ExclusiveDo Military Wives Get Money For School

Do Military Wives Get Money For School


Survivors & Dependents Educational Assistance Program


This is an excellent benefits package, but one that nobody want to qualify for.

The Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program offers education benefits and training to dependents and spouses of veterans who have either died, been killed, gone missing, been captured or been permanently and totally disabled during active service in the Armed Forces.

And while the circumstances of qualification are terrible, the benefits themselves are substantial.

If you qualify for the full DEA benefits package, youll receive up to 45 months of education benefits, including funds to help pay for pursuing a degree or certificate program, an apprenticeship and/or on-the-job training.

For specific details on this incredible military spouse support program, please visit my page dedicated to explaining the Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program.

Do You Need Permission To Get Married In The Military

In many ways getting married while in the military is the same as getting married as a civilian. Military members who are stationed in the United States do not need any advanced permission or special paperwork filled out prior to getting married. Instead, the state laws in which the marriage is occurring reign.

To Begin Using Mycaa Funds With The Alamo Colleges:

  • Apply for Admission

  • The application is freeapply today!

    • Login to ACES and Go to MyPage


    • Register early and make note of your payment deadline
    • If you are unable to obtain a MyCAA payment voucher before the payment deadline, contact to inquire about a Deferment for Pending MyCAA
  • Submit the Following Documents to MyCAA

    • Your MyCAA Education & Training Plan obtained from your home college Academic Advisor
    • A copy of the current DoD Tuition and Fee Schedule
    • A copy of your currentClass Schedule


    • Submit all documents in Pdf format in one email
    • If you run into an issue obtaining your Education & Training plan from our Academic Advisor, contact
    • Your class schedule is available in ACES
  • Once You Receive Your MyCAA Payment Voucher

    • Submit your MyCAA payment voucher to or your home school Bursar Office as payment
    • Log into ACES to confirm your payment has been credited and pay your remaining balance
    • If you are unable to submit a payment voucher before your payment deadline email, to inquire about a, TA MyCAA Payment Deferment Request.


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    Do You Have To Pay Back Military Tuition Assistance

    You can only participate in up to two tuition assistance funded classes at a time. You have to pay back tuition assistance if you dont maintain a satisfactory grade, and you wont get further tuition assistance until it is paid back . First-time applicants must have at least 24 months of active-duty service.

    You Can Get Marriage Counseling And Family Support

    5 tips for completing college when it seems impossible ...

    MFLC is the Military and Family Life Counseling Program. A couple of great things they offer are individual and/or marriage counseling without any of it going on your record. They dont take notes and they can also meet you at an off base location if you choose to.

    Check your local Fleet & Family Service Center. They offer insight on jobs available, fitness and recreation activities, family and youth activities and more.

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    Air Force Tuition Assistance For Military Spouses

    The Air Forces military spouse tuition assistance program is called the George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program and it offers to pay for 50% of unmet tuition charges once the other readily available forms of financial aid have already been applied to education costs.

    This program has a $1,500 limit per academic year for eligible military spouses.

    Jump On Gi Bill Benefits

    If you are married to a more senior service member, you won’t qualify for MyCAA funding. If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree, MyCAA won’t pay.

    Yet your military benefits may still enable you to pursue your academic dreams. Your service member’s Post-911 GI Bill Benefits may be transferred to you.

    This option isn’t for everybody: Your service member will have had to serve for six years and be committed for at least four more years in the military.

    There are also some new, tightened restrictions about who qualifies for transferability and how long they have to make those transfer decisions. Confused about your eligibility? Don’t be.

    The GI Bill was a great option for Nikki. She and her husband determined that he was less likely to go back to school than she was. Since Nikki was ready now, transferring their benefits made sense.

    Nikki is now busy looking for schools where she can train to be a veterinarian her life-long dream. Growing up, I just figured that was like dreaming of being president,” she said. It was never going to happen. And now it is!”

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    Financial Aid & Scholarships

    The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is here to help you pay for college with several types of aid including scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans.

    All students must apply or reapply for financial aid every year. Completing the FAFSA automatically allows you to be considered for federal, state, and university financial aid.

    Re-Entry Scholarships

    The Division of Educational Outreach offers re-entry scholarships and financial resources for non-traditional students who are starting their college experience later in life or who had started college but interrupted their studies for three or more years.

    Financial Assistance for Military Spouses

    My Career Advancement Account Scholarship Program provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses who are pursuing degree programs, licenses, or credentials leading to employment in portable career fields.


    If your benefits, grants, scholarships, don’t cover your college costs, you might consider loans. See if loans are right for you by learning about the different types of loans and how to apply for them.

    Coast Guard Tuition Assistance


    Coast Guard Tuition Assistance covers up to 100% of tuition and fees with the following limitations: $250 per semester credit hour or $166 per quarter hour. The maximum fiscal year benefit is $4,500. The TA covers tuition and lab fees. Active Duty, Selective Reserve and Civilian Employees are eligible.

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    What Being A Widow Means: From The Eyes Of A Widow By Theresa Jones

    Authors Note: My friend, Theresa Jones became a widow when her husband, Landon was killed in the line of duty. His chocked and chained helicopter was thrown over the deck of the USS William P Lawrence during a maneuver. The full story behind the mishap can be found here.

    As someone who has unfortunately had to walk in these shoes, I want to tell what it means to be a military widow and why it matters.

    Why it Matters Financially: The day your spouse dies is the day their pay stops. Theres no rounding it up to the next month let alone the next day. Its done. Those days and weeks after, you are now having to make major decisions regarding benefits all while you can barely think straight.

    It is true that you do get large lump sum after your spouse dies. A $100,000 death gratuity is paid within 72 hours. If the government is shut down as was the case 9 days after my husband was killed, that payment can be delayed. This is only paid IF you are listed as the beneficiary. There are many times where the spouse is NOT listed as the beneficiary. Im aware of instances where the parents were listed as such and kept the benefit instead of giving it to the spouse.


    • Other Expenses. Other expenses include lawyers for wills and trusts, financial advisors, and more. You will find that the list goes on and on.

    PLEASE, for the sake of your family, plan for your future. If the unfortunate should happen, you need to be prepared!

    We Are Always At Our Limit

    One of my close military wife friends said this to me, and I have never forgotten it. Just because we appear to have it together during tough duty stations laughing things off and trying to make the best of everything, we are always at our limit. We have to look like we have it together. There are times we are raising our kids alone, and we cannot, even if we wanted to, get a hold of our husbandsfor weeks. So we have to have an answer for everything, or at least know where to find one, and that amount of stress is deafening.

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    Military Spouse Education: 5 Education Benefits For Military Spouses

    Are you a spouse in the military and considering going to school for higher education? If you are and youre wondering about the benefits for military spouse education then youve come to the right page.

    We are going to take a look at some of the education benefits you can take advantage of to achieve your education goals!

    How Do I Recruit Military Spouses

    The Huge List of Scholarships &  Grants for Military Spouses

    Find Military Spouses Where They Are Organizations looking to hire military spouses should post to job boards that target military families and partner with military advocacy organizations. A variety of national and local veteran organizations have job boards specifically targeted to military spouses.

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    Tutorcom For Us Military Families Program

    Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance , is a program that allows eligible students in grades kindergarten through college to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-to-one help with homework, studying, test prep and more, at no cost.

    Active Duty Military, ROTC, Wounded Warrior, Reserve, DoD and Coast Guard military service members, civilian personnel, and ALL dependent family members are eligible to use Tutor.com/military when the service member is in either active/full-time or part-time/traditional drilling status, wherever they are located.

    To learn more, visit .

    Do Spouses Keep Va Benefits

    Are a Veterans Disability Compensation Payments Continued for a Surviving Spouse After Death? No, a veterans disability compensation payments are not continued for a surviving spouse after death. However, survivors may be entitled to a different type of benefit called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.

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    Military Spouse Assistance Programs

    Another way that military spouses can receive educational benefits is through assistance programs. Every branch of the military has their own assistance programs so you will need to look into the one specifically for your branch.

    Here are a few of the programs that are great for education assistance.

    How Do You Lose Weight In Boot Camp

    Military Spouse: Navy Wives Tag

    3 Keys to Losing Weight for Boot Camp

  • Fix Your Sleep. Fixing your sleep cycle is the first, and often the most overlooked, key to reducing body fat. Fatigue from lack of sleep slows down your metabolism and limits your ability to recover from exercise.
  • Hydrate. Most Americans are actually dehydrated.
  • Simplify Your Carb Sources.
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    Dr Aurelio M Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship

    The Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship is a $3,000 grant awarded yearly to a veteran to cover costs for undergraduate courses, accredited degrees and certificate programs. It can be used for traditional and online schools. The application deadline is April 15 of each year. Applicants can download an application here and contact AMVETS to file the application.

    The eligible candidates must be members or veterans of the National Guards or Reserves, US Citizens, possess a high school diploma or GED, be enrolled or accepted into an eligible program, not be in default of a federal student loan and not be convicted under state or federal law of selling or possessing illegal drugs.

    Choosing The Right Education And Training

    Got a career in mind? The career you choose will determine the type of program youll need. Take a look at the differences between each program and decide whats best for you.

    Educational Programs
    Degrees beyond the bachelors degree can include masters, specialist, professional and doctoral degrees

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    How Do I Get Army Tuition Assistance

    Active duty Army personnel must submit a Request for Tuition Assistance through the GoArmyEd web portal. Please be aware that you must always submit your Request for Tuition Assistance at least two weeks prior to your course start date to allow enough processing time for the University and your Education Center.

    The Military Spouse Preference Program

    How Military Spouses Pay for College

    Perhaps the most difficult task for military wives and husbands is being able to land good-paying, stable employment through all the moves and relocations required by service in the Armed Forces.

    Fortunately, the Department of Defense takes military spouse employment seriously, and it created the Military Spouse Preference Program to help military spouses get hired to fill vacant DOD civilian positions.

    The program helps military spouses secure positions throughout the world, as its coverage includes both state-side, as well as to all U.S. territories, possessions and overseas areas.

    Theres some restrictive criteria that determines when the MSP benefit kicks in, so for an explanation on just how this program works, please be sure to visit my page on the Military Spouse Preference Program.

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    Yes Its Way Harder Than We Thoughtbut Most Of Us Wouldnt Give It Up

    There are some things that are really freaking cool. Ever watched a ship pull in from deployment? Ever watched a change of command ceremony? A military wedding? Never a dry eye.

    And our kids? Resilient. Resourceful. Smart. Kind. Helpful. Persistent.

    Wonder where they learned that.

    Update: This essay has been republished on Scary Mommy as well as militaryspouse.com.

    How Do I Get Hired On Base

    How to Get a Job on Base

  • You have to start with volunteering. You have heard it before, and for good reason.
  • Take the workshop already. Many installations offer workshops to help you navigate the application process for jobs on base.
  • Fill out the Spouse Preference form. While youre there, ask about spouse preference.
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    Start Looking Into Military Benefits

    For Nikki, it was easy. She said that until recently, college wasn’t an option. We married right out of high school, and there just wasn’t time or money for college. I had to work,” the 22-year-old sailor’s wife explained.

    But Nikki had always dreamed of going back to school. With her husband’s recent promotion, things at home became a little easier.

    Money wasn’t as tight, and with a helpful neighbor offering to take care of her kids twice a week, she thought it was finally time to focus on her.

    I was ready. And things seemed to be going OK with the family. Everything was falling into place, and it was finally my turn,” she said.

    Even with perfect timing, Nikki still worried about how her family could afford a college tuition bill. I figured I’d work with MyCAA or the GI Bill,” she said. I knew there were options for military families, so I started there.” And that’s the same place you should start.

    Post 9/11 Gi Bill Transferability

    BENEFITS of BEING A MILITARY WIFE: Money + BAH + TriCare + More! #MarriageTalkMonday || MRSKAYCEE

    There is a special provision of the program that allows military members to share their remaining GI Bill benefits with immediate family members. The key factor is whether or not the member has used any of their GI Bill in the past only unused benefits can be transferred. This means that if they used 12 months of their GI Bill, then they can only transfer the remaining 24 months of benefits.

    Service members must meet specific criteria to be eligible to transfer their GI Bill benefits. This includes having at least six years of service and an obligation to serve at least four more.

    Learn more about the rules for transferring GI Bill benefits.

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    Scholarships For Military Spouses

    Wondering how much is this going to cost you? Theres help out there.

    • Check MySECO for financial assistance resources and career development opportunities offered specifically to military spouses and family members.
    • The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides eligible military spouses with up to $4,000 in financial assistance for the pursuit or maintenance, including continuing education courses, of a license, certification or associate degree necessary to gain employment in an occupation or career field. Spouses can also use funds for national tests to earn course credits required for the degree approved under the program, including the College Level Examination Program tests.
    • Military spouses can sometimes take advantage of their spouses GI Bill® benefits. See our veterans benefits section for more.
    • The Department of Education provides billions of dollars of educational loans and grants for qualifying students each year. In order to be considered for financial aid, youll need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

    Visit MySECO today and begin your journey to learn, advance and succeed.

    Service Personnel And Veterans Bus Travel In Wales

    In Wales, seriously injured service personnel and seriously injured veterans are entitled to a free bus pass and free local bus travel at any time within Wales.

    More information about the help available for service personnel and veterans in Wales is available on the Welsh Government website at: wales.gov.uk.

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    University Of Phoenix Scholarship

    The University of Phoenix in partnership with AMVETS offers a scholarship program available to veterans, active duty service members, reservists, guardsmen and their families. There are fifty $7,000 grants available to be used to cover tuition costs at the University of Phoenix online or on-ground campus. The grants can be used for undergraduate or master degree costs.

    Candidates can print an submit a hard copy application or apply online. They must be legal residents or citizens of the United States, or have a valid visa, protected immigrant or refugee status that allows educational studies. They must also be a current member of the active military, an honorably discharged veteran, their spouse or child under 21 years of age or 23 years of age if a full-time student.

    The application includes the list of further requirements for eligibility. The application deadline is August 11 and applicants are notified by November 11.

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