DiscountDo Apartments Give Military Discounts

Do Apartments Give Military Discounts


It’s Ok To Offer Less Than List Price On A Rental Home

Do we offer military DISCOUNTS at my detail shop? When is Blackout Miami officially open?

Home buyers rarely want to offer full price on a home for sale, yet renters usually just take the list price of a rental home at face value. Try bumping up your search parameters by a couple hundred dollars to see what additional home options you can find, and then ask if the owner will consider a little less for a military tenant. Getting a better deal is especially likely if the home has been on the market for awhile. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be “no,” right?

Renters also tend to think they are more likely to negotiate a lower price for a longer term lease, but that’s not always the case. That’s because doing so means the landlord would be agreeing to a lower than desired rental income for a longer period of time. A longer term lease isn’t necessarily extra security when it comes to military renters, anyway. Just because you intend to be there for two to three years doesn’t mean PCS or deployment orders won’t take you away sooner.

Landlords do, however, usually love military tenants. In their eyes you’ve got that easily documented income and fairly guaranteed employment, as well as a chain of command going for you.

‘lease With Option To Purchase’ And ‘lease With Obligation To Purchase’ Are Totally Different Things

Most often when people throw around the term “lease to own” or “lease purchase,” they mean the option to buy.

But when you use that option all you are really doing is applying and getting approved for a rental home that the seller may or may not be interested in selling to you in the future, and you may or may not then want to buy.

If you find a home you love, and you just need a little time to get your financial and household act in order, have an agent on your side that knows how to instead carefully craft the lease with obligation to purchase scenario.

Under that arrangement, you are negotiating a sales contract and lease at the same time, and they are tied closely together. You go ahead and move in with your household goods, while some extra rent is going each month towards your closing costs on the purchase, and your rental security deposit can turn into your earnest money deposit on the purchase when the time is right.

This option can work fabulously if you have a deployed spouse who just hasn’t been able to see the house yet, or you need to sell another home first . I don’t recommend this option unless you can flip from rent to buy within three months because you are negotiating a sales price when you move in, and the market value could change .

What Is The Maximum Interest Rate

The maximum interest rate for military members under SCRA is 6%. If youre a service member and have credit cards, student loans, vehicle loans, mortgage loans, etc. theres a chance you might be able to decrease your interest payments to 6%. This generally applies to reservists and guard members called to active duty, where they will be making less than they would at their civilian job. If this is the case, you can be protected under the SCRA. Some companies, like USAA, go above and beyond the limit and will decrease your interest rate to 4% on various types of loans and credit cards. Youll simply need to provide proof of your activation and speak with your lender or credit card company representative.

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Does Scra Apply To Auto Loans

If you would like to take advantage of SCRA with your auto loan, you have that right. There are just a few qualifications, next to needing to be on orders over 90-days and having to purchase your car before the orders started. Youll simply need to submit a copy of your orders and written notice to your lender.

Laundry And Cleaning Services

Military &  First Responders Discount

Check your local laundry and cleaning services to see what discounts they offer healthcare workers. Some examples include:

  • Arizona: Free PPE laundering at Sparkle Cleaners.
  • California: Free cleaning of scrubs at Chateau Cleaners, View Cleaners offers free lab coat and scrub cleaning and free dry cleaning from Dutch Girl Dry Cleaners
  • New York: Wesselmann Dry Cleaners in Buffalo offers free washes, pickup, and delivery. In Port Washington, Spectrum Suds offers free laundry service
  • Ohio: Free laundry at Whitehall Laundry

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Places To Stay In Florida That Offer Military And Veterans Discounts

Shades of Green Resort is an affordable, full-service resort hotel thats available to service members and their families, located on Walt Disney World property and only minutes away from Disney World Theme parks.

– Shades of Green Resort

Military families are often on the move, whether its a military relocation, a trip to reconnect with family and friends, or that most glorious of reasonsa Florida vacation to a sandy beach or a theme park.

Economical places to stay can make these journeys much more affordable. From the emerald-hued waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the rolling waves of the Atlantic, here are some places to stay that offer military discounts.

Which Categories Have The Most Military Discounts

Wondering what types of products and services offer the most military discounts? We have some answers! Out of all the discounts we found, 29% were for clothing, shoes, and accessories, easily making that the No. 1 category. Travel came in at No. 2, at 21%. Read about the other categories in the following infographic.

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Does Scra Apply To Personal Loans

If you have a personal loan, the SCRA can also help you save money if youre paying more than 6% in interests. For instance, if you took out a personal loan for $30,000 at an interest rate of 11.25%, before you were put on active duty orders, and your orders were a minimum of 90-days long, you could get your interest rate lowered to a maximum of 6%, and your monthly payments would also be reduced to match.

Finding An Apartment To Rent Online

Military & Veteran Discounts | Veterans Benefits | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

Just received PCS orders? Turn to the internet for help finding an apartment. There are several resources that can help you look at an apartment online at your new duty station, and give you a view of the actual living space you may rent, as well as the community and surrounding area. Online apartment searching can ease the stress of a PCS. And now, you can look for an apartment online while packing up your old residence.

Here are four websites that can help you find an apartment to rent: Craigslist has one of the most comprehensive apartment searches online. If you’re looking for an apartment you can search by city, price range and the number of desired bedrooms. The only draw back is that not all of the listing feature pictures of the rental. is a national, online apartment guide and relocation resource distinguished by its highly customized searches, visual ads and affiliation with more than 180 newspapers and strategic partners across the country. The keyword search delivers fast results with photos, tours, floor plans and more. It is easy to refine a search whether you are looking to be near a college, military base or where you work.

If you choose an apartment using these online resources, try to do a walk through before you sign the lease. You don’t want to be responsible for any damage a previous tenant is responsible for before you moved in.

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How Does Veteran Housing Assistance Work With Apartments

  • In 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development gave 87,000 vouchers to help veterans find permanent housing
  • HUD-VASH provides veterans who are homeless with rental assistance vouchers for privately-owned housing
  • SSVF helps find affordable housing options for veterans through various non-profits and grantees

Apartments Connect Military Families To The Community

Military families also say living in apartments provides them with more of a normal lifestyle, one in which they are not constantly surrounded by other military personnel. They have the freedom that living in apartment communities provides, choosing where to shop, which park to take their kids to, and where to eat. Put simply, they are able to create the type of life they would like. As one military spouse wrote on, Living off-base allows you not just to live in a new state, but also to live among locals and assimilate into the culture first hand. And, you may not experience the same levels of restrictions design, pets and inspection processes that you will face while living on-base.

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Best Discounts For Government Employees On Everything From Travel To Electronics

These are some discounts that are available for federal employees and military members on things such as travel, cars and electronics.

Many government employees are not aware of the multitude of discounts available to them on a variety of products and services that are part of their daily life. These discounts are not tied to official use and can be used by Feds just by showing their government or military ID.

A list of some of the best discounts follows below.

Employer And Military Discounts

Using Your VA Loan as an Investment

Military Rental Partnership Program that includes a waived application fee, waived security deposit and 5% per month discount off market rent to be paid by discretionary allotment.

Employees of Sentara Community Hospital, Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, Inova Fairfax Hospital and Fairfax County School District are eligible for a Preferred Employer Discount of $500 off move-in!

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Military Apartment Finders In Plano Tx

As strong supporters of the United States Military, ASAP Apartment Finders loves to dedicate our energy and time to finding the best military apartment for folks coming back from deployment or simply seeking a place to stay off-base. We understand committing to an apartment can be a bit premature for many serving in the military especially active duty individuals, so we factor in such information when seeking out an apartment worth your time.

Things Military Renters Don’t Know

There’s nothing low stress about getting ready for a military move. And at the top of the list of problems is likely your decision about where to live. Should you live on or off base? Should you rent or buy?

As a military relocation specialist I hear these questions regularly. And while I can’t make all of those decisions for you, I do see some common “ah-ha” moments come up regularly for my clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect rental situation, there are probably a few things about renting that you just don’t know. Here are the top five I’ve seen with my military clients.

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Luxury Communities Built Close To Your Military Base

BECO Asset Management is proud to offer superior off-base apartments for our active-duty military members. We take pride in our proven ability to curate communities for all individuals, but also that are convenient to military members installation.

Youll find our military housing options for off-base apartments near your installation very convenient. BECO provides RPP eligible housing near several military bases in Virginia. Military discounts, low/no deposit, waived application fees, optional utilities package, and other benefits available near these locations:

  • Fort Lee , Petersburg VA
  • JBLE Fort Eustis , Newport News VA
  • JBLE Langley , Hampton VA
  • Joint Warfare Center , Suffolk VA
  • Naval Station Norfolk , Norfolk VA
  • Base Portsmouth , Portsmouth VA

As a military service member, you will qualify for either a military discount of $25 off market rent or to participate in RPP for additional benefits. If you participate in the Rental Partnership Program you can enjoy 5% discount off your rent, plus $0 security deposit, $0 application fee and $0 administrative fee while paying your rent through allotment taken directly from your paycheck.

Get Military Discounts On Rv Parks & Campgrounds

Military Base Housing | 5 Things To Do | Military wife

If you need some typically inexpensive, yet unforgettable fun, consider camping. You can satisfy your sense of adventure and find peace in the wilderness at a national, state, or military park. Before you go, have an action plan in place and reference this extensive camping checklist to help you prepare and stay safe.

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How To Apply For Ssvf

To participate in the SSVF program, you must be a veteran or a member of a veteran family, a veteran that’s very low income and must be at-risk or currently homeless.

  • The first step for eligibility is to prove Veteran status and it can be done with a few documents like Veteran’s Department of Defense Form 214 Certificate of Release Discharge from Active Duty or VHIC Veteran Health Identification card . You can obtain the latter option by being part of the VA Healthcare system and applying in person at your local VA medical facility.
  • You can submit your application and veteran status to a non-profit or grantee in your area or through a referral from your case manager. You can find the full list of providers here.

A Renters Guide For Service Members

If youre serving in the military, youve probably dealt with rental agreements more than the average person. Youre constantly moving from one location to the next or being put on deployment orders. Sometimes, all that moving around can take its toll on your living situation. This is especially true if you have to up and leave when your lease isnt quite up yet. Fortunately, there are federal laws, such as the Service-members Civil Relief Act to help protect you. Keep reading our Renters Guide for Service Members to learn more about the SCRA and how it can help you during your next move.

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Veteran Or Active Duty: Get Help Finding An Apartment

If you are a veteran or active member of the military looking for a new home, let do the looking for you. We help you quickly narrow down your search by price, location, number of bedrooms, acceptance of pets, furnished versus non-furnished apartments, and other factors. And, when you tell your new apartment community that you found them on, you can earn up to $200 in rewards! Its one small way we show our appreciation. But, most importantly, we once again say Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our great country.

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Does Scra Apply To Student Loans

Is It Cheaper to Live On or Off Base?

SCRA does apply to student loans. If you acquired student loans before the start of your active duty, you can use the SCRA to help decrease some of your costs. The advantage of this act goes beyond the 6% interest rate cap because you can also have your late fees waived. You simply need to provide a copy of your orders to prove you are in fact on active duty orders, if youre in the Reserve or Guard component of the Armed Forces.

Maybe renting isnt for you. Have you thought about buying a home? If not, check out our VA Loan Guide here before you make your next move.

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What Programs Are Available

First, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing Program provides veterans who are homeless with rental assistance vouchers for privately-owned housing. Case managers help veterans find the right housing and amenities for them.

For those veterans at-risk of losing their home, the Supportive Services for Veteran Families helps find a better, more affordable housing situation for veterans through various non-profits and grantees. Through grants from the VA, the program offers help to cover rent, utilities, security deposits and moving costs for a limited time.

Enhanced-Use Lease program uses VA campuses to create spaces for homeless veterans to live and access much-needed services like job training, financial planning, computer access, support groups, barber services and more.

Private-sector entities on VA land lease apartments to veterans, often near hospitals and medical facilities. Currently, there are more than 3,000 housing units across the country.

Your home state’s Veteran Affairs Office may also have resources available for affordable housing in your area or veteran-approved homes.

Can The Va Help Me Pay My Rent

The Veterans Inc. If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, Veterans Inc. provides direct services and financial assistance to help search for housing, assist with initial rent costs, and pay for certain bills related to back rent or utilities. If you are a veteran in need of services, please call 800-482-2565.

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Healthcare Worker Freebies And Discounts

Like so many of you reading this article I have a soft spot for healthcare workers. Whenever Ive fallen ill throughout my life they have treated me with kindness and respect. Personally, I have several friends and family members who selflessly serve others as a healthcare worker.

Because of the fantastic healthcare I have had all throughout my life, I hate reading about how many healthcare doctors and workers are struggling with PTSD and burnout and COVID-19 has made the problem worse. Even more troubling is that because hospitals are losing revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic millions of healthcare workers are losing their jobs.

With the pandemic still in Nightmare Mode, the absolute least that we can do for these heroes is to offer the following healthcare worker discounts and freebies. So, if youre in the healthcare industry, please take advantage of these deals. Or, if you know someone who is a healthcare worker please pass this list along to them.

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