NewsDoes The Military Pay For Relocation

Does The Military Pay For Relocation


When And How Are You Notified About A Pcs Move


Typically, the military member knows when their current orders will expire, and they can guess when they will receive their next orders. However, there are so many factors to consider that it is never the same. Sometimes a military school must be completed before orders can be issued. Orders can also be changed at the last minute. Occasionally, the service member has the option to extend their current orders for one or more years. So it is hard to predict when you are notified of a move. But the process will generally be the same. The service memberâs Admin shop will notify them that they have orders. Or they can log into their military account to view Web Orders. Nothing is final until they have hard copy orders, which gives the service member the authority to schedule a PCS move.

Local Move Of Household Goods And Effects Furnished Family Housing

An officer or non-commissioned member, who is required to move their household goods and effects as the result of being ordered out of furnished family housing and whose costs incurred are less than $125, is entitled only to reimbursement of the actual and reasonable costs incurred by reason of the movement of their household goods and effects.

Rent In Advance Of A Move

208.956 This instruction applies to an officer or non-commissioned member of the

  • Regular Force and
  • Reserve Force on Class C Reserve Service.
  • 208.956 Where an officer or non-commissioned member is required to pay rent in order to hold accommodation at the new place of duty before the member vacates the accommodation at the previous place of duty, as a result of being

  • posted to another base or unit or element, or
  • moved other than temporarily with the member’s base or other unit or element to another location,
  • the member is entitled to reimbursement of up to one month’s rent for the new accommodation if the arrangement was reasonable and justified in the circumstances.

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    Military Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I speak to someone from BGRS?

    BGRS can offer our services once official authorization from your employer has been received. Answers to specific questions regarding benefits and entitlements are based on the information contained in that authorization. Until such time, we invite you to review the information contained in this website, particularly, the CFIRP Directive as well as the Welcome Booklet.

    When do I pre-register?

    On receipt of your posting message, proceed to and pre-register, keeping in mind it may take up to 5 days for your employer to download your file to BGRS.

    What do I need in order to pre-register?

    You will need a computer with an internet connection and a copy of your posting message to pre-register at The system will request that you fill in the information according to your posting message, entering your last name and service number identical to the data on the posting message.

    Is pre-registration the same as the registration?

    What do I do when I get my User ID and password?

    Once youve received your User ID and password, complete the registration process by filling in the information required on your secure website, accessible at On successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and will contain a list of required documents that need to be provided to BGRS prior to your 1st Planning Session.

    How do I make contact with BGRS to book my 1st Planning Session?

    Army Family Team Building Program

    Most Read Stories This Week on

    Changing from your local community to the Army community is a big and important step. The Army Family Team Building program can help.

    This program tries to help families adjust to their new situation by teaching how to translate military talk, writing and abbreviations develop realistic expectations and learn about benefits and services available to you in your new home.

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    Does The Canadian Armed Forces Pay Moving Expenses

  • All personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces do not pay moving expenses due to their relocation benefits. This means that the government covers the expenses related to their move. These benefits are a certain amount of funds that can be taxed.

  • What is your question?

    Please do not share personal or sensible information here. Questions asked here are made public in order to benefit other members that have similar questions.

    • Question from Trenton, Ontario
    • Question from Alberta, BC

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    Prevention Support And Intervention

    Prevention, Support and Intervention is a service designed to enhance the social and emotional well-being of Canadian Armed Forces families. Military Family Resource Centres PSI teams promote the well-being of CAF members and military families by assisting them to address crisis situations such as: work-related separation operational stress challenges associated with parenting relationship

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    New Real Estate Commission Reduction

    The federal government is cutting commission rates for Realtor services on the National Integrated Relocation contract and Ontario Realtors will share a total of 3.7% for listing and selling a relocating government employees home, as of January 1, 2017.

    Relocation Personnel will see there selling prices drop compared to possibly even a neighboring property. Out of town Realtors with clients looking for homes will probably never show your home with a listing cap of 3.7%. The Government will of course save money, while the transferred personnel possibly will not realize the best possible selling price for their home. If the Federal Government werent is such a cozy little relationship with Royal LePage they probably would have went with ComFree.

    As stated in Article from Oasis Realty Brokerage of Ottawa

    Bottom line:Government employee sales will continue but there may be a few service wrinkles given the now discount fees being paid by the Federal government.

    The Changes To The Cbi

    US MILITARY PAY (All Branches) Everything You Need to Know

    In general terms, minor amendments were made to CBI 208 in order to improve alignment with the CAFRD. Some administrative amendments were also made for clarity and coherence purposes. As a result of the move of existing benefits from other policy instruments, additional CBIs were created in Chapters 208 and 209.

    CBI 208.9913 was added to CBI 208. This CBI provides a basic set of benefits applicable to members who serve OUTCAN and relocate a dependant to Canada in advance of their tour expiry date for reasons not covered under other dependant-related policies.

    Three benefits were moved to CBI:

    • The two parallel Posting Allowance provisions contained at CFIRPD 3.4.03 and CBI 208.849 were merged into one new CBI 208.992 . This new CBI 208.992 resides in Section 10 of CBI 208, which is a section that includes some benefits which may apply to both CBI 208 Section 8 and CAFRD relocations.
    • A new CBI, CBI 208.9964 was created, replacing the legacy CFAO 209-38 . CBI 208.9964 provides reimbursement of some customs, duties and taxes expenses applicable to members returning to Canada in advance of their tour expiry date.
    • The Special Commuting Assistance provision was removed from the relocation directive and inserted as a new CBI, CBI 209.29 , alongside other commuting benefits. Some changes were also made to the benefit itself.

    The key points are as follows:

    Two CBIs were amended to align the amount payable with the CAFRD and other Government of Canada relocations policies:

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    They Know The Market Inside And Out

    This one is a given. However, its something that not everyone thinks about during a military move. Unlike civilian real estate, people cant just visit an open house every other week to see if they like the place they may be moving into.

    Military moves often happen across the country, and military members may be placed in temporary lodging. Theyre often given a very short amount of time before they must find more permanent housing. These people will need someone who has a lot of knowledge about whats available in the area.

    A military relocation professional can quickly match up the needs of the family or military member to what is currently available on their new installation.

    Storage Of Private Motor Vehicle And Related Transportation And Travelling Expenses

    208.834 This instruction applies to a member who, after 31 January 2011:

  • owns a private motor vehicle , including a motorcycle and a motorized scooter
  • is posted not attached posted from a place of duty in Canada to another place of duty in Canada and
  • is prohibited, in accordance with orders or instructions issued by the Chief of the Defence Staff, from moving the member’s dependants and household goods and effects.
  • 208.834 A member is entitled to be reimbursed:

  • for storing their PMV at a commercial storage facility, for actual and reasonable storage expenses
  • for storing their PMV at a non-commercial storage facility, for actual and reasonable storage expenses to a maximum of $30 per month
  • if no commercial storage facility is available at the place of duty, for return travel expenses to the nearest commercial storage facility outside their former place of duty, in accordance with the Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction
  • if the member is subsequently posted and is not entitled to receive any benefit under the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program, for the most economical and practical of:
  • shipment expenses of their stored PMV to the new place of duty, in accordance with paragraph of CBI 208.83 and
  • return travel expenses to the storage facility, in accordance with CBI 208.83
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    How To Become A Military Relocation Professional

    • Be in good standing with the National Association of REALTORS®.
    • Pay for and complete the Military Relocation Professional Certification Core Course.
    • Complete two webinars: Bringing Military Families Home With MILLIE and Understanding VA Home Loans With David Piatek.
    • Score 80% or higher on the end-of-course exam.
    • Submit the online application for certification and pay the $195 application fee.

    Shipment Of Household Goods

    Fact vs. Fiction: Common Myths About Military Life

    The government pays for you to ship your household goods. Weight limits are based on your rank and dependent status. For more information, view PCS and NTS Weight Allowances or TDY HHG Weight Allowances .

    • Unaccompanied baggage, or UB, is separated from other household goods and shipped via an expedited mode because it is needed immediately or soon after arrival. This may consist of personal clothing, essential kitchen items or collapsible items such as cribs or playpens. Unaccompanied baggage is part of the members weight allowance and typically occurs with an OCONUS move.
    • For questions regarding shipment of household goods, use MilitaryINSTALLATIONS to find the contact information for your local transportation office.

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    Mortgage Early Repayment Penalty

    208.961 The purpose of this benefit is to reimburse a member who has reached trained status for any mortgage early repayment penalty expenses necessarily incurred upon the sale of their principal residence when moved at public expense other than on release.

    208.961 In this instruction:

  • Mortgage Early Repayment Penalty means a charge imposed by a mortgage lender under the terms of a mortgage contract in respect of the early termination of that mortgage contract
  • household goods and effects does not include those personal items shipped as unaccompanied personal baggage for a restricted or prohibited move
  • principal residence has the same meaning as in CBI 208.96 and
  • replacement residence has the same meaning as in CBI 208.96 .
  • 208.961 This instruction applies to a member who has reached trained status, who is entitled to receive the benefits under CBI 208.96 and who sells their principal residence on or after 19 April 2018.

    208.961 A member to whom this instruction applies is entitled to be reimbursed MERP expenses calculated in accordance with paragraph if:

  • the sale of the principal residence occurs after the date when the member becomes entitled to receive relocation benefits under CBI 208.96
  • the principal residence is subject to at least one mortgage that is discharged upon the sale of that residence
  • the terms of the mortgage or mortgages require MERP to be paid to the mortgage lender and
  • at the new place of duty the member either
  • Where



    Shipment Of Replacement Household Goods And Effects

    208.9941 Subject to paragraph , an officer or non-commissioned member whose household goods and effects have been wholly or partially destroyed or damaged by fire or other cause while in storage at public expense is, when the member would otherwise have become entitled to have their household goods and effects restored to them, entitled to the costs described in CBI 208.84 in respect of the movement of newly-acquired replacement household goods and effects from the place where they were acquired within Canada or the United States of America, or if they were acquired outside Canada and the United States of America from the port of entry into Canada, to the place at which the member normally would have had their household goods and effects restored to them.

    208.9941 The cost of shipping household goods and effects acquired in the United States of America may be paid only from the border point of entry into Canada to the place at which the officer or noncommissioned member normally would have had their household goods and effects restored to them unless, when the member acquired them, the place of duty of the member was in the United States of America.

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    Moves Get Pricey: Know Your Benefits

    One of your biggest relocation challenges is managing the cost of your move. Remember, it’s your responsibility to get the full value from your entitlements.

    The first step in this process is to learn the basics about the 10 core relocation reimbursement programs. Then make a pre-move visit to the relocation manager in your family center for help estimating what each program will provide you.

    After the meeting, enter the estimated amounts for each program on your relocation budget planner in Column B, the middle column box.

    What Should You Clean Out When You Move


    One of the first things you can start doing when you get orders is to begin cleaning out your house. This is a great opportunity to get rid of old, broken items. You can also have a yard sale and save up some money for your move. There is a lot to consider about your next home, and you wonât always know all the answers. Here are the main things to get rid of:

    • Furniture that wonât fit in the next house.
    • Old or damaged furniture that will likely fall apart during the move.
    • Backyard items like trampolines, swing sets, play houses, patio furniture, grills, smokers, fire pits, and lawn care equipment are often too bulky or heavy to be covered in your move. If you go over your allotted weight limit, you will be charged for each extra pound.
    • Appliances that wonât work at the next home, like washer and dryer, microwave , and small appliances you donât need or use.
    • Bulky items like craft and hobby supplies, childrenâs bikes, strollers, outdoor toys, baby clothes and maternity clothes, baby equipment like bouncers and high chairs.
    • Liquids or hazardous materials, like paint, cleaning chemicals, auto oil, propane, spray cans, etc. Follow local laws to dispose of these items properly.
    • Go through books and toys to give away or sell any that are no longer loved.

    How long does it take you to adjust to a new place?

    It can take a year to feel fully settled in a new home after a PCS move. ~The Seasoned Spouse

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    Advance Overseas Housing Allowance

    What is it? Advance OHA is an advance against any projected OHA to cover the difference between the cost of nonbase rental housing and the BAH. Except in unusual cases, advances are limited to 12 months’ OHA,

    Available: Outside the United States.

    How is it figured? The OHA advance is based on your expenses, but normally shouldn’t exceed one year’s allowances.

    It Includes The Following Things:

    • It needs planning and assessment according to the situation and requirements of individuals and families.
    • This program can provide you with help by connecting you with special programs, suggesting or by giving reference to the offices that can help, and by giving the information according to your unique situation.
    • If you are doing the transition from an installation that is overseas then by providing special re-entry services and programs.

    When you go through the relocation process which is left, what questions you have to ask according to your need can be understood by you after visiting the specialist of the relocation assistance program.

    At your family center, you can go and meet your officer of RAP by visiting the RAP office.

    Through the training of the Staff of RAP, you can become a smart consumer. To make the most of the move you can gather a lot of questions and information from here.

    Following service specific entities are referred to by the term Family Center:-

    • Coast guard: family readiness

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    Military Relocation Professional: An Overview

    A military relocation professional is a specialized military real estate agent. Military relocation professionals help people looking for homes at a new base or trying to figure out the world of military real estate for the first time. They have in-depth knowledge of military real estate listings and practices.

    A military relocation specialist needs to be uniquely trained and certified in the military home search process. They will also need to know new regulations and processes that are unique to military moves.

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