ExclusiveDo Military Spouses Get Paid

Do Military Spouses Get Paid


What Is A Military Spouse Id Card Called

Benefits Military Spouses Receive After Divorce

The Uniformed Services ID Card is for military family members including military spouses and dependent children over 10 retirees and former service members, members of the Individual Ready Reserves and inactive National Guard. This ID lets you use certain military services and programs.

How Does Social Security Work 12 Questions Answered

Social Security isn’t just a retirement program. It also provides for people who are disabled, the survivors of workers who have died and the dependents of recipients.

However, because retirees are by far the largest group of people to receive benefits, we’re focusing on Social Security retirement benefits in this article.

Requirements For Court Order To Divide Retirement

The court order to divide military retirement must meet very specific requirements, otherwise DFAS will not process it. And note that while many attorneys may refer to the order as a QDRO, a military retirement is not a qualified pension under section 401 of the Internal Revenue Code, so a QDRO is neither needed, nor is it sufficient.

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Family And Medical Leave Act

Its important to understand the Family and Medical Leave Act to know why Paid Family Leave is so important.

The Family and Medical Leave Act was passed in January 1993 and signed by President Clinton. Its a federal benefit giving eligible workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave while they take time away from work to:

  • Care for a sick family member
  • Care for a newborn, newly-adopted child, or newly-placed foster child
  • Address a serious health condition, including pregnancy
  • What Information Must A Servicemember’s Spouse Provide To The Employer To Qualify For Exemption From North Carolina Withholding Tax

     Do Military Spouses Get Medical Benefits

    The spouse must complete Form NC-4 EZ, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, certifying that the spouse is not subject to North Carolina withholding because the conditions for exemption have been met. The spouse certifies the state of domicile and attaches a copy of the spousal military identification card and a copy of the servicemember’s most recent leave and earnings statement to Form NC-4 EZ.

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    Can My Ex Wife Claim My Pension If I Remarry

    When a couple gets divorced their pensions are usually included in the financial settlement along with property and other assets. Without a consent or court order confirming the settlement, both parties can make a claim on their former partners pension, regardless of how long theyve been divorced.

    What Benefits Does Military Wife Get

    Free Healthcare: Active duty military members and their dependents receive free medical care including appointments, surgeries, births and medicine that is obtained on-base. Housing & BAH: Most military bases offer free housing and if you live off base there is Basic Allowance for Housing compensation.

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    Nebraska Employer’s Documentation For Why Nebraska Tax Is Not Being Withheld:

    How do I document not withholding Nebraska income tax for the qualified spouse?

    I am an employer in Nebraska. My employee tells me that as the nonresident spouse of a military servicemember, his/her Nebraska income is not subject to Nebraska withholding. Beginning with tax year 2018, the employee can elect to use the military servicemember spouse’s state of legal residence for tax purposes.

    The employee should provide you with a completed copy of the Nebraska Employee Certificate for Allocation of Withholding Tax, Form 9N, and sufficient evidence that he/she is a qualifying spouse. The military dependent identification documents and a leave and earnings statement showing the servicemember’s legal residence are sufficient.

    You Will Spend Time Apart From Your New Spouse


    The military is not a job in the traditional sense. Service members are honor-bound to complete their duty, even when their responsibilities conflict with family time.

    • In addition to deployments, service members often are assigned to shift work, unconventional hours, temporary duty stations, training programs and other responsibilities that take them away from home.
    • Service members often work on important holidays and life events they may even miss the birth of their children or have to leave very soon after they are born.

    Keep your service members feelings in mind as you begin your married life together. Striking a balance between duty and family may be more difficult than a new spouse expects. The call to duty is not personal a military couple can grow stronger keeping that in mind.

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    Types Of Military Benefits For Spouses

    Being married to someone in the military comes with a number of benefits. These are intended to make your spouse’s service easier on you and ensure both of you are provided for, even in your spouses absence. These benefits include:

    Health and Child Care Benefits

    In addition to base pay, military spouses receive something similar to shared healthcare insurance. As a civilian or military spouse, you will have access to Tricare, which is the militarys healthcare service. Though not technically an insurance provider, Tricare functions in the same way and helps service members and their families get necessary medication, medical procedures, and other important healthcare services.

    Shopping and Commissary Benefits

    Most branches of the military also provide what it calls non-monetary pay. This typically takes the form of a commissary, where military spouses and their children can go to get food and other grocery items. There may also be other stores or services provided on or near a military base that provide goods and services at cost and contribute a portion of their revenue to military programs, benefiting both that particular branch and the military spouses who save money.

    Military Housing Benefits

    How Does Getting Married In The Military Work

    Troops cannot take their spouses on their deployments. … To receive a military ID card and benefits, including health care, a military spouse must be legally married to the service member. The military does not recognize common law marriage or engagements. Registering a spouse for benefits is free.

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    What Benefits Do You Get As A Military Wife

    Military spouses are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in life insurance coverage. Military members can elect to enroll their family members in this program for coverage of $10,000 to $100,000. Spouse and dependent coverage may not exceed the coverage held by the service member, and children are restricted to $10,000.

    How Do I Protect My Military Retirement In A Divorce

    17 Best Military Spouse Benefits in 2021

    Former spouses will retain all military benefits and privileges, including medical, commissary, military exchanges, if he or she was married to the member at least 20 years, the member had at least 20 years of creditable service, and there was at least a 20-year overlap between the marriage and the military service.

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    Youll Serve As The Backbone Of The Military

    Being a military spouse is challenging. However, as you explore your latest new home, navigate the loneliness of nine months of deployment or tackle the stress of a life constantly on the move, youll slowly but surely grow a backbone of steel and whether you realize it or not, as a military spouse, you serve as the backbone of the military.

    A military spouse greets an airman at a homecoming.

    Without your support back home, our service members could never do their high-stress work of maintaining the safety of our nation. As the backbone of the military, you keep our service members strong and contribute to their crucial missions.

    This story was originally published on USO.org in 2021. It has been updated in 2022.

    More Stories Like This

    Basic Allowance For Subsistence

    BAS is a nontaxable allowance intended to offset the cost of the service members meals. The BAS rate is adjusted annually based on the cost of food. All officers receive the same allowance, $266.18 per month in 2021. Most enlisted personnel receive the regular BAS of $386.50. Enlisted personnel in basic training are required to eat in government dining facilities and thus do not receive BAS.

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    What Are Military Wives Entitled To

    Military spouses are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in life insurance coverage. Military members can elect to enroll their family members in this program for coverage of $10,000 to $100,000. Spouse and dependent coverage may not exceed the coverage held by the service member, and children are restricted to $10,000.

    The Servicemember Is Domiciled In Another State But Earns Non

    Military Spouse: MEPS,Boot Camp, Pay

    Yes. Income received by a servicemember from non-military employment is subject to North Carolina income tax. In addition, income received from North Carolina sources attributable to the ownership of any interest in real or tangible personal property in North Carolina or derived from a business, trade, profession, or occupation carried on in North Carolina, or derived from gambling activities in North Carolina is subject to North Carolina income tax.

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    Nonresident Spouse Employer Is Still Withholding Nebraska Tax:

    What steps can I take to have my employer stop withholding Nebraska income tax?

    I am married to a military servicemember. We are both residents of Indiana, beginning in 2018 for tax purposes. I have elected to use my military servicemember spouse’s state of legal residence. We are living in Nebraska because the servicemember is stationed in Nebraska. I have a part-time job in Nebraska, and I have given my employer a properly completed Form 9N to discontinue withholding because of the MSRRA and VBTA provisions, but my employer continues withholding Nebraska income tax.

    Your employer may require additional proof that you are a qualified spouse. Your military dependent identification documents, and a leave and earnings statement showing the servicemember’s legal residence, should be sufficient. Also, you may have the employer review the Information Guide for Military Servicemembers on our website. If the employer still has questions, the employer should contact DOR.

    Can I give my employer a copy of my military dependent identification documents when trying to prove eligibility for the unique tax treatment allowed under the MSRRA and VBTA?

    Yes. The Pentagon issues a document that clarifies the legality of making a photocopy of a military ID card to prove military status for tax purposes.

    Military Spouse And Family Healthcare

    Active-duty military families — regardless of which branch of service their spouse serves in — receive benefits through the military’s healthcare, which is called Tricare. While Tricare is technically not an insurance company, it often operates a lot like one, helping military families receive healthcare and pay medical bills.

    There are two kinds of Tricare that active-duty families, medically retired families and families of activated guardsmen and reservists can use: Tricare Select and Tricare Prime. You can learn about the differences between them here.

    If you are a non-activated guard or reserve family, you can still use Tricare under the programs designed specifically for you. Learn more about them here.

    Military retiree families can also receive Tricare. They use this set of Tricare programs.

    Dental insurance is provided to military families through United Concordia . You can learn more about United Concordia dental coverage here.

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    Find Out About Military Traditions Protocols And More

    The military is full of traditions, protocols and rules. Some military protocols are steeped in tradition and meaning some are fun and others keep your service member safe and ready for duty.

    There are rules about public displays of affection, social media posts, base security, standing for the national anthem and taps, and more. Here are some examples:

    • If you see a movie on base, be ready to stand for the national anthem before the previews.
    • If you need to run errands at the commissary, you may have an armed guard check under your car with a mirror while on your way.
    • You may learn something or take a picture that you cannot post on social media like Facebook.

    There are also special ceremonies for promotion, branch- or rank-specific rites of passage, and lots of opportunities to show your military pride. As you plan your wedding, be sure to learn about military wedding traditions you may want to incorporate into the ceremony.

    You Can Get Marriage Counseling And Family Support

     Military Spouse Residency Relief Act California

    MFLC is the Military and Family Life Counseling Program. A couple of great things they offer are individual and/or marriage counseling without any of it going on your record. They dont take notes and they can also meet you at an off base location if you choose to.

    Check your local Fleet & Family Service Center. They offer insight on jobs available, fitness and recreation activities, family and youth activities and more.

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    Is There Military Wife Pay Or Military Husband Pay

    One myth among new or potential military spouses is that there is military wife pay. One Military.com reader even went so far as to ask advice columnist Ms. Vicki how to get her Army wife pay.

    But military wife pay really is only a myth, just like the tale that every military spouse gets one free plastic surgery or a variety of other benefits-related rumors.

    Although the military does have a lot of help available for spouses who want to find jobs or get more education, pay just for being a military wife or husband is not available.

    Widowed Military Spouses Will Always Have A Place In The Military Community

    • As a military widow or widower, youll always be a part of the military network, just as your spouses service to our country will never be forgotten. You can always reach out to the community for assistance with survivor benefits, financial counseling, connecting to support networks and locating community resources.
    • Information provided through the online survivor benefits report can be invaluable for a familys financial planning. Family members can access these reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To log in and view personal reports, select the appropriate branch of service below. Then follow instructions on the site:
    • MyCoastGuardBenefits
  • Social Security benefits are also available to deceased service members families in the form of lump-sum and monthly payments.
  • Educational assistance is provided to spouses of deceased service members as well as their children ages 18 to 26 under the Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance program or the . Contact your local VA office for more on how to apply.
  • Grief counseling is always available through Military OneSource, the VA and TRICARE.
  • Make sure you get the benefits youre entitled to as a military spouse.

    See something you want to know more about or are curious about something not listed? Speak to a Military OneSource consultant by calling 800-342-9647. OCONUS/International? .

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    How Much Of My Retirement Is My Ex Wife Entitled To

    In terms of how much either spouse is entitled to, the general rule is to divide pension benefits earned during the course of the marriage right down the middle. Though that means your spouse would be able to claim half your pension, they are limited to what was earned during the course of the marriage.

    How Do I Keep My Relationship In The Military


    10 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Strong During Deployment and Separation

  • Talk about your upcoming separation. …
  • Discuss how you will stay in touch. …
  • Establish mutual trust. …
  • Keep busy and stay active. …
  • If you have children, keep them occupied and on track. …
  • Supporting your children through the deployment cycle.
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    Basic Allowance For Housing

    BAH is a nontaxable allowance to offset housing costs. The amount of BAH is determined by rank, duty assignment, and the presence of dependents. Service members who live in government-owned housing either in barracks, dorms, or family housing forfeit their housing allowance. BAH is determined through a survey of housing costs in each community for the housing size designated as the standard for each rank. BAH rates are published on the Defense Travel Management Office web page.

    Paid Family Leave For Military Families

    Some, but not all, states that have passed Paid Family Leave include military provisions. Currently, states with military expansions to Paid Family Leave include:

    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • California

    The military expansion of Paid Family Leave covers an employee to:

  • Care for a wounded, ill, or injured service member for up to 24 work weeks in a 12-month period
  • Address qualifying contingencies arising from a deployment, such as:
  • Preparing legal documents or addressing financial issues BEFORE a deployment. This includes Power of Attorney, wills, financial preparedness classes)
  • Finding childcare BEFORE a deployment
  • Attending school events for a child or dependent
  • Attending pre- or post-deployment briefs
  • Attending a military members deployment send-off or homecoming
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    What You Need To Know About Marrying Into The Military

    If you are marrying a service member, congratulations. You are about to join an elite community of people who have committed to serve their country in a profound and meaningful way. Youre on track to grow stronger and more self-assured and meet remarkable people and lifelong friends.

    Make no mistake, military spouses are a vital part of the military itself, playing a major role in keeping service members happy, healthy and ready to serve.

    Here are some things to know as you begin your journey as a military spouse:

    Get The Proper Healthcare

     Do Military Spouses Get Tricare

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