ExclusiveDoes The Army Pay For Lasik

Does The Army Pay For Lasik


How Does Eyesight Max Work

Getting LASIK in the Navy

It works by loading the suitable quantity of high quality minerals and vitamins stemmed from plants and herbs. The formula then assists to recover and protect the eyes. When you take Eyesight Max daily, it starts to develop a barrier versus the harmful PM2 .5 contaminant, which actively starts working to repair eye damage & abnormalities without the need for surgery.

According to research, air contaminants are a major consider age-related macular degeneration. Specific health problems and age-related elements might also raise your chance of vision problems, but Eyesight Max helps to fight all of them and safely safeguard your eyes.

The ingredients found help to naturally recover your eyesight while adding a strong layer of security from the important things that triggered your eyesight to weaken to begin with. Itll work efficiently without needing you to pay for unbelievably pricey LASIK surgery or participate in other possibly dangerous treatments.

First Vision Practice In San Diego To Offer The Light Adjustable Lens

At Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute, we are committed to bringing the latest vision care innovations and most advanced treatment options to our patients. We are excited to announce that we are the first practice in San Diego to offer the RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens. This revolutionary intraocular lens

Should You Get Corrective Vision Surgery Before Or After Joining The Military

The military’s vision standards were once a major potential hurdle for those who wanted to serve in programs that required near-perfect vision. PRK and LASIK eye surgeries, permitted by the military for the last two decades, have enabled many people to join and do specialized jobs who otherwise could not have qualified.

Since 2000, the Defense Department has approved these surgeries for most jobs in the military and now have eye clinics that perform these procedures for active-duty personnel in all service branch hospitals. Photo Refractive Keratotomy or Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis are approved for military special ops.

Here is an email from a future BUD/S candidate:

Hello Mr. Smith,

I have really appreciated all your helpful information through the BUDS prep articles and podcasts. I have poor eyesight and am considering laser eye surgery in the future. Should I get laser eye surgery now or wait until I have enlisted and get it done in the Navy? Do you have any helpful information or suggestions? Thank you again for all the resources that you have provided for those preparing for military service. Ryan

Ryan — My answer does not address your ability to get eye surgery performed by military doctors once you are active duty. What I’ve got is more an answer about getting the opportunity to do the job you want to do once you join.

In fact, here is a text I received from a young man who joined the Navy and is trying to get PRK done in the Navy:

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Us Navy & Marine Corps

Navy vision requirements include eyesight of 20/40 in the best eye, 20/70 in the worst eye, and correctable to 20/25. There is a stipulation against color blindness. Navy seal vision requirements are no different. Refractive surgery is permissible without waiver, so long as it meets certain constraints and doesnât cause visual compromise. If the parameters for surgery are not met, a waiver is required. ICLs are permissible for certain classes as well.

What Are My Options If Insurance Doesnt Cover My Lasik Cost

 Will Military Pay For Laser Eye Surgery

If your insurance company wont cover the cost of LASIK, dont worry. Youre not alone, and there are a ton of financing options available to help you pay for the procedure in the way that best fits your budget. Tax-friendly tools like Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Account allow you to save for medical needs on a pre-tax basis. LASIK centers also offer financing options, so that you can pay for your procedure over time. If you have questions about how to fit LASIK into your budget, speaking with your financial adviser and LASIK provider are key steps in developing a plan.

Looking to learn more about the cost of LASIK eye surgery, and the financing options available? Start by scheduling your free LASIK consultation at your local laser eye surgery center. You can schedule your consultation by calling your LASIK center directly, or by filling out the quick contact form on this page. Your free consultation is an opportunity to speak with LASIK professionals, learn more about financing, and get answers to all of your laser eye surgery questions.

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Lasik And Military Service

But what if someone with disqualifying eyesight decides on LASIK surgery? Can they then enter the military, and what are the restrictions in place on LASIK surgery? The answer can be hard to find, and varies in different branches of the armed forces, as well as depending on what role a soldier chooses. So weve combed through the information and brought you the basics on LASIK eye surgery and the military.

Getting LASIK surgery before attempting to join the military will not keep you out, but there are limits placed on the roles that someone with LASIK surgery may be assigned. For instance, having LASIK surgery is technically a disqualifier for the Navy and Marine Corps, but applicants can obtain a medical waiver. However, LASIK surgery will still disqualify a person from roles in aviation, diving, and special forces, due to the concern about after effects in certain conditions. However, the surgery is not a disqualifier for many other combat and noncombat roles.

  • The Navy and Marine Corps may actually pay for LASIK surgery for soldiers, provided they are not in aviation, diving, or special forces, and they enroll in the Navy LASIK Study program.
  • The Army also has similar requirements regarding LASIK surgery. The surgery may be disqualifying for aviation, diving, and special forces, but is now allowed for most occupational specialties.

Also, to be selected for the surgery, soldiers must meet additional criteria:

Medicare And Medicaid Lasik Coverage

LASIK is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, as it is considered an elective procedure. However, there are some cases where LASIK is classified as medically necessary and insurance coverage may be possible.

For instance, the insurance duo may cover refractive error LASIK in the following situations:

  • Refractive errors are deemed severe by a licensed professional.

  • Refractive errors were caused by an injury or previous surgical procedure.

  • Physical limitation prevents the patient from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

So, if youve had vision surgery before and the surgery created problems for your vision that can only be fixed with LASIK, the cost would likely be covered in the same way another medically necessary procedure would be covered. However, the eye surgeon and location where LASIK is performed must accept Medicare and/or Medicaid cases.

Its important to note that Medicaid is funded and regulated by the state, which means coverage and other important details can vary depending on where you live. Make sure to check the Medicaid website for your particular state or reach out to a local representative for more information.

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How Much Does Lasik Surgery Cost In Malaysia


Our LASIK prices per eye are only RM 3000. This is a great deal for Malaysian residents. The LASIK procedure involves creating a corneal flap in order to correct refractive errors by fixing the layer of underlying tissue at the back of the eyeball. In addition to controlling astigmatism, LASIK can also correct myopia and hyperopia.

Can I Get Lasik If I Have Astigmatism

Getting Eye Surgery (Free Lasik)

Yes, in most cases, LASIK can fully correct astigmatism, and the effect is permanent. Despite having a somewhat scary-sounding name, astigmatism is not an eye disease its simply a refractive error like nearsightedness and farsightedness and it can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery.

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Are There Alternatives To Lasik If Your In The Army Will They Pay For Lasik Eye Surgery

Luckily, we live in an age of incredible medicine and, thanks to the advancements of modern-day science, there is a brand-new natural supplement that individuals report to be working marvels for their eyesight without the need for pricey surgery.

This new supplement is called Eyesight Max. Its founder has an fantastic story for how it was made and the wild trip he went through prior to his breakthrough. Now, its really changing lives all over the world!

Well over 94,000 people have actually attempted it and reported remarkable results. That goes to show this isnt some trend item that hasnt had any genuine screening or users. Through making use of natural active ingredients and no unfavorable negative effects, Eyesight Max is working near-miracles for its users.

Youre Probably A Candidate

The reality is that the majority of people who meet the age and general health requirements are in fact good candidates for the iLASIK procedure. If you meet the basic criteria below, you are probably a good candidate for iLASIK:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are in good general health
  • You have had a stable vision prescription for at least one year
  • You have no existing eye disease

Find out if youre a good candidate for iLASIK. Take the LASIK Self-Test now!

Exceptional Vision Correction Technology At Every Step

When you have the iLASIK procedure, youll get a completely integrated, completely personalized procedure based on advanced vision correction technology at every step.

Step 1 Creating Your Personal Vision Profile

The first step in the iLASIK procedure is to perform a series of tests to determine the individual characteristics of your vision. This is done with our iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio technology. The iDESIGN system captures over 1,200 data points and creates a 3-D map of the unique imperfections of your eyes. Then our Advanced CustomVue process uses the digital information from that map to design a personalized custom treatment for both of your eyes.

Step 2 Making The iLASIK Flap

The iLASIK procedure exclusively uses an advanced technology called the IntraLase Method. The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating your corneal flap, the thin flap of tissue that Dr. Oursler folds back in order to perform your iLASIK procedure.

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What Is The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery With Insurance

While most insurance providers dont typically cover the cost of LASIK, some major providers do offer discounts for laser eye surgery procedures. These insurance companies work with LASIK providers to offer a courtesy discount for members, which can help cover some of the laser eye surgery cost. You wont know until you ask, so its always a good idea to speak with your insurance company about any LASIK discounts that may be available.

Speaking with your insurance provider may also help you find out whether you fit the narrow requirements for LASIK to be considered something other than an elective or cosmetic procedure. Basically, insurance companies may pay for LASIK, but there are very specific requirements.

Humana Vision Plan Coverage


Humanas vision insurance plan provides coverage for in-network and out-of-network providers. It covers an annual vision exam and gives members an annual allowance for new eyeglass lenses or new contact lenses.

Members can pick an upgraded plan if they desire. Upgrades include coverage options for progressive lenses, tinted lenses, anti-scratch coatings, etc. They also provide allowances for new eyeglass frames and have discounts for LASIK and PRK surgeries.

Costs start at $12 a month and go up as customers add upgrades.

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Vision For My Generation

Nearly 290 million people worldwide are good candidates for the iLASIK procedure.

LASIK stands for Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a painless outpatient procedure that utilizes ultraviolet light energy from the Excimer laser to reshape the cornea improving how light is focused by the eye, correcting near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

At Graystone, we use the iLASIK procedure exclusively. Only LASIK using the iLASIK® technology suite uses a unique process to map the eyes entire visual pathway, not just the front of the eye this creates a customized treatment plan for each individual patient. We use advanced technologies every step of the way to measure each of your eyes, create a personalized treatment, and reshape the corneaall of which can result in clearer, sharper vision.

Because no two eyes are alike, its important to capture each eyes exact vision imperfections. The iDESIGN system uses a high-definition sensor that has 5x the resolution of previous technology, capturing over 1,200 data points from each eye to create a detailed picture of your eyes unique imperfections and aids in the creation of individual vision profiles.

The iLASIK Procedure

Army Navy Air Force Marines And Coast Guard

Its not unusual for members of the armed forces to receive refractive surgery, though they may have to get in line and wait. Glasses can be a burden and contact lenses are generally prohibited in combat zones, so the government understands the need to improve your eyesight before deployment.

PRK is more common than LASIK in the military, but both options are available. Each branch has a different policy for enlistees to obtain refractive surgery. An active duty service member can ask for details through their chain of command. However, once you retire from the military, you and your family members are not eligible for LASIK through the VA.

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Can You Go Blind From Lasik

This is extremely rare but has happened. LASIK surgery itself does not cause blindness, and most cases of LASIK complications are avoidable by following aftercare procedures set forth by your surgeon. The most uncomfortable part of LASIK surgery, according to what our patients tell us, is the pressure from the laser.

Retirees & Their Dependents

Laser Vision Correction for the US Military — Part 2 of 3

Retirees & their dependents are in the same situation as active duty dependents.

Tricare Prime enrollees can get an eye exam every two years. They can also order glasses from the Navy if they aren’t near a Military Treatment Facility.

Retirees & their dependents who sign up and pay for the FEDVIP vision insurance program can normally get an eye exam and free or discounted glasses or contact lenses every year depending on what vision plan they choose.

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How Can I Try Eyesight Max Myself

If you wish to offer Eyesight Max a shot prior to spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive LASIK eye surgery and all that includes it, we can assist!

Our administrative team reached out to the creator of Eyesight Max and got a minimal time offer for our readers. Now you can try it yourself at huge discounts! And if you dont like it youre covered by their amazing moneyback assurance.

Military Results Civilian Populations

Military refractive surgery demonstrates how military medicine has helped contribute to the civilian population. Dr. Reilly noted that military medicine developed the yellow fever vaccine, addressed anti-malarial and parasitic infections, and now, with refractive surgery, has changed vision enhancement.

In the world of refractive surgery, weve been really trying to help advance the science and help the whole ophthalmic community understand better whats the role of refractive surgery and whats possible with refractive surgery, he said. It really is a very synergistic relationship between the military and the civilian community when it comes to refractive surgery.

Dr. Barnes said that even though PRK is considered a more painful procedure than LASIK, Army personnel have rated pain from the procedure on a scale of 0 to 10 as a 2 at 1 day after surgery. Service members do not have a higher threshold for pain than civilians, Dr. Barnes said, and will tell physicians when they are unhappy with surgical results.

Soldiers are like a slice of the civilian community as that is where they come from there are tough people who wouldnt complain at anything and there are others who seem not to tolerate almost any irritant, he said.

Although the Army mainly performs PRK, he said he appealed to the FDA to not discontinue the use of LASIK for military personnel because of the growing number of LASIK done in their centers.


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Using Humana Coverage For Eye Surgery Or A Lasik Discount

If you have Humana vision insurance coverage or supplemental coverage that comes with being a member of HumanaVision, you can receive discounts on LASIK services. You will need to remain current with your monthly premiums. You will then need to schedule a comprehensive eye health exam with your doctor who can help you decide if you are a candidate for LASIK.

If you suffer from mild to moderate nearsightedness or astigmatism and currently wear contacts or eyeglasses, you may be eligible. If so, you will need a referral from an in-network medical provider.

Humana partners with the following network providers and centers that can provide LASIK services for a set fee as explained:

  • LasikPLUS: This offers conventional LASIK for qualified candidates using IntraLase for $695 per eye with free enhancements for one year, or for $1,395 per eye with free lifetime enhancements. Customized LASIK using IntraLase for $1,895 per eye with free lifetime enhancements is available.
  • TLC designated locations: These offer conventional LASIK for $895 per eye, customized LASIK for $1,295 per eye, and customized LASIK using IntraLase for $1,895 per eye.
  • QualSight LASIK: This offers conventional LASIK for $895 per eye with free enhancements for a year, or for $1,295 per eye with a QualSight Lifetime Assurance Plan. Customized LASIK is available for $1,320 per eye, or for $1,995 per eye using IntraLase with a QualSight Lifetime Assurance Plan.

Laser Eye Surgery Selection Priority

LASIK discounts for public servants

The Surgeon General of the Army has established the following priorities for laser eye surgery candidate selection:

Priority 1: Combat arms soldiers assigned to combat operational unitsspecial operations, infantry, field artillery and armor units.

Priority 2: Combat service support personnel assigned to a division or separate brigade.

Priority 3: Other active duty personnel on a space available basis.

NOTE: Many Army installations participating in the Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program have minimal or no waiting lists in 2010 even for Priority 3 applicants. For example, Walter Reed Army Medical Center is in need of more laser eye surgery study participants and can typically perform the surgery within a few weeks of the initial appointment. Some facilities have no waiting list as of September 2010, such as Fort Carson, Colorado. The initial rollout of the Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program in the early 2000s saw large waiting lists which have been significantly reduced as the majority of seasoned, qualified Army personnel have already received their surgery.

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