JoinCan You Rejoin The Military After Being Honorably Discharged

Can You Rejoin The Military After Being Honorably Discharged


Enlisted: Prior Service Reenlistment Eligibility Reserve Program

Military Stigmatization With Other Than Honorable Discharge

If you are a recently separated or discharged Navy veteran or Other Service Veteran who is in a closed rating or who would otherwise be ineligible for reenlistment, this program can help you access new opportunities through a change of rating. Note: This program was formerly known as Recruiting Selected Conversion Reenlistment Reserve .

Are You A Veteran If You Were Discharged In Basic Training

When people join the military service, they do so with the intention of fulfilling their contractual obligations. However, life doesnt always go according to plan. If you were discharged during basic training, you might wonder what your veteran status actually is. Well look more at what it means to be granted rights and privileges under the United States military code after youve been relieved of your duties and how it affects your ability to take advantage of different programs or support available to veterans.

Is An Other Than Honorable Discharge Considered Bad

An Other Than Honorable discharge is administrative in nature but does come with some restrictions on veterans benefits.

It is the most serious type of administrative discharge.

While it may not come with jail or prison time, it is considered bad within the military and may be viewed similarly by potential employers.

Because it is often the result of misconduct on the part of the service member, they should be prepared to explain what led to their separation from the military under an Other Than Honorable discharge.

This is particularly true for federal employment, as potential employers will ask for their DD-214.

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Can You Sign Up For The Army If You Get Kicked Out Of The Navy


If you leave the military can you join again? It’s a question that many former service men and women ponder. The short answer is, if you’ve been kicked out of the Navy, you generally don’t have the option to join the Army. Depending on the type of discharge you received, your service days may be done. There are several types of discharges that can keep you from re-enlisting in the service, including a bad conduct discharge, an “other than honorable discharge” and a dishonorable discharge. On the other hand, if you received a general or honorable discharge, you may qualify for re-enlistment.

What To Submit With Your Application

Will a person receive an honorable discharge if a person ...

Request your military and/or medical records so you can submit any needed records with your application. For information about obtaining your records, visit the National Personnel Records Center website.

Submit any medical and/or military records that relate to the issues that relate to your upgrade request. For instance, if you are arguing that post-traumatic stress disorder caused the bad conduct that led to your “bad paper,” it will be important to get a medical opinion from a doctor supporting your claim. Medical records showing you are clean and sober will also help.

In addition, submitting the following may influence the Discharge Review Board in your favor:

  • your statement
  • information about your good conduct after service .

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Can A Person With An Oth Discharge Rejoin The Military

Most of the time, those receiving an OTH discharge are not able to rejoin the military in the future. Other veterans benefits are most often not available, although an other than honorable discharge is still considered administrative. What is a bad conduct discharge? US Air Force Judge Advocate court room. Image:

What Is A Medical Separation

A medical separation is a type of military discharge that stems from a soldier, sailor, or Marine having a physical or mental condition that affects their ability to serve.

This discharge is determined via the 2 medical review boards: Medical Evaluation Board and Physical Evaluation Board .

Typically, a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airmen will present themselves to the board seeking a medical separation.

With that said, the commanding officer of the persons unit can also initiate this process without the input of the person serving.

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What Does Separation Code Jbk Mean

3.9/5JBKfull detail here

JBK Expiration of Term of Service. JBK Involuntary discharge at end active obligated service, USN Enlisted. JBM Early Release Insufficient time left in service after returning from overseas or other duty.

Also, what is separation code Jfw? ‘” The narrative reason for is “Failure to meet medical fitness standards.” The DD Form 214 also indicates a of “JFW” which stands for “erroneous enlistment medical condition disqualifying for military service, with no medical waiver approved.”

Correspondingly, what does the separation code mean on a dd214?

Military . Military located on form DD214 and are used to categorize hundreds of reasons for a veteran’s from the military. Officially, the Department of Defense no longer allows the military to release the definitions to the public, but they are still widely available.

What does separation code JEA mean?

SPD Code of JEA is appropriate when the narrative reason for discharge is disability, severance pay, combat related , and the authority is Army Regulation 635-40, chapter 4.

Will My Discharge Classification Show Up On My Dd

US MARINE Honorably Discharged After Sexually Assaulting Female Marine *WARNING*

Yes, an official discharge classification is included on a service members DD-214.

Many potential employers, especially those in the federal government, will request a copy of the service members DD-214.

In the cases of punitive discharges, such as bad conduct or dishonorable discharges, the service member may be required by law to disclose the fact that they were convicted of a felony or served time in prison.

In addition to discharge classification, the DD-214 provides the following information:

  • Date and place of entry into active duty
  • Home address at time of entry
  • Date and place of release of active duty
  • Home address after separation
  • Last duty assignment and rank
  • Military job specialty
  • Total creditable service
  • Foreign service credited
  • Separation information This is the section where discharge information is included.

All of this information is included to make sure that the military members service is classified and quantified correctly. It is important to review this document for accuracy prior to separating, as making changes later can be a tedious, drawn-out process.

The DD-214 is used to determine eligibility for other veterans benefits, such as the GI Bill education benefit, which requires a certain length of active duty service for full benefits on top of requiring an honorable discharge.


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What Are The Benefits Of An Honorable Discharge

Those who separate or retire under an honorable discharge will receive all of the benefits available to veterans.

Depending on their length of service, this can include retirement pay, GI bill benefits, medical and dental coverage, and home loan assistance.

Other benefits include disability compensation , employment assistance, and federal hiring preferences.

There are also numerous private organizations that offer assistance to veterans with an honorable discharge.

Case #2 Joshua Kruzik

Another particularly heinous example of a Dishonorable Discharge occurred in 2010 when 23-year old Marine Joshua Kruzik was left to babysit his friends 19-month old daughter.

While the girl was in his care, Kruzik beat her to death.

Not only did he receive a Dishonorable Discharge, but he was sentenced to 25 years to life for second-degree murder and 25 years to life for assaulting a child.

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Reserve Entrance Programs For Those Who’ve Served Before

There are different programs that allow you to affiliate with the Navy Reserve. Your eligibility for these programs depends upon your prior service background, how long its been since you were discharged from service, and a variety of other factors. As a military veteran, you should refer to the Reserve entrance program that best applies to you.

The Oath Of Enlistment

What You Need To Know About Other

Every military service member takes an Oath of Enlistment before shipping out for basic training. When you affirmed that you would support and defend the United States Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” you also swore “true faith and allegiance” to that same Constitution. You solemnly promised to obey all lawful orders from the President of the United States and all other officers appointed over you. You also agreed to subject yourself to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Before you rejoin the service, you must assure your fellow service members and superiors that you will keep those promises, by affirming that oath once again.

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Officer: Direct Commission Officer Program

If you have previously served as an Officer in the military and would like to affiliate with the Navy Reserve, you should contact a Navy Recruiter to discuss your options. You will not need to complete any prerequisite Officer training.

If you are an Enlisted veteran who is now a college-educated professional in one of the specialty areas sought by the Navy Reserve, you may apply through the Direct Commission Officer Program and will need to complete the 12-day in Newport, RI.

The Direct Commission Officer Program is available to those who qualify in the following fields:

What Can A Discharge Review Board Do

Discharge review boards can do the following.

  • Upgrade general discharges, other than honorable discharges, and special court-martial bad conduct discharges, and
  • Change the reason for discharge.

If you have a general courts-martial discharge or want to a change your discharge to or from medical retirement or medical discharge, you will have to apply to the Board for Correction of Military Records. DRBs do not have authority to make these sorts of changes.

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Its Difficult But Not Impossible To Get Your Bad Paper Discharge Upgraded To Honorable Or Get The Reasons For Your Discharge Changed

Some veterans want their discharge changed even if they remain eligible for many VA benefits, because they feel it dishonors the service they provided to their country. Other veterans want their discharge changed because they feel that after serving their country it is grossly unfair that they are denied VA benefits.

There are two different types of military boards that can review your discharge papers. One is the Discharge Review Board , which will be discussed in this article. The other is the Board of Correction for Military Records . Each board has different authority, which is important to understand so you will know where to apply.

It can be very difficult to get a discharge upgrade, even with the information in this article, so it is advisable to retain an attorney after you learn about the basics.

How Long Do I Have To Request An Upgrade

Louiz Rich Explains His General (Under Honorable Conditions) Discharge and Shares Advice For Others

You have 15 years from the date of your discharge to apply for an upgrade to your discharge status or the reason for your discharge through the Discharge Review Board . If it’s been longer than 15 years, even though the DRB can’t help, you can still request a “correction” to your military records from the Board of Corrections for Military Records . There is a three-year statute of limitations for submitting requests to the Board of Corrections for Military Records but very frequently BCMRs accept late applications as long as a good reason for the delay is provided.

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What Are The Consequences Of A Medical Separation

Unlike the other types of military discharge in this article, the ramifications of a medical separation differ wildly.

You could either be retired from the military with full benefits and pension, or you could lose any and all privileges.

OMK will be posting an article on medical separation in the military, and will post a link to that article here soon.

So stay tuned!

How Do I Get A Copy Of My Military Retirement Pay

ANNUITANTS REISSUE REQUESTS: Annuitants who did not receive their 1099-R by Jan. 31 of the current year, have questions about their 1099-R form, or need to update their mailing address may contact DFAS by phone at 1-800-321-1080, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST. Their fax number is 1-800-982-8459.

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Other Than Honorable Discharges

The Navy uses nine re-enlistment codes, reports Navy Cyberspace. If you’re kicked out for your behavior, you may receive a RE-3D, which is a failure to meet disciplinary standards. If you fail an aptitude test, you’ll likely receive an RE-3A, which means you’ll need to take certain prerequisites before you can re-enlist. With any of the RE-3 codes, you’re ineligible unless you obtain a waiver or meet the necessary requirements.

Enlisted: Direct Procurement Enlistment Program

General Discharge: 10 Things You (probably) Didn

If youve served in the military before, this program allows you to potentially re-enlist at a higher pay grade, anywhere from E-3 to E-6, depending on your background. Eligibility for DPEP takes into consideration your:

  • Prior experience as a servicemember
  • Any qualifying postsecondary vocational or technical training youve received
  • Any civilian work and supervisory experience youve attained

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Consequences Of A Dishonorable Discharge

A Dishonorable Discharge can only be given by general court martial for charges of serious crimes or reprehensible behavior.

It is very serious and even considered to be shameful in the military.

Not only does it rightly end ones military service, but it does not mark the end of an individuals legal troubles.

Since a Dishonorable Discharge is often the result of a serious felony such as rape and murder, the discharged military member might face a prison sentence, fines, and other serious legal consequences that come with such serious charges.

Administrative Vs Punitive Discharges

Discharges are classified as either administrative or punitive. The administrative discharges include honorable discharges, general discharges and other than honorable discharges. General discharges may be due to weight, fitness level or minor discipline problems. An other than honorable discharge is usually due to repeat behavior issues, such as abuse of authority or fraternization. An enlisted administrative board imposes administrative discharges.

Punitive discharges are more serious than administrative discharges and are imposed only by a court-martial. Bad conduct discharges and dishonorable discharges are classified as punitive discharges. Unlike administrative discharges, the court-martial conviction associated with a punitive discharge also can affect your civilian record.

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Air Force Physical Readiness

Air Force recruits must do a 1.5-mile run in a minimum of 11 minutes, 57 seconds. Airmen must also do 45 pushups and 50 sit-ups each in two minutes for a minimum passing score. Female Air Force recruits have 13 minutes. 56 seconds to complete the run and must do a minimum of 27 pushups and 50 sit-ups.

Deployment Deferment For Up To Two Years

V.A. benefits are available for veterans dishonorably discharged

If you’re a former Navy servicemember , be aware that you can receive guaranteed initial deployment deferment when you affiliate with the Navy Reserve.

  • Two-year involuntary mobilization deferment available if affiliating within six months of release from Active Duty
  • One-year involuntary mobilization deferment available if affiliating between seven and twelve months after release from Active Duty

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Can A Military Officer Get A Bad Conduct Discharge

Bad Conduct Discharge This discharge can be imposed by a special court or general court. It is given as part of a court punishment to enlisted personnel only. Officers cannot receive this discharge. It is often given for conviction of: 2. Dismissal When you are an officer you can be dismissed from military service.

Bad Conduct And Dishonorable Discharges

An RE-4 indicates you aren’t recommended for re-enlistment at all and is usually the result of a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. If you’ve been dishonorably discharged, you can’t legally own a firearm under federal law. Some examples of actions that may result in a dishonorable discharge include murder and sexual assault. Not only does a dishonorable discharge and code RE-4 keep you out of the military, but it can also make finding civilian work challenging.

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How To Check Military Discharge Status

Please note:

This site will determine if a person has benefits under the SCRA. Usually, our clients are lawyers, banks, landlords, and people who are in court suing someone. This site should not be used because you suspect a scam or just to check out someone.

When you do business with military service members, it is important to know whether they are on active duty. If they are, you must adhere to the provisions of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, a United States federal law that provides certain protections to members of the armed forces.

Know SCRA Rules

The SCRA says, for instance, that you cannot charge more than 6% interest on loans to members of the military who are on active duty. You also must get a court order before proceeding with any civil actions against military clients.

Thus, many businesses who deal frequently with veterans and military clients do regular checks of military records. Those who may have been active military when they first became clients may later have gone on military reserve, or may no longer be a service member at all, whether due to discharge or retirement.

Stay in Compliance with Regulations

However, if a veteran signs a contract while they are still in the military, they are entitled to certain protections during that time that they dont get to continue to enjoy after an honorable discharge, such as a lowered interest rate. That is one reason it is important to check military records frequently.

How to Search for Veterans Records

Analogous Proceedings For Commissioned Officers

Vietnam veteran celebrates Memorial Day by being ...

Commissioned officers cannot be reduced in rank by a court-martial, nor can they be given a bad conduct discharge or a dishonorable discharge. If an officer is convicted by a general court-martial, then that officer’s sentence can include a “dismissal”, a separation carrying the same consequences as a dishonorable discharge for an enlisted person and a reduction in rank to the last rank at which the officer served satisfactorily. A US Treasury decision states that even though an officer is dismissed rather than dishonorably discharged, the phrase “discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions” is broad enough to include a dismissal rendered for an officer by a general court-martial, and thus a dismissed officer is also prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under federal law, in the same manner as a dishonorably discharged enlisted person.

If a court-martial convicts an officer but imposes a sentence that does not include a dismissal, the secretary of the officer’s service branch may drop that officer from the roll of officers in that branch. Such a separation is characterized as administrative rather than punitive.

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