DiscountDoes Royal Caribbean Offer Military Discounts

Does Royal Caribbean Offer Military Discounts


Does Royal Caribbean Do A Military Discount

How to get a discount on a Royal Caribbean drink package

Through Royal Caribbeans Military Discounts program, active U.S. military personnel can book one stateroom at savings of up to 50 percent off published fares. Proper identification in the form of a United States Uniformed Services WHITE Identification Card for U.S. military personnel, and a WHITE N.D.

About Royal Caribbean Military Discount

Royal Caribbean will provide Military and Veterans with some special discounts in February 2022. Immediately use Royal Caribbeans Military Discount, and you will have a chance to save 30% OFF. If you also hold other promo codes, maybe you can only give up this discount or Military Discount. For more information, please visit Royal Caribbean promo codes, and on this basis, consider follow-up actions.

Military And Veterans Groups Will Get The Military Discount From Military Cruise Deals On Every Cabin In Their Group

And they will get all the group benefits offered by Royal Caribbean cruise military.

So the only way for your group to pay less and get more on a group cruise is to book it with Military Cruise Deals.

We are experts on the group policies and discounts of all cruise lines. So well make sure your group accesses all possible discounts and perks available to a group like yours.

We have no rules of our own when it. comes to groups. All we do is inform you of the cruise lines rules, and then help you get more and pay less!

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Princess Military Cruise Benefit Program

Ruby Princess

Princess does not offer cruise fare discounts to military members, but instead offers free onboard credit. The benefit is $50 for cruises of 6 days or less, $100 for 7 to 13-day cruises, and $250 for cruises that are 14+ days.

The onboard credit can be used for a variety of onboard purchases , and is available on any cruise. A maximum of two credits is allowed per cabin.

Eligible servicemen and women include:

  • Active-duty personnel serving in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, or Army Reserves
  • Active-duty Canadian National Defense personnel
  • Retired personnel from the above armed forces, with retirement occurring either after 20or more years of service, for a medical reason, or due to a major disability
  • Veterans of the U.S. and Canadian military branches mentioned above who spent 6months or more in an active war zone or who received an Honorable Discharge after serving 2 years or longer

To be eligible, active U.S. military members must present a military verification certificate that can be obtained online. Canadians must present a CF1FC Silver card. Retirees must show one of the following forms: DD214, WD AGO, NAVPERS, NDI 75, CF 75, or certificate of discharge.

Veterans should provide a DD214 plus photo or a Veteran Affairs Canada Health I.D. card. Military members must provide a Princess Captains Circle number, and all documentation must be submitted to the cruise line 14 days prior to sailing.

How We Maximize Your Military Discount On All Royal Caribbean Cruises Even After Youve Booked:

5 Great Vacation Deals for Military Families

Between the time you book your cruise and your cruise sails, we monitor the cruise lines rate.

If we notice that it becomes less than what you paid, we contact the cruise line and request that they refare your cruise to the new lower rate, upgrade you to a higher category, or provide an onboard credit for the difference.

No one else does this!

If you notice before we do, contact us.

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Royal Caribbean Military Discounts

Royal Caribbean offers special pricing to the following military personnel or veterans:

  • Active duty members of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, or Army Reserves
  • Active duty members of the Canadian National Defense
  • Retired personnel from the above armed forces, with retirement occurring either after 20 or more years of service, for a medical reason, or due to a major disability
  • Veterans of the U.S. military who spent 6 months or more in an active war zone or who received an Honorable Discharge after serving 2 years or longer
  • Spouses of deceased military personnel

To be eligible for Royal Caribbeans military discount, you are required to show proper military I.D. cards proving active or retired status at check-in. Veterans must present a DD 214 form and a photo I.D., and spouses should show the Dependent Military I.D.

For families of deployed service members, the spouse can make the booking and access Royal Caribbeans military rate if the active-duty spouse is sharing the cabin.

All cruisers booked in the same stateroom will pay the military fare, but travel companions in additional cabins cannot access the special pricing.

Royal Caribbeans military and veteran discounts are only available on select sailings.

How To Get A Military Veteran Discount On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean offers special rates for police, firefighter and military members on select sailings.

These special rates are meant to recognize and reward those that serve their county and community.

Police and Firefighters

Special rates for fire and police require there must be at least one guest in the stateroom that is an active or retired, volunteer or employee of a local, state or federal law enforcement agency or fire department in the United States.

When boarding the ship on the first day of your cruise, you will be required to present valid proof of employment plus a second form of identification when boarding the ship.

Spouses, parents, in-laws, children or other family members or friends are not eligible for the rate without the eligible person occupying the stateroom.

Military Rates

To qualify for a Military rate, at least one guest in the stateroom must be classified as one of the following,

  • Active personnel currently serving in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves or Canadian National Defense.
  • Retired from any of the divisions listed directly above.
  • Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum of 2 years, or 6-months in an active war zone, in any of the United States service divisions listed above.
  • At least one guest per stateroom must be eligible to be considered in compliance with these rates.

    How to get the special rate

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    Who Can Claim This Deal

    This deal can be claimed by select active military, retired members, veterans, and military spouses.

    Military members need to fit certain eligibility and have specific military service proof as shown below.

    Active Military Members

    Current military members must be serving in one of the five military branches through Active Duty, Reserves, or the National Guard.

    Current military members also need to be able to provide proof of service at check in with a United States Uniformed Services WHITE card.

    Retired Military Members

    Retired service members can claim the deal if they have a minimum of 20 years of service, are medically retired, or are completely disabled from service.

    Retired service members need to be able to provide proof of service through a United States Uniformed Service RED, BLUE, or TAN card depending on their service specifics.


    Veterans can claim the deal if they have an honorable discharge and served at least two years in the past.

    Veterans are also eligible if they served a minimum of 6 months in an active war zone, even if their overall service time was less than two years.

    Veterans need to be able to prove their service with their DD-214 and a current photo ID when boarding the cruise ship.

    Military Spouses

    Spouses can claim the deal as well, but only if their military spouse is currently deployed at the time of the vacation.

    If the military spouse is not deployed, they need to be staying in the stateroom for the deal to be claimed.

    About Veterans Cruise Tour Deals

    10 Dos And Donts Of Royal Caribbean’s Drink Packages

    As a way to honor active, reserve, and retired military personnel, most cruise companies offer incredible money-saving discounts on a variety of itineraries. Drastically reduced fares are offered to members of every branch of the service as a way to thank military personnel for their commitment to serve our country in the armed forces. While military discount programs differ slightly between cruise lines, the majority allow veterans to book one cabin at the reduced rate. However, retired personnel must be traveling in this cabin

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    How Many Points Do I Need For A Free Cruise

    Complimentary cruises which previously started at 100 cruise credits for Diamond Plus members, will now be available for Pinnacle Club starting at 700 and 1050 Cruise Points in a balcony stateroom for a minimum 7-Night sailing. A complimentary suite will be provided at 1400 Cruise Points and every 350 thereafter.

    Quick Answer: Does Royal Carribean Have Senior Discounts

    We offer reduced senior prices only on selected sailings exclusively for guests who are 55 years of age and older. We also offer special rates for police and firefighters on select ships and sailings. We do offer special rates on selected sailings for military personnel.

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    What Is The Official Royal Caribbean Military Discount

    Royal Caribbean offers a variety of deals to their customers, including a military discount to give back to those who serve.

    Past and present service members can get up to 50% off of their cruise pricing on select cruises.

    Unfortunately, theres no list or certain criteria that show which cruises are a part of this deal.

    To see if the cruise you want to go on is eligible for a military discount, you will need to go through the checkout process and watch your cart to see if a military deal is applied.

    If youre looking specifically to use the discount, you can try adding different cruises until you find one that gives you the discounted price.

    You may be able to contact customer service for information on current military rate cruises as well.

    Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-256-6649 from within the United States or 305-539-4107 internationally.

    These two numbers are staffed 24/7, so you can contact someone about this matter at any time.

    How To Claim The Discount:

    To use the Royal Caribbean military discount:

    Step 1: Choose your cruise

    Step 2: When you choose the number of guests for your trip, click on See if you qualify for exclusive rates and then choose Military

    Step 3: Finish your selections and check your cart to see if a military discount has been applied

    Step 4: Bring your military ID along with your ticket when you board the ship to prove your military status

    Msc Military Cruise Discounts

    Royal Caribbean cruise military discounts / Military ...

    MSC Meraviglia

    MSC Cruises offers reduced military rates, as well as no penalties for canceling a cruise due to redeployment.

    Eligible servicemen and women include active and retired members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Army Reserves. Department of Defense personnel and Canadian military personnel are also included in this offer.

    The discount is 5 percent off inside and outside cabins and 10 percent off balcony cabins and above. Its applicable to the military member who is sailing, plus immediate family and to multiple cabins.

    Request the military discount and present a valid military I.D. when booking.

    In addition, if you have to cancel a cruise due to redeployment, MSC Cruises will offer a 100 percent future cruise credit valid for two years from cancelation. You must cancel at least 15 days ahead of sailing and provide a note from a commanding officer.

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    Faqs For Royal Caribbean Military Discount

    • Does Royal Caribbean offer Royal Caribbean Military Discount?Yes, Royal Caribbean Military Discount is valid on Royal Caribbean purchases.
    • Where to find the latest Royal Caribbean Military Discount?There are some methods for you to find Royal Caribbean Military Discount February 2022 with ease.Look for Royal Caribbean Promo Codes at the carefully, it may be useful.You can visit Royal Caribbean Facebook, Twitter and other social media for the latest Royal Caribbean Military Discount.It is highly recommendded to check Royal Caribbean Promo Codes list on HotDeals,
    • How do I use Royal Caribbean Military Discount?Add Royal Caribbean products to shopping cart.Have a look at the Royal Caribbean Military Discount list, and click ‘Get Code’ to save the best coupon on your clipboard.Go back to the shopping cart page, and finish your billing and shipping address.Paste the code into the ‘Coupon/Promo Code’ box and reduce your order cost.
    • How to save more at Royal Caribbean?Royal Caribbean Military Discount is a highly recommended way to save at Royal Caribbean, but there are also have more ways.Become a member of, and enjoy their member exclusive offers.Have a look at the banners at their homepage, and get the big sale information.Check back often on, and the Royal Caribbean Promo Codes and Coupons are always available.

    Cruise Lines That Offer Military Discounts

    Take a breath and close your eyes. Imagine warm Caribbean waters, the soft, rhythmic ping of steel drums, and warm sand between your toes.

    No, dont open your eyesdont do it.

    No, no, youre right. Its winter and weve got work to do. But at some point we need a break, a chance to get away, right? And there is no better way to say goodbye to the winter work day doldrums than planning a warm, tropical getaway. Or maybe sightseeing across Europe is more your thing.

    Either way, there is no better way to step away from the strain and drain of our everyday lives than on the gleaming white decks of a cruise ship. Better still, is planning that trip knowing a military discount is going to stretch your vacation dollars even further.

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    How Much Is Our Military Discount On Royal Caribbean Cruises

    Royal Caribbean used to offer a military discount for Active, Retired and Veteran U.S., Canadian, and British Forces Military on some of their cruises.

    However, lately, theyve replaced all military, senior and resident discounts with a discount for booking a non-refundable discount farecode.

    The rules of that non-refundable farecode are:

    *if you try to cancel your cruise before the time of final payment, youll incur a $100 per person cancellation fee from the Royal Caribbean cruise military.

    This nonrefundable farecode discount is usually $100 to $300 less than fully refundable farecodes. So youll feel highly incentivized to use it.

    Since this non-refundable farecode is the lowest offered by Royal Caribbean, we take that farecode and add our military discount on top of that.

    So, our military discount makes our price for any Royal Caribbean cruise lower than Royals lowest rate.

    It is around 5% less than the cheapest rate provided by Royal Caribbean cruise military.

    We invite you to compare price for all Royal Caribbean cruises anywhere else, and youll see that our military discount creates the very lowest price for you on any cruise cabin.

    Since our military discount is based on the price of your cruise, the higher the price of your cruise, the greater your military discount will be.

    The Best Cruise Line Veterans Day Promotions & Military Discounts

    10 Things People Don’t Realize About Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Alcohol Package!

    One of the things we love about cruises is how customizable they are. Families can enjoy fun for all ages on a Disney cruise while a Royal Caribbean cruise can offer a dose of laid-back luxury. Here are the best Veterans Day promotions and military discounts being offered by cruise lines, so you can save on your perfect cruise!

    Travel Market Report ~ Carnival Cruise LineWhat: Carnival offers special rates to military personnel on almost every sailing.

    Who: Reduced rates are available to active and retired members of the Canadian National Defense and the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves.

    How: Travel advisors can book these rates on behalf of their clients. Eligibility documents must be submitted to Carnival for confirmed reservations within 72 hours for cruises outside one week prior to sailing and 24 hours for cruises within one week prior to sailing.

    Disney Cruise LineWhat: Disney offers special military rates on select sailings. Prices can be as low as $200 per person for the first two people in one stateroom.

    Who: Military rates are available to all retired and active U.S. Military personnel or spouses, including U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Army Reserve and Department of Defense.

    Valid identification must be provided at the time of check-in. Activated members of the U.S. National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve must also show active duty orders.

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    Royal Caribbean Offers For Vetrewards Members

    As a member enrolled in VetRewards, you have more than 280 destinations worldwide and an amazing array of exciting shore excursions and cruise tour options at the best military rates offered by Royal Caribbean.

    With Royal Caribbean, you will the chance to experience new destinations at the most affordable fares for you and your family. Why not go glacier-trekking in Alaska, cave-tubing in Belize, biking through the vineyards of Dubrovnik, Croatia, or experience the wonders of China? You will have the opportunity to expand your universe while enjoying an affordable luxury cruise.

    Does Viking Cruises Offer Military Discounts

    4.3/5Viking River Cruisesoffer military discountsViking River Cruises’s military discount

    Here are 8 cruise lines to check out.

    • Carnival. Military travelers on Carnival can snag a discount of $25 to $250 per person over regular rates.
    • Royal Caribbean International.
    • Princess.
    • Celebrity Cruises.

    Furthermore, how much is the military discount on a Disney cruise? Disney Cruise Line offers special military rates on select Disney cruises, valid for new bookings only. Special military rates are limited to a maximum of one stateroom per military member, per sailing. March 13, 2020 Disney Dream 05A Starting at $255 per person, per night, based on double occupancy.

    Subsequently, question is, do any cruise lines offer military discounts?

    Carnival offers military and Veteran discounts on more of their cruises than any of the other cruise lines. If Carnival is offering their own military rate, you will get that rate for as many cabins as they allow, plus our discounts and benefits so you’ll get a DOUBLE DISCOUNT on your cruise.

    How do I get military discount on Royal Caribbean?

    To qualify for a Military rate, at least one guest in the stateroom must be classified as one of the following, Active personnel currently serving in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves or Canadian National Defense.

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