DiscountDoes Spirit Airlines Have Military Discounts

Does Spirit Airlines Have Military Discounts


Delta Airlines Military Discount

Huge Discount with Spirit Airlines | Cheap Flights

Note: to read our full article on the American Airlines military discount.

Delta Airlines is one of the major American carriers.

The airline operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves an international network that includes over 300 worldwide destinations in 52 different countries.

It represents the sixth oldest airline still in operation, and oldest airline still operating that was established in the United States.

It has a high quality reputation and track record.

What discount do they offer?

Delta is proud to support active members of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Special flight price discounts are reserved exclusively for active duty members.

Active duty military personnel also gets a better deal on baggage. In short, members are allowed more free bags compared to civilian customers.

The Delta Baggage and Travel Fees page can get you an exact quote after the discount is applied.

Lastly, Delta has a program where it supports war-injured immediate family members, or a domestic partner, if the individual falls under the Delta Medical Emergency policy.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to redeem one of these discounts please contact the Delta Military and Government department: 800-325-1771.

The desk has business hours of M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.

Flight And Fare Discounts For Active Us Military Members And Veterans

If youre a U.S. Military Veteran or active member, you may be able to get a discount when you travel. You’ll be able to find some good rates of flights and fares with the airlines below, if you would like to know more please contact us.

If you need additional help when travelling, it is worth making sure that you have checked our informative pages on special assistance, flying with a wheelchair and flying with support animals.

Most Hunted What Airlines Have Military Discounts For Flights

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How Do You Get Military Discounts On Flights

What to do: For discounted flights , call Deltas Military and Government Desk at 800-325-1771. To book through Delta Vacations, submit your military email in the Before You Book box on the Delta Vacations page. Present military ID at check-in to access baggage discounts .

What Is Veterans Advantage

Does Spirit Airlines Have A Military Discount

If you miss flashing your CAC everywhere you go in order to score those sweet military discounts, you may want to consider signing up for Veterans Advantage and its VetRewards program. Its not free, though the cost varies according to which plan you pick:

$4.95 with an automatic upgrade to an annual plan after the trial ends$9.99 per month$59.99 per year + $4.95 processing fee

In addition to its plethora of shopping and lifestyle discounts, VetRewards also offers discounts on tons of different airlines and hotels. Even better, VetRewards is available to more people than youd think. If youre active duty, a veteran, a retiree, or an immediate family member of a service member , youre eligible for VetRewards. Thats huge!

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Here Are 10 Airlines That Offer Military Discounts

1) Alaska Airlines

Free Checked Bags for Active Duty. The discount applies to military dependents when they are on travel orders.

5) Hawaiian Airlines

Active duty US military passengers and military personnel who are retired or retiring, who have proof of official government travel orders, and their qualified dependents will be allowed four checked complimentary bags per person for coach/first/business classes of service when traveling on orders. For personal travel, Active duty US military personnel will only be allowed two complimentary checked bags per person for coach/ first/business classes of service . Military bag fee waiver will not apply to US military dependents on personal travel.

6) JetBlue

MIL fare product allows active duty service personnel and their immediate family to fly on JetBlue. Immediate family members may travel on a MIL fare independently as long as they are able to present proper identification. The MIL fare may be utilized for non-duty travel using personal expenses.

7) SouthWest Airlines

Active Duty and Dependents are eligible for military discounts. Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA for more information. special rates cannot be booked online. Southwest waives ALL baggege fees for Active duty


8) United Airlines

9) US Airways

How To Avoid Baggage Fees On Spirit

  • Only bring a personal item, which can be 18 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches .
  • Pay for bags while purchasing flight online for savings of $10 per bag or before you get to the airport to avoid any same-day surcharges.
  • Join Spirits $9 Fare Club to get discounts on bags applicable for you and up to eight passengers on your reservation.
  • U.S. active duty military can check two bags and bring one carry-on for free.

Generally, you can have a maximum of five checked bags depending on the amount of available space, and the maximum overweight limit is 100 pounds. There are a few exceptions given the route and date.

From Dec. 1 to Jan. 10, you are allowed one checked item per person, and any additional checked items may be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, the maximum overweight limit for international flights is 70 pounds instead of 100 pounds. Bags will be subject to oversized baggage charges if it exceeds 63 linear inches, and anything over 80 linear inches is not allowed.

For any flights to Lima, Peru, guests may only check one bag. Instead, the maximum overweight limit of your bag may not exceed 50 pounds and will start to incur overweight baggage fees at 41 pounds. The same general oversized baggage restrictions apply, and the items that are exempt from this rule include sporting equipment.

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Spirit Airlines Veteran Discount Overview

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Review Of Spirit Airlines

Story Time: Booking flight deals with Spirit Airlines

On their website they are all about veterans and military. However they only care about active duty now. We used to always get our bags free for being veterans. Now you have to be active. They should at least give the veterans a discounts. $50 per bag is rediculous when you also have to pay for your seat each way now.

15,22015,224 of 23,290 reviews

This was one of the first flight of spirit to Guayaquil price was a good deal even that we paid for the bags and seat the flight was on time and we get there 30 minutes early

The flight was on time the price was a good deal for one way flight was full and was a smooth flight good experience this time with spirit

Worst Airline Ever! They dont even price match their own website! I didnt think that was possible. However, when their website quoted me a price, and then shut down I called customer service. When calling I tried getting the same price as their website but, accordinging to them they cant price match their website and wanted to charge me $200 extra dollars. Company is terrible, and I hope they go out of business and the nice employees that lose their jobs find one at United, Southwest, basically any other airline even frontier! P.S. I will try and make it my life goal to eventually own a airline company and put you guys out of business because Spirit Airlines is the worst airline in the world!

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Spirit Airlines Drops Most Baggage Fees For Active

Active-duty members traveling on Spirit Airlines will no longer have to pay baggage fees on up to two checked bags and one free carry-on, officials said.

The new policy, which is in line with other airlines’ policies regarding baggage fees for military personnel, is effective Feb. 19. Spirit will also offer refunds at its ticket counters for any active-duty military member who has already purchased bags for an upcoming trip. “This is the right thing to do and the right time to implement this change,” said Robert Fornaro, Spirit Airlines’ president and chief executive officer.

“After eight years of impressive growth as an ultra-low cost carrier, this is the first of many steps Spirit is taking to improve the overall customer experience,” Fornaro said.

The change comes a day after the Department of Transportation released its annual report on airline complaints, which showed that Spirit has the highest rate of customer complaints among 13 U.S. airlines, as well as the highest percentage of regularly scheduled flights that are late 70 percent or more of the time. Spirit had 11.73 complaints per 100,000 customers in 2015. The next highest was Frontier Airlines with 7.86 per 100,000. And 1.4 percent of Spirit’s regularly scheduled flights were chronically late, nearly twice as high as the next airline, Skywest, with 0.8 percent.

Karen Jowers covers military families, quality of life and consumer issues for Military Times. She can be reached at .

It’s Been More Than Five Days And My Baggage Still Hasn’t Been Located What Should I Do

If your baggage has not been located and returned within five days of your flight arrival, you should file a claim with the Luggage Resolution Department. You will need to complete a customer property form, which is different from the delayed baggage report you should have initially filed at the airport. After completing the form, the department will try to help you retrieve your missing baggage.

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Airlines That Offer Military Discounts On Flights


Alaska Airlines. Eligibility: Active-duty military and those enrolled in ⦠Allegiant Air. Eligibility: Active-duty military, veterans, Reserves Up to three ⦠American Airlines. Eligibility: Active-duty military and veterans enrolled in ⦠Delta Air Lines. Eligibility: Active-duty military Discounted flights for travel on ⦠Frontier Airlines. Eligibility: Active-duty military, including Reserves and National Guard. One free ⦠Hawaiian Airlines. Eligibility: Active-duty or retired military personnel , retired veterans, National ⦠Spirit Airlines. Eligibility: Active-duty military. Two free checked bags and a free carry-on, in ⦠United. Eligibility: Active-duty military, National Guard, Reserve and veterans ⦠See full list on

Who Can Claim This Deal

Does Spirit Airlines Have A Military Discount

The people who can claim these deals depends on the specific program, so we will look into eligibility criteria below.

Free Luggage For Active Duty Military Members

This deal is only available to Active Duty military members.

Those who serve in all five branches in Active Duty roles can claim the savings.

At this time, Spirit Airlines does not offer free luggage to retied military members, veterans, current service members in Reserve or National Guard roles, or military family members.

Free Flights For Wounded Warriors

This program is available to those who are injured in battle, as well as the family members of wounded warriors.

It also requires an approval through Lukes Warriors application process. As we mentioned above, you can apply online here.

Honor Flights

Honor Flights are specifically for veterans of World War II.

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United Airlines Military Discount

Note: to read our full article on the United Airlines military discount.

United Airlines is a major American airline that is based out of Willis Tower in Chicago.

Its vast number of domestic flights, as well as international routes, serve the nation.

United is especially known for serving the Asia-Pacific region.

United Airlines features several hubs with the most noteworthy at Chicago-OHare Airport.

What discount do they offer?

United Airlines features Veterans Advantage members with up to a 5 percent discount on airfare.

It includes United as well as United Express flights.

The discount is available to active duty, military veterans, National Guard, and Reserve service members.

However, you must be a member of Veterans Advantage in order to receive the discount.

In addition to airfare, United provides up to five free checked bags up to 100 lbs. each for those traveling on orders.

Luckily, the United Airlines military discount is extended to dependents.

If not traveling on orders, service members can check up to three bags at 70 lbs. each .

Lastly, the airline delivers free access to the United Club airport lounge for members in uniform or prepared to leave on orders.

How to redeem your discount:

In order to receive the 5 percent discount enter the 10 digit Veterans Advantage travel discount code in the Offer Code section when booking on United Airlines official website.

The baggage discount is offered when a military ID is presented at check-in.

Veterans Advantage 5% Discount On Flights


United honors America’s veterans. To thank U.S. military veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, and their families for their service, United is proud to provide Veterans Advantage® members with a 5% discount on tickets for United- and United Express®-operated flights purchased on Additional discount details:

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Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: Avoid Hidden Fees And Save Money

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Spirit Airlines is a budget carrier that provides passengers with the bare necessities for getting from point A to point B. Passengers should be most careful with these airlines, because they charge a ton of fees for extras such as carry-on luggage and snacks. We’ve organized this comprehensive guide on Spirit Airlines baggage fees so you can maximize savings and know what to expect.

Us Carriers Military Discounts

Spirit Airlines Discount Flight Hack

American AirlinesOffers special military rates when you call 800-433-7300 for more details. They also offer a military baggage allowance. Allowance of 1st and/or 2nd checked bag at no additional charge provided it falls within the size and weight limitations. These free checked bag allowances apply on flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle, and American Connection®. On codeshare flights operated by other carriers, the baggage allowance and charges of the operating carrier apply.

  • Active U.S. Military personnel traveling on orders or personal travel
  • Active U.S. Military dependents traveling on orders

For more info, click HERE.

Alaska Airlines Offers up to 5 bags free for active-duty military personnel with ID and up to 5 bags free for military dependents with ID on travel orders. Specific baggage information may be found on their website,, under travel Checked & Carry On Baggage Policies.

Frontier Airlines Active-duty military personnel pays no baggage fees.

Jet Blue waive change/cancel fees for active members of the military and members of their immediate family traveling on the same itinerary if their travel plans need to be changed or canceled due to deployment or transfer. For information on fares, change/cancel fees, and baggage fee waivers for military personnel, please speak to one of our Reservation crewmembers at 1-800-JETBLUE.

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Online Travel Agencies Offering Military Discounts

So weve covered all the major airlines offering military discounts. These include every single U.S. airline , as well as a single European airline. But if youre not interested in booking directly with an airline, for whatever reason, and instead prefer to use an online travel agency , you can still be in luck.

OTAs are websites such as Expedia and Hotwire that will aggregate and display airfares to show you all of the different prices for the flights youre looking for, no matter which airline. This can be helpful if youre not loyal to any 1 airline or are particularly price-sensitive since if youre booking via an OTA youll always be able to snag the lowest price.

Hot Tip: OTAs will only ever give you a discount on your actual reservation not your baggage or airline lounge access. You are, however, still entitled to these. Youll simply need to ask for them at the airport as you otherwise would booking via an OTA does not change this benefit.

Spirit Airlines Discounted Baggage

The Spirit Airlines World MasterCard® Credit Card’s offers and/or promotions may have since changed, expired, or are no longer available.

Although the Spirit Airlines World MasterCard® Credit Card provides a variety of airline benefits to cardholders, reduced baggage fees are not included. Individuals will need to pay the full amount for baggage fees, regardless of whether they have the card. Being a Free Spirit rewards member Somebody, Elite or VIP level also doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll save on baggage you’re only guaranteed exclusive flight deals.

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