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Do Military Members Get Free Lawyers


What About A Local Referral Service

Civilian Court Martial Lawyers Bring Extra Firepower to a Military Court Martial

Most communities have referral services to help the public find lawyers. These services usually recommend a lawyer in the areasometimes at a reduced cost. Several services offer help to groups with unique characteristics, such as the elderly, immigrants, victims of domestic violence, or persons with disabilities. These services usually make referrals according to specific areas of law, helping you find a lawyer with the right concentration. Many referral services also have competency requirements for lawyers who wish to have referrals in a particular area of law.Visit the for more information on finding a lawyer referral service.

General Limited And Specific Powers Of Attorney

Powers of attorney may be general or written to address a specific transaction. Your service member will have to think through and determine the types of transactions they may need you, other family members or trusted people to complete. If they are unsure about their needs, an appointment with the legal services office can help them determine the right POA for their situation. This conversation or prompt can determine which types of powers of attorney are needed.

If you are someones POA, heres what to know:

  • A general power of attorney gives you the legal right to take any action on behalf of your service member, or grantor. While this can be easier, it also has drawbacks as some institutions may not accept a general POA, or at least beyond the most basic kinds of transactions.
  • A special power of attorney, or limited power of attorney, is specific to a certain transaction or business relationship. This may include powers of attorney for specific bank accounts, vehicles or actions such as the sale of a particular property. A special power of attorney should include detailed information. The downside to using special powers of attorney is that you need to have one for every business relationship being covered.

If you are being asked to be a POA then you will need to know detailed information such as the bank account name and number, Vehicle Identification Numbers, or insurance policy companies and numbers, whether or not they are added to a POA.

I Want To Hire A Lawyer But I Do Not Have Much Money Where Can I Find Low

The includes listings for free and low-cost legal services or legal aid programs wherever they are available. Some are specifically geared toward military families, and some provide help to low-income families. Keep in mind, however, that many of these programs have income eligibility limitations. If your household income exceeds a programs eligibility limit, that program may not be able to assist you. You should contact these programs for more information about your own eligibility.

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How Do You Become A Lawyer In The Army

Process of selection for JAG involves five days, unlike other technical entries into army as an officer where in candidates need to write an entrance and then if the qualify that entrance then they are called for this SSB interview, JAG applicants are directly qualified to appear for SSB interview, merely because of …

An Important Aspect Of Finding Military Travel Discounts

 Do Military Members Get Free College

Beware signing up for military family travel using third party websites such as Expedia, Cheapflights.com, Orbitz, etc. without checking to see whether your military travel discounts are only available when booking directly with the airline.

Its never safe to assume that a third party will bother checking to see what discounts you qualify for-call the airline directly to inquire about your options to claim military family travel perks. Booking directly with the airline may be the only way to get your discounts.

That said, be sure to mention your military status to a third-party booking agent should you choose to use one ask if they will match or beat the airlines discount and see what happens-you cant lose anything just for asking!

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What Kinds Of Military Family Travel Benefits Are Available

Discounts, free baggage, or other perks will vary greatly depending on the airline or service provider. In general, you may find that some discounts for military travel apply during peak travel season periods such as the holidays and summer vacation season.

That said, it never hurts to consider traveling at off-peak times to see what perks may exist for taking your travel days outside the most popular times.

Military travel perks may include:

  • Airfare discounts
  • Free or reduced baggage fees
  • Discounts on vacation travel packages including hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • Access to exclusive travel lounge perks such as the United Club airport lounge
  • Reduced pet travel fees
  • Free or reduced-fee charges for excess baggage or oversize bags

In general, no travel discount is automatic unless otherwise specified at purchase time. You will need to ask the travel agent, airline booking representative, or other authorized agent for applicable military discounts, military family travel, etc.

Additional Resources For Servicemembers And Veterans


  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Military OneSource.
  • Military OneSource is a Department of Defense funded website designed to help improve the quality of life for troops and their families. It includes information on education, housing, legal matters, personal finances and benefits.
  • Federal Trade Commission Consumer Sentinel/Military
  • The FTC website provides consumer education materials covering a wide range of consumer protection issues. In addition, its Consumer Sentinel/Military feature allows members of the United States Armed Forces to enter consumer complaints directly into a database that is accessible to law enforcement organizations, the Department of Defense, and other military law enforcement.
  • Provides employment resources for veterans and separating servicemembers and information about their employment rights.
  • Addresses the needs of veterans involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Other Resources

    • Better Business Bureau Military Line – Provides military related consumer news and alerts, and general consumer education and advocacy materials to servicemembers and their families.
    • Individuals can also file complaints and requests reports on businesses through the BBB site.
  • Resources for National Guard and Reserve servicemembers and their families.
  • Legal Resources

  • Helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid programs in their communities and answers questions about their legal rights.
  • Veterans Resource Guide


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    What Is The Jag Corps

    The JAG Corps is the legal branch of the military, concerned with military justice and military law. The chief attorney in each branch is the Judge Advocate General, and those under him or her are considered to be Judge Advocates. These individuals both defend and prosecute military personnel, using the Uniform Code of Military Justice . JAG Corps officers who accrue many years of experience, often become judges–in both court-martials and courts of inquiry.

    A Power Of Attorney Can Be Useful For Military Members

    Hiring the Top Military Defense Lawyer – How Do Innocent Men Get Convicted at a Court Martial

    Deploying and need to sign some important papers? Getting legal help dealing with the VA? You may need to get a power of attorney.

    Powers of attorney are commonly used in all sorts of business activities, and are very frequently used by military members who are deployed or otherwise unable to enter into legal agreements.

    A power or attorney lets another person sign documents, or act on your behalf for legal agreements.

    Military lawyers can offer help in preparing a power of attorney. Military legal assistance offices are located on almost every base, ship and installation. If you need legal assistance you can call or drop in to your local legal assistance office. Visit the Legal Assistance Office Locator to find the office nearest your location.

    A power of attorney consists of two parties, the “principal” and the “agent.” The principal is the person who designates that another person — the agent — is authorized to act on their behalf for whatever business the power of attorney permits.

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    When Won’t I Have The Option To Choose Trial By Summary Trial Or Court Martial

    There are two circumstances under which you will not be offered an election for trial by either court martial or summary trial – in the case of minor charges that should be tried by summary trial and for very serious charges that are only tried by court martial.

    You may be tried by summary trial without an election if you have been charged with any the following CSD charges and the circumstances are “sufficiently minor”:

    • insubordinate behaviour

    Lawyers For Warriors Raises Over $175000 To Lift Local Heroes

    Veterans Legal Institute proudly announces its annual fundraising event, Lawyers for Warriors, raised over $175,000 to serve Veterans in need. Military service changes a life forever, and generous supporters made sure pro bono legal services will be accessible for homeless and low-income Veterans. The hybrid virtual-in person event was held at 5:30 pm on November 8, 2021 and featured notable speakers and inspiring testimonials. All were a true reflection of the commitment to serve heroes in our communities. Wright Ford Young & Co. continued as the Title Sponsor. Special messages included Medal of Honor Recipient Jack H. Jacobs. Honorees included Law Firm of the Year Sheppard Mullin, Veteran Advocate of the Year Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, Community Partner of the Year Orange County Community Foundation, Veteran of the Year Andrea Bird-Steiner, and Attorney of the Year Jeff Roberts.

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    Using The Right Poa Forms

    In many cases, the company or organization may require that you use their specific form, that you pre-file the power of attorney with them, or they may have other requirements. Your service member should check with their bank, insurance company or other institutions with whom they expect that you will be able to do business to find out their preferred format and policy for submitting the documents.

    Being asked to serve as someones POA is an important responsibility. Make sure that you understand what you are being asked to do.

    Alert: Reduction In Rank And Maximum Punishments


    Any NCM sentenced to detention is reduced to the rank of Private for the period of detention and is paid as a Private during that time. Upon completion of the period of detention the member will be reinstated to their previous rank and pay rate, unless reduction in rank was part of the sentence. Officers cannot be sentenced to detention.

    The maximum punishment a court martial can award for the most serious offences is imprisonment for life with no eligibility for parole before 25 years. Other punishments a court martial can award include imprisonment for lesser periods, dismissal from the CF , detention up to 90 days, reduction in rank, forfeiture of seniority, reprimands, fines and minor punishments.

    Note: Any NCM or officer sentenced to imprisonment is not automatically reduced in rank. Reduction in rank is a separate punishment. Any person sentenced to imprisonment forfeits all pay and allowances for the duration of their prison term. There is no status for rank. All prisoners are treated as inmates.

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    How Do I Know If I Have Been Charged

    If you are charged with a CSD offence, you will generally be brought in front of a charging authority. That person will inform you that you have been accused of having committed an offence and will read the particulars of any charges against you. Additionally, a written copy of the charges will be provided to you.

    Paid Military Leave Claims

    Federal employees who left their agencies to serve in the United States military, in connection with operations relating to fighting international terrorist groups and the countries that harbor them, are entitled to additional Paid Military Leave.

    A recent U.S. Court of Appeals ruling has opened the door for federal employees to file claims with the Merit Systems Protection Board to receive additional Paid Military Leave. Those who have since retired from federal service will receive their adjusted Paid Military Leave as a lump sum payment.

    Article 15/Non-judicial Punishments

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    What About After I Have Left The Cf

    It is possible that you can be charged or arrested even if you have ceased to be subject to the CSD , as long as you were subject to the CSD at the time you allegedly committed a service offence.

    Also, anyone who is a deserter or absent without leave from the CF can be arrested without warrant by any civilian police officer or, if no police officer is available, by any other CF member.

    Why You Need A Civilian Military Lawyer

    When do I get a Free JAG defense lawyer?

    Lets address the obvious question: If the government gives you a free attorney, why should you pay for one? The fact that youre visiting this site may mean that you already have some sense of the good reasons to hire a firm like ours. We want to address some of the hidden costs of not hiring a good attorney to help you with your military case.

    We give a more detailed answer below, but the simple answer is that when youre up against the government, and the government is trying to take away your job, your freedom, and your future employability, you need the best possible legal defense. With so much at risk, you need an experienced trial attorney to represent you. All things considered, if you lose your case it will cost you significantly more in the long run than it would have cost you to hire an experienced attorney. If you lose at trial you will likely go to jail. In addition, if you lose at trial or at a board you may suffer the following costs:

    • You will lose your job
    • You will lose out on future jobs
    • You will lose your retirement
    • You will lose your military housing benefits
    • You will lose your medical benefits
    • You will lose or have to pay back your enlistment bonus
    • You will have to pay back the cost of your military academy education
    • You may have to register as a sex offender

    For example, an E-4 could forfeit $50,000 in pay and benefits if he loses at court, and thats his loss for only one year and without considering all the other consequences of losing.

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    Who Decides Whether My Charges Should Proceed To Trial

    The initial decision whether or not to proceed with a charge is made by a CO or superior commander. In the case of a charge laid by the NIS, if the CO or superior commander decides not to proceed, the NIS can have the charge referred through the chain of command to the Director of Military Prosecutions where it will be reviewed for trial by court martial. The DMP can forward that charge, or any other charge supported by the evidence, for trial by court martial.

    Certain serious offences cannot be tried by summary trial and such charges are automatically forwarded through the chain of command to DMP.

    Regular Durable And Springing Powers Of Attorney

    Another important aspect of a power of attorney is when they take effect and when they terminate. Here are common terms to know about POAs:

    • Regular: Most regular powers of attorney take effect when they are signed. A regular power of attorney lasts until it expires, until it is revoked, until the grantor becomes incapacitated or until either party dies.
    • Durable: A durable power of attorney also usually takes effect when signed and lasts until it expires, until it is revoked or until either party dies. However, a durable power of attorney contains special language that continues the representatives powers even if the grantor is incapacitated.
    • Springing: A springing power of attorney does not become valid until a certain event occurs a common use is for the power of attorney to become valid if the grantor is incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions. They may or may not have an expiration date.
    • Termination: A power of attorney is limited to a specific period of time or around a certain event, such as during the length of a deployment. The POA automatically expires when that time period or event has concluded.

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    Situations Where You Can Get Free Legal Help

    The information contained on this website is designed to educate and inform service members and their families on their personal legal affairs. Nothing contained in the website is a substitute for the competent legal advice of a licensed attorney. Service members and their families seeking legal advice should consult the staff of the nearest installation Legal Assistance Office.

    As a service member or eligible family member, you have access to certain free legal benefits. Through your legal assistance office, you can receive free services such as a lease agreement review, estate planning or advice if you get sued.

    How Do I Find A Trial Defense Or Area Defense Counsel

    Defective 3M Military Earplug Lawyers for Hearing Loss Injuries

    The simplest option is to contact the nearest military legal assistance office and ask for contact information for the nearest trial defense or area defense counsel office. If that does not work, contact ANY military trial defense or area defense counsel’s office, and ask if they can provide you with contact information for the office closest to you. For example, a recent google search for “Area Defense Counsel Air Force” retrieved dozens of web sites and phone numbers for Air Force area defense counsel offices around the globe. Each office should have a list of contact information for every other office in the military legal defense community.

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    Who Else Can Arrest Me Under The Csd

    If you are an officer, the following persons have the power to arrest you without a warrant:

    • any officer of equal or higher rank
    • any officer of lower rank if you are engaged in a quarrel, fight or disorder.

    If you are a non-commissioned member , the following persons have the power to arrest you without a warrant:

    • any officer
    • any NCM of higher rank
    • any NCM of equal or lower rank if you are engaged in a quarrel, fight or disorder.

    Finally, any CF member with a warrant for arrest issued under the provisions of the National Defence Act, or any member called upon to assist, can arrest another person subject to the CSD.

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