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Do You Have To Join The Military


Racism In The Military

Why Did You Join the Army?

The military has policies to overcome racism in its ranks. Despite its authoritarian structure it has not succeeded.

During the current wars, Arabs have been labeled towel-heads or sand-niggers, while there were reports of cross burnings and KKK gatherings on military grounds. During the Persian Gulf War, for example, half of the troops deployed were black while white soldiers were more likely to remain in the U.S. or be stationed elsewhere.

The few opportunities that exist in the military benefit primarily educated, white soldiers. While one-third of the enlistees are people of color, only 11 percent of the officers are. Non-white enlistees tend to get low skill, combat-related jobs. Disproportionate numbers of African-Americans and Latinos face courts martial and receive bad discharges. One out of three black GIs will get a bad discharge.

The Change Is Forever

The Marines say: “The change is forever.” The military experience will shape your life through the development of self-reliance and relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. You will learn how to react quickly to high-stress situations, and you will rely on your training to help others through traumatic events.

Many educational opportunities are available, including occupational training courses and full college tuition paid in undergraduate and graduate programs. Choosing the military as a career also has its benefits and challenges. Here’s more info on the GI Bill and other military college/training programs.

Do your homework before seeing a recruiter. Take the time to educate yourself on all the pros and cons and opportunities in front of you. It is your life make it a good one. Start now.

Can I Join The Army With Tattoos Are There Restrictions

Yes, you can join with tattoos, as long as they are not visible above your collar or below your cuff. The Army does not typically accept individuals with tattoos on their hands, wrists, face, or neck. Tattoos anywhere above the neckline or on the head, including in the mouth, ears, or eyelids, disqualifies a candidate. A tattoo waiver is available for candidates who have disqualifying tattoos. However, tattoos that are extremist, racist, sexist, or indecent are prohibited anywhere on a Soldiers body, without exception.

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What Will Be Required Join

When you are ready to join, you will be required to prove that you have a green card . You will also be required to demonstrate that you have at least a high school diploma or a GED . In addition, you will need to take an exam known as the ASVAB that helps determine the U.S. military force and the type of job in that force for which you would be best suited. A physical exam will also be conducted to make sure you are physically fit enough to serve.

Applicants Married To Active Military Members

Military medicine: Should you let Uncle Sam pay your tuition?

As long as there are no children in the household, spouses of active military members are eligible to enlist. But applicants should understand that there is no guarantee that spouses will be stationed in the same place.

But if there are children in the household, this will disqualify most military spouses from enlisting. The active duty services rarely waive this, while the reserve forces , often approve waivers, as long as the applicant can show a workable family care plan.

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How Long Do You Have To Be Off Adhd Medication To Join The Military

Recruiters generally tell applicants that they must be off medication for a considerable length of time by far the most important measure to take and show that they are able to function properly while off medication prior to starting the enlistment process and to be considered for a waiver.

The time frame required to be off medication differs across the branches and even among recruiters within the same branch. Some also recommend different approaches to demonstrating proper functioning without medication.

In the Army, Navy, and Marines in particular, recruiters largely advise applicants with ADHD to be off any and all stimulant or nonstimulant medications for at least one year.

Some recruiters, notably within the Air Force, tell applicants they must be off medication for 15 months or more . The Coast Guard which represents just 3 percent of active armed forces members is widely considered to be the most difficult branch to successfully petition for an ADHD waiver.

The time spent off medication should be noted by a doctor in the applicants medical and pharmacy records, and handed in as part of the waiver process. The records should also describe the applicants ADHD history, diagnosis, treatment, and stability while off medication.

Apart from medical documentation, recruiters may also recommend that applicants submit transcripts and letters of recommendation to showcase evidence of successful academic and work performance while off medication.

Info For Those Under 17

  • You are at least 10 years of age:

To receive information about the careers available in the Army, please register your details with Defence Jobs.

  • You are over 12 years and 6 months of age:

You can experience what it’s like in the Army by joining the Cadets. You’ll develop leadership, team-building and survival skills while having great fun.

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Can I Join The Army If I Am Older Than The Maximum Age For Enlistment

The maximum age to join the Army as an enlisted Soldier is 35, and you must enter active duty prior to your 36th birthday. For Officers, you must accept your commission by age 32. However, restrictions can be lifted based on the need for certain roles. Recruits can receive an age waiver, so long as they can retire with 20 years of military service by age 55. Talk to a recruiter to get a better understanding of the demand for certain roles.

Get Your Green Card To Join The Us Military

What You Should Know Before You Join The Military !!

If you are one of the few and determined individuals who is willing to sacrifice your time to a communal goal that is larger than yourself, and who is willing to devote your efforts to the advancement of the United States, take the necessary first step: get your green card. Without it, you will not be able to pursue a future in the U.S. Military. Register to get your green card through USA Green Card today!

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Submit Your Application 5interview

The next step is an interview with a military career counsellor it is your official job interview and a very important step. The application process is very competitive and you will be asked questions about your work history, knowledge of the Canadian Forces, and understanding of the job you selected.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

Advantages Of Joining The Military

Why would you want to join the military? There are many benefits associated with joining. A top advantage is job security. The Armed Forces of the United States is always looking to hire. It must recruit hundreds of thousands of people every year to always have sufficient personnel in the event armed conflicts require deployment of troops. You are also entitled to on-the-job education and training. The job and leadership skills you will learn can be highly valuable to you in the civilian sector after you end your military duties. Additional perks include generous stipends and salaries, and allowances for living expenses like rent/housing, utilities, and food. Opportunities to travel the world are abundant as a military service member. Medical insurance is free and post-service benefits are plentiful. Of course, even with all these advantages, many people decide to enlist out of patriotism or a strong sense of duty to serve the country and protect its people, culture, and institutions. Whatever your reason, joining the U.S. Armed Forces is a decision that leads to many rewards.

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Foreigners Can Join The Us Military If They Have A Green Card

You can serve if you have a green card!

Are you a non-U.S. citizen who is interested in joining a branch of the U.S. military? We receive thousands of inquiries each year from eager foreigners wanting to enlist. While your enthusiasm to join and become a part of the Armed Forces is commendable, U.S. law requires more. The key point is that you will need to have your green card to join. There are no exceptions. USA Green Card offers a registration process for your opportunity to get your own green card, which will then allow you to pursue your military service goals.

Do Cadets Have To Join The Military

overview for ParallaxHotS

No, being a CAP Cadet does not obligate you to any military service but many cadets choose to do so.

Cadets who earn the Billy Mitchell Award may enter the Air Force at an advanced grade .

The service academies and ROTC also look favorably on CAP experience. Approximately 10% of the USAF Academy cadet corps got their start in CAP.

civil air patrol national headquarters

105 S. Hansell Street

Volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.

Air Force partners

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Before Making Such A Major Decision Know What You Are In For

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  • Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • So you want to join the military. Whether you feel called to serve your country, service runs in the family, or you are largely drawn by the many potential benefits of joining up, deciding how to participate is a major decision. Besides which branch to serve in, you can choose to be on active duty or in the reservesand your choice will be life defining.

    Here are the major requirements and benefits of each.

    Military Service Citizenship Requirement

    To enlist in any branch of the U.S. military, you must either be a U.S. citizen, or a legal permanent resident with a green card physically living in the United States. For enlistment purposes, citizens of the United States include citizens of Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Marianas Islands, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, as well as the 50 states.

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    Poor Performance On Entrance Exams

    Though each branch has different cutoffs, low scores on the ASVAB and a poor academic or work record can also raise red flags for recruitment and MEPS personnel. Even the applicants preferred career in the desired branch can impact waiver decisions. Its important to note that there are no accommodations for the ASVAB.

    When You Visit The Recruitment Office:

    Whats the best age to join the military (Navy)
    • Take along a parent or friend as a witness.
    • Read over the entire enlistment agreement very carefully.
    • Get all promises in writing. Spoken promises do not have to be honored.
    • Before you sign anything, take it home and discuss it with your parents, friends, and a trained counselor who understands how recruiters operate. Your recruiter must give you a copy of the agreement if you request it.
    • Get copies of everything you sign.

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    Enlisting In The Military

    Once you have talked to a recruiter, youâll set a date to visit a Military Entrance Processing Station to finish the enlistment process.

    The MEPS is a joint Service organization that determines an applicant’s physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military service. There are MEPS locations all over the country.

    On This Page

    How Do You Get A Medical Waiver

    Applicants typically learn about the medical waiver process when they meet with a recruiter the first enlistment step for any branch.

    Most applicants disclose their ADHD history in conversation with the recruiter, but they also must indicate their ADHD history in the medical documents they must fill out as part of the enlistment process.

    One of these documents is the Accessions Medical Prescreen Report, or the DD 2807-2, which requires applicants to check yes or no if they were evaluated or treated for ADHD, and if they are taking or have taken medication to improve attention. Applicants must also explain all yes answers in a separate section. Consequences for failing to answer truthfully or making false statements are noted in the form.

    This prescreen form is completed with the help of the recruiter, and is reviewed by a medical professional at a Military Entrance Processing Station typically the second step in the recruitment process, during which potential enlistees take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and undergo a medical examination.

    Each branch has its own waiver authority board, which will make the waiver determination based on all available information regarding the issue or condition, as well as the specific needs of the military service, according to DOD guidelines.

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    I Have Adhd Can I Join The Army

    Yes. Previously ADD or ADHD was automatically disqualifying, but today it is only disqualifying if the applicant has been treated with ADD/ADHD medicine within the previous year or if they display obvious signs of the condition. If you are concerned about ADHD medical prescriptions, talk to your recruiter about potential options.

    Requirements For Officer School


    Being a U.S. citizen and having a four-year college degree or higher are the bare minimum requirements for officer school. Beyond that, the selection process is highly competitive across service branches. Candidates must meet physical standards, may have to pass a qualifying test, and demonstrate that they have leadership ability, integrity, dependability, academic discipline and adaptability.

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    What Offenses Or Moral Behavior

    • Individuals under civil restraint including parole, confinement, or probation are not eligible for waivers
    • Individuals subject to civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses will not be eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone found trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana, is not eligible for a waiver
    • Anyone with three or more convictions related to driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years prior to application will not be eligible
    • Anyone convicted for five or more misdemeanors is not eligible
    • Individuals who are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test or anyone with charges pending will not be eligible for a waiver

    Submit Your Application 3aptitude Test

    You will take an aptitude test to determine which military occupations are the best fit for you. Preparation is key so make sure you are well rested, healthy, on time, and careful with your answers. You will be tested on verbal skills, spatial ability and problem solving. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete a series of three Canadian Forces aptitude tests. The following practice aptitude test will provide you with an example of the style and structure of what you will experience when you write the real test at a Recruitment Centre near you.

    You will also complete a personality inventory which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities. To learn more about your personality and how it can influence job choices, check out this personality assessment.

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    To Earn Military Perks

    With military service comes other perks outside military benefits. Each service branch has a Morale, Welfare and Recreation office dedicated to helping military families connect with these opportunities. Perks may include free space-available flights on military aircraft and vacation and leisure discounts.

    United States Military Enlistment Standards

    How Old You Have To Be To Join The Army

    Enlisting in the United States military is very different than applying for any other job. Not everyone will qualify, and there are strict rules which would never apply to civilian employment. Congress and the courts have held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ensures all individuals are treated equally before the law with respect to civilian employment, does not apply to the military profession.

    The military doesn’t accept just anyone who wants to join. To enlist, you must be qualified under current federal laws and regulations or have an appropriate waiver. There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military. Statistically, this past decade, a majority of recruits fail to meet the height/weight standards of the military as the number one reason why people cannot immediately sign up for service. Here is a look at some of the basic qualifications to enlist in the military.

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    List Of Enlistment Age By Country

    These are the enlistment ages for military service by country, according to the online CIA publication The World Factbook.

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