NewsDoes The Army Ship Your Car When You Pcs

Does The Army Ship Your Car When You Pcs


Vehicle Size And Weight


A commercial car carrier has the capacity to fit between 5 and 9 vehicles. Therefore, shipping larger military POVs such as SUVs or trucks would cost more than shipping compacts or regular sedans, as they occupy more space on the carrier. The cost also changes depending on the weight of the vehicles. The maximum load that any carrier can accommodate is regulated by a weight cap of 80,000 lb. by U.S law. Hence, the heavier the vehicle, the lesser the number a carrier can load, even if there is space available on the carrier. This increases the price to ship military cars that are heavier.

The Basics Of Military Car Shipping

If youve been given an interstate transfer, you should first coordinate with a reliable auto transport company. But if youre shipping it outside the U.S, you should first consult with your local transportation office. They will let you know whod be able to best suit your needs.

The good news is that the U.S government pays the entire cost for military car shipping for OCONUS moves. That is, the government will bear the cost of shipping one POV, provided the overseas installation allows it. But, if youre planning to ship your second car overseas, youll have to coordinate with an auto transport that understands the unique needs of military personnel.

You Have To Ship Your Vehicle

The government will ship one vehicle per service member free of charge. Some countries only allow you to register one American vehicle, so if you are a two-car household, your second car will need to be purchased overseas. A popular solution is to ship the American family car, then buy a cheap used foreign car for the service members commute. When returning to the States, you can sell the foreign vehicle to a newly-arrived service member.

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Military Car Shipping Hawaii

If you are an active duty military service member and have received orders, or have been posted to a different station and you need to get your car shipped to a new station. In some cases, it is affordable to drive the vehicle to your new station and save the shipping cost. If you must report for duty or do not want to take your vehicle for a long ride, use ouraffordable Car Shipping for MilitaryPersonnel.

We offer safe and secure shipping of your vehicle to your desired destination in the shortest amount of time. We know how much our brave armed forces must sacrifice for the country. At Car Shipping Hawaii, you getMilitary Discounts to Ship Cars. Our team ensures that your vehicle gets to you safe and secure from any kind of accidents or scratches.

Our Military Car Shipping Rates are far less than the any other shipping company out there, with the same deal of safety. We also offer various Car Shipping Military Discounts to our clients. Our services include picking up the vehicle from your door. Upon arriving at the port, an auto transport service will then deliver the vehicle to your home. You will be able to track your vehicle throughout with our Online Tracking Facility. You get all these facilities for including the Cheap Car Shipping Rates for the Military, with our shipment services.

Shipping A Second Vehicle Outside Us

Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

If your family is not comfortable without a second car, you mainly have two options. You can either ship your primary vehicle free of cost and then buy a second one at the location where youve been transferred, or pay the entire cost of transporting your second vehicle. Before shipping your second car as a part of your OCONUS, draw a budget of registration, insurance, taxes, and fuel.

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Over 20+ Years’ Experience Moving Military Personnel Around The World

See why military members rely on CFR for military car shipping services. CFR Rinkens is one of the most renowned international car shipping companies in the United States, offering Military PCS and TDY vehicle relocation services and personal vehicle shipping from anywhere in the country.

This specialized shipping of automobiles, boats, and other vehicles should not be left to brokers or seemingly inexpensive but obscure local shippers. As front-runners in military PCS vehicle shipping, our goal is to provide reliable military car shipping services.

Oconus Moves And Shipping Your Car

As mentioned above, when youre shipping one POV overseas as part of your OCONUS move, the government will coordinate all aspects of shipping. All you need to do is clean your vehicle, gather all the required paperwork, and bring it and your car to the vehicle processing center on your scheduled drop-off date.

When youre shipping a second POV, you have to work with an international car shipper to move your vehicle. This is where Montway can take some work off of your plate. Our goal is to make it simple and easy to ship a car overseas when youre making an OCONUS move. In fact, we think that international car shipping can be as simple as military PCS shipping! Heres what you need to know:

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Permanent Change Of Station And Temporary Duty Moving

Serving in the military is an honor and serving can also include moving and relocation.

A Permanent Change of Station or Temporary Duty move can seem like a daunting task, but CFR Rinkens can assist in shipping your vehicle domestically or internationally, and making the process as easy as possible. Were always just a call or email away.

CFR Rinkens is proud to service the US military and its families with the industrys best services in military car shipping.

We can help relocate all your vehicles in a fast, easy and secure manner, providing military families with competitive rates and help throughout the entire vehicle shipping process.

CFR prides itself in having its own domestic trucking department that can pick up your vehicles from anywhere in the United States, usually within just a few days. Shipping a car from your location is easy all we need is the addresses and contact information and our team gets right on the job. We provide reliable nationwide coast to coast transportation, and specialize in international vehicle shipping. Depend on us for reliable and expedited vehicle relocation services for military personnel.

Limited Household Goods Transportation Overseas


If the military member’s orders state that government furnishings are provided at the overseas location, the member’s Household Good Weight Shipping Allowance is limited to 2,500 pounds or 25 percent of HHG weight allowance, plus nonavailable items. Additional items is allowed to be placed in Nontemporary Storage.

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What Is Required To Ship A Car To Hawaii

You car is picked up from a port in Hawaii Confirmation of your auto transport order. The remote or the keys for your car alarm and the keys for your car. The current registration documents for the car. The title for the car or a letter of authorization or power of attorney if the vehicle is leased or financed.

Why Use Us As Your Car Shipping Company For Your Military Move

We offer the optimal combination of service and value through our military car shipping service — and we honor our commitments just as you do. Our 4.8-star military car transport reviews speak for themselves. Whether you look us up through Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, you’ll find we have a great reputation. We understand the time it takes to look for the right company for you military auto shipping needs, so we offer great customer service to ensure you have a great experience.

Communications are clear, concise and thorough, just like youre used to as a military personnel. Were in proactive contact with you to avoid surprises, and a dedicated Transport Coordinator is assigned to each order. Youll also have the truck drivers name and cell phone.

Military discount is available for active-duty Service Members, and you never pay a cent before we assign a carrier matching your criteria. We remain at your service until shipping your POV is complete. With our years of experience with vehicle shipping, our military customers know they can rely on us.

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How To Ship A Car If You’re In The Military

  • Related Information
  • If you’re an active duty military service member and have received your permanent change of station orders, you should know that you’re allowed to ship your privately owned vehicle overseas and back. Best of all, it can be shipped at no personal cost to you if you meet the eligibility requirements and follow the necessary steps. However, many of those in the military may be a bit confused about the process. The following guide will make it quite easy for you to ship a vehicle if you’re in the military:

    When You Can Expect To Receive Your Vehicle

    PCS Checklists for Your Move

    How long it takes to ship a car overseas is again highly variable. It will depend on not only where your car begins its journey, but also on its destination. From the east coast to ports in Europe, the sail time may be as long as two weeks or more. From the west coast to Australia or Japan, your cars transit time may be more than twenty days. Remember that your ship time will also include the time it takes to get to a port, to load and unload your vehicle, and to get to your pickup location if youre not picking up at the port.

    Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to coordinate your international shipment so you actually get your vehicle when you need it. The easiest way to streamline the process is to put all the necessary documentation together before you ship. Note that if youre looking for door to door or expedited international car shipping options, or international car shipping via plane, we do offer those options to our military customers.

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    Discounts For Military Car Shipping

    At Move Car we understand it is our national duty to serve our heroes in the best way possible. This is why we offer PCS shipping discounts to active military personnel, veterans, reserves, military dependents, and national guards. By providing additional military discounts, we try to do our part in serving the brave men and women protecting our country as it is the least we can do.

    Shipping A Car From State To State

    When will your vehicle arrive? That will depend a lot on the route your car or truck is traveling. When you get a free quote from us, we will be able to give you a ballpark timeline but that will only be an estimate. We always recommend that military families looking to ship a vehicle choose door-to-door transport because it is often the fastest and will always be the most convenient way to ship a car, and we know that timing is everything for military families dealing with a move.

    Unlike many auto transport companies, we offer our military customers guaranteed pick-up dates, so your vehicle embarks on its journey when its most convenient for you. We can haul to and from all ports across the United States. And if you need your car quickly, we offer expedited shipping options that will put your family in the drivers seat faster at your destination.

    Once your car arrives, its worth updating all your documentation and auto insurance as soon as possible because many states have penalties for failing to do so in a certain time frame. In New York, for example, drivers have 30 days to transfer an out-of-state license after relocating to the state and must update their insurance so it meets New York requirements. You may need to get an emissions inspection before you can apply for an updated title and register your vehicle in your new state.

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    When Picking Up Your Vehicle Please Insure You Have All Of The Following Documents With You:

    • Proof of Identity
    • Bring your VALID Government/State issued identification. If you have a designated agent listed on your vehicle inspection form assigned to pick up your vehicle they too MUST provide an official valid photo ID.
  • Inspection Form
  • Bring your vehicle inspection and shipping form. If you are unable to pick up your vehicle in person, you may empower a family member or friend to act as an agent on your behalf. If this is the case you must provide your agent with a notarized power of attorney or letter of authorization.
  • Once you arrive at the destination vehicle processing center you will be asked to sign in and provide all of the documents mentioned here to our customer service representative at the VPC. Your documents will be verified and then both you and a customer service representative will review your vehicle to look for any damages that may have occurred during transportation.

    In the unlikely event that transportation damage did occur to your vehicle, onsite claims personnel are equipped with state of the art technology to settle your claim on the spot. In order to do so you will need to have the following information available to accept an electronic payment:

    • Your bank name, bank ABA / SWIFT number, bank account number, bank routing number / BIC, and your bank account name.
    • depending on receiving country i.e. European account)

    Registering Your Vehicle In Hawaii

    Shipping your car in the military

    State of Hawaii: “All automobiles used on the highway must be registered with the state of Hawaii. If you are not a legal resident of Hawaii, you may keep your original vehicle license plates, but you must register your car to get a Hawaii vehicle permit sticker. To complete vehicle registration, you are required to have proof of ownership or certificate of registration shipping documents and Hawaii no-fault insurance coverage. Additionally, Hawaii requires an annual safety inspection for all vehicles valid identification card and Non-resident Certificate Form DSL50 .”

    Non-resident active duty military personnel must submit a Non-Resident Certificate, Form CS-L 50*, for each registration, renewal, or transfer transaction and the form is available from your military personnel office or your unit.

    DMV guidance during COVID19. Most DMV offices are open by appointment only and there are several kiosks for renewal only across Oahu in select Safeway and Foodland stores. At the kiosk you can pay and print a whole new registration card. See the full list of locations here.

    • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Vehicle Registration Office , 1705 O’Malley Blvd., Bldg 192H Pearl Harbor, HI 96853. Open by appointment only. Schedule your appointment online.

    • Near Schofield. Wahiawa Satellite City Hall, 330 N Cane St., SCH, Wahiawa, HI 96786. Schedule your appointment online at AlohaQ.

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    International And Overseas Shipping

    Need to ship your POV overseas? Vehicle shipment must be authorized on your orders. If the auto is deemed necessary or helpful while stationed internationally, you may qualify for government-paid car transport. Keep in mind that licensing, insurance, and taxes can vary from country to country. Make sure to do ample research ahead of time so youre prepared.

    Request A Custom Quote Forcar Transport Services

    When you call Chips Transport for a quote, you can talk directly to the owners, who are always available to discuss your needs and create a custom plan. We are here to help you, no matter how big or small your concern. We will treat you and your vehicles with the utmost respect. Reach out today to schedule your car move and benefit from the personal attention and first-class treatment we always deliver at Chips Transport.

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    Find A Military Car Shipping Company

    For those who qualify for government funding, the military will handle all of the logistics. For everyone else, not only are you responsible for the costs, but you also must find a military auto transport company on your own.

    There are thousands of potential options, but you dont need to start from scratch. Weve researched things like cost, military vehicle shipping expertise, and customer satisfaction to identify the five best military auto transport companies.

    Best military PCS vehicle shipping companies


    Data as of 5/20/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing shipping costs for three vehicle sizes across nine distances of more than 600 miles.

    Entitlements are sometimes accidentally left off your orders. Talk to your TO counselor if that happens. For OCONUS moves, POV entitlements can be worth thousands of dollars.

    Prep Your Vehicle For Shipment

    5 Ways to Save Money During a PCS Move

    The Army authorizes each Soldier to ship only one vehicle at government expense. If you ship additional vehicles, these are at your expense. Prep your POV:

    Maintenance: Change old batteries, tires, oil, and do general car maintenance before shipping.

    Clean & Wash: Clean the inside and outside of your vehicle very well a day or so before shipping.

    Take clear photos and video of each angle of the exterior and interior of your vehicle, especially:

    • Front/rear bumper , roof, wheels, antennas, navi/tech screens, & pre-existing damage

    Gas Tank: Gas tank must be exactly 1/4 full or less when you turn in your vehicle or they will turn away your car.

    Remove Personal Items: Take out any personal or non- permanent accessories before dropping off your vehicle.

    NOTE: Find out what damages the vehicle carrier covers and consider buying comprehensive insurance for transit.

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    Military Bases In Alaska

    There are several military bases in Alaska, including many sub-units. Air Station Sitka, Kodiak Base and USCG Juneau are all located in their namesakes. Eielson AFB, Fort Greely and Fort Wainwright are near Fairbanks, while Elmendorf AFB and Fort Richardson are close to Anchorage. Book any temporary lodging before arrival, since there can be a lot of tourists in these areas during certain times of the year. Here are some of the larger bases U-Pack can move you to:

    • Eielson AFB

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