard, theres always a degree of subjectivity, and judging isnt an exact science. Frustrated students use the phrase RI roulette to refer to conditions they cant control, which can have an impact on your chances for success. For example, leading a platoon of well-rested students in beautiful weather could be more likely to yield a positive result than taking an exhausted platoon through a driving rainstorm with weak squad leaders.

    Tonight, Carchidi will serve as the platoon sergeant for an ambush, and this might be his last opportunity to earn a spot at next weeks graduation, where he hopes his wife, young daughter, parents, grandmother, and sister will join him. I tell him Im surprised he considers it such an important occasion, since hes already survived some of the militarys toughest instruction, like the Special Forces Qualification Course. He says this one has been the hardest, because of the prolonged hunger and fatigue. He guesses hes lost at least 20 pounds.

    I ask if hes joking about the tattoo. Nope.

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