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Save Every Receipt And Preferably Keep Them All Together In A Binder

Checklist on How To Military Personally Procured Moves (PPM) and Do It Yourself Moves (DITY) 2020

You have to submit every receipt from packing supplies to lunch to gas, and its the pits to turn your purse inside out looking for that one receipt you just know is in there. Take my word for it: DONT leave receipts in your glovebox, or worse, your cup holder. Thats a disaster just waiting to happen!

What Your Pcs Orders Include

Unlike temporary duty assignments, permanent change of station orders are a longer-term assignment, generally two to four years. Broadly speaking, your orders will tell you where youll be moving to either CONUS or OCONUS.

  • CONUS: Moves inside the continental United States
  • OCONUS: Moves outside the continental U.S. These are typically overseas moves, but also include Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories.

Your orders will also include:

  • Issue date
  • Order number

If you are going to coordinate your move through the military, you will need to have this information handy.

Commitment To Our Armed Forces

1-800-PACK-RAT is proud to serve our nation’s military members. It is why we support organizations such as and that assist current and former military members. Let us use our more than 15+ years of moving and storage experience to help make your next DITY move or storage needs as simple as possible by giving us a call today!

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To Dity Or Not To Dity

With each set of PCS orders, I wonder whether we should consider a Personally Procured Move , which is the official name of what most of us call a DITY, or Do It Yourself move. Its tempting you hear stories of military families making tons of money, and it seems like there is less chance of damaged goods. If youre considering a DITY move this PCS season, here are six questions you need to ask yourself:

How much reimbursement will you get?

For most people, the main reason to consider doing a DITY move is to make a little money. Before you get started, be sure you understand exactly what you will and will not receive, whether you do a DITY, a full government move, or something in between.

All service members who are executing PCS orders are entitled to a wide range of travel entitlements, including:

  • temporary lodging,
  • monetary allowance in lieu of transportation ,
  • per diem for travel days,
  • dislocation allowance.

When you do a DITY move or a partial DITY move, youll also get an allowance for moving your belongings, based upon the distance and weight moved. From that allowance, you pay all the expenses of the move: packing materials, hired help, the actual transportation of your goods, and unpacking. Any excess reimbursement beyond your actual expenses is taxable income.

Contact your personal property office to be sure you understand your entitlements and the reimbursement requirements for your branch, including when you need to have your vehicle weighed .

What Container Sizes Do You Have For A Military Move

DOD increases money for do

1-800-PACK-RAT has three container sizes for you to choose from: , t, and . Our 16-foot container is our most popular option, as it can typically hold 3-4 rooms worth of furniture, up to 6,000 lbs in weight, and 830 cubic feet of storage space. Each container is all-steel and weatherproof to keep your stuff safe, and our barn-style doors are easier to secure and open than the roll-up doors our competitors use. With ground-level loading and the ability to keep it on-site at your home for as long as you need it, our containers are the most convenient option you can get!

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An Easy Affordable Solution For Pcs Moves

If youre making a military move to another state and want to save money, U-Pack is the solution. Just pack and load your belongings into a moving trailer or ReloCubeĀ® container, and well move them quickly, safely and affordably to your new duty station. Its a great way to stay on budget! And, our experienced military moving specialists track your shipment along the way to make sure you have what you need for easy PPM reimbursement.

What Is A Ppm Move Compared To A Household Goods Move Can I Do One Or Both

A Personally Procured Move is when the member decides to personally move their household items instead of using a government provided mover. This is only for a CONUS move! You still need to book this type of move in the system as it will help calculate your estimated incentive payment. Keep in mind, if your move costs go above this amount the government is not obligated to reimburse you for those expenses. A HHG move is when the government schedules a mover to pack/unpack and ship all of your items.

You can do both a Partial PPM and a HHG type move. Typically, this occurs when a member uses their personal vehicle to ship household items as they move from one duty station to the next. This type of move will require full/empty weight tickets of the vehicle. to find some weight scales close to you!

Its best to contact your local personal property office before you do a full or partial PPM to make sure you understand all your entitlements.

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The Personally Procured Move Program

When transitioning from one duty station to the next, the Do It Yourself move can be a lot more work than it was worth. Normally, when a person in the military makes a Permanent Change of Station move, the government hires a commercial contractor to pack and move their household goods . The military will move, free of charge, HHG, up to the member’s authorized weight limit . However, if you have a team of people to help you, the DITY move can be a fun challenge and will definitely burn some calories for the day.

The Personally Procured Move Program is designed to provide the military member an alternative to move their household goods on their own. Members may move their personal property themselves, using rental equipment, their own vehicle, or by hiring their own commercial carrier.

Under this program, military members can receive reimbursement up to 100% of the Government Constructive Cost , if they hire their own carrier, or an incentive payment of 95% of the GCC if they move the property on their own. An advance operating allowance can be authorized to defray out of pocket moving expense .

Personally procured moves to overseas areas are not recommended. It’s almost impossible to move your property to an overseas location for what the government pays contractors to do.

Getting Reimbursement For A Ppm Move

Penske Truck Tips – How To Military Personally Procured Move/PPM and Do It Yourself Move/DITY 2021

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Its that time again. Youve received your orders and its time to get ready for a permanent change of duty station .

You have two options. You can let the military take care of the arrangements, or you can handle a Personally Procured Move yourself . Anyone who has to move, separate from the military, or retire under orders or make a PCS, Temporary Duty, or Temporary Additional Duty move is eligible to handle a PPM.

There are definitely some benefits to handling a PCS yourself. For example, youre in charge of your belongings, and you dont have to worry about reckless movers breaking your belongings. Even though its more of a physical and stressful move to do a PPM, you could actually profit off of your move.

If you decide to handle a personally procured move, read the following carefully, to ensure that you receive full reimbursement for your time and efforts.

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A Do It Yourself Move: What To Do Before And After A Ppm

Jun 19, 2020 | 0

A military move can be exhausting. The military usually asks service members to stay at a station for around 36 months, but Permanent Change of Station moves can get more frequent depending on the needs of the military. Military families should always be prepared for an upcoming PCS order. There are a few ways to go about a PCS move, with a Personally Procured Move a popular option. This is a do it yourself move, where youre in charge of all the moving arrangements and expenses. Lets discuss why PPMs are the way to go for a PCS move and the top tips to keep in mind for a smooth move.

Why do a PPM?

Despite seeming laborious, a PPM move is more than worthy of the trouble. This year, the government now reimburses 100% of the perceived costs of your move. So if you spend less than what the government estimates your move to be, youll be able to keep the rest for yourself. With careful planning and budgeting, youll be able to deposit quite a sum of cash into your bank account after your move.

There are other benefits to doing a PPM. Youre given an authorized permissive TDY to do your move, so if youre efficient enough with your move, you will have a few days of free time to relax or spend time with your family. Furthermore, a PPM put you in charge of everything, so you can choose your own schedule, select the best movers, keep track of your belongings, and decide when and how everything will be transported.

Things to consider when doing a PPM move

How To Do A Ppm Or A Dity Move

A PCS usually starts with a set of orders to move. Once you have the orders and know when and where youre going, its time to plan out your PPM. Heres how to do a PPM for your next PCS.

You have the choice to do a full PPM or a partial PPM. Its best to decide first if youre up for doing the entire move by yourself before you start.

Look at Your Budget Your budget is a major factor in deciding to do a full or partial PPM because you have to pay for all of your moving expenses upfront with a PPM. You dont want the costs of a PPM to impact your ability to pay your bills. So make sure to have a game plan for how you will pay the moving expenses. In some cases, you might be eligible to receive a pay advance for your moving costs. If you decide to take an advance, just remember, youll be paying that back later.

More on budgeting: How to Build a Budget

Talk to a Transportation Expert Winging your PPM or making decisions based on what youve heard other people do is the worst way to do a PPM. Talk to your installation Personal Property Office to get the facts about PPMs and what youre qualified for before you start making plans and spending money.

Get Approval You need approval from your PPO to do a PPM so be sure to get it before you do anything. It would be a shame to complete a move and not get reimbursed for it.

More on PCSing: How to Scout Out Your PCS

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Plan Your Military Move With U

We make it easy! Our simple PPM checklist offers a quick way to make sure you dont miss anything just print it and mark things off as you go.

Here are some things you dont want to miss:

  • Schedule a meeting with your Transportation Office. During this meeting, you can fill out the paperwork to complete a PPM and get information about weight allowances and reimbursement.
  • Get a quote from U-Pack. Once you have all the details, give us a call to discuss your options and budget. Reserve your move ASAP to guarantee the move date and equipment.
  • Choose the details that work for you. With U-Pack,you get to select the move date and services that best fit your needs.
  • Prepare your family. Talk about all the plans, and dont forget about the resources available through The Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation program to help with the transition.
  • Learn about branch-specific information. There are subtle differences required in reimbursement paperwork and processes for each branch. Weve created guides to help you navigate these:
  • Coast Guard
  • Keep track of all paperwork. Create a moving file to keep all receipts and paperwork in one place.
  • Submit your claims. Within 45 days of arriving at your new duty station, submit your claim for reimbursement.
  • Update everything. Give your new contact information to the new TO, DEERS and TRICARE.
  • What Is A Partial Dity Move

    Fort Campbell specialists offer tips for do

    A partial DITY or partial PPM allows you to transport a portion of your household goods and allow a government procured mover to transport the rest. Your weight allowance will be split between your partial DITY and your government move. The transportation office will give you a list of items which are prohibited from moving which are typically only added to increase the weight of your move. You will weigh your vehicle empty and then full. Once complete, present your fuel and toll receipts, weight tickets, and complete travel claim with orders to your transportation office. This method will allow you some access to household items along the way. This can help you get settled right away while you await the remainder of your household goods or awaiting base housing.

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    What Is A Ppm Military Move

    A Personally Procured Move gives military members an alternative to the standard moving process. Military members can use their vehicles or hire out moving services. The government can then reimburse military members up to 100% of the Government Constructive Cost , or how much the government would normally spend on moving you to your new location.

    Moving Yourself To A New Duty Station Here Are Some Tips For Less Stress More Savings

    With the shortage of moving company capacity this summer, an untold number of military members are deciding to move their household goods to their next duty station themselves.

    If you are one of those do-it-yourself types, the government provides financial incentives, but the amount of money you pocket will depend on how organized and resourceful you are, and how much sweat equity you put into the process. If youre able to pack, load, unload and unpack yourself without hiring help to do it, you can pocket the most money.

    This year, even more financial incentives are sweetening the pot for those who do these moves, which are now called Personally Procured Moves, and were previously known as Do-It-Yourself, or DITY, moves.

    In essence, DoD is reimbursing you for 103 percent of what the government would pay a commercial mover to move your household goods. Besides increasing the baseline reimbursement from 95 to 100 percent in January, defense officials increased the incentive in April to pay service members an extra 3 percent of the governments cost.

    For example, if the governments calculated cost called the Government Constructive Cost would be $10,000, the PPM variable would be an extra $300.

    Weve collected some tips from various sources, including an Army family who made a PPM move last summer.

    One familys experience

    I owe a lot to my dad, she said.

    Know the rules. Get those weight tickets.

    Who will do the work?

    What do you need?



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    Leave The Stress Behind

    With a , you not only have to load and unload in the span of hours, but you have to drive the long distance to your new home. Take the unneeded stress out of the equation and leave the driving to us. Load and unload at your pace, or store your belongings as long as you need. Save time and have peace of mind for your DITY move!

    Consider All The Reimbursements That Apply During Your Dity Move

    DITY Like a Pro

    Talk with the Transportation Office on base to find out your exact allowances. Individual reimbursement amounts are based on rank, dependents, distance and travel time, but these are some common allowances that many service members utilize during their PPM:

    • Household goods transportation: The military determines what it would cost for a military mover to move your household goods based on weight, and you get 100% of that amount to move yourself.
    • Temporary lodging expense: This covers temporary housing and meals when completing a Permanent Change of Station .
    • Per diem: This allowance partially reimburses hotel and food expenses occurring during the move.
    • Dislocation allowance: These reimbursements cover expenses during a military move and can be requested in advance.
    • Travel by POC: If you’re traveling for the move in your privately owned conveyance, you can be reimbursed for some of that travel.
    • Vehicle transport: This allowance is for vehicle shipping if you need to transport a car to your new duty station.

    Once you know which allowances you’ll receive, you can move on to the next step.

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    Moving Supplies For Your Dity Move

    Our goal is to make moving and storage simple for you. That is why we have partnered with a to give you exactly what you need to make your DITY move, from container specific packing kits, to moving blankets, and anything else you might be needing. We want to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your life easier.

    Time Flexibility & Savings

    With a PPM, youwill receive additional time to make the move, over and above the permissivetravel time. Moreover, with our easypacking and moving tips, you can efficiently and safely pack and load yourbelongings, saving time for you to relax and settle in your new place.

    While moving your belongings yourself to save time may seem counterproductive, with military moves you may spend considerable time waiting for your movers to arrive, depending on the number of moves that are scheduled to execute on the given day. Furthermore, a DITY move allows you the flexibility to choose your moving date and ensure that you can relocate within the stipulated time, especially if its at short notice.

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