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Does Fox Rent A Car Have Military Discount


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Does Fox Rent A Car have a military discount?

Do students get special discounts at Fox Rent A Car?

Does Fox Rent A Car offer discounts for frontline or healthcare workers?

Where can I find Fox Rent A Car coupons?

How do I use my Fox Rent A Car discount code?

My Fox Rent A Car promo code didn’t work. What can I do?

What’s today’s best Fox Rent A Car coupon?

How often does Fox Rent A Car offer online coupons?

How many coupons is Fox Rent A Car offering today?

How we partner with brands like Fox Rent A Car

What Is Fox Rent A Cars Refund Policy

In most cases, no fees are paid up-front, except for a security deposit that is determined at the time of reservation. Security deposits used for advanced reservations bookings will be used for car cleaning and to cover any damage encountered during the rental process. However, for Pay Now reservations, all payments are non-refundable, and your reservation cannot be modified for any reason. Booking dates for Pay Now reservations must be canceled and then rebooked at current rental rates.

Military Savings Vary Based On Location

The exact amount of savings you will earn on the standard rate depends on location and other factors.

According to Veterans Advantage, the amount of discount you can expect:

  • Save up to 25% off daily and weekly rates in the contiguous United States and Canada.
  • $25 off a weekend rental with free GPS and other upgrades when you combine the military discount with other special offers.
  • 20% off car rentals in Western Europe.
  • 15% off car rentals in Asia and the Pacific.
  • 10% off car rentals in Latina America, Africa, Caribbean, and Middle East.

Additionally, Veterans Advantage can hook you up with other ways to save money when you join other VetRewards exclusives.

Veterans Advantage is known for having lots of access to travel accommodations:

  • You could save an additional 20% off your stay at a Wyndham Hotel and Resort.
  • Verizon Wireless can get you 15% off a new or existing monthly plan as well as 10% off select accessories.
  • CVS Pharmacy can protect your health interests while on the road with 20% off the private store.

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Don’t Pay For Insurance You Don’t Need

Where rental companies make money is in the additional insurance such as loss damage waivers , collision damage waivers , or personal effects coverage. Thing is, if you’re already covered under your own car insurance, you have something like CAA/AAA membership, or you have a travel credit card, you really don’t need to pay for extra insurance.

Veterans Advantage Car Rental Partnershipveterans Advantage Car Rental Partnership

Fox Rent A Car

Avis is Proud to Provide Discounts to Veterans Advantage Members

To thank U.S military veterans, active duty military, National Guard & Reservists and their families for their service, Avis and Veterans Advantage® are proud to provide up to 25% off car rentals for Veterans Advantage Members.

Become a member of Veterans Advantage and you’ll get an Avis Worldwide Discount number that will save you up to 25% on rentals in the U.S. You’ll also get great coupons that you can combine with your discount and the chance to enroll in Avis® Preferred® Service so you can skip the rental counter and go straight to your car.

When you join Veterans Advantage, you’ll also get membership discounts from our nation’s top brands like United Airlines, Amtrak, and many more.

Veterans Advantage offers many travel benefit plans at no extra cost to members such as FREE $50,000 Medical Travel Insurance, FREE $5,000 AD& D Insurance Coverage, and FREE Global Travel Protection Services.

Am I Eligible for Veterans Advantage?

You are eligible to receive Veterans Advantage discounts if you have served in any branch of service or during any period of service, both wartime and peacetime. Next of kin family members, including the spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter of the veteran or service person may also enroll and receive benefits too.

Partner Information

For more information or to become a Veterans Advantage member, please use the information below.

Phone: 838-7392

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Take Photos Of Your Car Before You Leave The Lot

This is an easy one to forget because you just want to grab and go but it’s good practice to take photos of the exterior so that you have proof if they say you damaged the car but it was there to begin with.

In addition, there’s usually a slip of paper that comes with your car when you pick it up that indicates damage. If there’s anything noticeable, I always grab the parking garage attendant and make sure they mark it up.

Ace Rent A Car Nurses Discount Get 20% Off Your Next Ace Car Rental Through 9/30/22

Enter your times and dates for nurse car rental discounts – they are included automatically to save time and money.

These discounts are also valid for Healthcare Workers and First Responders.

Travel nurse car rental reservations can be canceled or modified at anytime if your plans change.

These car rental discounts for nurses generally do not have minimum or maximum rental periods.

Nurse car rental deals are available from most car rental agencies. Try modifying your times slightly to get the cheapest nurse car rental deal.

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Contacting Fox Rent A Cars Customer Service Team

To get in touch with the Fox Rent A Car customer service team for new reservations, you may call 323-593-7485. For general questions, call the company at 323-593-7486. Both lines are available daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.PST. Additionally, you may email the company at, reach out to a team member through the live chat option, or submit a web form and have a team member contact you directly.

Toyota Military Rebate Program

BBB warns Illinois residents about rental car scams

Toyota’s Military Discount Program offers a $500 military bonus. Unlike some of its competitors, the offer requires taking out a loan or leasing through Toyota Financial Services .

Those eligible for the offer include active military, reservists, and retirees. Veterans are also eligible within 2 years of discharge. Spouses and other household members are also eligible.

To get the biggest discount, consider stacking the offer with cash incentives. However, since there’s a financing requirement, you may need to take out a loan at non-promotional standard rates. Alternatively, Toyota generally offers the option to choose low-interest financing instead of rebates.

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Research All The Rental Companies

The big players don’t necessarily always win. This is particularly true when you’re looking for a car rental outside of North America. Sure, companies like Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz have locations internationally but there are many more local-based companies that you most likely haven’t heard of. Many times, these local market companies can be much cheaper than the big brands.

Here are a few examples from other countries that I’ve rented cars from:

  • New Zealand I rented from Jucy my first time to New Zealand and Hitch on my latest 3 week New Zealand itinerary. I managed to find a code with Hitch and saved a ton of money. Other companies to consider are Gorental, Lucky, Apex, USave, Ace, and Omega.
  • Iceland All the big companies were ridiculously expensive and so we ended up booking with Blue Car Rental on our 8 day Iceland Itinerary which was completely unknown to us but had excellent rates. At the time, didn’t have car rental coupon codes but it didn’t matter. The good news is that I’ve managed to source a bunch of car rental coupon codes to use when you rent a car in Iceland.
  • UK The regular players are there but don’t forget to check out Dollar in the UK as they have good rates as well.

Are Military Car Rebates Any Good

In the past, military rebates have offered the chance to score an upfront discount on your favorite car or truck. However, market conditions have forced some automakers to change their discount programs. For example, GM no longer offers Supplier Pricing and now has a $500 cash rebate deal on most models.

Some of these military deals on cars are better at certain points in the year. For example, brands like Hyundai and Mitsubishi have doubled their military discounts to $1,000 around Veterans Day, making it a better time to buy a car. Sadly, a global chip shortage has caused most major brands to offer fewer incentives.

Shoppers should be aware that some brands offer a way to lock-in current deals due to the inventory shortage. In addition, companies like Ford offer a $1,000 custom order discount to those willing to wait for a car from the factory. Deals like these could help maximize your potential discount in 2022.

Since rules and amounts can change, be sure to check program terms carefully. Together with advertised offers, the combined savings could save you serious money. Below you’ll find some of the best military discounts available to qualified buyers in 2022.

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Do They Care About Rim Curb Damage

This is something that I’ve encountered more times than I wish to admit.

During our 1 week Cape Town itinerary, I managed to curb the rims of our car on a turn. I swear this happens every time I drive on the opposite side of the road.

I panicked but since the damage was pretty minor, I didn’t say anything upon returning the car. In the end, I didn’t get charged for it and it never came up afterwards.

Usually, when you drop off a car, you park it in a lot, they check the odometer, and print you a receipt. Car rental agents are incredibly busy and need to move the line as quickly as possible and things like small curb damage aren’t easy to spot.

Upon talking to many agents over the years, what they’re mainly concerned about are windshield cracks and primary body damage. Small scuffs and curb scratches aren’t what they care about so you can get away with that if it happens to you.

Check To Make Sure Everything Works

 Does Hertz Give Veterans Discounts

This happened to us on our 8 day Iceland Itinerary where we initially drove off with our SUV only to realize that the cigarette adapter wasn’t working. We don’t smoke but we use that to charge our devices and for road trips.

Lesson check all of the electronics, air condition, windows, and all of the other basic car functions while you’re in the lot.

If something doesn’t work, you can easily switch cars.

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Don’t Reserve A Car Under A Card You Know You’re Going To Cancel

This turned out to be an issue for us in South Africa with Europcar. I totally wasn’t thinking about this at the time but as part of the credit card churning that I do, I ended up cancelling a card that I made a reservation with.

During check-in they asked for my ID including the card. By the time my trip to South Africa happened, I didn’t have the card anymore. Luckily, the manager on duty made an exception for me to allow me to keep my reservation but if things played out differently, I would have had to create a new reservation which undoubtedly would have been much more expensive.

National Car Rental Military Discount

You can save 5% 10% on your next car rental with National, to jump right to the details.

National Car Rental is an American owned company that is based out of Clayton, Missouri.

The service is owned by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. National Car Rental first opened its doors in 1947.

It has grown to feature over 550 locations worldwide.

What discount do they offer?

National Car Rental features discounted rates for U.S. Department of Defense travelers that are on official orders.

The discount was recently extended to include all military families and veterans.

The 20 percent discount applies to any travel based on official orders.

National Car Rental is also a member of Veterans Advantage.

If you are a member you can potentially save up to 25 percent by using your Veterans Advantage ID number at the time of checkout.

For non Veterans Advantage members you may still receive a 5% discount for active duty military personnel or veterans.

The offer is good year round.

National Car Rental features an extensive list of economy cars, sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks.

The National Emerald Club membership can expedite the reservation process further.

It allows you to bypass the rental counter at more than 50 major airports in the United States and Canada.

How To Redeem The National Car Rental Military Discount

Redeeming your military discount is real simple with National car rental.

Follow the step by step directions below:

Step 1: to visit the Military Personnel Page

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Senior Car Rental Faq’s

Do car rental agencies offer Senior car rental discounts? Yes, several rental agencies offer senior car rental discounts and coupons .

How do I use my Senior discount on a rental car? We find the best senior discounts and coupons then automatically apply them in our booking engine.Use to automatically apply senior car rental discounts and coupons to your booking.

Why use for your car rental? We are the car rental specialists and only do car rentals. We compare multiple rental companies and build in senior discounts and coupons. Reservations can be cancelled online with no cost.

Veteran & Military Car Rental Discount

Military & Veteran Discounts | Veterans Benefits | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

SIXT honors active members of the military and veterans with a car rental discount on our extensive fleet of luxury rental cars. Whether you are serving now or have in the past, you can take 5 percent off your car rental. Enjoy special discounts, great benefits, and all the quality and ease that is guaranteed when renting from SIXT. We are an approved military car rental company, allowing us to offer a competitive veteran and military car rental discount.

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Payless Car Rental Military Discount

Payless Car Rental is a noteworthy rental provider that is owned by Avis.

The network of car rentals also includes Payless Car Sales, Payless Parking, and REZLink International. It operates in North America, South America, and Europe.

The company has over 80 locations in 20 different countries. Its fleet is about 10,000 vehicles.

What discount do they offer?

Unfortunately, Payless Car Rental does not currently have any type of military discount.

How to redeem your discount: N/A

More info: N/A

to jump right to the Thrifty military discount details.

Thrifty Car Rental is owned by the Hertz Corporation.

Its headquarters are in Estero, Florida.

Thrifty Car Rental has 1,500 franchise locations in the United States and Canada that are shared along with Hertz and Dollar Rent A Car.

It has recently placed an emphasis on international travel.

Today, Thrifty Car Rental locations exist in 76 different countries.

What discount do they offer?

Thrifty Car Rental does support a military discount. It is considered under the same category as their government discount program.

The Thrifty military discount is available to active duty personnel and is offered at the same government rate.

The exact discount depends on the size of the car and insurance requested. Veterans may also be eligible for a discount.

The benefits also include free one car-class upgrade for official and government travel.

There is no fee to join their Blue Chips Rewards program.

How To Redeem The Discount

How Does The Budget Military Discount Compare To Other Car Rentals

Budget is like Avis and National Car Rental in that they will only provide a military discount if you are a member of Veterans Advantage.

It does seem a little unfair as other providers like Alamo, Hertz, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car will provide a military discount without VA membership.

However, the savings you earn through VA is much better.

While you could save up to 25% off a rental car in the U.S. or Canada, Enterprise and Hertz have fluctuating discounts that are generally more like 5-10% off the standard rate.

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Nurse Car Rental Faq’s

Do car rental agencies offer car rental discounts for Nurses? Yes, several rental agencies offer nurse car rental discounts and coupons.

How do I use my Nurse discount on a rental car? We find the best nurse discounts and coupons then automatically apply them in our booking engine.Use to automatically apply nurse car rental discounts to your booking.

Are the discounts good for other Healthcare Workers? Yes, these discounts are available for other Healthcare workers, medical personnel and first responders.

Save time on your next car rental with Online Check In – check out the options from each agency!

The Best Military Discounts For Car Rentals You Should Know About

Fox Ann Arbor Nissan

Military personnel often have to rent car for work or business travel. Most care rentals companies offer a government leisure travel rate which helps to save some money. Remember, for official travel, military orders are usually required. I know when our military family has to visit home, we always have to book a rental car, and Im grateful that there are discounts out there.

Even with Ubers or Lyfts, having a car during travel provides you with the freedom to move anywhere. Traveling by car also reduces many costs of travel and transport and may be cheaper in the long run. Whether you are looking to get a rental for a few days or coming back home from deployment and want to move into a new place, you can check into military discounts offered by these car rentals companies. Most discounts are for active duty members and some offer it for veterans and retirees.

Before you book, always make sure the discount or offer is still active by visiting the companys website first.

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