JoinCan You Join The Navy With Asthma

Can You Join The Navy With Asthma


What About Alcohol Or Drug Abuse

Can You Join The Army With ADHD or ASTHMA?

A history of alcohol or drug dependence may disqualify you from military service.

The military carefully scrutinizes alcohol abuse or drug abuse that requires inpatient or outpatient care.

Problems with alcohol or drugs can become problematic during military service for several reasons.

It can also enhance or worsen symptoms of other, undiagnosed mental health conditions.

Wreckem22 said:Hello All! I am new here and having trouble finding an answer to this. I would like to serve in the US military as a physician after medical school. My problem is I have exercise induced asthma. Is this an absolute no go even if I want to join as a doctor? I am interested in either the Navy or Air Force medical corps.Thanks for any help!


Laugh at me, will they?


Can You Join The Military With Asthma What To Know

Requirements to join any branch of the military include a high level of physical fitness and generally good health. This means that asthma can sometimes disqualify a person from serving in the Armed Forces.

Depending on your personal history with asthma and the severity of the disease, you may be able to obtain a waiver allow you to join the military.

Each branch has its own asthma screening methods and requirements for waivers. There are also many resources that may allow you to continue serving if you develop asthma during your time in the military.

Read on to learn more about how you can join the military with diagnosed asthma and what other options may be available if you are not able to enlist.

According to the 2018 Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction into the Military Services issued by the Department of Defense, having a history of asthma after 13 years of age is considered to be a disqualifying condition for service.

But same document sets out the terms in which an individual may apply for a medical waiver.

Having a waiver approved requires a review of a candidates medical history and performance on a test of pulmonary function in addition to passage of a complete physical examination.

Here are the general steps for obtaining a waiver early in the recruitment process:

  • Send the form to the Military Entrance Processing Station , an independent agency not associated with any military branch.
  • How Long Will I Be Away From Home

    Sailors rotate between sea and shore duty. You may spend three years assigned to a ships command and then rotate to serve three more years at a shore command. You will not be at sea during your entire Navy career. During your sea tour, you may live off-base nearby, but must be available to travel with the ship for deployments or training.

    A typical sea deployment on a Navy ship can last anywhere from six to nine months. Ships typically deploy once every 18-24 months. In preparation for deployment, Sailors should be prepared to go to sea for 10 to 14 days each month for training.

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    What If You Currently Run Ads

    According to Recruiter Mendoza, if you are found to have asthma while on duty, you will be discharged.

    With that said, someone contacted us and said that this is not necessarily true.

    Check out what he had to say below:

    • I would like to talk about the Navy that discharged you for being diagnosed with asthma while currently serving this is simply not true.
    • I have enlisted for 10 years and am looking forward to 20+ years of enlistment right now.
    • I was officially diagnosed with asthma earlier this year, and discharge was never discussed, except when I said that I dont want this diagnosis to cause me to be discharged from the service.
    • They are treating me with a single daily pill and an inhaler to use before physical exercise and also as needed.
    • They will not discharge me because I was diagnosed with asthma .

    DBoydstun, comment left on August 1, 2019

    The biggest concerns would be for anyone thinking of becoming a naval aviator , submarine, diver, or firefighter.

    Navy policy is pretty straightforward on this too Any history of asthma , including childhood asthma and exercise-induced asthma, is considered disqualifying for aviation duties and training.

    This includes even very mild asthma.

    For all other fees , the recruit will perform a series of physical tests during MEPS.

    If your doctor expects you have asthma, you will be referred to a specialist.

    Adhd And The Military

    Can You Join The Military With Asthma in 2021? [Yes, But]

    Can Individuals with ADHD Join the Military

    Finding accurate information about whether or not individuals with ADHD can serve in the military is a challenge. CHADD and the NRC often receive questions from parents or teenagers who want to know whether a diagnosis of ADHD or taking medication to treat ADHD disqualifies someone from entering the military service. This challenge is compounded by the fact that military recruiters who have monthly recruitment quotas they must meet, often give incomplete, contradictory, or inaccurate information.

    So, the simple answer to this question is maybe.

    Enlistment in the military is a multi-faceted process and there are numerous eligibility criteria which a potential soldier, sailor, airman, or marine must meet. These criteria fall into two main categories: skills and aptitude for military service and physical standards for military service. These criteria are evaluated at the Military Entrance and Processing Station when an applicant seeks to enter the military.


    Each enlistee must take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery . This timed test, for which no accommodations are permitted, measures aptitude in eight critical areas: general science, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, auto and shop information, mathematics knowledge, mechanical comprehension, and electronics information.

    Physical Standards

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    I Have Adhd Can I Join The Army

    Yes. Previously ADD or ADHD was automatically disqualifying, but today it is only disqualifying if the applicant has been treated with ADD/ADHD medicine within the previous year or if they display obvious signs of the condition. If you are concerned about ADHD medical prescriptions, talk to your recruiter about potential options.

    Surprising Medical Conditions That Could Bar You From Service

    Its no surprise that service members must be in good physical shape to serve in the military. However, there are some medical conditions that you might not know can bar you from service.

    The military lays out certain physical requirements that those wishing to serve must meet, and recruits must undergo a medical exam. When joining, they must also disclose significant medical conditions.

    Sometimes waivers from medical professionals are an option for certain medical conditions, particularly ones that relate to eyesight and weight. However, others like depression and Crohns disease are likely to disqualify you from service, especially if they have affected your education or employment in the past.

    It is important to note that many conditions are not always permanently disqualifying and should not dissuade potential applicants. Recruiters and military doctors will determine if they will affect your duties.

    Here are eight surprising medical conditions that might prevent you from serving in the U.S. Armed Forces:

    1. Food Allergies

    If you have a history of food allergies, you might be disqualified from joining the military. This is because service members can serve in locations that do not have a wide variety of food options or that do not have easily accessible medical care in the case of reactions. Recruits who are merely sensitive to certain foods will not be disqualified.

    2. Celiac Disease

    3. Contact dermatitis

    4. Asthma

    5. Braces or dental ailments

    6. Motion sickness

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    Personality Conduct And Behavior Disorders

    The following conditions may disqualify you for military service:

    a. Personality, conduct or behavior disorders as evidenced by frequent encounters with law enforcement agencies, antisocial attitudes or behavior, which, while not sufficient cause for administrative rejection, are tangible evidence of impaired capacity to adapt to military service.

    b. Personality, conduct or behavior disorders where it is evident by history, interview or psychological testing that the degree of immaturity, instability, personality inadequacy, impulsiveness or dependency will seriously interfere with adjustment in the Army as demonstrated by repeated inability to maintain reasonable adjustment in school, with employers and fellow workers, and with other social groups.

    c. Other behavior disorders including but not limited to conditions such as authenticated evidence of functional enuresis or encopresis, sleepwalking or eating disorders that are habitual or persistent occurring beyond age 12, or stammering of such a degree that the individual is normally unable to express themselves clearly or to repeat commands.

    d. Specific academic skills defects, chronic history of academic skills or perceptual defects, secondary to organic or functional mental disorders that interfere with work or school after age 12. Current use of medication to improve or maintain academic skills.

    e. Suicide, history of attempted or suicidal behavior.

    Medical Conditions That Can Keep You From Joining The Military

    “Joining the Air Force with asthma?”

    Below, you will find details from the Army‘s “Standards of Medical Fitness.” These standards generally apply to all other branches as well. Remember that most of these conditions are not necessarily permanently disqualifying, but they are red flags.

    If you have had a medical complication at any time in your life that is mentioned here, then you need to tell your recruiter. They will tell you whether your condition can be waived, or if it is permanently disqualifying. Remember that if you do not get an official waiver and your condition later is discovered, you most likely will be dishonorably discharged for fraudulent enlistment. The choice is yours.

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    Have You Always Been Able To Get A Waiver For Asthma

    Getting a waiver is a relatively recent development.

    Before 2004, a history of asthma at any age could disqualify someone from military service. After 2004, the cutoff for asthma symptoms after 13 was made when a study of 587 recruits found that a history of mild asthma was not associated with excessive medical care or early attrition from military service.

    The military has also acknowledged that the prevalence of asthma is increasing in the general public. By denying entry to a group of potential recruits, the military would be reducing the size of its recruitment pool.

    In general, the waiver guidelines and requirements related to asthma are similar across all branches of the military.

    Here are some specific rules that you may encounter across different branches of the U.S. military.

    Air Force Disqualifying Medical Conditions

    The United States Air Force is considered slightly more selective than some of the other military branches.

    The branch also factors in the Speciality Code you are seeking, as some USAF jobs require top-secret security clearance or special qualification .

    Expect your medical health conditions to be closely analyzed if you are in a position that requires a lot of trust or advanced physical fitness.

    Speak to an Air Force recruiter if you have any of the following conditions:

    • AIDS/HIV

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    Navys Policy On Asthma In 2019

    OMK spoke with Officer Mendoza, a Navy recruiter stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, about the Navys policy on Asthma.

    Heres what he had to say:

    Its definitely possible to get in the Navy if you were previously diagnosed, but it can be very difficult. For starters, if you currently have asthma, its not going to work out.

    The military has a very strict policy on this if you are currently being treated for asthma, then you will not be able to serve.

    In addition, any history of Asthma after the age of 13 will require a waiver.

    The waiver process will happen at your Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS.

    Before enlisting, youll be required to perform whats known as a pulmonary function test, or PFT.

    A PFT is essentially a noninvasive test that shows how well your lungs work.

    If you can pass this test, you can join the Navy.

    Becoming A Truck Driver

    Can You Join The Military With Asthma? Yes, But There

    Becoming A Truck Driver is a dream weve all pondered at some point in our lives. Weve all wondered if the adventure and challenges of life on the open road would suit us better than the ordinary day to day lives weve always known. At TruckingTruth well help you decide if trucking is right for you and help you get your career off to a great start.

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    Allergies And Coeliac Disease


    Significant food or other allergies are a limiting factor to entry.

    Coeliac disease

    While coeliac disease is manageable day-to-day within New Zealand, in certain situations there may be limited dietary options for a prolonged period. In such situations there is a risk of complications ranging from gastrointestinal symptoms to nutritional deficiency. This has potential implications not only for the individual, but also those around them. The Defence Force has an obligation to minimise risk to the individual and the organisation wherever possible, and accordingly if you have coeliac disease you may not be admitted entry to the Defence Force.

    Armys Asthma Policy For 2019

    Things arent much easier if youre considering joining the Army.

    Just like with the Navy, if you currently are being treated for asthma, its grounds for immediate disqualification from Army service.

    However, if you havent had any Asthma symptoms past the age of 13, youre good to go.

    If you have had Asthma past the age of 13, but do not currently have Asthma, you can still get in with a waiver.

    The waiver process is similar to that of that Navy and requires you to take a Pulmonary Function Test.

    In addition, your complete medical history regarding your Asthma will be examined, as well as your current condition.

    OMK spoke with Sergeant Hewitt, an Army recruiter stationed out of Atlanta, GA, to get a more concrete answer on what would happen if you were diagnosed with Asthma while serving.

    Heres what he had to say:

    If you develop Asthma while serving in the Army, the soldier will be sent to the doctor for a full checkup.

    A PFT will be conducted, and the doctor would make a recommendation to the Army as to your status.

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    Surprising Medical Conditions That Will Disqualify You From Military Service

    A medical waiver may be in the cards.

    BySarah Sicard | Updated Jul 19, 2021 3:31 PM

    In order to join the military, you need to qualify medically. And while there are some obvious stipulations, like the fact that you cant be carrying diseases that will endanger your platoon, there are other disqualifying conditions that might surprise you.

    All the disqualifying diseases, disorders, and conditions adopted by the U.S. military are listed within the International Classification of Disease code, under the United Nations World Health Organization.

    Task & Purpose reached out to Lt. Michele Stein, a Navy recruiter, who shared some lesser-known medical conditions, and in some cases, ways you can get around them. In addition, Stein also asked around her station in Tucson, Arizona, for crazy, surprising medical disqualification stories. We compiled our favorites, and here are six unusual conditions that can keep you from joining the military.

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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Can You Have Asthma In the Army or National Guard?

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also an anxiety problem.

    The disorder causes persistent mental or emotional stress which is usually a result of some form of trauma.

    Unfortunately, PTSD is a common mental illness that gets diagnosed to patients who previously served in the military.

    While it is rarer for people to try and join the military with PTSD it is not completely abnormal.

    Unfortunately, the military considers PTSD a disqualifying mental health condition.

    If youve been diagnosed with PTSD you likely wont receive a waiver.

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    What Services Are Available For Asthma In The Military

    Because asthma and related respiratory problems can worsen over time, its important that military servicemembers obtain a thorough evaluation of their health in order to help get treatment to control symptoms, even if youre already in the military.

    As with signs of any medical condition during military service, asthma symptoms should also be taken seriously. Every effort should be made to determine whether an individual can continue with military service in order to avoid unnecessary risk to their own life or to the lives of others who serve with them.

    Medical research supports the involvement of people with asthma in the military with basic treatment for symptoms.

    Research from 2015 in Federal Practitioner suggests that most service members with asthma can remain on active duty when management with inhaled therapies that allows them to meet standards and perform required duties.

    Researchers involved in this 2015 study also suggest that an asthma diagnosis should be given along with the following tests to confirm the accuracy of the diagnosis:

    • how strongly the airways react to asthma triggers
    • how the heart behaves during asthma diagnosis tests

    You may have a greater chance of receiving a waiver if:

    • you are currently being treated for asthma
    • your symptoms appear to be well controlled
    • your symptoms are relatively mild

    Poorly controlled symptoms are likely to lead to a waiver disapproval and disqualification from joining the military.

    Tips To Decrease Asthma

    I get asked all the time about how I overcame asthma to become a Navy SEAL. First off, I want to say that if you have asthma you need to consult a doctor. The information I am writing about is my experience only and tips I took to decrease asthma.

    I know, your thinking how the heck did you become a Navy SEAL with asthma? You cant even get a contract or a dive physical with asthma. You will be immediately disqualified there is no way around it. What they dont know will not hurt them. Lets leave it at that.

    Growing up I lived in the deep South with high humidity, astronomically high pollen count and heavy mold. If I tried to run 50 yards I would begin to wheeze. Some mornings I would wake up and already be into an asthma attack. I still carry an inhaler today.

    I began to workout with weights at 16. At 19 I began to run.

    I moved out to California at the age of 19 and immediately noticed a difference with the drier air, which meant less mold, less rain and less pollen .

    I worked out harder and harder with weights and built up my resistance and stamina.

    I slowly ran longer distance and swam more. I began to breath hold dive for short distances and slowly worked my way up. In BUDS I passed the underwater swim, but only barely as I was blacking out as I got close to touch the other side of the pool.

    I rode my bike long distances and ran further and further to build more endurance.


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